free online games that are kewl ^___^
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suposedly by someone i know some good games(online) and i thank that person for saying that(not saying any names) and because of that im gonna try and live up to my if u hear any games u like tryit out and comment back...hopefully you will like it and give good comments...well have fun with the new game

well this has got to be one of the first online games i have ever play and like its called
maplestory this game is an online 2-D adventure game where u can choose to be a magician, thief, warrior, or archer and from those jobs u can upgrade to higher levels of those four jods for example u can be a magician and upgrade to a mage(of course though leveling up and doing quests) you can find this and other games like audition and kartrider on

another game i have played is something called gunbound this is also a 2-D game but it is a action/rpg/shooting game in this game u choose and customize a ride of ur choice play on fun and unique platforms and try to kill the opposing person or team...i'll let u read a little that i got from their web site: "In the game of Gunbound, players ride legendary “mobiles” into battle
against each other. Players take turns firing shots at their opponents while
compensating for terrain, winds, and the influence of the Londean moons.
Beware, for the moons of Londe can enhance the capabilities of your mobile
and those of your opponents! Win gold and gain experience as you compete.
Bonus points are awarded for difficult shots.
Register today to do battle with other online jockeys right away!
Login and prove your skills!
Practice, knowledge of the game, and a good memory are the keys to mastery! "
once again u can find this and many other online as well as on-the-website games at online games from is drift city, gunz and luminary:rise of the goonzu

for those of u who like ddr there is a website where u can download it for free it is called if u ever heard or played ddr then theres not much for me to say about it but if u haven't herd of ddr(and in that case u must be from another planet) then this is a game where u can test ur hand-eye coordination skills by pressing the arrow keys to the beat of the thing to the stepmania game u have to download the music separately but they have music links and downloads so u don't have to worry

a few more games left...

on there are more good games where u can spend hours playin but one of the games that i have played on this website is something called DANCE! it is pretty much like DDR but it has songs that some ppl of our time would listen to and u can talk to ppl and if u don't like dancing u can try 9dragons, 2moons or BOTS

OK this might be the last website that i talk about that has online games for now...
on the website there is a game that i am currently playing and like alot it is called DREAM OF MIRROR ONLINEor DOMO for short this is a 3-D...action/adventure game where u can travel across a vast world of interesting and unique characters and creatures meeting new ppl doing fun and challenging quest and plain out just having fun to let u find out more about the game i'll put alittle of what they have on there website: "Based on ancient Chinese mythology, Dream of Mirror Online is a world that features sacred artifacts. Central to the story is the sacred artifact "the Kunlun Mirror." According to the legends, the Kunlun Mirror not only created the world, but also has the power to destroy it.

The Kunlun Mirror was originally created to record everything. The Kunlun Mirror reflects the real world and saves a copy of everything over to the Kunlun Mirror world. Time does not exist in the Kunlun Mirror world, only in memories. The managers of the Kunlun Mirror world, the Twelve Mirror Kings, are responsible for the care and operation of the Kunlun Mirror world." u like it well if u don't there are other games like last chaos, project-torque and twelvesky

well thats all the games that i know or want to talk about and so if u like any of the games that u have heard so far please feel free to go to the website and try it out but one thing to keep in mind YOU HAVE TO REGISTER IN ORDER TO PLAY THE GAME OR GAMES (EXCEPT FOR STEPMANIA) and so i leave u with one piece of advice have fun and comment back on wat u played...who know u might just run into me
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Well, man. I'll attempt to read your future now.
Someone is gonna tell you this topic is in the wrong section.
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Red Stone FF online is not bad

wrong section
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you mean cool? XD
hahaha i use to play tatics arena? dont know if im spelling that right..
haha yea wrong section btw
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There are quite a number of threads out there that talk about online video games. You might want to check those out, first. Use the FORUM SEARCH feature to search for them.

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