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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
There's this site called It can allow you to make a playlist from your favorite songs*If they have it* I've been wondering if we can make something that allows us to use the code they give us on our profiles for music. If you want an example of the code, I can give you one I got for mine if you need it to help make you if you decide to.
Posted 3/15/08
You should`ve asked here , the Site Help Thread :
or PMed a mod about this .

I`m not really sure if you can do that . I haven`t tried .
Posted 3/15/08
I've tried it on my profile, it doesnt work, just shows the enitire code..
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Posted 3/15/08
No, it doesn't work because HTML is not allowed in profiles.

You're actually not supposed to create new topics in this section. In the future, please use the existing support threads.

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