Can anyone watch/stream on their phone?!
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Less then an hour, and it already got locked. How stupid.

Please delete whole thread.
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I agree with n_n303.

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404TMC wrote:

Hi everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone can watch/stream the video's at CR on their phone? I know the iPhone can't, it comes up with an error... The Razr's are out of the question. I have no idea what phone's support 'flash'.

Help Me. or have you had experience?

Thanks for reading, BTW.

I'm not a tech genius but i use my phone for internet alot so have some experience. As far as i know- cr videos need flash which isn't available in a mobile format. The iphone might work? I'm not sure but i doubt it.
If you want to watch videos on your mobile then i reccomend youtube~
Please use the tech thread for further questions ^-^


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