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Unpopular Opinions You Have
Posted 8/1/12

Holy crap, you've certainly thought this one through haven't you?
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M / Cali
Posted 8/1/12
I hate Prius drivers.
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28 / M
Posted 8/1/12

DangerousYams wrote:

Holy crap, you've certainly thought this one through haven't you?

That's a hefty list of pretty bold statements. I sense much anger...
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M / Cali
Posted 8/1/12

artsygirl21 wrote:

-I'm an atheist, can't stand extremely religious or extremely liberal people
-I hate anyone that drinks, it's a drug that kills, alcohol really should be more restricted/banned -_-
-I hate smoking
-I think stricter gun control should be discussed
-I am afraid of sex
-I think sex should wait until marriage (what happened to the good old-fashioned days? they had such charm :/)
-I support the right to an abortion (esp. if it's rape)
-I do not support ssm (le gasp)
-I do not want to get married
-All murderers and rapists should get life in jail/death penalty
-I can't stand Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, all the mainstream pop/rap music
-Stem cell research should be employed to the fullest extent--we can fucking create new organs out of one cell dammit!! No need for transplants anymore!
-I do not want Obama to win this year's election
-I do not approve of yaoi/yuri or turning my favorite characters into ukes to fulfill some people's fantasies -_-
-One Piece and Naruto are Shonen Jump whores
-Sluts on Facebook showing off their parties/how much they adore their boyfriends
-The ending of Harry Potter is bullshit
-I can't stand people, especially grown men, gushing over My Little Pony
-I don't understand the hype over the new Batman movies, or The Avengers :/
-Tobuscus (Toby Turner) is getting really...I don't know anymore, fucking retarded, used to like him -_-
-I think the age to get a driver's license should be raised to 18-20 (The reasoning portion of the brain doesn't develop until well into the 20's, so why do we hand the keys to a 4,000-pound machine to a 16-year-old?)
-I don't see a problem with people wanting to dress goth, we have the right to self-expression (and in phases)
-Stop fucking saying "YOLO"
-I believe the FDA needs to stop withholding so many drugs from being on the market, stop allowing drug companies from buying out smaller drug companies to stop them from selling their drug
-I don't believe alcoholics deserve a liver transplant if they made that decision in life
-Doctors need to be paid less, and need to be board-certified when they practice
-Apple computers/products suck (and need to stop coming out with something new every 6 months!)
-Everyone should choose to be cremated when they die, it's more sensible for the environment/is cost-effective
-I really don't believe using "green technology" is going to save the planet from global warming, too late :/
-College students should not owe the IRS on taxes for receiving scholarships and grants (I owe them so much for that stupid law!)
-College towns (dorms, stadiums, etc.) should all be torn down and make way for other housings, businesses, etc., college courses only need to be conducted online from my experience, it's ridiculous how much in tuition we have to pay!!

Wow. I agree on most parts.
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32 / F / Australia
Posted 8/1/12
I hate talking about what I hate. I also hate paradoxes.
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22 / F / HK
Posted 8/1/12
Pie and Pudding is too sweet
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21 / M / Area 11
Posted 8/1/12
Hmm, well I dislike both presidential canidates equally, I am an athiest, and I think both Naruto and Bleach are stupid.
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27 / F / Toronto, Canada
Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/2/12
*YOLO needs to die
*Elfen Lied is the most childish anime I've ever watched
*Abortions are for the weak. Life throws shit at you, you just got to deal with it.
*Vocaloids are stupid
*All the mainstream songs coming out sound exactly the same
*Smoking is stupid
*Vegans and vegetarians suck
*Homestuck is stupid
*If you haven't read the orignal comics or watched the original shows, why orgasm over the live action movies? (*cough* batman*cough*)
*Code Geass is really cliched, and the characters are shit
*Stop being so sensitive. Saying 'that piece of work you did is bad' isn't rude. Take the truth like man.
*Most people saying 'I'm bisexual, yo' are faking it for attention
*Me=God, Everyone=Peasants, IMHO
*I'm atheist
*Yaoi is wrong
*Yuri is wrong
*I can't fap off to fictional characters
*I can't stand K-pop
*Suicide is for weak and stupid people
*If you can't stand up to bullying, you are weak
*The Hunger Games are dumb. Peeta need to grow some balls
*Legalize drugs. If some idiots screw up their lives, it's their problem. We didn't need such weak people in the first place
*The American media is stupid
*I admire Hitler. He had his beliefs and went about trying to achieve them, as opposed to just sitting there, being self righteous, hoping they'll just happen.
*The Harry Potter franchise is horribly overrated.
*People voted for Obama because he's black. They think it's all cool to be 'OMGOMG WE BROKE DOWN RACIAL BARRIERS, WE SO COOL'.
*Stop saying you learned Japanese from anime. Just don't. That's stupid
*Chinese is a more sophisticated and beautiful language than Japanese. (I may be..err...extremely biased here)
*Way too much value is put on human life.
*I'm not a sadist

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35 / M
Posted 8/1/12
I ate at chick fil a yesterday, and I'm going again friday. I may even come today too. And I'm sure most of you know why.
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
-Life is just a game and you're not supposed to take it seriously.
-The Universe is a computer/God.
-We are all pieces of God.
-We are all here to learn lessons about life so that God can learn about Itself.
-There are no such thing as facts. There are only opinions.
-You can control reality with you own mind.
-Earth has been under the control of the Illuminati for thousands of years. They have manipulated our planet as one giant torture chamber. Everything is literally under their control, but that control is now falling apart. They have had every aspect of your life under their thumb.
-85 percent of humanity are sheep.
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21 / F / Portland
Posted 8/1/12

polx wrote:

*Abortions are for the weak. Life throws shit at you, you just got to deal with it. You get raped, fine. I feel sorry for ya. Now deal with it. you can't always have everything the easy way. The child hasn't done anything wrong. Deal with, you whore.

dealing with rape isn't a fucking walk in the park.
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29 / M / Behind You
Posted 8/1/12
-All fast food is gross.
-Porn is disgusting.
-I don't mind the death penalty
-The Big Bang Theory is a terrible show.
-Super Mario 64 isn't even a Top 5 Mario game
-Sarah Silverman is hot and funny

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31 / M / Irish/German - Am...
Posted 8/1/12
fashion is retarded and people who spend more than two hours a day looking at themselves in the mirror lack personality.

Mitt Romney will throw this country into a fire and then piss on it's ashes.

I'm agnostic. Both hardcore atheists and hardcore fundamentalists annoy me. Being religious is fine and not believing there is a god is fine just don't try and shove it down my throat cause I'm not buying it.

People who are highly pretentious about art and media are annoying as well. Having your own preferences on it and defending that seems fine but being too hoity toity and condescending just makes you a prick.

People who lack empathy and then want love given to them on a silver platter suck.

polx is a horrible person and I hope is just trolling. Although, "Most people saying 'I'm bisexual, yo' are faking it for attention" seems a bit believable especially in college but are probably just trying to find their way and are curious about sex with the same gender.

People who talk about how great liberty is and then try and strip gay couples of theirs suck.

Most of the people on CR suck.

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Posted 8/1/12

freakaga1n wrote:

1. gays, lesbians and bi's should be allowed to get married
2. not all emos cut themselves
3. admiration is the emotion furthest away from understanding
4. people that give up should just die
5. Fergie SUX
6. Soulja boy should STOP CRANKING THAT

Yuck... this just proves children should be better educated... oh how naive your folly truly is... are those really the best things you could think of in the first place? If so, i could draw a map of your world on the back of a matchbook... cant we all come up with some bigger and better statements people may not agree with you on? maybe "I enjoy eating fried baby legs", or something a little more interesting??
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69 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
Though I'm not in agreement with her feelings toward gays and a few topics involving religion in spite of the admonishments of the US's Big 3 alphabet TV news tools I do like Sarah Palin immensely and find her worthy of my admiration and respect for what she's doing re political awareness.
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