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Post Reply When you meet airi in person what will your reaction be:?
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23 / F / guess~ l0l
Posted 12/20/08
I think me and airi could be good friends, i would probably treat her like a normal person. but before all that i want an autograph and pictures!! also im the same age as her, shes older by one month. although i think shes toller than me. if i stand next 2 her ill look like a little midget
Posted 9/25/09
introduce myself first
i'll probably tell her how cute she is and how great she is...
i'll instantly get her number and have pictures with her.
i'll ask her about MOMO too... (i'll never forget that, of course!)
then, i'll try to be her friend
Posted 7/26/10
I will be so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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24 / F / Canada,B.C
Posted 7/28/10
I'd be excited and fangasming on the inside but act cool and calm on the outside
Posted 8/26/10
want to go to the beach!!!! or lunch *shrugs*
Posted 8/27/10
I'll be really happy and soooo excited!!
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23 / F / Texas, USA
Posted 11/7/10
If that were me. I would probably tell her what a big fan she is and befriend with her and ask her for vocal lessons!
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