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how many manga do you have?
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M / Cocytus
Posted 7/3/13
Geez, I honestly thought 50-75 was alot, but some people here blew that number out the window.

I have around 25 on hand, and then literally another 30 on their way
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28 / M
Posted 7/4/13
2 years ago I counted 150. Don't know the current number but all I can say is that my bookcase can't fit anymore.
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26 / M
Posted 7/4/13
I only have three physical manga copies. Two Omnibuses and one volume of Hellsing :(
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30 / M / Vic, Australia
Posted 7/5/13
114 physical manga volumes (though 11 more are on the way from a online sale that was on recently)
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Posted 7/5/13
Around 400+ volumes or so. Except for a couple of ongoing series (Cheshire Cat Waltz, etc) that has volumes out every four months, I've stopped buying new series. Just can't find anything interesting to get yet.
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38 / Montreal
Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/5/13
I don't have much.

- Monster Hunter (French)
- Densha Otoko (English)
- I do remember buying the first volume of Rurouni Kenshin (French) back in 2001- 2003. I remember giving it to my then gf now the wifey and never saw it again.

That's it.

The wife on the other hand has an entire wall full of mangas. Ironically, she now has complete volumes of RK in english and japanese.
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35 / F / Japan
Posted 7/31/13 , edited 7/31/13
I can not count them but more than 1000 for sure. One time I threw half of the manga I owend away though.
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F / Asia
Posted 7/31/13
probably around 50
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18 / M / Straight Outta Co...
Posted 7/31/13
I don't bother with manga because I'm too lazy to turn the page LOL
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27 / M / Florida
Posted 8/3/13
I have a few hundred but I've fallen to reading online. I just cant afford to keep buying them. Though I totally will have a manga library room once I get an awesome job and my own house XD
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28 / M
Posted 2/17/14
Cage of Eden
Category Freaks
Alice in the Country of Clovers
Alice in the Country of Clovers: Ace of Hearts
Alice in the Country of Clovers: Bloody Twins
Alice in the Country of Clovers: Cheshire Cat Waltz
Alice in the Country of Hearts
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Clockmaker's Story
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party
Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit
Alice in the Country of Joker
Alice Love Fables
Toy Box
Amnesia Labyrinth
Are You Alice?
Attack on Titan
Black Butler
Cain Saga
Corpse Party: Blood Covered
Corpse Party: Musume
Cross Days
D. Gray-man
Dance In The Vampire Bund
Deadman Wonderland
Death Note
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Dragon Head
Eden: It’s An Endless World
Flowers of Evil
Fullmetal Alchemist
Future Diary
God Child
Haganai: I Have Few Friends
Hanako and the Terror of Allegory
Higurashi: When They Cry
I Don't Like You at All Big Brother
Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
Kaze Hikaru
Lament of the Lamb
Limit, The
Maou: Juvenile Remix
Mayo Chiki
MPD Psycho
Nabari No Ou
Nightmare Inspector
No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!
No. 6
Ookiku Furikabutte
Ouran High School Host Club
Pandora Hearts
Prince of Tennis
Rurouni Kenshin
School Days
Soul Eater
Soul Eater Not!
Tegami Bachi
Tenjou Tenge
Tetragrammaton Labyrinth
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Umineko: When They Cry
Velveteen & Mandala
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World
Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat
Momo Tama
Monochrome Factor
Night Head Genesis
Omamori Himari
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Kurogane
Togainu No Chi
Wild Adapter
Yagyu Ninja Scrolls

so maybe around 1000 volumes. what can i say i have an addiction. it would be easier to go digital but i prefer to feel the manga while i read. HELP ME!!!
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25 / F / in the land of th...
Posted 2/17/14
One Rurouni Kenshin in Japanese....was a gift..
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22 / F / Michigan
Posted 2/17/14
I used to have two shelves full of manga, so an estimated 60+ books.

Then I kinda realized that it was sort of a waste of money since I could just read the manga online. Plus I felt that some series with over 100 books I would never be able to collect them all.

As I got away from reading in general and I even took a break from both anime/manga so the manga that I owned had become untouched. I ended up moving somewhere else so I felt that I had no reason to pack all of that manga in boxes if there was a good chance I wasn't going to read it.

I kept my vampire knight books, which I have 17 out of 19 of them and I kept the 4 Zodiac P.I. books since they were a birthday gift and also a bit more rare to find. I had the entire Fruits Basket series, 22 books, and I regret getting rid of those since I liked the series so much but ah well.
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27 / M / London, UK
Posted 2/17/14
One Piece volumes 1-23 (will get more)
Death Note volumes 1-13 (complete. 13 is an extra in the box set)
Bakuman volumes 1-20 (complete)
FullMetal Alchemist volumes 1-27 (complete)
Eyeshield 21 volumes 1-11 (will get more)
Naruto volume 1 (will get more)

I plan to only buy manga that I know I will enjoy re-reading. At the moment I'm more than happy with the series I listed above.
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27 / M / Australia
Posted 2/18/14
by my last count i have 1756 physical copies. with many more on the way. if anyone is interested in seeing what i have, check my profile for pics.
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