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Posted 5/19/07
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23 / F / online
Posted 5/19/07
i havent writen in awile but hears somthing

Its the year 3010 and the g_____ have jest started attacking earth. We dont know why their atting thow.

im not giving deatles away caz this is a soon to be book
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27 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/19/07
i would rate the very first story as 15... its bigger because i think the story is really great but i made a different story from it... you should read it... ^^.... sorry....
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27 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/19/07
In a land of magic and wonder named Crenta, there is a legend of a magical necklace that holds the power of the psychic element. Every magician knows this power is impossible to obtain without the necklace, and it is said that the mysterious psychic element could make you invincible. To use magic, magicians have to summon fairies of different elements so they can control the element. To summon the fairies, they must attach them to our world through the means of what is called a 'medium' which could be any object: a sword, ruler, jewel, even a book. there is no way to make yourself a medium, or you could possibly get sucked into infinite space between the fairy's world(which is impossible for humans to get into) and the world of Crenta. But one boy, a senior in Futaku Academy in the city of Burzu, for some reason is able to make himself a medium without getting sucked in. This boy is Asakura Yuuri, his just an ordinary person, but without even knowing it, he is the heir of the Asakura family, a famous magician family which is rumored to have made the legendary psychic necklace long, long ago. It is also rumored that only one person in the family knows the whereabouts of the necklace. Everyone in the family claims they don't know where it is. Yuuri sincerely doesn't know. his grandfather knows, though, and guards the secret in hopes that the power hungry will never get their hands on such a powerful and reckless necklace. one day his grandfather gave him the necklace without knowing that the necklace had that kind of power he begins to have some problem dealing with very interesting events in his life.... like monsters and dark wizards...^^

this is just a brainstorm... i think it would be better if the main character would be male.... but through his adventures he would then find many pretty girls. ohh... by the way... its better if the setting of this kind of anime would be at school... just make your imagination go wild....

i'm sorry if i changed you story but i think this story is much better... dont you think..? ^^
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27 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/20/07
ei guyz.... i'll try to make my own story....

this anime starts in the past / a flash back... in the town of Ashen, there lived an ordinary boy, his name was Shikuuya Yuuri, he lives with his parents in a very small house in the hills... he had a lot of friends (bestfriends who are girls of course). one day there were strangers who went to their village, they were looking for kids who they can kidnap and experiment with... it was just a coincidence when he was found by those strangers, when night fell he was kidnaped and his parents were killed by the strangers... (yuuri was taken to be experimented with a new robotic tachnology. some of his bones were replaced with robotic metal parts, and he got some powers...)

time passed and everyone in the village never knew what happened to the family in the hills but the friends of yuuri were the only ones who knew what happened to them... 3 years had passed and he returned to his home town, not knowing that he was experimented (his memories were erased, he escaped from the laboratory of the strangers with the use of his powers)... his town was already different from before because it already had many buildings... when he returned to his home town his memories were starting to uncover and started to remember his friends and about the things in the past... he started his life in the town in search for his lost memories... he even went to school, and there he met his old friends...

in his town some mysterious events were happening and monsters began to show (the monsters where created by the strangers who kidnaped yuuri before, those stranger were actually evil scientists) it started when he came back to his town... then he realized that he wants to save his town and his friends and decides to make use of his new found powers... he began to fight the monsters and discovers more about the use of his powers and also slowly uncovering his past... (in his life many challenges approaches him, like monsters, evil scientist, robots, and even the cruelty of falling in love with his old girl friends... by the way there are four girls who are in loved with him.... ^^)

....sigh... i cant think of anything for now to continue this story... i'll think some more... ^^... hope you'll like this... give me a comment if you like... ^^
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29 / M / ninja mode
Posted 5/22/07
Final Life - Ch.1- Roswell the strangest place in the world.

"Was it just a dream" thinks kane edoras as he quickly gets dressed. glancing quickly at his wristwatch kane becomes full of fear when he notices the time. "OH NO!!!" "it's 8:10 already!" If I'm late again for school I'll be suspended!" It's only four miles, but I should hurry. Grabbing all of his stuff in one arm kane rushes out the front door in great speed.

My name is Kane Edoras, and I live in the strangest place in the world. on the outside I'm just a normal 17 year old high school senior; but, on the inside I possess the legendary third eye. the third eye allows you to glance into the future, and possibly change it. no idea when I received this ability,but it has completely changed my life. I sense a great change that is about to occur throughout the universe. this change will begin at Roswell, New Mexico.
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36 / M / Utah
Posted 5/30/07
^^9 very interesting ^8 short but I'm waiting for the rest.

I rewrote the first part of chapter one and separate them into two chapters.


By Zepher


There was a land that lost its history. Many have sought to seek it, yet only relics remained. They were treasured albeit the young generation wants to broaden their horizon and share to whom they meet. This made the rest of Terran, now called Antecedents forced the young generation to stay. The young generation is now called the Pristine. The reason for this action was to avoid war with other continents.

The relics that are left that shelters people are called the foundations. Ten of them exist, but divided between the conflicts of the two groups. These foundations are named for their surroundings around them: fire, sea, sky, land and the cognition. Only five of the foundations are named because of the exact similarities for two of each foundation. The west resides the Pristine while the Antecedents live in the east.

These foundations are only relics that have not found its past. They are in specific places that go with their name. Both fire foundations are in the dormant volcano, both sea foundations are under the continent, in the underwater cave, both sky foundations are located in the floating islands above Terran, both land foundations are near their own abyss, and both cognition foundations change location depending of the time of the year. Albeit Terran’s symmetrical formation, the groups are not.

There are rumors about the hidden foundations in the Pariah desert, but no one return from the harsh desert.

Chapter 1
Dawn’s Trace

It was blank as always… The sun’s rays hit my eyes as I woke up this morning. This light was always dim every day. It’s like this because it’s always was like this. I made my short beds and cover it with the gray sheets. My room and everyone else have clean rooms since everything was organized. I continue to the rest room, open the stale like drawer, and took out my tooth brush with the paste. This tastes the same like everything else. The shower was the same temperature. My reflection was the same like it was never there. I always wear my school uniform. There are 4 sets of uniforms for me. The book on the table was there for me to read. I finished it in 20 minutes from start to finish. It seems that I can read at a fast pace, and enjoy it at the same time. I put the two lockets into my pocket, and ate breakfast. Today it was toast with jam and cereal like yesterday. I grab my backpack as I head towards school.

School was the usual twenty to one hundred equations, four of the same books, a history lecture, something on the entities, and the run. I talked to my friend about my day. Lunch consist of a tuna fish sandwich, fresh water. Then everyone left for home.

Dinner has the pasta and grain bread. Everything seems too simple other than my books. I took out the book out of the large shelf tonight. Another twenty minutes has past today.

Beast of massacre (summary):
The infamous beast anarchist has been on this continent before we could remember. They will eat the living no matter how strong or weak it is. Ruthless hunters that will stalk us to the very end, and we eat another to bring nothing in its wrath. Their bodies are toxic to the touch and beyond. Once it dies, the poison will spread to the surrounding area. Turning them into ash is the only way to prevent the spread of the pollution, and disease. The place will prosper again.

It goes on about ways on how to kill it, the types, casualty rate every year, but it does not say how they came here. This is a text book it should have more than 350 pages. I discard the thought; brush my teeth, shower, and sleep. Maybe I should wake up early. There is no harm in that.

Chapter 2

The same dim light hit my eyes as I wake up this morning. The usual activities apply, and the breakfast was the same. The book fell out of the shelf this time. I read if it wanted me to read it. It was about an alchemist that saved people with his knowledge of medicine. The end it talked about the two bottles, but it stopped at that.

The books I have are unique since no one else has them. I was forbidden to talk about the books. Yet they are so interesting to read, albeit they have the stopped ending. They seem to have empty space for the items that relate to the story. There was the two bottles in the cut out at the end, two lockets, and more. The text book does not have these items, but they have more information than the fiction books I read.

There is a hidden stash where I put my items in. My first thought was I could use them later. I can view myself as a collector and bookworm.

The books belong to my father and same with the house and furniture. When I asked about mother, the reply was I do not know. It was the same when I ask what happened to my father. The things I know are the house and everything in it belonged to my father. My mother was married to my father and that is it.

I was outside when I heard shouting. There were two men in different uniforms than mine. The light was too dim to see anyone’s face that far away. They shouted, “Come with us kid, we are taking you in.” As they started to dash towards my house, I just realized I started to bolted down the street.

I pass a few blocks, and looked around the surroundings. All these houses are the same. Everything seemed to be the same. It could be there was no better design to do. I turned right to the next street that was near the forest. I am losing my breath I need to find somewhere to rest. I jumped the nearest fence. These fences are seven feet tall, but I was always fit enough to jump nine feet so far. I smirk at the similar backyard I was in: The red sand box, blue house with six squared windows, two wood stained doors, a porch, a shady balcony on the second floor, and two alpine trees in the back yard.

I can feel nostalgic now. It might be the location of the houses than the similar looks of every house that makes me feel like this. I cannot remember whose house it is. I hid behind the tree as I heard the back door starting to slide. A thirteen year old girl with blue hair, blue green eyes, a white blouse, a red skirt, and black shoes came through the door and looked around the backyard. I hope she does not find me here.

“Zepher are you hiding behind that tree?” The teal eye girl asked. I jumped as she noticed I was hiding and I did not expect her to know that the person is me. I heard the men running towards near the street. I started to panicked that I suddenly hop the fence and run towards the forest.

I did not have enough time to say good bye. Today for some reason I cannot speak and act on my instinct as my first choice. The person that said my name is my friend Whisper. Here everyone has to have one friend in their life, and get to choose them at the beginning. I chose her because of her different hair color from the other students.

I sidestep to the forest and run as fast as I could. It seems that the forest itself moves but I know where my stash is. It is right past the mark of the forest. Past that has a feeling of doom in it. So I made a stash here so no one could find it. At least right now it is quiet; there are no animals in the forest so I am not going to be attack by a bear. It seems that those men are not going to follow me here. I guess I have some luck.

Suddenly a voice came from above me “Hey kid, we have surrounded you, now you cannot run or hide this time. Just give up. We have some questions for you.” It looked like the three men have recruited some reinforcements already. I guess this normal luck is now horrible.

But it did not stop there; someone was coming towards the surrounded area. It was not one of those men, but I do not know who it is. “Zepher, I have to ask you something. Just wait there.” A girl with blue hair came running without noticing the men above.

“I don’t have time there are people above us, and I don’t know who they are.” I quietly said to the girl. I think I step on a mirror today.

“Don’t make this situation worse kid. We are just going to question you so just come with us.” One of the men advised. It was a short time before the men was dashed toward us. Some brought out their weapons and started to attack us.

It was just a slight moment when everything paused as I closed my eyes. Nothing was happening so I open my eyes. The men around us stop in mid air, the colors were distorted, and my friend was closed to me.

My friend and I can move, but we cannot hear. I took a chance and run towards to the mark. My friend can catch up to me better than the men. Once we past the mark, I pushed the rock that revealed a tunnel underneath it. We went inside, and I close the entrance with the hole under the rock I had pushed. Inside the tunnel illuminated, and showed all the items I have stash.

“What is this place?” the girl asked.

“This is my stash; a place where I put important items here.” I explained, “Don’t talk right now we have to get out of here.”

The girl nod in agreement. I put all the items in my backpack, and started to place the cubes as my friend and I proceed through the tunnel. I put a mask on, and gave one to my friend. She put it on without question then followed me.

The tunnel was five miles long, and seven feet deep. The cubes I placed were twenty feet apart. At the end was two weapons similar to the weapons the men have, but these were made by a different metal.

Colors started to come back to normal when we were at the end of the tunnel. I made an opening above us and my friend and I climbed out. I took out a remote from my backpack, open the glass case on the remote, and press the button under the case.

“Run!” I quickly said as I started dashing.

“Why?” The girl said a little later.

There was a chain of explosions behind us while the sand, and debris flew everywhere in any direction. The surrounding area was sand, and lots of it. Some sand dunes are placed a few miles around us. The heat and humidity was harsh. There was more sand than any sand box could hold. If all of this stuff was here, then this place is must be a desert. We either came to the desert, or came out of some kind of oasis city, if the was any other explanation it could be that I would be hallucinating or that this would be a nightmare.

Back at the tunnel while we were crossing, I saw a silver light pass by, then there were black and white flashes for a mere second. I wonder what that could mean. But right now, all I could see is miles, and miles of sand. We continue on through the desert.

“Here.” I said while giving the girl one of the weapons I was holding.

“What is this?” the girl asked.

“According to my studies, this is a double blade. A weapon with two blades at each end, and a hilt is on the middle of it. They are called double blades” I explained

“These have a different design, and look from the guards. Some people will probably say it’s beautiful. The blades on mine look likes wings, but yours have a different look; it has a blade that looked like some kind of beak, the other look like talons on a staff. Why are you giving this to me?”

“I gave it to you so you could protect yourself.”

“From what?”



“Creatures that will relentlessly attack anything that moves or anything that bothers it. It has no remorse. They will eat anything. Their carcasses do not rot, so they send some kind of harsh scent. Their meat are not edible, and cannot use the bone on it for anything. Most People burn it to ashes. The ashes can be sold at a high price, since it’s a very good fertilizer. There are more than one species of them here. But I get this information from a book. Even though they are sound fictional, it seems they could be real.”

“How do you make these double blades?”

“I found some two very rare alloys in a book. So I melt them, put them into molds that I made, and tempered them with a hammer I found in a book. Most items in my stash have been inside of books.”

“When will an anarchist attack us?”

“Anytime, so be ready ok?”

A sandstorm started to arise from the horizon. It looked fierce, but I had a feeling we would be safe if we go through it. This reminds me of the book I finish: A sandstorm started to arise from the horizon. So the alchemist took out the two potions he had secretly made as he disappears into the sandstorm; the end.

“Drink this.” I told blue green eyed girl as I gave the brown, thick glass bottle from my pocket to her.

“What is this?” the girl asked.

“I do not know, but I will drink it with you if you are uncertain.” I explained as I took the other bottle from my pocket.

We both drank the bottles simultaneously, but nothing happen. It just tasted funny. There were no signs of any anarchist so my hunce was right. We were pulled into the sandstorm. Surprisingly it looks like I could withstand the force of the storm.

I check on the girl and she could also endure the winds of the storm. If both of us could out run the men, then I guess they can’t go through the sandstorm. We started to dash through the scraping winds until we start to see solid, rocky ground, and further, I saw green grass. The both of us stop to take a rest on the green field, and stare at the clouds.

“Even though the sky here is the same at home, the sky looks calmer don’t you think.” I said.

“Yeah, I agree it seems calmer here.” The girl answered.

“Rain” I softly said as I look at the sky.

“Rain?” the girl said like she never heard of the word.

“It’s going to rain soon. This will be the first time I will see it, but we should hurry.”

“Rain?” the girl repeated.

“You’ll see.” I replied, and smirked at the repeated reply.

We started to run strait through the sea of grass. There was something in sight near the sun set. It was a foundation; a different foundation from the foundation that I am from. I started to dash straight towards it like it was a start of a new life, something interesting. The light sapphire haired girl followed.

The sky darkens as dark clouds cover the sky as we get closer to the foundation. A strike of lightning appeared behind us as we rush, and the humidity started to change. Once we are at the gates, it started to pour on us, and thunder continued to roar.

“Here” I said while I gave the girl a locket, as I put on a similar one myself.

The girl puts on the locket without saying anything. The locket sort look like a circle shaped pendent with a few yore symbols on it. It is made of pure silver. I gave it to her so she would remember me.

I started to dash the other away from the foundation. One reason was that I saw a foundation miles away. The second I could go there since it things should be safe if we are not together.

“Don’t follow me. It’s better if we separate for now.” I said while running as fast as I could run.

“Zepher! Where are going Zepher? Zepher!” The girl yelled across the plains at me as I ignore her. “Zepher! Zepher...the voice slowly change to my friend Bane as my sight faded out…Hey Zepher you’re going to be late to school if you don’t wake up. Zepher!”
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25 / F / NY, BK
Posted 5/30/07 im not reading ALL THAT!!!!.....but i'll just rate it 10...
my story time:
there was once a wolf and 3 pigs
the wold hate all 3 pigs and still wasnt full
but the pig's spirit came back and hate the wolf
.the end
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26 / M / philippines
Posted 5/30/07
Once upon a time......THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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25 / M / Imagination Land
Posted 6/10/07
gotta give that a 10

The second paragraph is based on 2 Metallica songs.



Millennias ago the Angeleon, an ancient race, were living in the Planet. Until one day war occured, and most ancients were wiped out. The race soon died out, only to evolve into Neo-Angelon, which is basically half Angeleon / Human. The Neo-Angelon live today in a planet which is mostly surrounded by humans, who are now in danger from their arrogance to keep the world Justified. The Neo-Angelon contain inhuman strenth, some are even used by military forces and are often tested to try passing their incredible strength on to humans. They live with a burden of a race.

Millennias later *battle scene* a strong mysterious warrior is ordered to go to this battle. His girlfriend, who was also a military soilder fought along side him, in the same squad. She stepped on a landmine. The boyfriend of the victim lost hope and was then ordered to attack at front line. Most of his squad were killed off, and he eventually killed himself during battle whilst surrounded by the enemy. Weeks later it appeared the victim of the landmine has survived, only to have lost all her senses, arms and legs. Euthanasia was intended but was cancelled because it appeared that the victim was carrying a live child in her womb. It was later found out that the baby was a Neo-Angelon. The military were then ordered to keep the victim alive until the baby was born and then perform euthanasia on the victim.


42 years later

One day an organisation consisting of Neo-Angelon formed to fight against the human race; the new world was in grave danger, but disater was prevented. It is now feared that a son of the fallen oginisation's Leader, the legendary Nazariini(lol) has evaded and destroyed land. His name is Ramsteen.

- First Scenes -

Young optimistic character called Marrow is going to 'hunt' as an excuse for training with his friends. They wonder off into the woods and whilst wondering talk about the situation of 'Warriors'.

(*Note: Warriors are beings that battle / fight mainly in badlands in order to prove superior strength and become aknowledged; many compete and they are mainly Neos considering their unpredictable strength. Many people often hold tournaments. However, most battles are unofficial and can cause trouble if fighting in city areas*

They hear that 'The Slasher' is the most dangerous and strongest at the moment. They also talk about the Villian thats causing trouble with the cities(Ramsteen).

Marrow weilds a sword that he finds 'useless', but according to his grandfather the sword he weilds is a God's sword and that it has never been awaken.

(*Note: His grandfather though always forbids Marrow to become a 'Warrior' (which is what Marrow wants to be) due to the fear of him encoutering strong Warriors like Slasher.

They defeat dangerous creatures far in the woods, and have a joyful time. Then they encounter a barrier, containing 700,000 volts of electric to prevent intruders from entering. Inside the the area contains a cave hole. The 3 wonder what is inside. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, the ground crumbles and so then the barriers breaks. Marrow, with his own will to prove greatness, heads towards the cave. His friends follow. When they reach the cave they find nothing. Suddenly the ground falls, along with Marrow. The 2 friends try to help, but suddenly they could see black smoke from their villiage. Marrow, still trying to prove strength, tells them to go back and leave him and help the village. His friends then go. As the cave crumbles the rock that Marrow held onto broke off, leaving Marrow to fall down. He wakes up and realises he's not dead. He then realises that there is a path, with glowing blue liquid flowing in vein-like form, surrounding the cave walls and tunnel. Marrow decides to walk through the tunnel path. As he walks through he finds greenish / whitish glowing features. The scene becomes more scarier. He then finds himself infront of a wall, with codes, it looks like a doorway, but won't be opened. All of a sudden Marrow's sword begins to react with the wall, and the vein-like liquid starts to spread round the blockage. The liquid fills the codes, then the wall crumbles. There is a giant room. Then there are built pathways for the liquid, layered by more glowing features. The pathway surrounds something, a figure that looks dangerous. It was a giant ice block, with a figure trapped inside. Marrow walks up to the fiqure. His sword again reacts with the liquid. This time the liquid starts flowing around the ice and the ice cracks. The block breaks, then all of a sudden the figure awakes. Marrow is scared shitless, but with his determination to become the strongest, tries attacking the figure. All of a sudden the glowing features transformed into the apperance of many Angeleons and Humans. The transformed figures attack Marrow, and pwn him, but for some reason doesn't kill him. The figure then hovers to Marrow and says: "Bow to the Phantom Lord". Marrow, scared shitless bows before him, then stands up. Marrow then aks the Phantom Lord why he didn't kill him. The Phantom lord then explained how he needed Marrow to go on a quest to find the Phantom Lord's equipment and weapon, and how the Phantom Lord would be defenceless without it outside of this cave. Marrow agreed, since he wanted to become the best Warrior, and so in favour return he asks the Phantom Lord to become his mentor and teach him these skills. (little does he know about the Phantom Lord's power though). Phantom Lord then explained that Marrow could never gain such powers, but that his sword was good enough, and hasn't awakened. Therefore Phantom Lord agrees to teach him and try to awaken his sword's hidden powers. The cave starts to reach it's toll, and is collapsing. Phantom Lord then hovers his way out whilst dragging Marrow along with him. The cave collapses. They see a burning villiage.


opinions please?!
Posted 6/10/07
Once a upon a time there was a boy named Sebastian...he had sex with a girl who had sex with a boy who had sex with a dog and Seb got herpes....the end.

based off a true story
(lol but I'm not lyin)
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30 / M / California
Posted 6/28/07
Redirected from the following thread.
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24 / M / Massachusetts, USA
Posted 6/28/07
i dont wanna explain it cuz it real long
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31 / M
Posted 6/28/07
i dreamt this o__O but writing it with some editing, added a little echhi theme

A young man is on the run from the law, he was being framed by a dirty cop to steal his sister. He ran and ran for days on end. Collapsing at a small town, he awoke hearing people fight. It was a young girl and a scruffy looking huge man fighting and breaking things along their path. The young man with his remaining strength tried to help the girl. He completely knocked out the huge man. Whistles and alarms sounded as he was discovered. He had no energy left and fainted. Waking up in a room filled with atleast 50 young women. A tall woman with long tanned legs made a kicking motion and stopping just an inch from his face. She was the leader of the little town.

Leader: "who the hell u think u are interfering with our match", the man was confused and barely remembering the night before. Leader: "were the town's represantives in the battle tournament, you know we dont need help from a man" Then the young girl from last night appeared thanking the young man and pleading leader for his forgiveness.

Leader: "fine, fine! but hey u fight pretty good" "OK ur gonna be the first male member of our town!" "Every week we fight other rival towns and cities, hoping to win the grand prize" "So get ready! tomorrow ull start training!"

And so starts the young hero's life man-slave in a town filled with a hundred women, and his fights lie ahead against the toughest opponents on earth. He still remembers his younger sister and hopes someday to be free.

But the young hero doesnt know, is that the dirty cop who framed him will be one of his opponents in the future

DUN DUN the end~ i should copyright
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23 / F / Wouldn't you like...
Posted 6/29/07
yeh gonna regret postin my story but yeh, new here so why not?

They were twins, one boy and one a girl. Acted like best friends even though they were related, never fought. One day when they both were nine, she told him that she was going to go to Japan and promised to come back. Before she left, she gave him a necklace identical to hers, leaving him clueless of the true meaning of what she gave him. Five years later he finds out that she died in an accident and goes to Japan to attend her funeral. But during the flight something happens. While he’s asleep his body fades away and he’s awakened by a voice. He sees a silhouetted version of his sister standing atop a building. She tells him that she had recently died and that he shouldn’t come to see her.
“If you come to see me then you shall die along side me.” Leaving him baffled she puts her two fingers on her necklace.
“You’re my only sister!”
“It doesn’t matter!
“You’re my twin.”
“It doesn’t matter!”
“I can’t just stand here knowing I can talk to my sister even in death. That’s something every person would want. To talk to a deceased loved one!”
“Go now! I cannot have you trying to pry into my life now.”
“There has to be a way I can see you and be with you as long as I can!”
“There is a way but it is quite drastic.”
“What is it?”
“You’re going to have to find my corpse, then and only then will I be able to be in close contact with you.”
“That shouldn’t be that difficult you died in Japan-”
“Wrong. I didn’t die in Japan, I only told you that to draw you closer to the real origin of my death. You see I didn’t die in another country much less on another planet. I died in another dimension. You’re going to have to travel to multiple dimensions to find my corpse.”
“How can I do that?”
“The necklace of coarse, it can teleport you to any dimension but in order to find my corpse you will have to summon Zateru. You will find out who she is later. Use the light of the pendant and travel to the dimension of which you believe is the origin.”
“What about you?”
“I will be able to contact you through your dreams that way you can find it easier. One dream could give you all the answers you need. Now go!”
“Do be careful Joshua…do be careful.”

Now Joshua is left with the predicament trying to figure out how to use the pendant and how to find Serena’s corpse. How will he find her and what will he do if he does?

yeah it's stupid but yeh
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