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1. Nickname : Miyabi , Miya

2. Origin of your name To Be a graceful girl

3. Family members : Parents , younger brother

4. Interests : I’m fond of collecting stuffs related to Piano recently

5. Strong point : Happy

6. Weak point : I’ll show a disgusted face whenever I encounter disgusting things

7. Weakness: None I think

8. Mental Age : Not clear, but definitely lower than my actual age

9. Something surprising about yourself: I’m feminine ! Though some of them says I’m cool

10. What kind of animal do you think you are : Cat?

11. Habitual saying : ええ~~? (ee~~?)

12. Habitual movement : Pulling my fringe/bangs

13. Charm point : My Small ears

14. The advantage of being a girl : I can buy a lot of cute stuffs

15. What you would do if you are a male : Boxing !

16. Favorite color : Purple , Red, Pink

17. Favorite flower : Tulip

18. Favorite movie : Nana 1 and 2

19. Favorite book : Any Magazine will do

20. Favorite manga : Nana~

21. Favourite TV show : Music Station

22. Favorite saying: Freedom~

23. Favorite season: Summer

24. Favourite food: Ice-cream , donuts

25. Food that you hate the most: Green pepper

26. Favorite odour: Sweet odour

27. Favorite song : Chito iro(中島美嘉)

28. Favorite artist UNJASH , EXILE

29. Favorite gem: Diamond

30. Favorite place: Theme Park

31. Favorite game: Locoroco of PSP

32. Countries you want to visit the most: Hawaii

33. The creepiest thing in the world: Earthquake!

34. Artists who are your good friends: None

35. Best Skill: Singing

36. What you are good at cooking: Fried Egg

37. Best sport: Badminton

38. Secret of losing weight: Sit Ups

39. The song that you always sing in karaoke singing: Taiyou no Uta

40. Subjects you are good at: Family Management

41. Subjects you are not good at: Japanese , Science

42. What you do when you are not paying attention during classtime: Chatting with friends

43. Co-curricular activtiy: None

44. When to start revising for examinations: Vary from time to time

45. Memorizing skill: By reading many times , and write them out

46. Favorite school activity: Camping!

47. The school rule that you cannot tolerate : Length of Hairs , it cannot be longer than your shoulder

48. Views on bully cases : This is not a good behaviour , Its not good to bully the others

49. 50m run record: Lets make it a secret

50. What do you first do in the morning: I’ll wash my face

51. What do you last do before going to bed: In this season , I’ll put heating bags under my blanket

52. Average time period of sleeping: Around 6 hours

53. Average time period of bathing: Around 30 minutes

54. Ways of maintaining health: but putting vinegar into food

55. Pocket money amount: 5000Yen

56. Pets: None

57. What you usually dream of: Nightmare

58. Things that you usually bring with you: Handphone , train ticket

59. The most important criteria of the partner you like: Not someone too serious , someone who is easy
to talk to

60. The type of person from the opposite gender that you cannot tolerate: Someone who is very quiet

61. What do you do when you are in love: I think I’ll be very happy everyday

62. Age of first love: 6

63. Dream date: In a Theme park

64. Preferable age of getting married : 25

65. Mobile phone strap : Pink and Black strap

66. Mobile phone ringtone: Mikazuki

67. Mobile Phone Wallpaper: ブ○イス

68. Number of SMS partners: Around 30

69. Number of SMS sent everyday: Around 15

70. Clothing you often wear: Jeans

71. Special clothing: By tucking in my jeans into the boots , and putting heating bags into the jeans

72. Accessories you often wear: Huge black necklace , Rings I made myself

73. Things you wear everyday: A Cap

74. Favorite brand: MOUSSY, L.D.S.

75. Make ups : mascara , Blusher

76. Motivation to become an artist: Audition

77. Artist you first liked: Morning Musume

78. Artist you want to meet the most: EXILE-san

79. Artist that you have met that gave you the best impression: Takky and Tsubasa-san

80. The job that makes you feel the most nervous about : First time on TV , concerts

81. Best impression in your job: First Handshake event

82. Dreams you want to achieve before reaching the age of 20: I want to ride a dolphin

83. What you would do if you didn’t become an artist: A Model !

84. What you want the most now: A Puppy~

85. What made you cry recently: When I was watching television

86. What made you laugh recently: There was one joke said by an artist on TV is really hilarious

87. What you are enthusiastic about recently: Piano stuffs , Purple and Red stuffs

88. What you are very much concerned about recently: Are there really someone who won the lottery 1st

89. Recent first experience: None

90. Motto: Wakkaranai (I don’t know )

91. Historical figure that you admire : Himeko

92. Ways of managing stress: By sending SMS with friends

93. Inspiration: None

94. Collection: Piano Stuffs , Red and Purple stuffs , Care Bear Stuffs

95. The most precious thing: FRIENDS

96. What you would do if you win a 300,000,000 Yen Lottery: I’ll buy things I like , and go around the
world !!

97. What you would do if the world is to end tomorrow: Meet with everyone , and do things I like

98. What you would bring along if you are to go to an isolated island: Mobile Phone

99. What you would do if you have a time machine: I’ll go to the future !

100. What would your wish be if God grant you one wish : Secret ! Only God Knows !
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whoaaa thanks
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is there a new one from this year?

she likes Nana!! me too!!
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miyabi fan ^-^ <3
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This was such a huge profile. Miya is so KAWAII. Just got to love her.
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