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24 / M / Earth, CA
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/28/10
ok so i hav a great anime/game hidden in the back of my mind.
ok me and 2 other friends were discusing ideas for a comic script
it would be called the "shadow" but thats all i can say do to copy right.
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24 / M / Earth, CA
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/28/10

jojoher wrote:

here a scary dream that i dream n my family were on a vacation to a forest. We came to this big steep hill. The family got tired, we decided to stop. But lilo brother just kept on running up ahead the steep hill. I was told from sister to follow my lilo brother and bring him back so we could eat. So i did....but it was weird when i went to the summit of the hill. I saw my lilo brother playing with a lilo boy n girl. I kinda got creep out wondering why he playing with them. I went to my brother n told him to go back with me. he said okay. But when i look back down the hill. i didnt see my family down the hill. I got scare n thinking where are they? Then i decided that we should stay with two kids until the family comes back or something. So me n lilo brother end up playing with the two kids. I was scare to ask the kids where their family were. But i still ask. "where ur family". The strange boy told me that his house is at the other side of the hill. So i just said "oh okay". We just kept on playing with the kids and their lilo red ball. (have no idea where did we get the red ball). After playing so much we got tired. Suddenly the boy n lilo girl said that they had to go home since it was late. I told if we could walk them back to thier house. But the boy said "it was okay my house is not that far...but u guys could come tomorrow". Then i suddenly heard my family's voices the back of my head. Me n my brother look back down the hill. My family was coming up the hill. I look back to see the two kids. But when i look back they were gone. So i thought they went home. My sister was worry she came up running the hill telling why we took so long to come back. I explain to her that i didnt see them down the hill. My sister gave me a confuse look. Sister said "but we were down the hill ". I was confused. My family went back to a rent house in the woods. The next morning i told my lilo brother if he wanted go to play with the two kids again but he said he was too tired. So i ended up going. i went up the hill. I saw a house on the other side. i knocked the door. A young lady in her 30s open the door. She look at me asking why i was here. I told her that if the two kids live here. She look sad n confuse. She told me to come inside. We sat at the couch. The lady gave me a sersious look. She told that the two kids that i was playing the other day they were dead because a car accident. I got scare. I told her that she was lieing. So she went to the tv and put ona tape.The tape show a grave with two stone it said their names (the two kids' name but somehow i forgot their name). Then i woke up from my dream.....yea i got scare so i woke up

i loved this story, i can't really remember my dreams unless there scary
( Y is it always a Red ball it has to mean some thing)
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22 / F
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10
i know lol
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25 / F / somewhere watchin...
Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/26/10

Aqune13Machika wrote:

Okay, time for the real story to begin...
- part two of: Idenger's Peril-
For five years Celestia's power disrupted the kingdom, destroying everything she was born to protect. But on her thirteenth birthday, everything changed:
Celestia stood in her chamber, allowing Qwip, her maid, to fit her gown for the celebration that was to take place that evening. "Qwip," she whispered. The maid only replied with a respectful, "Yes, Milady?" Celestia smoothed imaginary wrinkles in her dress, gazing down at her dancing shoes. " There is something... wrong with me, isn't there? Everyone has experienced the destruction that appears to come from nowhere." Qwip blinked in surprise, wondering what made the Princess think any of it had something to do with her. "I mean, every time something horrible happens... every time someone ends up hurt... I'm there," she continued. Before she could say another word, Ibellia burst in commanding the maid to bring Celestia out immediately. Qwip did as she was told, leading the Princess to the palace ballroom. As Qwip turned to head to the kitchen, Celestia smiled slightly, curtsying to her faithful lady in waiting. The Princess took the first step into the room, marveling at the grandeur of her celebration: Lords as well as peasants filled the ballroom, having traveled from all over the kingdom to attend. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, filled with candles. Celestia ambled over to the tavern-style bar, climbing into a high-backed wooden chair. As she gazed around the room curiously, she locked eyes with a handsome youth. Celestia squirmed nervously, hardly behaving like a Princess. She swept her gaze across the crowd again, noticing that the boy was headed her way. At that moment, the room grew intensely dark, as if all the candles had been snuffed out at once.
- and so ends part two of : Idenger's Peril-

Wow! That story is amazing. Are you gonna write any more? Please say you're gonna write more!
Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/28/10
Miru fell down to her knees. Was the water falling to the ground rain or were they tears? She couldn't tell. My prince charming.. save me.. She tried to call his name. All she could manage was a whisper. Miru had ran from home, hoping to find the boy called Nin. Her body had grew weak from hunger, her clothes tattered. The only thing keeping her going was her love. The wind grew stronger, Miru shivered. I should have brought a thicker coat... no. Its too late now. I must keep going. Miru got up, taking much effort to do so. Her whole body hurt. Pain. So much pain. She was able to endure it, in hopes of seeing that kind, loving smile once again.

-To be continued-
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23 / M / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
I've actually written three exercise books (64 page ones) of this anime/manga series my friend and I created.

Reaper Lens

A boy is sitting in the's a cold, rainy day...he stares blankly, outside, watching the wind and rain do it's work on nature. It's time for him to leave; as it is his stop. As he exits, the bus leaves, leaving him drenched in the rain. As he walks, he slips on a puddle, and falls onto someone's lawn. His right eye's contact lens falls out. He scrambles around on all fours, searching for his lens. Little did he know, there was another one right beside it...a contact lens with infinite power: to see the access Hell, the Underworld, and beyond it. He felt the cold touch of the lens, and he placed it in his eye. He had put on the Reaper Lens...

You can actually read the series (or at least the first part of it) on my friends website (I think it was)

Josh (the Protagonist of the Reaper Lens stories)
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28 / F
Posted 10/9/10 , edited 10/9/10
One time,in the year 2004,the goverment came to a womens house to take her child away because she made a ''promise''.She clinged onto her child,Kyoko Usui,resulting to her death.The child was taken and trained as a warrior of darkness with a pendant.She was given into the care of another woman,that beaten her if she made contact with the outer world.Kyoko was sent to school to find the Pendant of Light and met Awa Haburi,her first friend ever.Or not.Kyoko only used her when she saw the legendary ''Pendant of Light''.

Once her foster mother found this out,she beat her until Kyoko was unconsious.Awai had the Pendant of Light(hence her name is translated into Light),which reacted to her pain and she found a letter.The letter said:

''Say Pendant of Light,Set up.''
She did as the letter said and she transformed into the warrior of light.She found Kyoko unconcious,who's pendant reacted to Awai's.She transformed and opened her eyes.She recognised(sp?)Awai and fought her.Once Awai beat her,Kyoko walked away saying''One day,your pendant shall be mine...Haburi Awai!'' and flew away.
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27 / M / New Jersey
Posted 10/11/10 , edited 10/12/10
I uploaded this story allready in the topics but il put the prologue here for you guys to read

A mysterious teenager walks into a village face covered by a hood he walks by an alley and see’s a kid getting beat up he walks up to the bullies beating up the kid. They turn around one of them says “You got a problem” another one says “You want to join the party two we always like kicking some ass.
The mysterious teenager smiles and says really I came here to do the same thing. The kid laying on the ground tried to get up to look at the mysterious teenager a bright light appears when the kid blinked the three bullies were laying on the floor face first the mysterious teenager yells “Yeah now who was the one who was going to get his ass Kicked

The boy stood in shock the mysterious teenager looks at the boy and extends his hand and says “Don’t worry these punks aren’t going to bother you again the bullies get up and they start to run the mysterious teenager turns around and yells “That’s right ??????? You better run go cry to your momma and let them know who gave you your ass whooping.

The Boy chuckles and says who are you? What’s your name? The mysterious teenager turns around and says.
My name…

They Call Me GIN…
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22 / M / England, United K...
Posted 10/12/10 , edited 10/12/10
This story will be based on Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

The conflict with the Shimon Family caused a revolutionary spark in the Mafia world. Everyone started to abuse the power of the Rings and Boxes. Mafia Families has merged to form 'Famiglia Rivoluzione di Mondo' In the heart of this upcoming revolution is the worst villain.... Byakuran. To oppose this revolution is the Vongola Family. Lead by Tsunayoshi Sawada and his Guardians. The Previous Vongola bosses including Primo and their guardians was revived with the power of the Miracle Vertical Time-Axis of the Vongola ring, the Varia(vongola Elite Assasssination Group), the now-befriended Shimon Family and the Arcobaleno. They stand in a line preparing to fight billions of enemy battallion equipped with Rings and Boxes. Who will the Battaglia di Secolo favour?
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26 / F / From Outer Space...
Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/26/10
its a pop up exert.

Saya looks at Kaito as he passes by. (Why does he do that to me? Say something really sweet and takes it back. What is he trying to prove doing that?) she thinks. The bell rings and she goes to class. she sees her friend, Miyoko, waiting for her. "Yo Sayo!" Miyko said. "Oh Miyoko I told you many times not to call me Sayo." Saya said. "Aww cheer up. I'm only playing around. Yopu know not to take me seriously." "I know its just. . . " Saya goes into deep thought. *If only you weren't so harsh. . .* She closes her eyes. *. . .Kaito*

That's all I got. I just made it up. I guess it wasn't so bad.
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32 / F / USA
Posted 10/27/10 , edited 10/27/10
I have a few story ideas in mind, though...I'll go with my vampire one. =_= And NO, the vampires do NOT sparkle or are vegetarian. They are powerful predators that feed off of humanity and lack certain constraints that humans have. That and...they are immortal, unless you kill them.

Daniel Huntington is an average high school student, though there are times when he wonders why he could climb walls and the tallest skyscrapers in New York City. What's more, he has found that his vision, when used in a certain way, could see a lot of things that average people couldn't.

One day, he runs into a playful girl about his age who has lost her way on the subway, and brings her home to ask his father to send her to the police station. Upon seeing the girl, his father attacks her with a stake, and it is right then that Daniel finds that he is one of the descendants of the greatest vampire hunter in the world (which explains why he can do extremely physically-challenging things and see things that other people can't). The mischievous girl, a vampire.

And not just any vampire, but the future leader-to-be of all vampires: the Fifth Prodigy and Prophet.

Cue the door breaking down and several vampire soldiers marching in to protect said girl. Thankfully, Daniel cajoles and convinces both his father and the vampires to not fight in public for fear of making things go badly. Eventually, the vampire leaders decide to make a deal with the Vampire Hunter society: in order to ensure that the Vampire-Human treaty is not breached or found out by the general public of human society, the Prophet girl will train with the boy to make herself stronger as a fighter and potential leader and, in turn, train the boy to become a future Vampire Hunter.

From there, said vampire girl begins to live with Daniel as a guest in the house and train him on his combat abilities.

So, yeah, it's a supernatural/paranormal/vampire story that is action/adventure/drama-based and kinda more for shounen. ^^;
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F / Kobe, Japan
Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
I'v written some stories in Japanese before and got good reviews, so here's one of them:

(Plot of the story I am writing right now)
The Sky Pirate Chronicles ~Via~

Era VII Period X Year XL Eisenbow III

The law and government are growing in power.
The ones who oppose are increasing in number.
In the land of Solebrio, balance is about to be lost.

The opposing power have taken over the skies, in forms of "sky pirates".
Those that dominate among all sky pirates are made by the three forces:
Vincent Maximum, Bernard Ranier, and Darren Caspien.
Vincent leads the Archaeoterius, known as "the Oldest sky pirate".
Bernard is teaming with Simona Clauvio, known as "the Fastest sky pirate".
Darren is the leader of the Caldo, known as "the Strongest sky pirate".

Darren, the leading character of this story, holds a secret that no one shares.
His family traces back to the now extinct Solare race, who have a special kind of blood
that is able to produce antibodies against several viral and bacterial infections.
However, a small wound or scratch emitting blood can cause fatal death.
In the present world, Darren is the only one who holds this very blood.

The government hardly come in contact with the three sky pirates;
however, they are now trying to negotiate with Darren.
A new viral strain has infected the imperial family, and is quickly spreading.
Without Darren's blood, future for them is hopeless...

Meanwhile, a girl is about to be sold in the streets of Altas.
Her name is Noemi.
She cannot read nor write; all she has is herself and a dagger she brought with her from home.
As she is almost given to a man who wants her for sexual satisfaction,
a light-chestnut, long-haired young man approaches and provokes him.
As he starts a fight, the young man - Darren - sweeps Noemi off of her feet.

The adventure begins, both destined to be intertwined.

Now the two are left with no other choice:

Darren has a miraculous blood that he cannot give,

Noemi has a dagger with Solare writings,

and the government is after both of them.
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EXO Planet
Posted 11/9/10 , edited 11/10/10
In the kingdom of Aleaves, there lived a princess named, Xing Cai. She had an assistant named Mai Lynn. They were bound to stay in the castle until the princess was married to a prince. But Xing Cai isn't your ordinary perfect princess, she was a reckless, insolent 16 year old girl. Now Mai Lynn, she was a different story. She was a cruel, and honest person. One day the two were in Xing Cai's bedroom, Xing Cai was staring out into the open by her window while Mai Lynn lied on her bed.

"Oh Mai Lynn!" Xing Cai yelped. "Another prince is coming and I don't want to marry him! You must push him away like you did with the others!!" She walked to the bed.
"No." Mai Lynn simply said.
"Please! I want to go explore anyway."
"As a royal and trusted adviser, I advice you to just meet this prince and make your decision, you dimwad."

Xing Cai pouted and returned to the window. She started to mumble weird words and suddenly she disappeared. Mai Lynn dash towards the window to find where Xing Cai was. She called her name, but no answer. At that point, Mai Lynn gave up, or got lazy and decided to fill in for Xing Cai. Mai Lynn put on a wig and headed down to the Great Hall to"meet" the prince.

She waited in the Great Hall for a good 5 minutes when trumpet noises filled the air. The prince had arrived. She stood up to greet the prince when she was interrupted by a little twerp.

"Here I introduce the prince of Royales to meet the princess of Aleaves." She squeaks. She looks at you and says, "And I am Reema. His royal cousin."
"And that ruins a perfectly good introduction." Mai Lynn states already sitting. Reema pouts and stands by the prince's side. The prince sits down on the other side of the table.
"Do you mind leaving your little creature outside of the Great Hall?" Mai Lynn says curtly clearly trying to drive her away.
"Reema, leave." The prince says without enthusiasm.

And from there on, Mai Lynn and the prince basically become best friends that argue a lot. Reema gets a collar and Xing Cai is lost in the city! I could go on, but it would take you forever to read.
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24 / F
Posted 11/11/10 , edited 11/11/10
Okay this is one of my old stories. when I was 14. I, for some reason became addicted to it and couldn't stop. Thus I had 26 chapeters in the first season and 7 in the second... then my computer broke and I was pissed!!!! I still remember how it started and most of it... but it will never be the same Oh well. Oh also I first did it as a play form because I planned to draw it as a manga and I needed to remember there expressions and actions. ( If u rather I write it out in a story form just ask but I think it's better in play form)

Naraku no Hana ( Flower of Hell )
chapter 1
Burning Revenge

14 years ago.

I remember everything that happened that day because it haunts my dreams. The sky was illumanated by a burning building; a building I once called home, and all I could do was watch.
What I saw that day was a demon... A demon destroyed my home and family.
The fire was so hot that my tears burnt my cheeks and the scent of burning flesh eveloped my senses but what scared me the most was the look in that demons eyes. It was full of blood lust and chaos; like staring directly at my own death.
I couldn't move my legs due to the overwhelming fear.... I was pathetic...


(age 17 )Jousen: (wakes up and looks at the clock). I had that dream again... (runs his hands through his hair then gets out of bed).
Land Lady: (knocks on his door) Jousen! wake up!
Jousen: (puts on a shirt and opens the door).
Land Lady: (angry) Jousen, where's the rent!? I told you that if you're late again, I'm going to have to kick you out.
Jousen: ( doesn't look concerned ).
Land Lady: Jousen! I'm giving you two more weeks!
Jousen: (smirks and walks pass her ). Throwing a teenager out on the streets... Isn't that a bit cruel oba-chan? ( leaves calmly)
Land Lady: (watching him as he leaves and whispers to herself) Jousen... compared to you, I don't know the meaning of cruel.

In the City

Jousen: (goes into a bar. A girl in a mini skirt and a short top approaches him)
Miki: (touches his shoulder) Coming here again Jousen-kun? We really shouldn't let you in here. (smiles )
Jousen: (smirks). Aren't you shameless? trying to flirt with a minor..
Miki: I can't help it. You may be young but you're everything of a handsome adult. (goes close to his ear) I can't help but want to eat you up.
Jousen: (for a slight moment his eyes get serious ).
Samuel: Hey Jousen (smiles) long time no see!
Jousen: (smiles at Miki) I guess we'll play some other time).
Miki: (disappointed) aww Jousen-kun, no fair!.
Jousen: (walks over to Samuel). So any information?
Samuel: It's always business with you; sometimes I wish you'd at least talk about something more you're age... (sigh) you're going to grow old quick.
Jousen: (serious expression )
Samuel: ... No, there haven't been any incedents in a while.
Jousen: really? (smirks) You know, there have been a few murders in town as of recently... I'm surprised you didn't hear of it.
Samuel: hmmm...
Jousen: I started coming here two week ago because I thought I could play around a bit. (looks at him with a smiles) but I'm starting to get really bored.
Samuel: (smiles) Watch your mouth or I might have to kick you out. You know children shouldn't act like adults then complain about being bored.
Jousen: You're right... I am a child. (gets up) But don't think that because I'm a child I'm foolish. (turns around and starts heading out) I always knew your secret Mr.Samuel. (smiles coldly)
Samuel: (anger face and starts breathing hard)
Jousen: (calmly) Showing you're true self? (smiles) I guess I should do the same.
( five minutes later)
Jousen; (walks out the bar ). I lost the innocence of a child when I was four. (cold expression) It was that day that I swore I would avenge my family and find the demon that caused me to suffer... (walks away)
( Inside the bar everyone is dead. Mr. samuel hand turns into a demon hand then becomes ash)

Let me describe Jousen.
Age: 17
D.O.B: December 10th
Hair Colour: Black.
Eye Colour: pale blue...
Favorite Food: Onigiri
Dislikes: Demons, Fire, Fish, Cats
Likes: ??? (you'll have to wait or I'll spoil the plot)

He is very cold towards most people and is considered a play boy. He skips school alot but he's smart and good at sports. He's popular and he tends to be very blunt. He admires people who try there best. Due to his past he hates demons to the point where he doesn't care if it didn't do anything wrong. He's searching for the one who hurt his family... also noted that he can sense a demons energy even if it's trying to hide it's presence.
He weilds two blades made of ice and is a very skilled fighter.
He has ice powers, which he gained after his family died... ( i won't tell u how )
Also at first he has a habit of getting information through any means, even if it's sleeping with Miasaki, a woman who was married.
Oh and his best friend is Kanta, who is almost the exact opposite of him, as to why they became friends.... it's a S-e-c-r-e-t. lol. you'll have to wait and see.
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F / Grand line
Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/17/10
1000000000000000000000000000000 i have 3 words for u !
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