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F / somewhere, it's f...
Posted 1/14/08

Himiko wrote:

Let's see, i write and think about stories and ideas, yet I'll talk about my newest one that I am still thinking about. Tell me if you like it.

Sakura High

A school that loves to complete in everything *hate losing*
School that has rating for every student and each one in a group.
So every year, each student is given a chance to get in higher ranks and groups.
Challenges like most atractive, smartest, most creative, gains more popular than anyone in a limited time and things like that.
Yet there has been no one that beat the top ten Boys and Girls.
The Top Ten Boys *The Perfect Group*- every girl knows them and every guy respects them. Each one has special "Talents" like best smooth talker which can get any girl to believe him *Haru-san*
The Top Ten Girls *The Gorgeous Group*-Everything that the their opposite group are, yet just girls with different "Talents" like the most innocent look that guys fall for *Sakura-chan* *I don't know why*
Echo Ayane- a poor girl that was forced to transfer to this school because of her parent's work. Yet this girl that loves to be alone and not bothered, get somehow bother by the The Ten Top Boys. *it's tiring to say, I gotta get a new name* She is still not use to the competition of this school. The girls are killing her and the boys are catching her and she does not know why. Until Echo finds out that she is the new challenge. The boys have to make her fall in love with them before the next semester. How can this anti-social girl handle this?

Once there was a girl named Haruka. Her parents died when she was young, so she wants to find the person that killed them, with the picture she had found.She travels around the world a meets an illusionist. When she saw his performance, she saw the future. There was a wedding being held, right where she was standing then. After the show, a mysterious power awakens beneath her. The illusionist sees and wants her to tag a long. She accepts and follows, being told that the illusionist would help find this murderer. She traveled every where with the illusionist, but he never spoke of his name, or his face. He always wore a mask and a hat, so Haruka could never see. One day, the arrived in a desert with no food or water for more than 100 miles. Durind the trip, Haruka had realized that she had fell in love with him. She confesses, and he takes off his mask and his hat. Haruka gasps to find out that he was the man in the picture. Haruka ahs to decide between love or the past. It's her decision.

liked the two stories.
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Posted 1/14/08
sorry for the grammer and miss spelled word i am not to good at eng yet.

(The question)That the cage of the soul has on it minded in the beginning and the end.
One in which there three face to but none can be proven are dis proven.
Since none is true but none is false. Then again, all three can be true
but that is not what people have faith in people have faith that it one of the three.
So i will not go into how all three is true since today i will talk about the faith of the question through a series of short stories and not through lecture so you may find your own faith to which way you faith is though these stories to the question.
Remember these are true stories other wise they would not help you find your faith.

A women with no past are future but with a gift. However, a gift is a curse and a blessing. Some would say a curse since her different from others.
Since men and women hunt her. Ignorants which people are scared of what they do not understand and greed for the value of her gift. Which are you?
Since though your life you lived in one place no nothing of the outside world.
Taught to believe on set of faith and none other taught that any other is evil.
Taught to have a strait black and white view of the world with no other colors
in the mix. In addition, you had been poor all your life. Your family always on the edge of starvation
You work 18 hours a day every day other then Sunday, which you go to church
In addition, are forces to folk over half of what you made that week and 30% of the rest go to tax.
Then the rest is for food, clothes, and a roof over your head.
Then one day you notice a human that not human a human that is beyond what you been taught to believe in. So it evil right away and then there money and fame for killing it. What would you do i ask you. Here the blessing, which is hard to see so, you most look carefully. Being different it depend on the person some hate being different some love it. So a curse are a blessing there but the part that is always a blessing is.
You see the true nature of human being the very core of every heart.
That we are born with. Your insight is beyond the normal human.
Now let start are first store.

As she open her eyes one morning right as the sun was setting which she did at the same time every morning so that she may see the beauty of this world.
As of this morning throw was special since last night she fell asleep on the beach that she found will traveling which is rare for her to find a beach but she have always been traveling since the beginning of her memory so she know of no other way to live.
Today was the mark of her birth and every year for one day of the mark of her birth, she has always stopped traveling to relax and enjoy the day. When she opens her eyes, her first felling was of shock since all around her was walls of wood with one window of 6in sq. only enough for her to peek through but under her was sand. So she have not moved
from the place she fell asleep at but rather people have came at night and set this cage up with out a sound but at the same time she now if someone tried to move her she would awake. Therefore, that is what shocks her when she woke up before she saw she has not been moved. You see she was use to people trying to catch her so for her this was just another experience for her to see if she could survive another day so she just look upon them with a joyous face out the window at the people with a wave from her to them. This face and wave was not one of sarcastic but one of true kindness towards them like she have always done towards all people before them and upon this there reaction was the same as all before them. Mad eyes, with a crunch face, and a surge
Of the shoulders then a turn away from her and as always she was not upset about there reaction she just kept on with her kind and joyous feelings. You see with wing they have to be stronger then any other part in your body for them to stay up to carry there own weight. So with her wing each span when stoke out straight 10 feet each and she 6ft tall. Therefore, she went to the middle of the 7-foot tall and 15ft sq box and she spread out her wing as fast and hard as they would go. The power in her wing could left 1000 pound each so this was a easy matter for her. As the roof fell in she quickly turn her wing up to hit the chilling els where. Where it will not fall on her but the chilling flow over to the wagon
and fell on top of the people sitting over there which at this time she could have run and gotten far away before they could do any thing but she went over there and use her wing to move the roof off of them and right before she left she said sorry for the time i wasted of yours and for causing pain upon you. Then she turned and most of the time she does not fly since it to easy to be spotted but this time she know more was coming since they was not move you it most mean that there job was to catch you. So you fly over the sea that is before you so that you may get away in time but you notice a fleet of 50 ships and you know that these was the guy coming for you. Then you see arrow that block out the sun.
The only way to escape the arrow was to go down to were the ships was but then you be close enough for them to captor you with nets. Which she believes to be there plane.
However, with a joyous face she accept there challenge. First, she fold up her wing and fell
straight to the ground so she mitt get low enough fast enough to be miss by the arrows but one arrow hit the very tip of her wing but she thought this was nothing i can still fly with this. One from 400ft above the ship now 20ft above she spread her wing and by the time, she got her self-back flying she was even with the ships. As she swirls through the ships with nets flying all around her she thought of how lucks she was to be able to have so much fun threw out her life. To tell you she was not stupid she new how these man hated her how her life was always in danger but she chose to look upon it in a different way. Then most would she choose instead of being hatefully toward them. To love them to want to protect them. She chose to look upon her life as an adventure.
That only she can have and not. Be able to share with any other.
An adventure like no other one in which she can look upon all other creatures.
In addition, understand them. Like no other can any ways, she pass the last ship and she flew up to she was 500ft above them and at last, she flew steadily away from them.
She thought well i guess i have to wait to next year before i can relax a day.
After 3 day and night of flying she came across a small island she start to head down
Right to the middle of the island to a mountain and to a cliff on the mountain to where it almost impassable for a person by foot to get to. Therefore, she set foot on this ground then lay down on the rock for a good night sleep like she have always done in the past.
As she awoke, she laid down about 20 min before getting up in this time she thought
about her life how long she have lived and all she could remember was about 800 year ago but past that she could not remember. At this time when she got up something happen a earthquake she thought but then she notice that this was a volcanic mountain.
So to her this was nothing she thought she went to fly when she jump of the cliff she fell.
With one wing pushing and the other dead not move en at all.
she fell softly but she know she could not fly but she wonder why then as she look at her wing half of it was a sick looking color a pour white turn into a white with a strong purple.
Color in it then she remember the arrow and she thought it most have been infected.
Since she put presser on it for 3days and night then when she rested it, she did not treat it. All she could do was run as she ran she started to laugh as she thought i have evaded billion of people over the age with but now i die because of a mistake
i made. She laugh harder and harder what she did not know was that she was not destiny to die here as she ran she look back and she saw the lava half way down the,
Mountain well if I die, i die but that does not mean i want put up a fight. She trip and right at that time a earthquake upon the earth and she fell straight in. Then the lava came pass but it did not reach her it just seal up where the whole was open up in the earth. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And she kept laugh as she thought either i am the most luckiest person alive are the unluckiest person alive. I wander which but she look around and it seem water came throw there and fruit vine threw there going to the surface.
As her site there, she fixes up her wing and thought i think I will take a long nap. One where i can relax with out having to worry of being found. I have food and water her so why not rest up here for a while and any way it not as if i can get out so she just was as happy as she could be as she rested there. What to say other then she herd nose not knowing how long she been her but knowing that the year was 1572 A.D. When she went into that hole but after 100 year, she lost track of time since there was not sun and night to help her. As she herd the nose she knew it was human but not knowing if they know she was down here are if there was another reason they was digging here at the time unknown to her at this time. Is that an island a long time before she got here there was a civilization that once lived her but was wiped out because of the volcano.
She did not know the world that once chases her has forgotten about her.
However, right an s a 1in of sun light pick in some reason they stop amazing enough
These were just hired workers for the Archaeologist. Therefore, when it lunch break they stop no. Madder how close they are to finishing the dig. since could be 1 billion dollars worth of gold and it still would not affect there life at all since they would get none of it and they just get paid what they would have even if they did not find something. So she could tell throw seeing the sun light that the once 40 feet thick wall above her was only about 1 are 2 feet thick at most so it would be easy for her to escape. She bust throws the top when she thought the close was clear and since her wing was all better, she flew. Lucky for her is all the crew was in side a building about a 10 min walk away so she went in the opposite way of where the man headed to and only one man saw her but he did not want to be thought crazy so he did not tell any body. She flew so high she was above the cloud and at this time it was hard for her to breath when a strange giant
bird with sound loud enough to destroy someone ear flew right by her but it was so fast that she only saw it for about 10 second. At this time, she knows that thing have change. So she decided to do something risk to find someone that look rich that would know and understand every thing that going on then to get to him by getting pass all his knight are warrior she thought and then reading his mine. Therefore, she looks for a castle but it seem that throw where not very many any more so she thought she just find someone average and read there mind and get a good hint of where a rich person would live. When she found someone in the countryside in America at Texas.
When she read his mind she saw thing she never believe in a million year but she know they had to be true. That man has turned all the dragon orc, vampire, and all the other creature onto fairy tells. which mean that either they hunted and killed them all are they put them on the brink of extinct and the rest of them are deep in hiding she know even the last time she was out that men was killing all of them but she thought that it could never happen. For the first time in her life time she cried and as she cried
She thought of the entire race of creature that was killed off. Of all the specie that was killed just because of greed, ignorant, selfness, and men wanted to be the ruler over every thing. As she look deeper and deeper into his mind she saw all that we have made how advance we have become all the wars that have happen every thing this guy was a historian so she saw it clear and then she saw that today was June-1-1990 we have.
Then she saw that we did not only kill all the creature that was magical are different
However, because of the greed of people even a lot of just plane animal have gone extinct she saw every thing. Still after this she believe that we have one good trait but other then that she believe that now we are rotten to the core. After seeing every thing, she decided. That she would watch us but instead of watching people life little here and little there She would pick a baby that was just born and watch how she/he grows.
She would watch that baby from it birth to it death but she would never.
Get involved with it are get near it she just watch it from far away.
As she flew over the sky on June-7-1990, she was in Georgia
At the time, she notices a big hospital in Atlanta. She decided to check it out to her if a baby that she wills chose to watch it is not here. She did his name is Steven Edward Brock he weighted 6 1/2 pound for some reason to her this baby just shines to her and she could not help but pick him. All throw this is not a normal baby since 2 month ago when the baby mom was beaten by her husband but she have always took this with out saying any thing because the one time she did he threaten to take her daughter away which is the oldest of the three children she. She is called Janet Abi Brock then she has a boy who is normal that is name John Paul Brock.
So the baby that she will watch will be the youngest but before i get into him and start to tell the store from that point let me tell you a few thing first okay. The mom when she was 5 her mom die's and after that her father blame her for it so until she turn 18
her life is hail and when he remarry the new wife treat her like trash he remarry 4 time and only the last one treat her okay but he never care since he was one that treated her the worst. he would stringer her and when she was 16 she was rap and her father would not believe her then when she was 18 a men came into her life that seems like a nice fellow and help her out a lot she marry him at age 19. Had first child January-19-1986
It was a girl she was later known as an artiest and genius in the way of business she own later on so many store and other stuff and she could have been one of the top athlete. However, when she was 8 year old her leg was run over by a dirt bicycle her leg was fix but she could never become a athlete. Then after the first child he stared to beat her but left the child, only so it was okay she could handle it, after all she went throw the same thing since she was 5. In December-14-1988 a second child came this one later know as a genius with a I.Q. over 190 this child would do great thing in the future. Will let get back to 1990 before the third child is born the one where she will watch over for his life time. You see one time when he beat her it cause her to have internal bleeding not bad internal bleeding but she was pregnant. The baby had a struck
Because of it says that there a 90% that the baby will die but it did not.
In 1991 when the baby was 1 year old. The doctor say is that he will never talk and never walk right. He never walks right because his balance was shoot to hell.
The part of the brain that control your balance was not woken because of the stuck
Nevertheless, after 2 year of physically therapy. He could walk just fine of course it be way longer before he could be normal. When he hit 4 years old, he could say a few works about 3
words. at this time the mom when he was 3 year old left the father then at 7 year old the father was no where to be found. At the time the boy was six he could talk people could not understand him very will but he could talk. He was in school to. His mom had marred 3 guy so far and broke up with all of them since they all was jerks, basted and a lot more name i will not say but every she left a man she moved very far away and left all there stuff behind which was never very much. When the boy was 8 year old
He was exploring some woods in the countryside that was in mountains. When he came across a girl that was frozen there just staring up she was about the same age.
When he went to her and look where she was there stood a black bear. He grab the girl hand and pulled her then push her in front of him he push as hard as he could then she snapped out of it when she look at him he went haha with a happy face to try to give her hope of surviving. Right when he looks back at the bear, he thought what I have my self into. As the girl start to run the bear turn toward the girl but then the boy throws a rock at the bear. Then start to run the opposite way of the girl the then that bear follow him.
Thin think what to do i could climb a tree no a black bear can climb on to i know i cannot out run one. The bear easily get in front of the boy the bear swing his claw at the boy but something jolt the boy back about 7ft right before a direct hit from the paw the paw only gave the boy a scare on his forehead thanks to what every it was that knock him back. The boy stands up and decides there no way to run away from him
i guess i have to fight so he pick up some wood and say sorry i have to fight
you are you kill me. Even throw the boy know he can not win he hops for a something awesome to happen to save him but he know that in this world all you have is your self since no one els will help you . The bear come at the boy he jumps to the side mess the paw and hit the bear ad hard as he can in the side of the bear the piece of wood breaks and the bear does not even notice. So he stand there up against a tree no where to go when the bear just stop and look at him then after 1 min he left but what seam strange was that the bear was looking about 10 feet over his head the entire time.
In that min, he was just stand en there. After the bear left, the boy looks up but sees nothing. You see the boy just move her and the next day is his first day at the new school. It seems that he have the same class as the girl he help the day before.
This boy has never been like by any body people have never like him because he is very different then any body els. when the girl she him she looks at her friend and the boy herd this that the weirdo i told you about the one that jump in front of me when i bear was about to attack me. In addition, he was happy about it i mean what a weirdo what type of person would do that. He just look at them with a happy face then took his site and turn around. At this time, the female that is always watching him remember a lost memory of hers it was july-20-1325 she found a man half-dead.
She found a sack in the woods she took care of him for 8 month making sure he recovers then when he did. he held a knife to her nick saying come with me i need the money so she escape and when she does she says sorry i can not help you with money but it was a pleasure to spend time with you then she left with out another word.
Know back to where i was. When she him being treaded this way for some reason it make her upset more upset then will she never had this feeling before this anger.
She thought to her self and she feels like this every time the boy is mistreated.
This she does not understand at all these feelings but she does not let it controller her.
Other wise how know what would happen to the kid making fun of the boy.
The boy is 12 years old his mom has married 7 time so far and on her 7 one right now and have 8 boy friend that we had to run away from so far. His sister is 16 and she started college not because she skip some grade but she quit high school and got a
fake high school degree. The boy is about 4 year behind in school but is catch en up from all that have happen in his past and he is amazing at sports. School life for the boy is terrible while the teacher and student at every school love his brother and sister they hate him. There been only one teacher so far and two students that cared about him the first girl he moved away from with out even getting to say goodbye the second one
He was warned that if by the other student that is that if he kept being her friend that they would start making fun of her. So with out letting her know about what happen he went up to her and stared to be mean to her in 1 min he finish it with i hate you and i will never talk to you again then in 2 month later he moved away. Then there the teacher which was always helping him out that actually believed in him. Half way in the year, the boy moved again. That has happen at school life so far. There no reason for me to get into the details about how badly he was treaded at school. Then by the time, he was 15.
His mom have had a totally of 11 boy friend and 8 guys she marred. How every it seems that this last person she marred was different He was kind, thoughtfully, and was always doing every thing he could to make sure she was happy. The boy was 16 when she meets this person. At 15 his brother went to the top high school in America and got in free it was private. The boy is now 17 year old about to finish 9th grade.
He is taken 11th grade math. The boy has always for some reason been able to do math with out even trying in the 7 grade he took algebra 1 and made a 99 on the course but he sleep in every class he had that year in algebra. In 2007 right after his birthday, you see at the age of 14 and up there, pour life and terrible one stared to change the once havening to eat cracker and a small piece of ham in between them for dinner since that all there mom could buy with her paycheck after paid the bills.
Mom found a good job and a good man one after another. it seamed life was change n for them but his sister was already out of the house and his brother was already at a burden school that he chose to go to. Therefore, he was the only one left. Let get back to the summer of 2007 when he went to camp for the first time he decided to go to a water camp one which would go to three different major river one in north Caroline second is Georgia third is Florida when he was in north Carolina kayaking which he found he loved to do. When a canoe of six people got stock between two big rocks in four rapids
Which 5 is the highest and most danger’s since 6 is imposable to make it through
With out haven someone drawn. He slides his kayaking up on a big rock then slow and carefully goes out. Right about this time the canoe flip over five of the people was just knock on to the rocks that was hidden the canoe there but the middle person fell in.
What was not know was the reason the presser there was so great in that spot
Was because there was. I cannot remember the name for it right now so i will explain what it is it in rapids water at the very most get up to 4ft deep but the average is 2 ft deep. Where we was it only got to 2 feet deep but in special place but only about
3ft sq so it not very wide but it usley hidden next to a big rock it get about 10 ft deep throw and the current in it is extremely strong this person fell straight into it with out thinking the guy jump in after this guy that fell into it the hole the guy who fell in was knock to sleep. so he could not do any thing and even if he could it imposable to get out. For a human any way so as they both getting suck into it the guy name Steven that.
Part of the store is about. spread out his leg about 4 deep in it of course this presser could break them very easily he pick up the guy below him and swing him up high enough so other could see him one person grab him other grab that person and they pulled him up. Steven let go of him since he did not think they could pull him up to.
Then he grab the side of the hole and with all his strength he kept him self with hi head about 2ft under water but not able to move an onein. He looks up, which almost snap his neck trying. He saw the canoe that was once there gone he could her nothing it was as if they gave up on him. To him since they was no guide are counselor of the camp in that canoe it was just kid his own age who did not like him. So why would they stay to help me it not like any one have every help me so why would they start now. Any way the person who fell into the water hit his head and is bleeding so that parable off as fast as they can to get there friend treaded. even if they did tell someone about me it will take them 5 min to catch up to them then they have to get out of the river and walk back up which take 20 min at lest then they have to remember where i was in the water. Which is almost imposable which even if they did i be dead long before they can get back.
When a body get shuck into one of these they uesly just leave it since it to dangers to try to get it out. Therefore, in the end, they want come back since the guide and the counselor will know i am already dead. As he thought about this it been 1min. i will not move a muscle
Since every time you do you lose some oxen you have in your lung then you cannot hold your breath as long. He now that is can hold his breath for about 3 min if he do not move but he will have to use all his muscle to get out of here and even then the chance are near 0 for him to get out and he lose over 1 min of breath if he try.
So he decide i mitt die but if i do i will not die sitting here i die trying to live. At this moment it seems a strong powerfully but kind, soft, and gentle hand touch his shoulders. It pulls him out as if he was as light as a feather.
it was a bird all he saw was hands and feather since after all the fighting he was completely warn out with no strength not even enough to move but as he close his eyes he notice the kayak gone. They most have taken it with them so it imposable for them to come back if they took that with them. At this moment, he passes out. When he pass out the girl looks at him and says sorry i could not help you until they was gone out of sight.
She gentle put him down on the grass beside the river to look at his wounds.
he had fracture all over his body from the presser some bone was completely broken and she thought if he even tried to move from the position when he was in there he would have sunk straight to the bottom where even for her would have been hard to get to in time. At the same time she knows him better then any body so she knows that he would have tried to make it out in another second are to so she just happy she made it in time. She smile at his face with a face where she never been so happy but sad at the same time happy because he did not die sad because he got so hurt. She knows that when he woke up he is in pain that was beyond the pain a human should suffer.
She wanted to be there to comfort him when he did but it was not she promise her self she would not get involved with him since she have forgotten that a long time ago.
It not just she forgot she loves him to much to see him die.
The reason was she was scared he would hate her since she was different even throw she knew he would not it still was that small part of her that was too scared to say any thing to him. Since she have never cared if a human hated are loved her.
However, this time she does. Therefore, she quickly treats his wound then gives him money she has collected here and there since her always preparing for any situation.
Then she move to a distance where she could not been, seen. She watch over him for 4 days and 4 nights before he woke up she had food prepare next to him when he did. Not a small meal either it was bigger then he very saw. Not know to her was he open his eye on the end of the 3 day for about 3 min and he clearly saw her. The medicines that she gave him should have kept him asleep for 4 day and night so that he would heal enough so he could walk and move with out it almost killing him but of course, he will still be pain. He eat every bit ha drunk it all. Then he sits there for about 4 hour thinking if it was an angel but he did not think so to him there is no gardening angel it was just
a kind human are something els that help him out a lot then moved on it way he said thanks as loud as he could then he moved on. He made it to town in about a day then called his mom she rush down there and pick him up of course there was a huge discussion later but for right now she was just happy he was alive.

if you want the third part of this store then message me.

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Posted 1/17/08
if I would create an anime .. I would make it about this " guy " who lost his memory but he's actually a legendary hero who travelled through time and now is living as a high-schooler. I don't like sci-fi so none of that time-space craps. It would be like in sometime there was a lord ! yeah a lord ! who punished him because he's actually a criminal but was captured during war and was praised as a hero! and the lord travelled him through time( since he can't go back to time ) and had to live as a normal teenager . ( He became a teenager when he was sent back ) he's about 16 yrs old by now . But who gives a damn about my story ;p
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31 / M / Maui
Posted 1/17/08
i would make mines about a young man born from a taboo relationship between an royal angel and a demon prince in the midst of the angel/demon war. both sides reject him because he's taboo and tries to kill him at birth. but he's taken by the angel's bodyguard and is raised by him and is trains the young halfling in martial arts and sword fighting. the lil boy grows up to be a skilled young man. non of his demon side shows up until he is 17 years old. he goes berserk with the demon powers because he has yet to control it. he sets off on a journey to find out the truth about him. along his journey he meets an angel and she joins him in his journey to find her mother who went missing 1 year ago looking for her father. during their journey he gets into fights and gets stronger and others want to fight him cause he's strong. he later finds out the truth about him and that his parents although angel and demon did love each other and they were both murdered together because of their taboo love. he also gets his fathers sword from one of his father's loyal servant. by this time the young man and the female angel had already fell in love with eachother. and then i dunno what gonna happen next. gotta think about it.
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Posted 1/17/08
ummm... interesting thread...
mauigrown: 9.5 nice story but i found it similar to mine....

heres mine... mine is a story of a young boy whos addicted to anime (watching it in the internet) then 1 stormy night while hes watching animes his house were struck by a lightning and mysteriously sucked into anime world and appear in the middle of a War (were good character fights evil ones) then both opposing league stopped then..... (think about it!!)
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Posted 1/17/08
simple story
There was this princess and one day she got angry and killed everyone. The End
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Posted 1/17/08

Will was a very timid dwarf. He wouldn't practice his magic with the other dwarves, as they would laugh at him because his power level was not compatible to enter the training ground. Little did he know about the things that would happen in the near future. “It's not fair!” Will said to himself while stomping the ground.
“Your power level is obsolete to our level, go home before I get mad!” the trainee said while throwing Will out the door.
In his rage Will yelled, “Tsunami..... Glacier..... Punch!” The trainee turned to look at the timid dwarf again, but it was too late, Will’s fist held the strength of a glacier and the force of the tsunami. By the time the trainee faced the enraged dwarf, his stomach practically had been turn inside-out, the trainee coughed up some blood and yelled, “Thorny.....Vine.....Grip!!” The young dwarf felt something moving under ground, and then 4 extremely thorny vines strapped Will down to the ground, the vines slid around his body as if they were chain saws, then the trainee said, “You're a disgrace, get out of my sight......”

Will ran into the forest away from the training ground. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the forest as if there was something in front of him, and then a small dark figure emerged from out of the darkness. It was Tee-Wee! Will ran to the wixard. He asked Tee-Wee, "Why are you here?" Tee-Wee replied, "Never mind that, we don't have much time. D.H. 3.65 is coming!"
"Do you mean the Dwarf Hunter 3.65, the restless killing machine!?!" Will yelled in terror.
Tee-Wee said, "It's on its way to the village! We need to stop it! We need to run as quickly as possible!"

Without warning, Tee-Wee grabbed Will and darted through the forest like a bullet. When they got there they were too late. The village was on fire. Suddenly out of the blood and ash arose a silver bodied figure. It stood up turned its head towards them, its eyes lit up with an eerie luminescent glow of blue. Four metal tentacles pulled Tee-Wee underground, and then the silver creature jumped into the air, hovered with its jump-jets and yelled, "Death to dwarves!"

to be continued...
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Posted 1/17/08
I give you a nine out of ten crishot, but here is one of my many stories, its more of a preview though
Dark Saint-Rise of the Silver Moon
Amber Rose's secret past all of a sudden comes back to haunt her. After thirteen years of waiting for someone (or something?) to come to her during full moons, after thirteen years of silence, of confusion, of secrets and of shadows everything comes back into the light, just as she wished.
It is then that she learns one of her first hard lessons of life- Be careful what you wish for.
Seventeen year old Amber realizes that she is chosen as a Saint-to-be, and in order to make sure everything goes right and to fufill Maria's wishes, she has to become a Saint-period.
Hey, it's nothing big. All she has to do is find a book of terrible and dangerous secrets that if others find before her may lead to the end of the world, and hey, the book may or may not even exist. With only Awakened Crossed Ones, deadly and mad purebloods, unfinished wars, and secret conspiracies to stop her, she has nothing to worry about, right?
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Posted 1/17/08
I would type my story up here...
but I cannot, because I really am writing a story...
I plan on publishing it and having it copyrighted...
I hope everyone enjoys the story though ^^

9 on your story by the way...
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Posted 1/17/08

Alice3toyou wrote:

simple story
There was this princess and one day she got angry and killed everyone. The End

Lol ! I bet that took you long enough to make that !
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Posted 1/17/08
On Hoshi's fifteenth birthday, the will of her deceased grandmother is opened. It was her last dying wish that it be opened on this day. Everyone believes that Hoshi, grandma's favorite is going to get the money, the house, the everything. but that is soooo not true.
she gets three things.
a strange necklace called a "matrix crystal"
a suitcase that can make anything magically appear, like a dress, books, shoes...
and the knowledge that her siblings and parents are not her own. instead they are her aunt, uncle and cousins. Hoshi runs away to a specified location and using the crystal, enters another world. The world that she thought were just child stories told by her grandmother. She enrolls in the school of Belle-Witch Academy, a school just for girls.
but you have NEVERRRRRR seen witches like this.
this is the next generation people.
you have NEVER seen witches fight like this, look like this, or get together like this.
hoshi, the only human, is the weakest...until she finds that her powers are beyond imagination, as she is the only one who can unlock the secrets of the Three Seals of Life, Death, and Birth.
but not without a few friends of course:
the three blood witches
a Seer from an old clan
and boys boys boys

sorry, this is the shortest i could make it, i wish to explain you more, so you get a better idea, but that'll just ruin it.
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Posted 1/17/08
....... nice
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Posted 1/17/08
dkstamberose i rank u a 8 :D

Super sorry this is super long

There was a high school junior girl named Reina. She fell in love with a sweet kind wickedly hot guy. It turns out that the guy she likes is the leader of the Kiss Bandits. The Kiss Bandits are like a host club, except the only ones who can come are the pretty girls at their school who receive an invitations to a "meeting". From the girls that have gotten an invitation the Kiss bandits pick one they want to spend time with and get really close to. They call these girls "valuable", or "objects to steal." When they get to that one step away from loving her they toss her aside and go after another girl. When Reina finds out about this she still doesn't give up hope. Even when her friends tell her she's only going to get hurt. Well Reina thinks seriously hard about this and gets a huge plan. Also it turns out that Reina is the hottest girl in her class. She's been getting invitations like crazy. Finally she answers to the 26th invite she's gotten and goes to the Kiss Bandit Meeting. When her dream boy sees her, he knows that she isn't that same ditsy pretty girl that they usually invite. And he announces "I, Kashima Neo, have chosen a valuable object to steal." This surprises the kiss bandits because as their leader Neo has always taken care of parties and enchanting women with his amazing looks. It especially surprises, Meikashi, the mysterious lover boy of the bandits. (Let's just say he takes his time tossing the "object.") Meikashi was eye'ing Reina since she walked through the kiss bandit doors. This is the first time Neo has ever picked a object to steal since the Bandits was established. From that point they go on one or two dates, and get close to each other. One day Ryoku (the member that gives the definition to pretty boy) says to Neo "Hey King, isn't it time you ditched the cutie pie? It seems like you gettin too close to her." That gave a little smile to Meikashi. "Man i think Reina is different from those other sluts you guys invite." Meikashi walks out of the Kiss Bandit boardroom while Neo and Ryoku argue about Reina. He opens the door and there stood Reina. Meikashi gave a big smile and left the doors open so that she could hear them argue and quickly grabbed Reina. Ryoku and Neo stop arguing and looks at the entrance doors. There at the wide open entrance doors stood Meikashi holding Reina tightly in his arms kissing her passionately.

I'll leave the end to your imaginations ;D
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Posted 1/17/08
A story that has these genres always does well
School life

examples ouran high school, school rumble, Perfect Girl Evolution ( Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge), my wife is a high school girl, boys be, lovely complex, ichigo 100% the list goes on
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Posted 1/17/08


ok i'll make up a story as i write...
once upon a time there was a baby girl born to a king and queen who both had magical powers, but one day they predicted (w/ powers) that an evil witch wanted tgo kill their baby, so the king and queen sent their baby away with their powers. The girl grew up as many grow up w/ her adopted family but felt that something was missing and she had a boring life but one day strange things begin happening to her and her 'parents' tell her of how they found her, so she runs away to find out where she actually belongs, but all her life the witch had been looking for her and is close to finding her...
well i think that was ok considering i made it up while typing it!
but i bet someone has already thought of something like this -sigh- oh well i guess i won't be a story-maker when i'm older!

*screams in pain*"its cliche enough to kill someone 5 times over" *has a heart attack*
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