Post Reply kingdom hearts 3? yes or no?
Posted 3/13/08
i think that birth by sleep is kh3 or i m not sure
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Posted 3/16/08
no, kingdom hearts 3 is its own game, birth by sleep is an installment to the series for the PSP, along with 358/2 days for the DS
Posted 4/9/08
indeed. they will have relevance to 3 tho i believe. more importantly, what the hell's up with the new Keyblade masters?
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Posted 7/15/08
truely i have no idea whether there wil be a 3 or not but i shall continue hopeing there will be one
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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
absolutely yes
new story, new enemy, new form, new more friends from disney
Posted 7/19/08
2 player coop. Sora and Riku. This. Would be. Da shit.

and yes, there is going to be a third. all those minigames they're making are supposed to tie into it.
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