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Post Reply Fairy Tail
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Posted 8/16/13

visoredavenger wrote:

An9el wrote:

so who else agrees flare will eventully join fairy tail?

I sure hope so. Her scenes crack me up. For some reason yuri stalking is funnier than the Juvia/Gray stuff

flare is a great charater i wish they would make a FT game im sure theres enough charaters to do it by now the naruto ninja storm games sysytem wood be a good system for them to use for it
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19 / F / Planet Earth
Posted 8/17/13
I thought Virgo was really funny in that last chapter too shaking her butt on her own xD you twerk it gurl!

But yeah I also like Flare too, she would be a great addition to Fairy Tail!
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Posted 15 days ago
So Fairy Tail chapter 379

How many times does Erza has to put the hurt on Minerva before she gets it? She could even beat child Erza lol
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20 / M / Anchorage Alaska
Posted 14 days ago

firedragon99 wrote:

one piece, fairy tail, and monster soul I believe were made by the same person, if u look people in it look almost the same, (luffy, Dragon Slayer, and the super crazy monster) <--- all the same.. stupid, some how strong, and funny.

NO totally different creators
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
Okay reading the latest volumes of the english printings, volume 36 and 37 in the last few weeks, I am sure it has been pointed out before, Kagura and Yukino they have a very similar almost identical backstory. They had an older sibling they loved dearly, and than the children hunt for slaves Zereff worsphers took their sibling away and runied their lives. I wonder if that was intentionally of Hiro, or just lazy writing. Though makes me look at their battle in an whole different light, though we didn't know anything about them back than let alone their backstory.

Difference being Simon is dead algitly (you never know if they pull off another Lisanna), Angel or Solano is still alive, Angel succomb to darkness and became a dark mage, Simon didn't, though he did become Jellal's lackey though he really wasn't, he was just pretending.

You could lump Wally with them, but Wally is different because he was captured and became a slave as well, Kagura and Yukino got away.

Funny thing is, I can't imagine coming up when they learn each other's backstory.
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Posted 21 hours ago
I am enjoying it so far.
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