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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Ranking up mangas top 10 you already read and explain why you ranked up in that place...
okay, I'll start with mine..

1. Berserk
~ because it's really good and has very nice story line, the art is very nice and genius, really completely BLOOOODY and ACTION packed~!! plus, Gutts is a cool lead character~!!
Favorite~ S-class Anime,

2.Hajime no ippo
~ very hilarious, and still staying alive and kicking~!! although in the past it's my favorite but when i read berserk, it became my top 2

3. Slam dunk
~ ahaha.. warau~! Hanamichi Sakuragi, the dunking king~! I like basketball though.. also, hilarious..

4. One Piece
~ hmm, I've been cofusing it with the 4rth spot to the 3rd but, it's very long and well, I got bored.. XDD, but still, It's in my top 5.. ^.^

5. Naruto
~ well, I don't know why I ranked it at the 5th spot.. I guess I got bored while waiting naruto to be completely controlled by kyuubi.. I really like to see it so badly.. but, uhh... XDD

6. Bleach
~ Aizen is strong.. XDD, I'd like to see Ichigo to turn into the bad hollow and defeat Aizen.. XDD yeah like naruto, I got bored at waiting..

7. Fairy Tail
~ Nice Adventures.. very like One Piece but, I'd like to see natsu going berserk.. XDD

8. D. Gray-Man
~ Allen walker is cute.. and funny, but still, has a long way to go for being strong.. XDD

9. DnA'ngel
~ very funny, and also, full of mystery.

10. Fruits Basket
~ soo dramatic but it's on the 10th spot.. XDD

well, that's it..
no flaming please and no spamming.. good day.. XDD
Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
I'm not sure if you notice this thread

Rate it!!!

It is shown that Rating thread isn't used with in this forum. You can use the poll to rate top 5 manga and others.
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
1) Absolute Boyfriend
2) Vampire Knight
3) Moe Kare
4) Chocolate Cosmos
5) Bleach
6) Fall in Love like a Comic
7) Kaichou wa maid-sama
8) Rockin Heaven
9) Alice Gakuen
10) Shugo Chara

as you can see most of these are Romance/Shoujo/Comedy.
Bleach is the only exception
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
1st Vampire knight
The characters are well drawn and i just love vampire themed manga, novels, movies or anything about it!

2nd The Gentleman's Alliance cross
I first read the 1st chapter of this manga and it is well drwan too! It's so colorful even if the manga is black and white. You'll be able to see the color in black and white pictures! cool story too! Arina temura go!

3rd Princess
this is actually a manwha but what i love about this 27 volume something manga is that there are 3 generations in it and the love story, political monarchy, concubines and royalty is just too cool!

4th Penguin Revolution!
I'm a fan of tsukaba sakura and i love her whispy lines of perfection that fully describes a shoujo manga! I love the fantasy side of her mangas in a serious and different themes

5th Wallflower
This is just so funny and i think that even there are swarming stories of a group of handsome guys and a girl out there, there's only one sunako-chan!

6th Meru Puri
again, another Hino matsuri manga, I just love the variety of her mangas. It talks about different stories that is unique and never the same. It's quite weird for the guy is a loli-shota type at first but what the heck!?!

7th xxxholic
I love this because i think it is so artistically designed and drawn by clamp! it's sometimes in a minimalist trend, sometimes in the art is so good. I love the weirdness of things and how it is left to be unknown... hitsuzen?

8th The devil does exist
Well this is my dose of a romance shoujo manga that is very entertaining

9th Blood Kiss
This is ranked 9th because i dunno... It's really cute and nice. It's another of those vampire mangas but this is also quite unique in some ways. It just lacks a deeper story...

10th Demon Diary
a manwha. A common story of a demon and how he is to be the demon lord. <kyo kara maoh?> well it's really funny and fun to read! a light-hearted story of how an innocent nice human now just learns that he is a demon lord-to-be and how to be evil in a sarcastic manner?.
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
1.)Kateikyoushi hitnma reborn:It's damn funny and also has a nice storyline about the mafia and ring fights and so on.
2.)Bleach-I looove watchin Hitsugaya and Zaraki Kenpachi fight~I also like the espada ;p.
3.)Fairy tale-OHH i love guilds and groups toger and this manga is mainly about the guild and the fights and it is funny too :).
4.)NARUTO~-Very damn funny and i like the fights but because of the drag i only ranked it 4th.
5.)D.Gray-man-I like the innocence thingy lols,and how they fight using different innocence.
6.)Prince of tennis-Very funny and i like tennis ~~ .
7.)Mar-I like how they use the arms ^^.
8.)Claymore-I like the action!And although it is quite nice at first,as the story goes on,it has less main character fighting TT,and that's why i only ranked it no.8.
9.)Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles-I like them travelling to different worlds and i also like the black guy(forgot the name lol).
10.)Gintama-Very funny lols.
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
this is kinda a lot...
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
hmm, manga!! i love to read manga... i collecting comics now..seriously alot of comics is very nice...so it's very hard to choose top 10 hahas

1)Hana Kimi
it's a long love story abt the gal who likes the guy and she cross gender and when to boys sch to study to make friend with the guy

2)Fruit basket
it's very nice and some times a bit sad

i love to watch them fight and know moe abt their sword and all the attack and skills... i love hitsugaya the most!!!

it's very funny and sad.. abt the friendship and some good guy who died

5)D.Gray man
i like the fight and all the story happen when they cross countries...

6)Tokyo crazy paradise
it abt the gal own a gangster boss alot of money and the boss and the gal is in the same class..but.the gal cross dressing and every one thoughtshe is a guy.only the boss know she is a gal.as in 2020.tokyo is a very dangerous place for gril.the parents ask her to dress up as a guy and teach her how to fight and protect herself.as she and her 3brothes own the boss money,so she had to stay with the boss and be his guard and goes aroung with him to protect him.this manga is a funny love story.

7)Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
i like every story happen in different country.. it's a very irony story... real sad things happen to the main..really very sad love story,it's like the main guy will do anything to protect the main gal.

8)Vampire Knight
starting i dun really like it.. but after that i found out this story is also sad between wat happen to the main..wat happen afther that is very interesting.

9) xxxHolic
if u read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles u must read xxxholic... story is link... i like this story as it tell things that u dun know u should believe or not.the story is like telling people that every thing goes round and later it will happen back to u.

10)Saint dragon girl(part 1) /Saint dragon girl miracle(part 2)
it a love story abt a gal who is very good in fighting. and the guy have power to so call kill those evil monster...so they most will fight to protect their childhood friend..3 of them are childhood friends.it a funny love story..a lot of thing owuld happen.they both like each other.if u like fighting and love story. than u have to read this.and the part 2 is abt their daughter story..

alot more stort is very nice.. top 10 is too less.. how abt top 15? hahas...
story like this is also nice...

Sailor moon(sch life magic love story)
cat street (sch life love story)
love for venus (sch life love story)
wallflower (sch life funny love story)
The Gentleman's Alliance cross (sch life sad love story)
Absolute Boyfriend (it a very sad story, the author other story is also very nice)
fall in love like comic (funny sweet love story,author others story is nice too)
Meru Puri (one of my top 15) it a magic love story..i think the ending is nice.
Midnight Secretary (vampire story but it's not sch life story.. the main are working)
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