What's the best JDrama you have seen?
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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
I just want to have some advice from you people! I don't know how to research good JDramas.

I preferably like comedy with romance. School life, etc.

I only watched:

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2

I started to like Jdramas when I watched these three. So, can you suggest some?
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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Nobuta wo Produce. Great drama about friendship and there's school life too. I also like Kurosagi. A drama about swindlers but there's a little romance in it too.
Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Ask here . Recommended Asian Dramas / Movies :
I can`t seem to find the Best JDrama thread .
I found this though . Best Comedy JDramas :
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