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27 / M / NOwhere
Posted 12/30/07
I have this story in my head for the long time.....I hope I will make manga soon enough...

The story is started when Zasu, the guardian got an order from the Guardian of the Earth, Creator to guard one of the gate called Gate of Dimension that connect 2 world and he has to prevent the monster from entering the Earth. But he has to guard the gate at the center of the high school in Japan and it only open at night. So that guy who responsible for guarding the gate has to become a teacher at the school. The rule of the guardian is to make sure the normal human didn't see the guardian's identity and the monster. If this happen, the human must die within 2 month. Unfortunely, one of the student, Hibiki, wandering at school that night and saw the power of Zasu and the monster. Zasu suprised when he saw Hibiki knock-out one of the monster. Zasu make his decision that he let Hibiki alive with one condition; he has to guard the gate with Zasu. Then, Zasu give him a guardian power and Hibiki also have to responsible for guard the gate along with Zasu. Two month later, thing got worse to Zasu and Hibiki.
To be Continue............

I hope you all pray for me so I can make manga of this story and show to you all. This story is quite long and there some part I skipped in the synopsis.
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27 / M / Sweden
Posted 12/30/07
im trying to draw this manga about a vampire but i suck at drawing :'(
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23 / F / USA but im asian^^
Posted 12/30/07
10 for the effort!!! go cruelichigo!!!

a supersmart student from USA accidentally becomes a transfer student to japan---although she's the best of her american class--she completely sucks at japanese [only knows the basics] now she has to live with a rich guy that's the same age as her and his "twin sister" who loves make-up. she also finds out that she actually has connections with this ridicuously rich family--how was that???
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23 / F
Posted 12/30/07
i did make some thing but it is kinda like ummm kingdomhearts sooo i make new once there was a bunny named loliypop (i like loliypops) wan this little girl fond him in a tree she climd up to get him but she fall ( a guy from her school) but morinozuk-kun save her (it was a realy high tree) she looked up at him and blushed her friends all gather and were saying r u ok mori (morinozuk-kun) put her down and started 2 walk away she pushed her friends a side and grabbed on to him he turned around and she blushed and said umm.. thank you ummm have i seen you? he lauged and said we are in the same class im morinozuk i sit in front of you....(ok im not puting any more right now
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F / The hell do you c...
Posted 12/30/07
I hate you....

Yin and Yang. My two lives, my two minds, my two souls, and my two hearts. They would kill you slowly piece by piece, that's why you would have to take away one of them. I chose Yin, for my life would've ended right there if I chose Yang. But Yang's still there, it's still here in this damaged world.

This of course all happened years ago. 1,600 to be exact. I almost destroyed the whole world and all that inhabit it. But then why would I care. I believed that if it was my destiny to die anyway, why not kill everyone to let them die with me.

I hated the light anything close to it like angels and God alike. I hated them all with a deep passion ever since my life started. This is why I got chosen to be one of the demons and devils that wonder around aimlessly for the rest of their days. It was meant to be a punishment but what God didn't think of was that our rage made us more powerful.

So now God's days in power was numbered. I'd come back and destroy life once again, this I swore to the world and all things that inhabit it. I will come back someday even more powerful. And then things will change for the better.

My mission in life? My duty? It's to destroy all marks and remainders of Yang. Everything that has anything to do with light. That way I might be able to live again. And make my life worth while.

~Chapter One~ My Lost Soul-The Beginning

It was late in the night when you could sense a sent of danger surrounding a certain place. If you were to follow the sent of danger you would reach a white house that was covered with sunflowers. Walking inside you would see a yellow carpet with red stains all over it.

Looking closely at the stains you would be able to tell that it was blood that was decorating the floor. Following the blood drenched path, leads to a door. A door made out of an old weeping willow tree to be exact. Opening the door the first thing that would welcome you would be a strong odor of blood. Then walking a bit more in you would see some black rose petals on the floor, covering the blood.

In the pitch dark room, from where you entered, you would be able to see a big rag doll in the midst of the darkness, blood, and petals. It seemed like it was attracting all the gore directly to her. But if you were to look closer you would see that it wasn't a doll but a human girl dressed even worse than a worthless slave.

The only thing that was keeping her from being bare was a simple white robe that had rips and tears in so many places that you wouldn't be able to count them all. Her face was so pale that it looked like she was going to die from lack of blood, since it seemed that she had none, or that she was already dead and is a living corpse.

"Get away from here you, you monster!" The girl's mother shouted at her while at the same time spiting out the blood that was starting to clog up her throat. The little girl looked like she had no emotions left on her face as she slowly got up and started towards the door. "I'm sorry for loving you mother."

As she walked closer she saw that a tear drop fell from her mother's pale beige eyes. Looking straight into her eyes she took her gun and aimed it at her mother's chest. Releasing the bullet, she turned away for just a slight second but her mind made her look back.

The moment she turned back the bullet pierced through her mother and flew straight through her heart. The blood was dripping and it stained her already crimson robe. Using all the strength her mother had left, she whispered her last few words. "I always hated you... Yami Kaito Hikari."

Now there was a reason for the name her mother gave her child. For the Yami part, it meant darkness. The girl's life can only be described as darkness for she hated anything that was in anyway related to light. Even the word makes her irritated.

Now for Kaito, it meant thief. Her mother thought that she was the one who stole her husband away so she placed Kaito in there as symbol meaning she wasn't to be trusted.

For Hikari, it meant light. Your probably thinking. Why put light in her name when you hate her so much. Well it's because even through all the hate her mother had just this small hope that she would grow into something that doesn't revolve around darkness and that she would someday learn to forgive her.

But now a new problem arises. What can a child do without a mother's guidance? It would be a hard journey for such a young child to make. But now she doesn't have much of a choice, the only thing she could do was to follow what her mind willed her to. But little does she know, everything she did, all the bad things that happened to her. It was all because of that mind.....

~Chapter Two~ Trust in My Heart?-The First Decision

Mikari (that's the new name she gave herself, for she took the Mi from Yami, the Ka from Kaito, and the Ri from Hikari) was walking down the empty streets searching for a place to rest to calm down her blood lust. Mikari knew that if she were to stay like that for much longer she would lose her self and her mind will kill all in it's path.

It's times like these when she begins to wonder why God gave her such a hard road to go on. Or if there really was a God who wants to protect everyong. The lights were flickering on and off, when she suddenly felt a presence looming behind her.

"So your the famous Yami Kaito Hikari." A stranger stated out. Mikari turned around, and started to scanned the stranger to see if he was to be trusted or not. The stranger had orange hair with a few strands out of place. He was quite tall with two guns hanging loosely on his hands. On his face she could see some scars and a small hint of red went on his face when Mikari walked over very close to the man.

"I prefer Mikari." She was about to walk away, after she said this, when she felt something touch her lips. With a shocked expression she lifted her hand to touch the place where their lips met. "Well Mikari would you like to join me?" Quietly she made a small nod and said. "If you can tell me your name that is." He laughed and watched the girl with a small glint of playfulness in his eyes. "Ryoma. Ryu Ryoma."

She had a sudden blood lust for this Ryoma person. Her eyes started glinting a deep crimson as her gaze left the man. Like a flash Ryoma lifted the girl's chin and made her stare into his eyes. "I'm here to stop your cravings. You can do whatever you wish at your own risk. As soon as we get there that is." Trying to hold down her wanting for blood and lust she focused on looking as to where they were going.

To be continued!!! I never bothered to finish...
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29 / M / ?
Posted 12/30/07
There was a little girl who lost her stuffed monkey and toy soldier. The monkey and the toy soldier obtained magical powers (magically) and tried to go back home where the little girl is. They realized that they needed help. That's when they both yelled, "OUENDAN!!!!"
All of a sudden, 3 strange people came out. Then they started to dance to a song that seems to be coming out of nowhere. Their dancing seems to be helping the monkey and toy soldier find their way home. However, every time they fall something bad happens to the monkey and toy soldier. They ended up getting lost and the 3 strange people keep on falling. Then they found themselves at the spot they started and tried again. This keeps happening until the strange people stopped falling. They're finally able to be reunited with the little girl.
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Posted 12/30/07
once their was........................ end >.<
Hope you liked my stroy
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Posted 12/30/07
10 best story ever

a boy gathers all gunpowder, explosive chemicals and all nukular stuff blows it all up luckily before that a guy with golden spiked hair goes kame hame haaa and kills him but them that is about the blow every thing up so then godzilla comes and eats it but then it comes out of his ass then superman being the idiot he is crashes into it but out of nowhere a shinigami kills him a mili second before then a rubber man punches it a million times till it disapears but before that a guy with a bag of chips stops him by sharing his chips then jackie chan wants one so he beats the crap out of them but then the legion of super heros come and fight everyone including each other then a ninja comes and summons a giant frog but the frog goes on a rampage and fights godzilla and everyone else joins while a guy eating popcorn watches
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25 / M / malaysia
Posted 12/30/07
once there was 3 brother and a sister,their parent are dead but the parent gave a necklace to each of them but what they did not know is that the necklace have an icredible power of the saint beast susaku, seiyu,byaku,and genbu and they have to use the power to protec their home.

: to be continue
well that my story
oh yeah the charecter name is;
the sister :rui
the brother:sora
the twin :hikaru and kaoru
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26 / M / SomeWhere In Nevada
Posted 12/30/07
POWER Bdawdawfvwaegawehbearghwerg
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Posted 12/30/07

mazoro wrote:

once there was 3 brother and a sister,their parent are dead but the parent gave a necklace to each of them but what they did not know is that the necklace have an icredible power of the saint beast susaku, seiyu,byaku,and genbu and they have to use the power to protec their home.

: to be continue
well that my story
oh yeah the charecter name is;
the sister :rui
the brother:sora
the twin :hikaru and kaoru

did you get the twin names from ouran host club?
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23 / F / Australia.
Posted 12/30/07
oooo heres mine..... warning in advance its long...

“Hey, what are you doing?” Marc reached over and grabbed the book of Kate.
“Hey,” Kate tired to grab it back.
“’The mysteries of The Golden Eye Demons,’” he read the title. “Why are you reading about demons?”
Demons or Golden Eyes and humans use to live at peace long ago, but then the strongest demon was a threat to the humans. That began the war that went on and on for ten years. Humans won the battle as demons disguise themselves as humans to live at peace once more. We demons have these bright golden eyes and have extraordinary powers. The power of all the elements; fire, wind, water, earth and lightning.
“Well,” Kate laughed, “I have an interest in these demons. You know with the supernatural powers and stuff. I wonder about this powerful demon that was locked away in a secret location.”
“Ah,” Kate’s boyfriend laughed, “no human that is alive knows where this tower is. Only a rare percentage does.”
“Do you think that thing is still alive?” Kate asked.
“Well, it’s been twelve years since they locked the one called Vanessa up can she is a demon so it’s a large chance that she is still alive.”
“She must be strong,” Kate put the book back on the self.
“Yeah, if the war was started by a little demon who knows what a fully grown one can do,” Marc shook his head. “So many lives lost.”
“Human or demon,” Kate said.
They walked out, holding hands.
“Do you ever think that that demon might one day come out?” I asked.
“She is the strongest of the lot,” Marc smiled, “but they say she has the power to destroy the whole world. It also states that there is one girl, well it’s her own lost sister that can destroy Vanessa.”
“Yeah, one out of a billion demons, that one has the power to heal you see,” Marc smiled down on Kate. “Why are you so interested in this stuff?”
“Why do you know so much about it?” Kate asked back.
“Because, I believe that there are demons around us,” Marc looks around. “But I doubt the human eye can see if there is.”
“No way,” Kate laughed in a kind of choking way.
“Well, there is a chance.”
Kate looks around. She can see who is disguising themselves as humans. So many demons were around them. She looked up at Marc, can he see if there are demons as well?

“Mother, I’m home,” Kate walked through the door.
“Kate,” Kate’s mother ran up to her, “I thought they had taken you away, that they had killed you.”
“I’m fine,” I smiled, “just as long as I don’t use any powers.”
“Welcome home, Kate,” Kate’s dad smiled from where he was reading the newspaper. “Read this.”
Kate grabbed the newspaper that was thrown at her, “Another two demons caught.”
“They found out that we demons are in disguises,” Kate’s dad sighed. “It’ll be too hard to walk around freely now.”
“But how?” Kate gave it to her mother to see.
“Some stupid demon used his powers in public,” Dad pointed to the section. “And here they built a new scanning system in the metal detectors at the airports to tell if we are demons or not.”
“That’s a problem,” Kate’s mum said, “and here I thought that we could go out and have a holiday.”

Kate looked out from the hill.
“Be careful,” Kate’s mum reminded her. “Vanessa is a dangerous character.”
“Mum,” Kate reassured her, “it maybe that if I kill Vanessa then the whole demon thing might lower and we can live once more with humans.”
“Where would they keep one of the strongest demons?” Kate looked around.
Kate started to look around. Where in the world, Kate thought would she be. My own sister is a danger to everyone and that’s how the whole war happened. Kate travelled by air, using her powers to fly though the sky. A tower, she remembered Marc saying a tower near the coast or near the woods like in that fairytale.

Ten weeks later near the coast of Antarctica,
“There it is,” Kate reached the doorsteps of a tall tower. “About time too.”
She burnet down the door, walked in. Looking up at the flights of stairs. There were about millions. She flew up to the top stairs. Walked to the doubled locked doors.
“Now,” she burnt down the door.
Nothing. Not even a scratch was made. She through attacks after attacks but not much had happened.

Vanessa stared at the door. She keep on looking from inside.
“Someone’s there,” she mumbled to herself.
Sitting in the corner with a black cloak over her head, she sat quietly.

“Nothing’s happening!” shouted Kate.
With one more kick, the door swang aside. Kate looked at the girl wearing the black coat. The girl looked back. There was tension in the room. Nothing made a sound and no one dared to move.
“Vanessa,” Kate said aloud.
“Who are you?” Vanessa looked up.
Vanessa’s bright golden eyes shone through the darkness.
“I’m here,” Kate’s eyes glowed too, “to eliminate you.”
Vanessa sat there. No movement coming from her. Kate stared at her.
“Well then,” Vanessa got up.
Kate flinched from the movement.
“I shall destroy you!” Vanessa charged towards Kate.
Kate jumped but Vanessa already used the air to push her right into the wall. Kate flew from the wall to the ground outside. Vanessa flew down without damage.
“So,” Vanessa swaged forward, “you are my lost sister.”
Kate got yo her knees, what a powerful blow, she thought, she’s stronger then I thought.
“I must thank you for letting me out,” Vanessa said.
Kate used the ground to strike at her. The ice rose and charged at Vanessa. Vanessa jumped and dodged.
“Do you wish to join me?” Vanessa landed. “Together we can rule the world that didn’t accept me.”
“You are dangerous even existing in the world,” Kate stated as they continue to fight. “Many lives were lost because of you.”
“Me?” Vanessa jumped out of the way.
“I’ve let you out,” Kate slammed the ground as it rose again, “and now I must kill you.”
Vanessa also slammed the ground and a counter attack rose, “You cannot beat me.” She grabbed a hand full of ice. “No one shall stand in my way!”
The ice turned into a blade. Vanessa charged and slammed Kate to the ground.
“Why do you want to take over?” Kate hesitated.
“It’s obvious isn’t it?” Vanessa smiled as she moved the sword closer to my chest.
Kate breathed heavily. It’s hard when Vanessa is lying on top of her and when you know that there is a blade coming closer each second.
Vanessa turned around. A demon also in a black cloak appeared.
“Vanessa, let her go,” the demon said.
Vanessa smirked. The demon moved his hand back and forward to create a strong wind. She jumped off me with the blade turning back to ice.
“Two against one,” Vanessa sighed, “that’s so unfair!”
She disappeared into the night.
“Who are you?” Kate got up.
The demon said nothing, only his eyes told the truth. He was a golden eye demon that has sworn to protect Kate.
“What’s your name?”
“The time will come when that information is found,” the demon bowed. “Fair well.”
He also went. Kate stood in the cold damped air.

“Are you alright?” Kate’s mother hugged her.
“I’m fine.”
“Did you defeat her?” Kate’s mother let go.
Kate sighed. She went passed her mother and popped down on the couch, turning on the television.

Vanessa stood on the mountain, “I wish death to all humans and traitors.”
Her hands movements were fluent. The dark cloud rolled in. Lighting shook but no rain formed. The waves grew and grew more powerful. Vanessa held her hand high as a single flame hovered. With a mighty throw, homes were light.
“What else should I do?” Vanessa enjoyed herself.
She made strong winds blow as the flames can reach house by house. People came running out. Demons that were down there tired to get rid of the flames, calm the sea and push back the wind and dark clouds.
“There’s no hope!” Vanessa shouted as some humans and demons looked up to see her.
“It’s the monster!” a human cried.
“What’s she doing there?” a demon asked another demon.
Screams, feet pounding on the ground and the sound of buildings collapsing filled the air. Flickering flames spread quickly and the waves washed the building on the coast.
“Merry Christmas,” Vanessa smiled.

“We interrupt this program with shocking news,” the reporter said. “There has been a flame on homes, waves and winds are out of control and lighting storms with no rain is destroying Australia.”
“Mum,” Kate pointed to the television, “look at that.”
Kate flicked to another channel.
“Someone has let the monster lose! The demon has escaped!” another reporter said. “The one called Vanessa is free and is roaming the streets as we speak. Demons that are disguise as humans are found protecting the cities and suburbs in down under. Some are on the side of the monster.”
Kate flicked the channel again. This channel was spoken in another language but the same pictures of the destruction in Australia appear. She flicked it again.
“What happened?” the reporter said to a random.
“They say that the strongest demon has been free and now is on the lose.”
“Excuse me,” the reported went up to a random, “what do you think of all of this.”
The random took the speaker, “We are all going to perish.”
“Oh dear,” Kate’s mother watched the news. “This is bad.”
“It’s my fault,” Kate put her head and laid it in her hands. “I’m so stupid to think that I could kill Vanessa.”
“It’s too late now,” Kate’s mum sat down next to her. “Now just sit back and relax.”
“How can I relax when she is out there killing and destroying!” I shouted. “I must destroy her.”

Vanessa stood on the mountain with some other demons who have sworn their own lives to her.
“We should destroy another country now,” one of the demons said.
“We should,” Vanessa smiled away, “you tow, stay here and make sure that this city does not exist and the rest, follow me.”
The rest flew with Vanessa to the next country, South America.
“Attack!” Vanessa shouted.
Some demons worked on the wind and others the fire and so on. Vanessa made sure that they were strong enough to destroy the place.
“Humans are so useless,” Vanessa laughed. “All they can do is run and hope for the best.”

Kate’s mother sat and watched.
“I repeat South America is under attack! South America is under attack by Golden Eye Demons!”
“Kate,” Kate’s mother whispered, “be careful.”

Kate and some other demons use the sea to wash away the flames. The dark clouds were gone and the people are slowly claming down.
“Save as many people as you can,” Kate demanded to a group of demons.
Kate had her hands full on healing the ones that were hurt.
“Demon!” a man rose to his feet. “Stay away from my family!”
“Calm down,” I put up my hands, “I’m here to help you.”
The man fell to the ground. Kate waltzes over and healed the man.
“You are not like other demons,” the man said. “I didn’t know that demons had the power to heal.”
“One out of a billion,” I helped him up.
“And you are that one out of a billion,” the man said. “Thank you.”
I smiled and worked on the other humans.
“Hey!” a demon jumped down.
He shoved me to the side. He must work for Vanessa, Kate thought.
“Hey,” Kate smiled and got up, “are you working for Vanessa?”
“I am,” the demon shoved the blade at my neck, “stop what you are doing and I may let you live since you are demon.”
I grabbed the demon’s hand, “Is that a way to speak to a woman?”
“Let go___ ARGHH!” the demon stepped back. “You bitch!”
“All I did was give you a burn,” I shrugged.
“Hey!” the demon called his other friends. “Get this traitor!”
The other demons appeared surrounding me.
“She’s a demon as well,” another demon spoke. “She looks cute.”
“She burnt my hand!” the same one complained. “Kill her! Vanessa’s orders!”
They all charged at once. Kate jumped high into the sky and attack from above. She used fire to play with.
“Arghh,” some moaned and retreated.
“You aren’t getting away!” one attack with water.
“Water is so pure,” I stepped aside, “so do not waste it.”
“She’s mocking us!”
“What do you have against human?” Kate looked at them.
“We don’t,” whispered one demon. “All we want is to live. Vanessa gave us a choice, to join her or to die.”
“That’s enough!” a whoosh of wind blew.
“Vanessa,” the demon shivered.
Vanessa placed her hand on his shoulders, “You traitor.”
She killed him in one blow. Blood spurted out from everywhere, in every direction. Kate jumped back. She was covered in blood, dripping slowly down her arm.
“You are truly evil person, killing,” Kate turned earth to a blade.
“Humans are evil,” Vanessa also did the same.
“Look,” the human from before pointed, “it’s like in the saying; the battle between the sisters.”
“Didn’t it also say that they will be fighting until someone dies?” another wounded man looked up.
Cling, clang, bang was all you can hear. The distant noises were block and the only thing that Kate could concentrate on was killing Vanessa.

It’s not fair, Vanessa thought, I didn’t deserved to be locked up in a small room all my life. That was when my angry on humans came. Each time I thought of reasons why they would leave me in this hell hole, I would only get angrier and angrier. No one can understand how I feel. It’s impossible and so that is the reason why I would love to get rid of all humans.
“Why can’t you see my side of the story?” Vanessa stepped back.
“Killing is no solution to anything,” Kate also stepped back. “So what if I hate someone. Do I just go up and kill them just because I hate them?”
“You don’t understand,” Vanessa cried. “These selfish humans gave me no choose. They decided when I was twelve that I would be killed for the sake of everyone.”
“I know that it is wrong,” Kate stared at me, “but that’s no way to put an end to it.”
We stood in silence. Vanessa gritted her teeth. Kate looked on. The wind blew from right to left. Kate’s light brown, long hair cruised along. Vanessa’s hair was just below her shoulders. Kate made the first move. She charged and attacked Vanessa cold hard to the ground.
“Arghh,” Vanessa head fell to the ground.
“Stop this madness,” Kate pointed her sword at Vanessa chest.
Vanessa said nothing. She strikes back with one mighty blow of wind. Kate stumbles back a bit and stands on her ground. She looks up at Vanessa with bright golden eyes, her power is showing now.
“It’s funny, you know,” Vanessa laughed, “that I have to kill my own blood sister.”
“What you are doing is wrong!” Kate shouted.
“What I am doing is wrong?” Vanessa repeated. “Tsk, you’re not the one that has to suffer with the entire burden! You aren’t the one that was left to die! I envy you so much, did you know that?! You were always the favourite with everyone. I HATE YOU!”
Shock was the expression on Kate’s face. She didn’t move. Eyes wide open and a pale face was what was seen.

“I…I…I didn’t know,” Kate shuddered. “I didn’t know that you were living like this.”
Vanessa looked up at Kate.
“Everyone told me that you were to go to a better place so no one got hurt. I didn’t know that you had to carry that burden everywhere you go.”
Vanessa shouted, “That’s enough! You liar! I hate you! I HATE YOU! You are lying to me of course! You are the one that I hate!”
Kate moved closer. Each step made Vanessa’s face turn pale.
“Stay away from me!” Vanessa pointed a blade made of earth at Kate.
She was alone, Kate thought, all those years filled with hatred, no one to rely on. It must be lonely, to be alone so long. To be called a monster, to be compared to someone else.
“STOP!” Vanessa made a direct hit on Kate.
“It must be lonely,” Kate mumbled, “to be alone for that long.”
Blood dripped down the blue coat that Kate was wearing. Kate looked up and smiled. Vanessa strikes again. More blood comes running out more quickly.
“Vanessa, I’m sorry,” Kate grinned. “I’m so sorry.”

I looked up to she tears, Vanessa stared, tears coming out of my enemy’s eye. She’s crying. Is this what it feels like to feel regret. That you regret that you ever done something? Vanessa dropped her blade. It turned back to earth.
“Kate___” a voice from behind whispered. “KATE!”
Vanessa looked up to see some guy in a black cloak jump over. He was crying as he went over to help Kate.
“Who are you?” Kate managed to say.
The mysterious guy pulled back the hood, “Marc.”
“Huh?” Kate sat up. “You were the one that save me before?”
“Ah,” he mumbled. “Are you okay?”
Kate looked up at Vanessa. Her eyes full of tears.

“Liar!” Vanessa put up her hands. “Die both of you!”
The demon that was holding Kate jumped into the sky with her in his arms.
“DIE!” Vanessa shouted.
“I will always protect you,” Marc placed Kate down. “Even if it means my own life! Arghh!”
The demon came right at her. He was faster than any demon she had seen in a long while. As she fought to protect what he most cherish.

“MARC!” Kate jumped up.
Vanessa had defeated Marc. Blood dripping from her blade. Marc went down with a thud.
“A worthless fight,” Vanessa touched her blade. “Not even worth using this.”
“You murder!” Kate got up. “I will never forgive you!”
“Just because you hate someone doesn’t mean you have to kill them,” Vanessa held the sword towards the sun. “Weren’t those your words? Or are you going to break them.”
Kate cried, “It’s my fault… It’s my fault that many people had to suffer.”
“Oh, is it that you let me out?” Vanessa asked all innocently.
“You monster___”
“Ah, the world must be completely destroyed by now,” Vanessa licked her sword. “My minions will have destroyed most of earth by now. America, Africa all over the world. Nothing but a hell hole, something these stupid humans created themselves.”
“What do you get out of doing this?” I asked, holding my injured arm.
“Will after I destroyed the world, I will create a perfect one where no one is left behin___”
“These people will be left behind,” Kate cut in, “they will be left behind and never to be remembered every again.”
Kate stood up, if only I can find out what her story is, then I might have a chance to let her live with humans peacefully.

“My, my,” Vanessa smiled, “a world with peace. Think about it, no more wars no more hardship.”
“Your plan is to create a place like heaven?”
“You don’t understand!” Vanessa turned around. “No body does…”

Long ago,
“Ah, what a splendid girl you have.”
“She is great isn’t she?” Kate’s real mother smiled.
“But what about your older girl, where is she?”
“She’s playing out the back.”
“Ah, that one is very irresponsible. Why can’t she be more like her sister?”
Kate’s mother turned to face the door, “She is great in her own way.”
“But it would do better if she was more helpful like the younger one.”

“Your daughter is a natural in elements,” Vanessa’s and Kate’s teacher smiled. “A natural, she must take after you, but your other daughter is also something to admire. She may not as strong as Vanessa but she puts her mind to it. She will grow stronger.”
“That’s good to hear,” the mother smiled.
“But I’m not to sure about Vanessa, sure she’s great at mastering her skills but I think it’s a bit dangerous. She can beat me in one shoot. It’s scary you know.”
“I was afraid of this,” the mother said in a small voice.
“You knew?”
“Every since she went silent and never spoke, when she locked up her words she began getting rid of all her angry by fighting. I’ve seen her in action at home as well. She doesn’t have friends either and she and Kate don’t even know that they are siblings. They never met you see.”
“Never met before?”
“It’s true, they grew up differently,” the mother put her head in her hands. “They grew up with a parent each, Vanessa with her father and Kate with me. Even though that they both live with me now, they stay in different parts of the house therefore never meet in the hallway or any other ways.”
“But they are definitely related in blood?”
“Oh dear.”
“Mother,” I ran into the room, “I have a sister?”
“Vanessa,” mother turned around.
“Mum, is it true?”
“Is that why people say that I can be better like the younger one?”
“Vanessa dear, you know that that isn’t true in any way,” Mum grinned.
“What’s her name?” the younger me asked. “I have the right to know my sister’s name you know. It’s not against the law or anything.”
“Kate,” my teacher said, “Kate is her name.”
Mother smiled at my teacher and held my hand. We both walked outside into the sun.
“Mummy,” I was foolish to say, “Why did you hide something as important as that away from me?”
“It was because, you seem so happy about yourself and if you did meet Kate there would be heaps of trouble around the house. You know that mummy is busy with work don’t you?”
“You are always at work,” I complained.
“Yes, but that’s so that you two could spend your life to the fullest.”
“Where did Kate come from? She was never in the house when I was here.”
“Your father was the one that was looking after Kate when he was at work. I got a letter from him saying that he died so Kate was sent here. You know something?”
“You should be more like Kate. Even though you are older and all, you seem to be falling behind in many subjects apart from elements.”
Even my own mother compared me to the one called Kate. Since on from that day, many have been admiring Kate. I would hear her name being popped up in conversations but I would never actually see her. They say that she had this luscious brown hair that would always cruise along the wind. Bright golden eyes but there is a catch, there’s a dark golden ring just outside. She’s faster at solving problems and everyone wants to be her friend. And I wonder what father was like before he pasted away.
“What is it?”
“Do you want me to be more like Kate?”
“It would be great.”
That was all I needed to know, that Mum favourite Kate more than me.

That night, I heard a soft voice down the hall. I walked out and wondered into the night. The voice began to sing a familiar tune that I haven’t heard in ages.
The voice stopped.
“Who are you; this is a private house you know.”
“I’m Kate.”
How she said it was like a thousand stones had crashed me. My eyes widen in the night. We were standing near the window, alas the moon was not to be seen therefore I couldn’t see her. I didn’t tell her my name but I felt afraid of her. It was as if she was bigger then me, I felt small.
“Are you___”
“Why are you here?” I cut her off.
Her hair was visible and flowed with the breeze. I closed my eyes.
“You’re my sister right?” the figure reached out to me.
“Leave me alone!” I stormed back into my room.
It was about ten minutes later when I heard her sing again. I made myself regret ever coming out. I made myself think that I never met her. I made myself think that I hated her. But I knew that she didn’t do anything. That we did meet. That I did go out.
“Why?” I pulled the covers over me. “Why did she have to be here?”
I was selfish for even thinking of these things.

“Good morning!” Mum smiled. “Did you get a great night sleep?”
“I saw her.”
“Her, ah you must mean Kate,” Mum smiled. “She likes wondering in the night for some reason and sleeps during the day. It’s weird when you think about, but she’s so cute when I see her sleeping in the study table like that.”
“Shut up.”
“Are you getting old now? Why is she here?”
“I told you already,” Mum tilted her head. “You seem awfully jealous if you ask me.”
“But I’m not asking you am I?” I got out of bed.
I walked out of the room. The girl that sings during the night, sleeps during the day, hair flies so free. I hate her.

“Where’s Kate?”
“She’s sleeping again.”
“Let’s play with her!”
“I think she is cool!”
“Yeah, me too.”
I walked down the school halls and all I can hear is people commenting about Kate. How cool and awesome she is and stuff like that. I always hated that.
“Look it’s Vanessa.”
“Isn’t she Kate’s older sister?”
“Yeah, but she’s boring. I am she’s great in elements but everything else is all crap coming from here.”
“It’s strange that they are sisters and are completely different.”
“I think it would be cool to be Kate’s sister.”
“Yeah, but Vanessa is no way near cool.”
Hearing things like that is even worst to me. I hated that more then people commenting about Kate like that. I hate it when people make fun of me behind my back and when they smile at me then a second after I’m gone they say all these nasty stuff behind my back like that. Some say it to my face now. They aren’t scared of me like they use to be since Kate entered this school.
“Hey, Kate’s awake now!”
“Let’s go over and see.”
“She’s singing again.”
“I wish I had a voice like hers. She should join___”
I blocked out all voices, that’s how I manage to come to school everyday without totally killing everyone. I could knock them out in one shoot just like my element teacher. I can hear it. Kate is definitely singing again. She is signing the same tune.
“You know,” someone bumped into me, “I bet you that Kate will get that scholarship for that rich school. You know the one that you have to be rich and smart to get in.”
“Is her family rich?”
“Then why is Vanessa so not pretty?”
“I think she should get plastic surgery then maybe she could be more like her sister.”
I was furious when we had our elements classes. All my angry went out to every challenger I had.
“Look at that!”
“Yeah, Kate is getting stronger and stronger each time she practices.”
“She’s so cute when she does nothing.”
It was a bit better when I new that Kate was not my sister. That would lessen the comparing between the both of us. But people still favourite her more even though that I am way stronger then she was.

Two months later,
“She’s dangerous to all non-demons.”
“Yes, and she’s stronger then any demon that had lived for twenty million centuries. A threat to both demons and humans.”
“But wait,” Mother argued, “there should be some solution.”
“That’s it,” the human stood up. “I had enough. She either goes or every demon goes.”
There was chatter among everyone.
“I stand for all demons that this is getting out of hand but she is only a child.”
The group of demons and humans turned around to face me.
“I don’t want to die.”
“She’s right,” a demon there said, “the girl is only a child. She has the right to live on.”
“But what about the situation?! She will be too dangerous. Take your choice or there will not be peace between us anymore.”

That was when the war happened. Humans using weapons to fight and demons using the elements. War for about ten years, many have died. Mum was one of the millions of demons that have perished. I hid away from the battle not aware of really what was going on.
The war died down a bit. Some demons disguise themselves as humans. The humans surprising won the war when they made a nuclear bomb that only harms demons. I shuddered in the corner. But the war wasn’t over. When I finally looked up, I was not where I was before. I was in a small room. When I tried escaping, no scratches appeared.
I was locked out from the world.

“Vanessa?” Kate woke me up.
“People wished I was never alive,” Vanessa cried. “People liked you more. I remembered when we actually met for the first time. I was small then, you were signing in the night.”
“You are worst then a human,” Kate stood up. “A human may have locked you up in the tower but what are you doing? You are sealing the lives of so many humans. You are worst then humans.”
“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Vanessa shook her head. “Nothing.”
“Why not live in peace with humans once more?”
“I would only get rejected again.”
“But humans have changed,” I said. “They are kinder. Look…” Kate pointed around, “they have put their own lives at risk to actually save demons.”
Vanessa looked around. There was a human clinging onto a demon saying things such as, “You’ll make it,” and/or “Stay with me.”
“Humans have and can fall in love with demons and the other way around as well.”
Vanessa saw a demon woman cry to her loved one, a human.
“It’s not too late to change your mind you know,” Kate smiled. “But since it’s one of those fights to the finish, I will…arghh…fight you to the finish.”
Kate held her blade and pointed it at Vanessa. Vanessa got her sword ready.
“Maybe if I kill you then everything well be fine. Then I have no need to kill humans or demons.”
“Then let’s get it on with.”
They both charged at once. Swords going through.
“Uh,” Kate dropped her sword.
“What?” Vanessa let go of her sword.
Her sword went right through Kate. Kate’s sword fell.
“You dropped it on purpose,” Vanessa was shock.
“No I didn’t,” Kate smiled and groaned.
Kate fell to the ground. Blood escaping each second.
“You didn’t even try to hit me,” Vanessa stood watching her sister die.
“I couldn’t,” Kate said, “because I wanted you to live on.”
Vanessa shouted, “You idiot!”
Something wet touched her face. It felt as if it only rained in her eyes.
“You are an idiot,” Vanessa went up to Kate and pulled out the sword.
“Ahhh,” Kate moaned.
“You are going to die because you did something that stupid!” Vanessa said. “Dammit, I can’t heal you! If you wanted that so much you should have strike me then healed me, idiot.”
“But then,” Kate smiled, “you wouldn’t learn as much as now.”
“Anyone,” cried Vanessa, “can anyone heal her?”
All demons looked at Vanessa; most of them shook their heads. Others continued to help others wether they were human or not.
“Hey,” Kate grinned, “I’ll sing the song when we first met.”
With that Kate started to sign the tune that Vanessa had always hated. She sang as if she never was about to die. Slowly during the song her voice started to fade. It faded into an immediate stop. Kate eyes were closed shut. Her hand fell.
“Kate,” Vanessa mumbled.
A tear rolled down Kate’s eyes. Vanessa cried and cried. I regret this ever happened. Vanessa cried as the wind blew. Kate’s luscious hair blew once more. Vanessa could still hear the tune going even though Kate was fell into enternal sleep.

“Bless the forever and ever,” the priest said.
“Amen,” everyone said softly.
Humans and demons lived more together in peace. Many people suffered and Vanessa has sworn never to use her powers to the fullest. Kate is resting. Everything is great. Now demons don’t have to disguise themselves as humans. Everywhere you go, you can see humans with different coloured eyes and demons with their unique golden eyes.
Golden eyes, Vanessa smiled, reminds me of someone. That someone with the dark golden ring in her eyes, the luscious hair that blew into the daylight, the one with the wonderful voice, the one that I’m proud to call my sister. Kate.

hehe told ya!
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Uhh. . . am I allowed to put 35 pages on here? I wrote a novella lol
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yes i get the twin name from ouran host club because i dont know any other twin name
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I know twins named Nick and Anthony, but they kinda suck ha ha ha. . .
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