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Posted 12/20/06 , edited 12/20/06
OK, this is a guide for people starting to upload a new show. As you all have learned by now, some of the shows have recently been removed upon request by companies licensing the anime and fansubbers misunderstanding the FREE community of CR.
Ergo, as an approving moderator I would like to warn you about things that will not be approved by us (the moderators) and you should therefore not upload it :D



Anime licensed by ADV Films, for full list see link below:

Anime licensed by Broccoli, look at their website for details:

DO NOT UPLOAD anything that you have hardsubbed with soft subbes from the fansub group SUBLIME! for an up to date listing frequent their site on :

Also refrain from uploading any more of licensed/produced american shows as they will not be approved. This includes Avatar the last airbender!

I'm certain this list will grow in the future but as uploaders take a look here before starting a new show...

Apart from this; keep uploading and help us expand the world of crunchyroll!!!
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Posted 12/20/06
mmm... ramen is good.
except when you get it in your eye when you slurp it!!
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Posted 12/20/06
I noticed Di Gi Charat was gone...I'm assuming from the pictures that broccoli requested that?
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Posted 12/20/06
This should be stickied.
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