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24 / F / the cold north po...
Posted 11/14/07
my day a 19 years old boy,heiki,found a fainted cat.he took it in and care it..little did he knew that the cat is actually a princess 4 the light world,hana.the light world had been in war with the dark world 4 centuries.her minister tried 2 kill her when she decided 2 end the war and unite both world(coz he's a bad guy).now,princess hana need the help of heiki 2 save her world coz he was the chosen one.can heiki help the princess save her kingdom???
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24 / M / Singapore
Posted 11/14/07
A man who lived till his eighties lies on his deathbed.
He led a life full of experiences,pain and memories
Then a DeathGod asked him whether he would want another chance in life
But this time,everything would be different.
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77 / F / Under a bridge, h...
Posted 11/18/07
My story is about what one girl gos through in her life - love, the end the heronie ends up having an alcohol problem - which leads her to depression ...and eventually she keeps on trying to do suicide so she gets locked up in a mental facility for the rest of her life....... in the end she eventually dies cause she becomes brain dead ^_^ sad very berry sad
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24 / M / Suna,with Gaara,a...
Posted 11/19/07
There were once 24 zodiac warriors both Yin and Yang (Like Yin Dragon, and Yang Horse) that are always fighting to see which is stronger Darkness or Light Good or Evil Justice or Crime and Truth of Lies .There were many deadly battles destroying cities and hurting lives. In the last battle all 24 warriors gave it there all but then suddenly disappeared.

Now in present time 2nd year highschool student Masaru Ryuu, has encountered a stranger and was given a bright red crystal and also was called the "Victorious Dragon" and was given a task to find the other 11 people or history will repeat itself. Confuse Ryuu wants to unlock the crystal's secrets and figure out all 11 people before "History Repeats Itself". But little does he know the 11 other people are in his school and will have to make new friends and enemies

Masaru Ryuu- "Yang Dragon" a 2nd year quiet guy that is and orphan and has good grades and has a nickname of "Raging Dragon" due to his short temper
Dyed Red Hair and Black Eyes not really masculine
"I don't know why people keep calling me Raging Dragon but........HEY GET OFF MY DESK!"

Chiyoko Michi- "Yang Horse" a 2nd year shy girl that is the fastest in her running team but due to her father's abuse she has a low self-esteem and has ran away and lives with Ryuu (Sense the Love fo Ya ;)0
Brown Hair and Green Eyes average body
"S-s-s-s-sor-r-r-ry" Ryuu are y-y-y-you o-ok?"

Naoki Minoru- "Yang Rat" a 2nd year guy that has an average grade and is also a true coward that always run away from his problems, and loves to tell the truth against his enemies
Black Hair and Blue Eyes not masculine at all
"I'm not coward just a guy who runs away.....A LOT!"

Misaki Sakura- "Yang Sheep" a 3rd year girl that is a very beautiful, helpful, gentle and popular student.She always has the best grades but gets too much pressure from her teacher and parents
Blonde Hair and Honey Colored eyes very well-developed
"C'mon Michi isn't it obivious you got a crush and I know a hot-looking dragon that wants to know..hehehe."

Naoki Noburo- "Yang Ox' a 4th year guy that is one of the tallest and strongest students he sees Michi as a little sister and is the older cousin of Minoru, he follows the way "The loudest are the weakest and the quiet are the strongest"
Black Hair and Blue eyes masculine
"Hmph....Minoru stop being a coward and face your fears."

Satomi Sachiko- "Yang Rabbit" a 1st that is one of the shortest students and has a "Cute Aura" around her so she usually gets hug by her friends due to her cuteness but has a hard time getting off her desk due to her fear of heights
Red Hair and Black Eyes has glasses average development
"Um... why is everyone staring at me?"

Hebi Kouta- "Yang Snake" a 3rd year that is an old childhood friend of Sakura(That says that he's too pretty to be a guy), and loves to use people to his advantage, but uses peaceful methods.
Dyed Green Hair Yellow Eyes
"How bout this I can help you study Ryuu while I get in return is just some labor work in my house."

So tell me, is it good, bad, original, I don't know this came in mind when I was bored
Posted 11/19/07
One day there were lots of very sexy 18 year old girls. The main character is one of them and loves naked wrestling. This is the story of her quest to become the best naked wrestler in the world. (just out of respect all the audience at these matches have to be sexy naked girls too)
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22 / F / how should i kno?...
Posted 11/19/07
Sorry but im not liking this plot one bit. I think im too young to rate this so ill leave the next person to do so. Anyways heres something i just got from the top of my head.

In the twin worlds called heaven and hell there was a rule that had been enforced by the Gods and Goddesses ever since the race of the humans started. Angels, shinagami, demons etc were forbidden to fall in love with a human being because they would die and then havoc would come across "earth". Suddenly after the hundred thousands of years past a boy named "Kira Light" a boy in grade 8 appears and starts havoc around the world by killing humans who look innocent but who were really criminals causing innocent human beings to fear this boy. Can he be stop by the wrath of the Gods and Goddesses of the twin worlds or will he be stop only by a fallen angel?

Dont forget to rate!
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26 / M / Portland, Oregon
Posted 11/19/07

BasouKazuma wrote:

Before the Big Bang ... before there was a defined universe ..... there was, KAMI-SAMA SENKI!!!!!!!! The battle between gods was intense and the competition was fierce. Never the less, Buddha stepped up to the plate and lasted the longest in the hot dog eating contest. All the other Gods perished from over eating which left Buddha all alone and very gassy (from eating all those damned hot dogs). So, since no one else was around, he relieved himself of all this excess gas. It came out with such a force that it expanded the space around him exponentially. Not only that but ... let's just say that it was a "squirter" ... so massive objects were thrown into this newly created space. This event is what we have come to know as the Big Bang but the background static that we hear is not from cosmic radiation but from lingering echoes of the most massive fart in known history.

mega LOLZ! 100 out of 10, so that's that smell...
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34 / M / Singapore
Posted 11/20/07
one day ichigo was born and he killed evryone.
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24 / M / ...
Posted 12/1/07
once and all..........the end.
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29 / F / dead cause my bro...
Posted 12/2/07

wolfsrainXD wrote:

0_o uhh... for a rating, 3??

kk here's the story from my sis and her friends who are making a manga for their class:

there was once an orphaned boy. he had no relatives except from his granddad. his granddad, a dexterous scientist, took custody of him after his parents died in an accident when he was an infant. now that boy was graduating top 1 in his class from middle school. during the ceremony he anxiously waited for his gramps to arrive, but the ceremony ended without his grandfather being with him. he rushed home, only to find out that his grandfather had died of heart attack (still wearing a tuxedo for the graduating ceremony). he missed his gramps. days later, because of loneliness, he attempted to bring his grandfather back to life (by merely creating another human with the looks and personality of his granddad)-- he had knowledge on science since he had been assisting his grandfather in his works. a young immature genius he is, he used a living rabbit (instead of the old man's body). and POOF! a human being was created... it was a young female with pink hair (the rabbit was a female!!).

to be continued...

Once upon a time there was a boy who met this girl.The girl was beautiful and it seemed that no man can resist her and they eventually and strangely dissappear.The boy falls in love with her at first glance and is astonished by her beauty. The next day the girl is coincedentally transferred to his school and they meet for the first time. As the days go on The boy gets more and more attached to the girl until one night the girl suddenly dissappears. She's been missing ever since. Than early one day the boy founds out the girl was an angel and had to go back to Heaven to serve God. The boy is depressed but deep down he is glad to have met her, his first love.~The End~
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27 / F / L.A, CaLiFoRnIa
Posted 12/2/07
Title: The Sword of the Deceased
A young man watched over the city of Kyoto mounted on his horse. His eyes mysteriously watching, as a cold mist rolled into the city. He urged his mount down the slope of the hill that leads into the city. The young man hears nothing, but the silence of sleeping people. He then stepped into the city and felt the chill of darkness, as he urged his mount through the winding streets. His eyes looking out for anything unusual on the walls of the city, but all seemed to be clear. He turned and heard some footsteps behind him, and he wheeled his mount in front of his enemies, and there his destiny unfolds.
(this is actually a story that i had started a while back that i haven't finished yet.)
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Posted 12/2/07
It was not long ago that a project once composed of viruses began. It was from there that a virus known as the V Virus was formed, not knowing the entity, and the high dangerous levels of toxins, it was tested on humans. This virus was capable of spreading through the air, and blood. The only thing that the scientists found out that was apparent was that the V Virus like many other viruses, gave the host the feeling of hunger, and desire for flesh, and blood. It changes the personality of the host, and then devours there soul. Thus, not long after the scientists soon found out they were infected by the same virus, and that this virus must be locked away, along with there bodies. So there bodies, along with the experimented humans were locked away into a small lair, and was never to be opened ever or was it?
Posted 12/2/07
Title:Beast Wars

Sam is a 15 year old girl who moves into Osaka japan because of her father's job. When she moves in she finds out people with animal parts called Half-Beasts! She meets a girl name Kaiyo Ne~ko. She's a orphan cat half-beast who wants to be best friends with Sam but she does not want to have any friends because of something that happen long ago. Later, theres a group called THE ROSE looking for the full beast(The powerful person in human or beast race) and control him/her for the war between the humans and half-beasts to continue. They attack the kozue-kimi school, where Sam goes to. Why do they attack there school? Why do they want the war to continue?

This is a very funny but also very horror/sad to. No romance pairings except a love sick racoon and a lesbo love girl. XD Lots of action, surprises, and flashbacks that happen 10 years in the war and out. I'm also makeing a fic of it on soon so I hope you all read it when it comes out.
Posted 12/3/07
Title: Zodia

A girl in 7th grade discovers the spirits of the months (zodias) and tranforms into them. A boy (past guardian) doesn't like her but soon grows into liking her and her way of handling the Zodias. Oh she fights the chinese zodiacs and the western Zodiarcs.
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25 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/4/07
a murderer with a chainsaw gets stuck in a room with sean kingston
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