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Posted 4/3/10
I'm new here, but I'll just say my story that I am making by myself.

Sekai no Yuu'utsu
Chikao *25 yrs old*: This world, Earth, is the source of all life. Without this world, everyone would die. Or so they say. We've heard stories about gods making this world. But is that really true? This year, we were supposedly going to die *The setting's in 2012*. But guess what? We're still alive in this world. Haven't you ever asked yourself, did a god really make this world? The Universe? Not exactly. But the world we live in, Earth, isn't normal. It isn't a planet. Earth is an actual monster. It wasn't created for humans. It was for the animals. But humans of another world came from a world called Aria. That's where humans originally came from. Earth only had animals and monster that fought everyday. Until a demon and 'goddess' took one step to change this whole world. Demons and 'Gods' started to turn monsters into humans... It became so well, that everybody wanted to leave these humans alone. Figure out life themselves. And so that happened. But it became the opposite years later. That is the story that showed earthlings what the world was really made of. Hanazono Hikari her companions, Hakarata Saburo, and myself, will show you what happened 10 years ago...
Hikari: *sigh...* So freaking bored... (Hello everybody. My name is Hikari Hanazono. I am 14 yrs old. Tomorrow is my birthday. *It's actually today just that she forgot to go to school XD* I am a non-regular girl like Suzumiya Haruhi, but different. *she watches anime* I have to gp to practice.) Ittekimasu (I'm leaving the house!)!
Nanako: Where's your school uniform?
Hikari: What do you mean, Nanako? Today's not monday.
Shoko: Nanako... What're you talking about? Today's sunday.
Nanako: *just remembered something* Oh yeah! Silly me. I thought it was!
Michio: Hey big sis.
Hikari: Where's Hokuto?
Michio: He again went to teach at school.
Hikari: Today's not mon-
???: HIKARI!!!!!!
???: Stupid!! She's gonna notice you like that!
Hikari: What the-?!
*both suspicious people fall down the roof [The house is 3 stories but they still land safely.]*
Hikari: *sigh...* Hiko Chikao and Hakarata Saburo!!!
Chikao and Saburo: Shit!
Hikari: What the?!
Chikao: That sounded like it came from the school!
Saburo: Let's go!
???: Decendents of the greats.... heed my call...
All three: What the?! *All get trapped in a huge barrier*
----------------------------------------------------------The End???? >_>----------------------------------------
It's just a rough draft. ^^ So I know it sucks.
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Posted 4/11/10
meh give ya a 10 !!!!!!!!

now me turn yayz ^^


Mirina was tired her head was pounding all she could think was, first day on my own my first knife fight. Grent looked at her tapping his foot and shaking his head. "Miri snap out of it!" Mirina's head came up her knife had abit of blood on it from the wound she had gotten. "s-Sorry Grent!" ,she yelled and took her position. Grent charged again. Mirina triped him the on lookers the rest of the group claped. It was a small group of wanders they stayed near by eachother. Lyanne a small dark haired girl poped up and started rooting for Grent while Koryna tried to root for Mirina. Mirina got a cut on her arm she winced and fought back barely missing Grent's face. "Not bad!",Kane said his arms were crossed his face the dragon tatto seemed life like black dim red eyes shining. Mirina turned around punching Grent in the back knocking him down she jumped up with joy. Grent was annoyed he sighed and admitted defeat. Monreal sat near by watching as his brother talked with Mirina his brother was Kane. Kane congradulated the winner of the fight. This was home and this was life for most fo them surpression close by how would they take the risks no one knows.

rating my own as a 5
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24 / M / Baker Street
Posted 4/15/10
more more
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23 / F / Narutoverse
Posted 4/24/10
New Jersey, USA--

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as Monsters right? The only scary thing about them is that they're ugly-faced and roar loudly and spit in your face with their two Claws or whatever. The only Monster in anyone's life is themselves, whether it be self-consciousness or something really powerful holding them back from a goal or dream they want to pursue. Remember the first day of High-school? Shocker eh? The amount of pressure fitting in. Questions buzzing in your mind and all you want to say is "SHUT THE FUCK UP BRAIN!"- well that was my reaction.
The name's Melody, remember it and don't wear it out.
This is all irrelevant to the current story that is about to unfold, but somehow it all ties in.
8 Young-adults in 8 different locations just finished High-school, ready to face the world.
Romance, Drama, Action and a Sense of humor- you name it!
These girls were put on Earth for a reason... to tell the world what a girl wants.

Featuring Kpop stars ;]
Posted 5/4/10

Adieu ma che'rie-good-bye my dear. Karen closed her eyes as tears crept from beneath them. She had given her last respects to her friend Angela Louise Mayfield-Grant and her husband Loren Miles Grant.

How could a love like theirs had been so wrong when it was so right? Could she herself have saved it if only she had spoken up?

It all began September 7, 2009 the first day of school in Chicago at John One Prep H.S. Angela and Karen were returning seniors and longtime friends from kindergarten. It was Karen’s first day back from vacation where she had been visiting her newly engaged father at his home in Arizona. In her mind the engagement was just another failed attempt to make her mother jealous and woo her back. The “other woman” was merely another trick up his sleeve.

It was a cool breezy and sunny pre-autumn day. The leaves had a crisp and beautiful golden-red color that rivaled peaches in full bloom during the summertime. Every once in a while squirrels would dash across the litter free perfectly manicured lawns chasing one another or carrying fresh found foods of nuts, seeds and bugs. Parents rushed their teary-eyed pre-kindergarten toddlers off to the local neighborhood nursery as they made a mad dash to beat the morning rush hour traffic.

The scenery was poetic- and had Karen knew what she would soon to experience later that fall; she would have described the scenery as being poetic justice. Karen wore a smart looking lavender georgette blouse that was overrun with a sea of ruffles that bespoke of a nostalgic time in history. But Karen was thin with long legs and it gave her an air of class over her stylish black designer “skinny” jeans with those lavender stilettos that made her feet look like a size two. She stood on the corner of West 67th and Shore Drive; the ritzy Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Just down the street from her was the infamous University of Chicago that helped give the neighborhood flair of prestige and history. The Metra trains’ bells rung loudly as they toiled the masses of people to and from work and school. She looked at her watch and impatiently tapped her foot as she watched their favorite eatery quickly fill up with college students as they stumbled out of bed and rushed to grab a bite to eat before class.

Just as she was sure she would scream, she spotted Angela in a white silk blouse sporting a new pair of her favorite Levi skinny jeans and black Nike’s. Her eyes lit up.


“Karen!” they greeted each other like they hadn’t seen each other for ages as they ran towards each other and embraced and complimenting each other’s clothes and new hair-do.

“OMG! Look at your tan.” Angela marveled. “It’s perfect... Arizona must be beautiful.”

“And the boys aren’t so bad either.” Karen quibbled as they walked into the now crowded eatery “Bread Barn” where they sold fresh baked goods and the best iced cappuccino. As they stood in line they chatted excitedly about their summers and Karen pulled out a small photo book as she narrated the scenery of each picture.

“Oooh, not bad… How could you leave this piece of paradise?”

“Not easy,” Karen responded with the quick wit. Angela had always admired her ability to have quick witty comebacks for all occasions. As a matter of fact that was how this wonderful friendship had begun. Two five-year olds waiting at the corner for the school bus on a rainy day, when a car drives by and promptly makes mud pies out of their perfectly picked out little outfits for school.

Angela was about to throw her temper, when before she knew it this pint-sized cherub hollered out in a loud but pleasant and sweet voice, “Hey, next time aim for the face…”

It was so unexpected that Angela quickly forgot her anger and they laughed together at how ridiculous they looked all splattered in mud; and they have been laughing every since.

Karen ordered a cream scone with her favorite white hot chocolate drink and Angela had a pumpkin muffin with an iced latte.

“We’ve gotta do a sleepover so I can show you all the hotties I captured on film…”

“I’m sure Mom won’t mind tonight… “Holy shit! Who is this babe and is he married?”

Hearing and seeing Angela’s reaction Karen coughed as she almost choked on her drink. Then she guiltily giggled as she leaned over and a mischievous smile broke through her perfectly rounded and pouty lips.

“Are you kidding me? Too many hotties and ooh so-so little time…” She said in her best ever impression of Anna Nicole Smith as she took a closer look at the picture that had caused her friend’s strong reaction. Her expression became if it’s possible even more “girly” as she said, “Aah Joe…” and a strange little smirk crept over her lips.

“Joe?” Angela asked with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t miss the breathless sound Karen had made as his name parted from her lips. It was like a sweet memory had suddenly taken over her thoughts and she was no longer here walking besides Angela enjoying a scone with a cup of white hot chocolate. It was like her spirit had momentarily left her body and went back in time to steal that moment in time.

“Joe,” she repeated again as if just saying his name could take her back to that moment any time she wished… “Now I know why first kisses are memorable…’

”SHUT UP!!!!” BLINK-BLINK-BLINK… “NO WAAAY!!!” Okay yes time did stop. And everything and everybody surrounding them suddenly stopped and then were swooped up and off the planet and it was just them- Karen and Angela two friends sharing one of their life's major moment events.

“First kiss?” Angela managed to ask.
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Posted 5/9/10
woAH~ so interesting all of u!!
nice story!

somehOW u already knOW the storY but so haRD to write here, hahAHA . . .
WannA tRY toO~

there was a girl is named sayuka, life is pretty easy for her, has strong family ties.

growth with free-spirit, never found anyday without knitting a beautiful smile on her face. one day she found a letter from the university she wanted to enter. . .
Continuously her act is so strange, like she changed to others character...she never view others eyes, and never give any feedback. then she began to acts as if there Were many people around him .

family economic situation even Worse off. . .beloved mom has passed away, her father left her in her other family house.
But the nostalgia of the happiness past life was so temped, she thought '' than continue fuzzy college life, and just be treated as a maid in my family house . . .'' after calling her first boyfriend and the only one. The next day she was found sleeping peacely under the railroad tracks.

well that is an amateur story, ~
pleas post the critic.
c u all~

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33 / M
Posted 5/14/10
An underdog named Rahul but with good heart and with good knowledge except horrible in studies .kind of an explorer kid with a dog, his best friend.

Gets power when finds a magical piece of metal...mecha type anime..powered by his internal strength....fights evil..gets stronger with each fight..the type of anime i like.......
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M / Closer Than You T...
Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/19/10

Darkside Fairytale

~ Chapter 3~ "To A New Adventure.”

doors opens

Yumi, “Itsuki! We just came back from Creatoria!”

Junko, “ITSUKI?!”

Hido, “Junko be quiet…almost broke my eardrum.”

Junko runs to Itsuki office

Itsuki, “Welcome back. Haha.”

Yumi, “Yes.”

Hido, “Why did you call us for?”

Itsuki, “A preparation for your adventure.”

Hido, “Hm?”

Itsuki, “I’ll give all 3 of you kinda like power-ups.”


Yumi, “Thank you master”

Hido, “Yeah.”

Itsuki, “All threee of you will get these pets.”

Yumi, “Pets?”

Junko, “Mine better be kickass”


*A cat came in through the door*

Itsuki, “That’s your pet, a fire cat, it utilizes in power and close combat”


Itsuki, “And you Yumi, you get a…*Itsuki hold a raccoon wind-type pet*
Yumi, “Isssss that mine?”

Itsuki, “Yes”

Yumi, “Thank you master! I’m very grateful! hugs Itsuki

Itsuki, “It’s common for aprent to care for their child.”

Hido, “Yep.”

Itsuki, “Hido.”

Hido, “Yes, master.”

everyone hears a big noise and a gengar-like monster comes down. It looks like gegar but is black and its mouth and eyes are fully white and look like a real-life painting demon thing

Itsuki, “This is Nakaro, the dark demon. I used him in battle when I was your age and he’s a great help.”

Nakaro, “What’s Up?”

Junko, “What Up.” *as the fire cat is on his face licking him.”

Junko, “Liki, stop. Haha”

Nakaro, No your wrong up is…..

Hido, “a direction”

Itsuki, “I guess you guys are perfect for each other.”

Nakaro and Hido, “Yosh”

Yumi, “Why did you give us these cute pets?”

Nakaro, “Who’s cute?”

Itsuki, “Nakaro be quiet. And also the answer to your question Yumi is that so you guys can win battles and hopefully win the Coronta Tournament. You’’ll train with these for 3 days and you’ll set off.”

Yumi, “Are you sure, master.”

Itsuki, “Yes.”
3 days past as the 3-man team train

Yumi, “Bye Master!

Itsuki, “See ya.”

Hido, “We’ll win the Coronta Tournament.”

Junko, “It’ll be easy, haha.”

walking in a sidewalk of a town

Nakaro, “Where are we going anyways?”

Yumi, “Litini, where the world largest dock is, because for the biggest lighthouse in the world.”

Hido, “500 feet high.”

Junko, “DAMN, im even scared In that height.”

Liki, “Meow.”

Yumi, “haha”

Hido, “There it is, what a beautiful sight.”

Yumi, “Yeah”

Nakaro, “I’m more beautiful!”

Hido, “Whatever.”

~Chapter End~

Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
Okay, I'm gonna write a story right now... hmm, if only I had an idea... AHA!
Part One of: Idenger's Peril-
Once, long ago, in a land known as Idenger, a kingdom of magickal beings unbeknownst to any alive today, a daughter was born to the great King Renir and Queen Sayame. Little did they know that their own child would bring about the destruction of their kingdom. For the Royals had fallen gravely ill, and their High Mage had been prepared to seize the throne upon their deaths. But, to her dismay, the heir was brought up to take her parents place. They decided to name their daughter Celestia, after their land's great deity. Their malevolent sorceress Ibellia had sensed a magickal disruption the moment the child was conceived, and she soon developed a new plan to rule the kingdom. She fooled the frail King into banishing his other mages, to be sure nobody but her knew of the child's gift. When Celestia's parents passed away, Ibellia took over her lessons. One day, as Celestia was asleep, Ibellia crept into the Princess' quarters, casting a spell on her: The evil mage used her own darkness to convert the child's magick into a torrent of uncontrollable malevolent power that would ravage the kingdom, destroying it from the inside out!
-And so ends part one of : Idenger's Peril-
Please comment on it... be brutally honest!
Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
Okay, time for the real story to begin...
- part two of: Idenger's Peril-
For five years Celestia's power disrupted the kingdom, destroying everything she was born to protect. But on her thirteenth birthday, everything changed:
Celestia stood in her chamber, allowing Qwip, her maid, to fit her gown for the celebration that was to take place that evening. "Qwip," she whispered. The maid only replied with a respectful, "Yes, Milady?" Celestia smoothed imaginary wrinkles in her dress, gazing down at her dancing shoes. " There is something... wrong with me, isn't there? Everyone has experienced the destruction that appears to come from nowhere." Qwip blinked in surprise, wondering what made the Princess think any of it had something to do with her. "I mean, every time something horrible happens... every time someone ends up hurt... I'm there," she continued. Before she could say another word, Ibellia burst in commanding the maid to bring Celestia out immediately. Qwip did as she was told, leading the Princess to the palace ballroom. As Qwip turned to head to the kitchen, Celestia smiled slightly, curtsying to her faithful lady in waiting. The Princess took the first step into the room, marveling at the grandeur of her celebration: Lords as well as peasants filled the ballroom, having traveled from all over the kingdom to attend. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, filled with candles. Celestia ambled over to the tavern-style bar, climbing into a high-backed wooden chair. As she gazed around the room curiously, she locked eyes with a handsome youth. Celestia squirmed nervously, hardly behaving like a Princess. She swept her gaze across the crowd again, noticing that the boy was headed her way. At that moment, the room grew intensely dark, as if all the candles had been snuffed out at once.
- and so ends part two of : Idenger's Peril-
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24 / M / In my head
Posted 5/23/10
I am like a script writer. I wrote some stories on my pages. I only have three of them. If anyone would like to read them just go to my pages. Click on my picture and go to my pages. World Of Power is the on;y story I have completed the first chapter to. It's basically about people who discover they have super powers and the epic adventure of how they became superheroes. It's kinda like the series Heroes. He's a list of superpowers used.


Super Strength:

Technopathy: Able to talk to and control any type of Machine.



Pyrokinesis: Fire


Power Mimicry: Touch people and get their power.


Phoenix: Fly, Fire, reincarnation.

Mind reading:

Mediumship: Able to communicate with the dead.

Shapeshifting: Can only become other people.

Space-Time Manipulation: Control Time.

Biological manipulation: Touch people and they die.

Biological Manipulation: Touch people and they're healed.


Spirit time travel:

Dimension Bending: Complete control over all dimensions and can travel to any one of them.

Evil time control: Bad things that have happened throughout time come to the present in whatever area the user wants it to go, such as making a plane crash hit in another point in time causing as much damage as it did when it first hit just in a different location. Doing this does not change the course of history.

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24 / M / In my head
Posted 5/24/10
I forgot to mention Hanru Sazuki. This is the only story that I made with my own ideas in a way. Hanru is one of my best stories in a way. You can read it but know it is not finished. Each chapter is too long, so you should still read it before I add to much.
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24 / M
Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10
What? 500 credits to make a topic? Really?

Oh well, here's the start of the Manga series I'm writing. It's the background mythology and the summary of the first story arc.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

Mythology: (Large)

First story arc

It may seem "romantic shoujo" but it's going to be very comedic. Most of the janitors that appear are rather goofy and unique. Also note that this first story arc is the largest, and there's several micro-arcs in it.

Oh, and what I have so far for the second.

Note that this arc is unfinished.
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24 / M / In my head
Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10

Chapter One:

(It's a hot summer day in the suburbs.)

Jeromy: So you're the new girl in the neighborhood, huh?

Amanda: I am. I was wondering if you could tell me about the house I just moved into. I heard that no one's ever lived in there for more than two weeks.

Jeromy: Please don't freak out when I tell you this. Many years ago this suburban neighborhood use to be a town. One night a demon tried to destroy the town. The towns people were able to capture him and burn him at the stake. They say everything was reduced to ashes. All except his face. His turned into a mask. Whoever wears the mask will be taken over by him. And he will be able do accomplish his dark deeds by the use of body of whoever wears the mask. They said that he always goes to this house to kill whoever lives there. But, If someone has a strong spirit and they live in the house. They will be given the gift of communicating with the dead. Spirits roam this neighborhood and everyone here knows it. They just can't communicate with them. But the spirits can manipulate the lives of others. Each spirit has a goal for a human. If they succeed in that goal, the spirit takes control over the human's body and their given an ability. Me and my team of mediums hunt down the ones that have taken over human bodies and we send them back to Hell. I can sense that you're a medium as well. Am I wrong?

Amanda: Wow. You just threw it all out there. I just wanted to know about my house. But I have been seeing dead people lately. But I never knew why. Now I do.

Jeromy: Do you agree to join my team and hunt down these evil spirits?

Amanda: When do I start?

Chapter Two:

A man is in his bedroom alone... Or is he?

Susan: John.

John: I'd recognize that voice anywhere. Susan?

Susan: I'm here, John. I've been with you since the day I died.

John: I'm sorry for what happened, Susan. But I was angry, Susan. You have to understand.

Susan: It was not your fault. I used you for your money. That is the only reason why I married you. But when we had our child, you lost sleep. And you were fired. I left you because you were broke. Once I found out you hit the lottery, I tried to come back to you. But you knew I was using you. So you rejected me. As I left from your apartment I was attacked. And sadly shot. I died that day. And you blame yourself everyday for my death. That is why my spirit stayed with you. You must let me go, John. You can't be afraid to find another woman to marry.

John: Our daughter's been saying the same thing.

Susan: I know. I've been watching her as well. So where is Amanda?

John: She went outside to check out the neighborhood.

Susan: You don't seem frightened of me, John.

John: I've seen dead spirits before. Every time I went to a funeral or a cemetery. It doesn't surprise me anymore. You're right, Susan. I must move on with my life. I will try to date again. But only for you.

Susan: I would really like that. So, tell me about the mask you found this morning.

John: I just found a mask in my closet. I wonder if it fits me.

Susan: You should try it out.

John: I should, shouldn't I? Alright, I'll try it on now.

Chapter Three:

Detectives on a crime scene

Ryan: Ryan Alex, detective. Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the crime scene.

Gina: No.

Ryan: No? What's your name?

Gina: Gina Bennett.

Ginger: Who are you talking to, Ryan?

Ryan: (Turns around and she's gone) Nobody. I'm talking to nobody. It's this heat. It gets to me sometimes. So do we have a name for the victim?

Ginger: We do. Of course she was stabbed multiple times in the chest. Surprisingly the stab wounds aren't what killed her. She lost too much blood. Oh I almost forgot. Her name is Gina Bennett.

Ryan: Gina Bennett?

Gina: Yes?

Ryan: Ginger, please tell me you see a woman standing behind me.

Ginger: Nope, I don't see anybody.

Gina: You are the only one who can see me. I will leave you and move on to my next destination in life. But first, I want to make sure the man who killed me is put behind bars.

Ryan: Who killed you?

Chapter Four

Someone's at the door.

Kalisa: Hi, I'm Kalisa. But some people call me Kay or Lisa. You can call me whichever.

John: My name's John.

Kalisa: Well hello, John. I couldn't help myself, I just had to come over here and welcome you to the neighborhood.

John: Well thank you.

Kalisa: I live right beside you. So if you ever want someone to show you around the neighborhood just come get me.

John: That would be great if you could show me around. Thank you.

Kalisa: Oh my gosh, what is that in your hand?

John: What? Oh this? It's just some mask I found in my closet this morning.

Kalisa: I know exactly who's that is. I would be more that happy to return it to them.

A boy stands behind John.

Timmy: Well If it isn't Kay. How are you, Kay?

Kalisa: Timmy.

John: What you know each other?

Kalisa: Wait, you can see him?

John: You can see him? This guy's been messing with me and my daughter since we moved in here. But I know he's harmless. How do the two of you know each other?

Timmy: Let's just say Kalisa is responsible for some of the spirits roaming this neighborhood. Kalisa has some skeletons in her closet. And I mean that literally.

John: What?!

Kalisa: Uh...


Please reply to me on what yo think about this.
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Posted 6/14/10
here a scary story that i wrote...hope u like it

There was girl named Tama (had to made name up), she just got back home from the school. Everything was like a normal day for her, go school, come back home, eat, do homework and take a shower. The sun went over the horizon, the moon was up and stars shine brightly. It was time to go to sleep. Tama wore her PJ and slip in to bed. She puts her head on the pillow, and then suddenly she hears a loud "Thump-Thump" in the attic. She woke up, look up, it stop. She turns to look at her door it was open wide. She thought "didn't i close the door before i went to sleep". She saw a woman with pale face with a long black hair pass by her door slowly. She called out "Mom!! You there?.” Tama jump out of her bed to go check. She went out to the hallway. "Mom?" said Tama. Her door room, close quickly. She turns, she starting to hear footsteps running in the attic toward her. Tama got scare, she ran downstairs fast and went outside. She went to the street, calling out her family's names. Tama saw a cat meowing. (Know how cat meowing sometimes sound like a baby's crying). She turn around, no ones was there. Tama look back at the cat. There was no cat except a little boy standing with red eyes looking at her. She felt a Goosebumps on her spine. The boy point to her house "go back" said the boy. She looks back at her house behind her. It was dark, gloomy, and lifeless. "Why?" said Tama, while turn back to see the boy. He wasn't there. She felt weird and thought about the boy's words,” Go back..." Tama murmured. "My room!" thought Tama. She began to run quickly back to her house. She opens the front door of her house. Tama began to run upstairs. While running upstairs, she saw the pale woman crawling up to her, she got to the hallway. She heard loud footsteps, "BUMP-BUMP-BUMP" running after her. She hesitated, got to her room, close the door, into her bed and cover the blanket over her. The doorknob turns slowly. She woke up, panting fast "it was a bad dream" she said.....

hope u enjoy

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