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Posted 3/13/08

nocturna98 wrote:

Okay.... This is my first forum post, so I aint sure of the rules, just wanted to say, CLANNAD Movie is abit... >_> Well, I think the movie is abit weird, because Nagisa in CLANNAD Movie is much more mischivious and confident then that of CLANNAD Series... And, the big question is...does the Movie somehow link with Series? Because, Ushio is at Series's starting song. But...why did " Series " Nagisa's mother ( supposingly to be a teacher ) become a drama actress or some sort or they say in the Movie... So... How do you think of the movie?And... do you think if " Series " and " Movie " are somehow link together? ^____^ I dont think so though....

The girl above me is right ^^. I know the rules seem long, but a lot of it is common sense, like "no spamming" "no duplicate threads" "no fighting on the forum" stuff like that. So go over it just to make sure you got it all and you'll be fine =)!
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