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Unpopular Opinions You Have
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M / New Mexico USA
Posted 5/1/12
Halo sucks
Posted 5/1/12
Tagalog is not a very bright language and is a waste of time to learn
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32 / M
Posted 5/1/12
That all of the anime these days sucks.
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28 / M / Norway.
Posted 5/1/12
People who watch Ecchi/Harem/Fan-service animes with "high-school" girls that look like 10 year olds are pedophiles.

Posted 5/1/12
chocolate and mint... x_x ew...
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32 / F / UK
Posted 5/1/12
Chavs are a bunch of comformist and the worst style to ever happen
Posted 5/1/12
i never want to go to japan
Posted 5/1/12
Big boobs are gross.
Also, you are not pro-life if you eat meat and support the death penalty... just saying.
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39 / M / New Orleans
Posted 5/1/12
*Ang Lee's "Hulk" was a good movie.
*Welfare mothers should be sterilized "for the good of the community" after their 3rd child and be drug tested bi-weekly.
*Gang bangers should be given free marksmanship lessons, so they kill more of each other than bystanders.
*Praying to God is tantamount to praying to Santa Claus.
*Peter Jackson is going to destroy "The Hobbit."
*Eating processed food is what causes high cancer rates in America, not smoking.
*Non smokers need to mind their own fucking business and stop pushing us out to the street.


*Oh, and Obama is the best American president since Kennedy. If all those old white "good ole' boy" bastards on capital hill would have done their job, we wouldn't need him to "change" anything.

*One more thing while I'm thinking on it, democracy only works when there is a small populace and everyone has time to voice their opinions. Once there are to many people, it turns into America.

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22 / M / Fontana, California
Posted 5/1/12
I prefer Carl Jr. over Jack in the Box, McDonald, as well as Burger King. I am infused with a great amount of rage when their is a Carl Jr. nearby, yet it's decided to instead go to one of the lesser fast food places.
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30 / M / KS
Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/1/12
-I'm a Christian,
-abortion is wrong, if you can't control yourself, don't take it out on a child,
-Sex before marriage is wrong,
-Alcohol tastes like crap, no matter what,
-Smoking is retarded (anything, weed included)
-Nintendo is still the best console/game maker
-Spice and Wolf = the best anime ever (or close at least)
-Kids don't need smart phones, nor to adults. Quit acting like it's a necessity.
-I'm frugal, save a lot of $, but splurge on my hobbies a lot.
-My wife is better than yours. :)
-One Piece is a piece, Bleach needs to drink bleach, and crappy fan service anime needs to die out.
-The super nintendo was the best console ever created.
-Key (the dev.) makes awesome games/stories/anime's. (except Air, bleck)
-Metroid Other M is the best metroid game to this day. (Prime series was a crappy 1st person shooter)
-I'm going to LOL when the Vita dies because it's exp, and the memory is proprietary.
-The WiiU will be awesome because of the "nintablet" controller.
-Kingdom Hearts games are lame, and Disney characters suck.

lol... yup
Posted 5/1/12
I hate chili, cornbread, spicy/bitter/sour food, almost every mexican and soul food.
I hate Madonna and gospel music.
I love crazy food and drink combinations.
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26 / M / California
Posted 5/1/12
I have so many unpopular opinions that some would declare me as wrong all the time.

"Inception" is a terrible movie.
Sympathy for suicide is stupid.
Communism is always wrong no matter what.
Cyberbullying is not something we need to protect anybody from.
We should worry more about protecting ourselves instead of other people.
I think all drugs should be legal including the incredibly dangerous ones.
I think that justice should be served through Mercenary work.
Every Family should be allowed to carry at least one gun.
There is nothing wrong with prostitution what so ever.
The Confederacy should have won the Civil war.
The government should never interfere with business.
Real monopolies do not exist.
All forms of trade and business should revert back to the "Gold Standard".
The United States is on it's death bed as a country.
It makes perfect sense that other countries hate America.
Metallica always has been and always will be a terrible band.
I belive that if stupid people want to get killed over doing something stupid then we should just let them.
"Boondock Saints" was not entertaining in the least.
"Ska" music is one of the most obnoxious genre's of music I've ever heard.
College is pointless. In fact all General education except for Elementary school is pointless.
Sarah Palin is pretty intelligent and does not deserve most of the crap that people gave her.
Hipsters are morons because they love unpopular stuff only because it's unpopular.
People need to stop trying to regulate the Internet.
I will laugh like a maniac when America completely collapses.
People who work on making robots more intelligent are digging their own grave.
People who fight over which Religion is better are complete morons who seem to not understand the point of Religion.
God Hating Athiests are annoying Jerks just as Hyper Religious people are annoying jerks.
Coffee is a more dangerous drug than Weed.
Never trust anybody.

Well I could continue on and on for hours but I think my current list of unpopular opinions gets the basic idea across.
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29 / M / Canada
Posted 5/1/12
Women never lie and men have no rights
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28 / M
Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/1/12
Cloning humans is fine. (not too different from cloning animals)
Legalize a bunch of drugs. (when regulated and controlled, they will be and safer drug wars will end)
Reduce/eliminate certain fines and stupid bills.
Cut prison sentences by 50%.
Death penalty is fine.
Abortion is okay. (if you don't need one, don't get it...anti-abortionists don't understand the opposing views and simply work off of 'what I believe is right, so others shouldn't be allowed to do otherwise.')
Religion is a failed science. (I used to be Christian, things just don't sum up)
The arts are just as important as the sciences.
Suicide should not be illegal. (seriously, it's not stopping anyone who is at that level)
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