GDH vs Crunchyroll
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Posted 3/13/08
I just want your opinion guys.

And for obvious reasons, I dont want this to be in the GENERAL section. No one read, no one cares and I want well structured opinion.

GDH and CR? together?

Read this interview by Arthur Smith. I know its a couple months old, but its still represent their point of view:

For those too lazy to read 2 pages of text, here a couples disturbing quotes:

"Fan subbing is only the first part of the problem...the other part is those who post fan subs on Bit Torrent sites and YouTube etc. and those sites who actually sell our content without any permission and without paying any royalties...I am sure you know which sites I am talking about!! [...] We have a responsibility to our investors to make a positive return on each production (of course!!) and if that means we need to take legal actions, I suppose we'll have to do that. In fact, we are already preparing legal action against various sites."

(I remind you that some fansubbers refuse to have their subs available on CR because CR make you "pay" a monthly fee if you want to watch in higher quality, aka CR is making money out of their fansub)

"Let me give a very clear message to each and every fan who thinks that:

You are totally WRONG. Fan subs are DEFINITELY hurting the industry A LOT because they are part of the illegal file sharing activities going on everywhere on the web - how else can anyone explain why the overall DVD market in US is down 15% and anime DVD market, even though interest in anime is GROWING much faster than other types of programming, is down 30%!! How can that be, if not through the impact of file sharing!?!

Fan subs seem innocent in themselves but they lead to illegal file sharing and file sharing is destroying our industry"

Athur Smith been know to be a fansubber hater. He have been no to have said that "ingered Internet piracy as "the single biggest global threat to the anime industry," noting that "fansubbing is at the heart of the problem." Smith compared watching a fan sub to "smashing the window of a Mac Store and taking an iPhone the day before it is released."

Is this worry you?
Are you affraid CR get to be turn into a "paying website"?
Do you think we can stay true to ourself is CR change?
Do you actually think CR will change? For the best? the worst?
In your opinion, is CR getting screwed over?
Did you knew about GDH reputation of fansubbers haters?
Or do you just dont care?

Just express yourself on it.

PS: Before you say anything about my english: Its not my language, lets move on.
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Posted 3/13/08
Answering to your questions, from my objective point of view. Based on my thoughts, and calculations:
1.Even if CR becomes into a paying website, it wouldn't matter to help the problem. The media industry wouldn't get any benefit from it. Since CR will keep the money for themselves. The problem remains, also, here is the interesting thing: Fansubbers will strengthen their struggles, and opposition against CR.

2.I am not afraid of CR to turn into a paying website, since this already is a paying website. I, of course like any other people who wouldn't care not watching anime here, wouldn't careless. CR is indeed one of the biggest communities online where you can watch Asian media. However, this is not the only one, and won't be the last one, for quite a while. If you would be willing to pay for a free service, and I am only talking about the subbing, not the media itself, then that is a subjective decision everybody would have to take.

3. Yes, I believe so. Unless of course, you are one of those anime freaks, or stuck up people who doesn't have a life of their own.

4.CR will change for: the best for the owners, the wrong for the casual user. Nothing more, nothing less.

5.Not quite yet, but it is most likely to be the road CR is taking.

6.I didn't know much, until now. But from their point of view, the subbers are the bad guys, it looks that way at least. However, there are two sides for a coin.

7. I don't care. Since I wouldn't benefit, and certainly won't from any of this. But, it is just a matter of perspectives.

8. Well. This is something people without anything else to do would care much about. I do believe, nobody is the bad guy here. For instance, everybody is benefiting at the expenses of each other, but the subbers, and studios. Shady business are like that, and as a matter of the fact the responsible of all this is the fan. Everybody would get that deduction, since everybody here is, was, or at least a casual fan.
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Posted 1/16/09
yeah,,im guilty for online piracy...shame on me,
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Posted 1/16/09
With fansubs or not, millions of people like me will never be able to buy those ridiculous-priced DVDs anyway. Fansub hurts your industry? Then make the price freaking LOWER and more affordable.
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Posted 1/16/09
You got a good point, but note that

1, Fansubbers actually provide invaluable exposure to different mangas that do not usually cater to main-stream. Then there is the issue of classic animes or mangas which were never be subbed or see the light of day by original company but were able to get a new breath of life with.fansubbers.

2. It is disappointing that even now, animes that are licensed and have been dub have often turn the anime over its head, eg Naruto, people thus prefer subs where native voices for the characters are taken into consideration and more in tune to the anime.

3. Licensed content for unique anime/manga is often only available to Americans only as prevalent in most Internet offers or websites and will exclude the rest of the world.

4. Fansubbers spent hours of their time and are usually amateurs and usually do it for the love and not to make money,

5. It is ironic that these 'amateurs' provide quality subbing as compared to licensed paid content where subs are more often butchered and video quality is poor. Licensed dubbed or subbed animes are notorious for butchering old classics as well. (eg Macross SDF butchered into Robotech)

6. These so called people who are talking about how these fansubbers are hurting the industry are still with the old business mindset where competition is a battlefield, but they forget, people will pay if the content is good even where there is fansub, they fail to see different ways to approach business mindset, seeking new market, looking at alternatives and not competitors, etc.(Blue Ocean Strategy)

7. There are those that do take advantage of fansubbers and try to make money out of them (A naruto website once for showing Naruto fansubs). CR is unique as they provide a service, currently a strong community, in the past, an organized list of new and classic animes and dramas which is not even provided by anime companies.

8. New technology which recognize voices and sub accordingly and currently in the early phases hence already in the making where, people can just record the anime and use such technology for the sub (voice recognition).
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Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09

BrylleNoGotoku wrote:

With fansubs or not, millions of people like me will never be able to buy those ridiculous-priced DVDs anyway. Fansub hurts your industry? Then make the price freaking LOWER and more affordable.

agreed. I mean korean dvd's cost 21 euros these days. 21 euros for 2 hours of entertainment... I just buy hongkong bootlegs. half the price, same quality

and of course downloading of torrents ... I plead guilty
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