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Posted 8/24/09
The king of china only has two daughters and no sons but he's worried who will be next to the throne.
He sets up a Arranged marriage for he's oldest daughter shun . Her father throws a royal party so shun could meet her husband to be
but she gets kidnapped from the party . And finds herself lock in a storage room she hears voice , she scream for help , a young storage man finds shun and she immediately ask him where she is, he said that she in Tokyo, be continue

Shun below

the young man
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Posted 8/25/09 , edited 10/24/09
here is my new story called: Demon Princess

Demon Princess

I used to have a normal life, before I was told that I was the Demon Princess.

‘I was born into a normal family… and I’m a normal girl… aren’t I? What wh...Who are you? No, let me go, no I don’t want to go with you!’ “No… no. I don’t want to.” “Rose… big sister wake up!” A familiar voice was talking to me. I screamed and sat up in bed. I looked at the clock and it was 4:30 A.M. “Sis, are you ok? You been having nightmares for 4 days now.” My little sis Emma said. Emma is a 9 year-old girl in grade school. She has short ocean blue hair with green stripes, emerald green eyes and is 4 foot 7. And by now even though we aren’t that far in the story I bet your wondering who I am, well I am Rose. I have deep, dark rose red hair pass my feet and I have deep-seated purple eyes at 5 foot 5. I love happy endings in stories and in anime and I love black cats. “Yeah, I’m ok. I’m sorry for making you worry all the time, here.” I gave her some soft earmuffs. “So you don’t have to wake up every night this summer.” She put them on and went back to her room. I went to my window and looked out at the sea, we live near the ocean and it’s awesome, and I saw something in the dim light, splashing and looked like it was drowning. I jumped for my second-floor window onto the trampoline and ran to the water. I took my cloths off because I had my bathing suit under them and jumped into the water. As I swam out and as I got closer I saw it was a boy and he had wings. He went under and I dove after him and pulled him up then swam to the shore. “He… he isn’t breathing” I whispered and I remembered the C.P.R. training the lifeguard school taught me “Ok, 1,2,3,4,5,6…25,26,27,28,29,30.” I bent over to give him mouth to mouth after he spit up the water in his throat. As I sat up he slowly opened his eyes and sat up. “Who are you?” As the light got brighter I saw the he had green hair, dark brown eyes and might be 6 foot 2 ½ “I should be asking you that fly boy. How come you were in the water and more importantly what the hell is up with these wings?” I gave a tug to his wing. “Ow! That hurt you know!” He said in an annoyed voice. “Well, I will be going.” I said as a gathered up my clothes and started to walk back to my house. “Oh, by the way, my name is Rose. I guess it was nice to meet you. Bye-bye.” I said as I wove goodbye. On the way back to my house I stopped and bought some bananas. When I got back to my house my dad was leaving for work. “Rose what are you doing so early in the Moring?” “Umm…oh! I was going for a Moring swim to get ready for the day you know.” I smiled then dad left for work. As I walked in the house the guy form the beach was sitting on the couch eating toast. “Oh, welcome home Rose.” I walked over to him raised my fist and hit him on the head. “OW!!! What the HELL was that for?” He got up from the couch and he towered above “What are you doing in my house you freak?” “Your dad let me in!” What no way didn’t dad see his wings? Is he going blind or am I going crazy. “If you don’t take a shower your hair is going to get spilt ends.” “I know that, dummy.” I stuck tongue out at him and ran to the shower. As I turned off the water I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, so I grabbed a towel and ran to the living room. Sis was there talking to him. “H…hey there sis. I see you meet my friend here.” Just then I realized that I’m a girl, wet, in a towel in front of a guy. I blushed and he blushed so than I ran to the bathroom to change into some clothes and think of how to get him out of my house. When I got back mom was also down stairs making breakfast. “Oh, Rose you’re out of the shower. Would mind making the table, breakfast is almost done.” As I set the table Emma and HIM were playing then I heard her scream and ran in but he just picked her up and was spinning her around. “Hey Rose. I never got to tell you my name. Hi, I’m Zolo; it’s nice to meet you.” He smiled this goofy warm grin and made me blush. “Everyone, breakfast is ready come and eat.” After breakfast Zolo remembered something. “Oh crap, I just remembered I’m supposed to meet my friend. Rose come with me.” He grabbed my hand and out the door we ran and turned to the forest. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something, how come my dad, sis, and mom can’t see your wings and I can?” He didn’t answer he just nodded and then scooped me into his arms and flow into the sky up the mountain. “Hey…hey put me down right now!” “Hey, stop moving or your going to” and I fell “fall, idiot.” As I fell I didn’t scream I just had my hands reached out to he praying, no, knowing he was going to catch me and save my life. As I fell I saw something jump from a tree and save me then land on the ground. As he put me down Zolo came flying down and hit me on the head. “OW! What was that for?” “Well for 1 that was pay back for earlier and 2 I told you to stop moving or you would fall idiot. You’re really lucky that Trace was near by and saved you.” As he scolded me his eyes got softer and then he hugged me. “You idiot, I thought you were gone for sure.” My face was on fire then he pulled me away and turned me to face my savor. He had jet black hair just above his shoulders, had dark brown eyes that looked black and was about 6 foot 2 as well. “It’s nice to meet you, Rose.” He was a gentle man and kissed my hand. “Wow, your a lot cooler and nicer the Zolo.” “Hey what’s that suppose to mean C.P.R. girl.” “It means your uncool and not nice you big, fat, Meany.” We got into a huge fight and I won ahahahaha. “Well, I think it’s time we told her about US.” “Sure, Sure. Hey rose, earlier you wanted to know about my wings well, I’m a raven demon and Trace is a Gray wolf demon.” What the HELL!!! That’s a lie, right? There’s no such thing as demons. “Ha Ha Ha! You guys are really funny. Demons really, you guys. That’s the funniest joke I ever heard.” “You think we’re joking? Fine if you don’t believe use then explain how we were flying throw the air, huh. Or how Trace jumped from a 50 foot tree, caught you and then landed on the ground with not a scratch.” “Ok… ummm… brain think brain… uh, I got nothing, sorry.” I saw a tumble weed roll by in the wind. “Ss…so that means you guys really are d…d…de” “Demons, yay. I told you” I just was standing there then the next thing I was doing was running away from them back down the mountain as fast as I could. I didn’t look back nor did I look forward then my foot got caught on a tree root and I tripped and tumbled down this hill and landed in a small spring. “Owwwy. That really hurt, but more importantly where I am?” As I tried to get up it felt like someone was stabbing my ankle. “OOOWWW!” So I guessed I was stuck until they find me. There was a rustling in the trees across from me and out walked a person in a dark cloak. The person came closer to me and I saw a glimpse of its face. It looked like a normal man with a hairy bread. He pushed back his hood and boy was I worry. He was like a demon with a hairy face with horns and claws. I was so scared that if I didn’t break my ankle I still wouldn’t be able to move. “So you can see me? Then that means your no normal human, are you.” “HHEELLPP!! HELP ME, ZOLO, TRACE!” I screamed as loud as I could but it was to late the monster had closed in on me and started to suck the life out of my body. ‘I…I’m not going to make it.’ I thought and just before I thought I was done for Zolo jumped from the sky and kicked him. Trace was behind in a second “Are you ok, Rose?” “I… I guess. It’s just my ankle… I think it’s broken.” “Hey, trace I could use some help!” Zolo was trying to bet the monster but it was too strong for 1 man or should I say 1 demon. Soon after the battle started they ended it and came back to help me. “You idiot! What were you thinking running away like?” Zolo was scolded and I was still in pain from my ankle so double the fun. “You should go easy on her, she did break her ankle and almost had her soul sucked away.” “But that’s all her fault for freaking out on us.” God, this is going to go on forever isn’t I thought to my self as the keep debating who’s fault it was so I decided to stop them and said “Hey, is something wrong with me because you said that normal humans can’t see demons?” They stopped and thought for a while then Trace whispered something really quiet so I couldn’t even hear from Zolo’s back. Then he whispered something and I was getting pissed of, “OK, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO WHISPERING ABOUT!” I shouted so loud I thought I broke Zolo’s eardrums. “OW, WHAT THE @$%! WAS THAT FOR! THAT REALLY HURT!” “Opps, sorry.” “No sorry! That really hurt.” I have had too much of him and he is really getting on my nerves. “So… when are you guys going to leave?” I tried to act real cute and innocence. “So we tell her?” Zolo whispered just as loud as I needed to hear “Tell me what?” Zolo sure wasn’t going to tell me so Trace had to “We think you may be the demon princess.”
Posted 8/26/09
(This was actually a dream I had and my friends who heard of it have asked me to write about it. So here is how it starts )

At first I thought this was going to be a normal morning but things were going to be different this time. "WAKE UP!" a young voice screamed, I quickly got up to the high pitch yell; glancing around my room to see who woke me and I couldn't believe what I saw. Floating above me was a little girl who could be no more then ten; she had long lavander hair with golden eyes being covered by it. Her clothes were that of a traditional yukata with a giant flower design on it. Her skin was pale and I couldn't even see her legs, instead it was a transparent tail. "I know what you're going to say, just because I'm cute doesn't excuse you from the schedule!" She said with an annoyed look "No you narcissistic...but what are you?" I slowly said "My name is Mochikun and I'm a ghost if you still can't tell." Still amazed I asked why she was here "Well I'm glad you asked" Mochikun said with a huge grin; she quickly cleared her throat "I'M YOUR TUTORIAL SPIRIT AND THIS IS YOUR VERY OWN DATING SIM!!!" As she said that an intro theme started to play; I couldn't believe any of this but further more I asked myself "Why me?"

(the rest of the story continues with me meeting and dating the girls that had a connection to me and it ends with a final battle that decides which girl is the one that I have chosen to stay with.)
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Posted 8/28/09

That's a weird dream... but it's knd of funny
I like it...
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Posted 8/28/09
wow...weird dream.
Posted 8/29/09
For those who read my first post, this next one was another dream I had but it actually takes place after the dating sim dream I had, so here is a summary.

In the first dream, every thing took place during high school but in this one it's during college. Even though I didn't type about this part but in the first one later on I develope different powers and it's because of those powers that gave the second dream a plot. So the powers I had was from a past life that I had and history was trying to repeat itself from that past life but I don't realize this at first. So the story goes on with that while I try to regain a normal life style with my girlfriend after the events of the first dream; later during the dream it turns out there are nine others just like me but their intention was to kill me and prevent the events from the past from happening. The event was that thousands of years ago that those nine and I were figthing a great evil, in order to stop it I sealed the darkness into my body in order to defeat it. One year later after the battle my wife then was killed and the murderer turned out to be one of those very nine; consumed by rage I nearly released the darkness back into the world but was killed in that life. Now back to the present time, the one who murdered my wife had critically injuried my girlfriend and I ended releasing the evil back into the world. The story ends when I reteamed up with the other nine to end the darkness once and for all; years later as part of a prologue for the dream, it shows me with my wife (the girlfriend) and our daugther as recount the past.

(For later posts, most of my stories are actually based on dreams I've had.)
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Posted 9/7/09
what happen next?????
matsuo yuki,i love ur story line about land of magic and wonder CRENTA
what happen to asakura yuki and what her grandfather knows??
Posted 9/8/09
Once upon a time, guy asked his pregnant girlfriend to marry her

...and she said NO

and the guy lives Happily Ever After...
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Posted 9/16/09
lainey025 u get a 8 ^^
My story ^0^

Once apon a time, there was a goddess. She had four children, which were angels, each with four different men. She loved each of her children and they loved her back. One day though, her oldest son became corrupted. He became a Fallen Angel and he wasn't seen or heard of for a long time. The goddess' three remaining children grew and went their separate ways. They were also not seen for many more years. Decades past and those four children were presumed dead. The goddess destroyed her body and reincarnated herself to start a new life. Not remembering her past, the goddess now went by Luna. Luna lived in a village with her older sister, Solaris. One day, Luna was out gathering clothes from the river, when she heard a noise akin to crying. A baby was floating down the river in a basket. Shocked, Luna acted quickly, summoning the water to do her bidding. She commanded the water to bring her the child. It did as it was told. Luna held the child softly in her arms and examined it, making sure it was alright. She noticed that the child had a strange sun-shaped tattoo on its forehead. Gasping, Luna ran back to her village to show her sister. Solaris was shocked, to say the least, that her younger sister had found a 'Child of the Gods'. Luna felt very blessed and so she kept the child. Something inside her told her what to call the baby girl. And so she called her so. Lie.
TBC [dun dun duuuun]
Posted 9/19/09
once there were three teenagers, each of them have there own power. the first person has super speed the second person has strength and the third person can fly. In the world there are four teams that have three people each with one of the three powers. all four teams have to fight each other until there is only one team left. whichever team wins gets to rule the world. the first team wants the world to be a free and happy world, the second team wants to destroy the world, the third team wants everyone to look,act, and be the same, and the fourth team wants to be the riches of all, so they take all the money they can from the world, leaving everyone poor except for them.

if you want to know what happens through the story then tell me. i will write it on this website.
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Posted 9/20/09
i was waiting for a topic like that!! OwO
i'm writting a novel i couldn't draw the manga, though >.<
and umm...lemme start my story :3
Title: Angel of Vampires

In vampires' world...The blood is the only way to live...but when a vampire marry a human Things will change, because they may have a baby...half vampire, and half human...that kind of people are called "Okris", the okaris are always hated by everyone, but when that okris grow up until it become a teen,the okris must live as a "normal human" and have some relationships with other humans to find a human friend...that friend will help the teenage okris...but when that friend knows the truth of this teenage...that okris may die by vampire hunters, and by her lovers because vampire hunters are almost everywhere! vampire hunters kill vampires and okris because they have vampire D.N.A

the novel type is: fantasy, romance, action, comedy
send me a message or a comment if you want to know more about the story...and i'll keep posting my stories here :3
Posted 9/20/09
I like your idea for the vampire story, i really don't read vampire stories but yours seems interesting, i want to know more about your story.

would you like to know what happens in my story? if you do just tell me. i am writing a very long story about my idea it's as long as a book if you don't want to read that much then I will make it shorter. i really want to read your story.
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Posted 9/21/09
i wish i could go to japan and submit my story to the Dengeki Novel Prize contest...and get it published and illustrated....
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Posted 9/22/09
IN THE LAND of far far away there lived a twin princess, princess chuchu and princess chacha, they are both in love w/ their brother prince chupapa, but prince chupapa is in love w/ their mother queen chiwawa. AND THEY LIVED HORRIBLY NEVER AFTER

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Posted 9/23/09
I'll be honest. I give it a 5. The story seems familiar to a myth or something. But it's interesting, even though it's incest. eww.

Okay. I got a couple of stories. But here's part of one I already posted here in my profile.

The Legendary Ezekiel

By: Claudia Medrano

This is the story of a war torn world of Ezekiel. Battle after battle the world grew out of greed and fear. There was never peace in Ezekiel. There were seven different nations: Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Tierra, Light and Shadow. Those that fought the most were the Light and Shadow clans. The leaders of the Shadow clan were selfish and ruthless. They wanted more land and power and fought anyone who got in their way.
The Light clan and their allies defeated the Shadow clan in a fierce battle in Gamaliel. Lucius, the leader of the Light clan, personally handled Marius, the most feared Shadow ruler of all time. Afterwards there were fewer battles, but peace was never fully restored.
Three centuries later after the victory in Gamaliel, there is still mutiny. A group who call themselves “Maura” has secretly made plans for an uprising and tries to restore the power that the Shadow clan abandoned.
Now a wise leader in the Shadow clan has restored some order to his nation and has kept his people away from the world and its problems. He hates the past and wants to amend and build a better future; his name: Ambrose Xavier. He has achieved some peace with the other nations and promised to help keep the peace. But Maura has other plans, and soon chaos will consume Ezekiel again, but there is one that will stop Maura and help restore peace.
A prophecy that was made in the reign of Marius said,
“When the first signs of spring have come to appear, a child will be born of both light and dark. Whoever takes hold of this child can use it and tip the scale for victory or defeat…”
And ends there. No one found out the rest. Rumors say Marius hid the other half of the tablet to not decrease his soldier’s morale. Others say the one who foretold this took the other half to save it as a test for the one who would be to find out for them self.
I never really knew about it until I met the person who supposedly was the so-called, “weapon.” She is my best friend. She had been through a lot when she herself realized that she could make a difference and stop Maura from completing their plots. She grew strong and wise when the time came to end the chaos, but she wasn’t always like that.

Chapter 1

“Nalani!” She looks at the man who is trying to save her life. His right eye iss swollen and bleeding, his face is pale but you could see a burning passion. “NO!” He yells and grabs her before she gets burnt to a crisp by an oncoming fireball.
“Where are you two going now?! You have no place to go but at the bottom of the river!” A tall man taunts them with his furious red-orange eyes as he comes after them.
Nalani grabs her abdomen and whispers in agony, “That’s our escape plan…the cliff…” she is weak from the injuries she sustained from the hands of the maniac. The young man too sustained a very serious wound to his chest that is laboring his breathing.
“Wait! That’s nonsense! You’re going to get yourself killed! I won’t let you!” He begs her.
“But it’s our only way…” she said weakly and collapses, but the man catches her and they both quietly stare at each other.
Just then the maniac catches up to them, “Isn’t this a sight, I get to kill the both of you with one shot!” And he shoots a fireball at them.
“Ahh…” Nalani wakes up with sweat and pain. She rubs her head and brushes her long pale blue hair from her face. She sighs and walks to the bathroom to wash up. She gazes into the mirror with her tired silver eyes and thinks to herself, “Why can’t I remember the rest? What must I do to remember my past?”
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