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20 / F / ------->BeSiDe YoU
Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
to those who are intersted to be a mod...

just fill up the application

Talents: (what u are capable of .. like doing banner etc...)
what do u expect in this group...

thats all..

anyway....when u fill up here that's doesnt mean that ur already a mod...

the mod training will start on first day of april....

in that training.. i will test u and that last mods who r standing will win a position
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22 / F / Guess where~
Posted 3/15/08
Name: Mosaki Yoru
Talents: i can basically make people interested in this group by posting contests in the forums and making this group seem exciting. i except this group to have more designs and have things that will make people like this group. thats mostly all. i know i dont have much talent but ill just try.
Posted 3/17/08
will i apply or not...maybe not..oh
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24 / F / in this world
Posted 3/18/08
i can make banners and interesting forums... i can upload pic... hehe
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22 / M / Australia
Posted 3/19/08
my talents are: Im a really fun guy, i make lots of friends each day. Im confident and not afraid to stand up for what i believe and i would tell all of CrunchyRoll about this fun and exciting group. I am a positive thinker and can think of many ways to make this group better and improved
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28 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/31/08
Name : Ize

Talents : Sing.. Dance.. Singing and Dancing.. Dancing and Singing.. lolz.. uhhmm i am not talented but i am capable ^_^.. i can use flash... can use a broomstuck as a weapon to defeat those flying cockroches.. i can suggest what anime to watch at their own risk... i can text. watch TV play computer games and eat at the same time....

Expectations : I don't expect anything specific. but i expect camaraderie, more things that can make are relationship stronger and makr ourselves have fun.. i also expect a gift from you guys every Christmas day, valentine's day and Holi day..
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