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Posted 11/24/10
There was a light in the tunnel from far away from where i was standing.

I hope to reach it. It was dark inside the tunnel, i knew that i would have to reach that light someday.

On the way, I understood little by little why i was suppose "to do". " Learn new things in life.", I said. I may fell a lot on the way. I may gets some bruises and scratches. I know that if i kept on going maybe it will heal in time i said to myself.

I will tell my myself to always try harder. Like "MAN UP!!" i will say to myself or "Keep on walking". From there i know that i would have to leave some important stuff like my family, friends and even my loves one.

While running toward that light, i wonder how i would feel? Would i be happy or sad? I ask myself. Still wanting to know so bad. Though i may not know much about life or what i'm suppose to do. I know that i'm still young for saying this to myself, i hope that one day i will know the truth.

I would always meet a new friend or someone special who would push me closer to reach that light.

I will let them know that i was glad that you were there to help me when i needed help the most.

And i want, to let my family and friends to know that i made it.

But, i hope that i could reach it before times runs out.

So please get me some more time before my life runs out.

Okay everytime im bored i write stuff that i hope will help you reach your goals my friends, family, and myself. ;] <3
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26 / F / on uncharted island
Posted 11/26/10
9 O.O lol

Life is boring. People go about their daily lives in a routinely matter with not so much as a question as to why they are put on this planet. Kira walks across the mile long bridge 100 feet atop the ground every morning, as she ponders on this thought. She wasn't always an ordinary high school girl. No. She was so much more. An empire that was wiped away 100 years ago. A civilization that was thought to be extinct. However no one knows of a princess who escaped through the expense of her families death. This secret belongs to her, and her alone.

She hides her distinctive crimson red eyes with sun glasses, and dyes her pink hair blonde in order to hide her secret. But when a lieutenant general discovers her with her sun glasses off, secrets begin to unfold.

Kira, the last of Veridians, is also the only human in the world who can control the forces of time and space. Meaning she can see the past control her present and look into the future. The Royal Veridian Family with their crimson red eyes held this power and were feared by the rest of the world. The Veridians are also known for their keen precision and quick yet efficient fighting abilitities. With the power of time in their hands also, the royal family were a force to be reckoned with. After decades the empire of Veridia became a myth and legend past down throughout time. Being able to control the element of time Kira preserves her youth and remains an 18 year old girl. The only thing she cannot do is control the time around her.

A manhunt occurs in the city of Reyn as she breaks the crystal ball around her neck, her last resort and also a trinket that belonged her mother. The space and air around her begins to crack and collapses around her as a force pulls her in dragging along the general who tracked her down. The space time continuem takes them both to a different realm and time. In a place very similar but different from their own. A General of the military who wants to arrest her and a world unknown to both of them, what more can go wrong? Kira and general Asuka meet many different beings, each with different abilities until they stumble upon a man with the same crimson eyes as Kira and pale pink hair. She recognizes him to be her brother, but is in disbelief because he is dead. He attacks them as asuka manages to block his assault. The boy runs away leaving Kira to wonder what kind of world this is.

With the hopes that Veridia still exists in this world, Kira ventures off in search of her home and family. Following her stubbornly is Asuka, who only holds a 4 year age difference with her. If he's there to help or there to restrain her, know one knows. This is the beginning of their journey. A girl with superhuman powers and a boy with military trained superhuman abilities.

please tell me what you think : ) i have the actual story on my microsoft word!

Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
Daphient, a world of magic and powers are at war; the Northern Daphientans and the Western Daphientans.
20 years ago, the most powerful sorcerer of the Northern region and a princess from the Western region gave birth to a girl. In Daphient, a man and woman from two different regions cannot fall in love nor have any relationship ties; it's profoundly forbidden. The two broke the law but no one could stop them because the man was strong, way too strong. Then 4 years later, the Princess becomes pregnant again except she was forced to leave the Northern provinces. So she did at 8 months pregnant. The husband went with her to send her back to the Western Palace. The two of them left their daughter, Sephira behind and never showed up again.
14 years have passed, Sephira is now 18 and she is strong, but she lacks a family and so she is solitude and always a serious person. She puts on masks to hide her face because people teased her for her parents' shameful schemes. Her side of the country heard about the new 14 year old sorcerer and decided to ambush the Western plains. Sephira joins the troop and was sent West. There, she encounters Yuen and his brother, Lee. The two of them were put in charge of guarding the Sorcerer. She follows them and fought with Yuen while Lee and the sorcerer split. The two of them fought and fought and argued about who was smarter and stronger. What Yuen didn't know was that Sephira was his unknown princess and part of his country's people.
Without taking notice, the South side of Daphient ambushes the two of them and exploded the cave. Sephira and Yuen were injured badly. Yuen wakes up and sees that Sephira was still unconscious. He calls her a crazy young girl. He removes her mask and observed her beauty. "Meh, mediocre", he says. He wraps her wound and sees a Western and Northern sign imprinted on her leg; the western sign is a full moon and the Northern side is a crescent moon. With curiosity, he avoids it and leaves her behind.
Sephira wakes up at pitch orange dawn to realize that her people had left the West plains. She alone travels.
On Yuen's way back home, he meets an injured Southern girl, Naomi. She was a pure beauty with no flaws. Feeling bad about leaving her in the wilderness, he takes Naomi with him to his place. Naomi secretly smiles.
When Yuen brought Naomi to the sorcerer, he told her that she was a bad sign to the war. Yuen and Lee disagreed and helped take care of her, but the Sorcerer still disapproved.
Sephira finds out that her parents were killed by the Western people 14 years ago after her mother had given birth to Elloy, her brother. She then wanted to kill all of the Western people and look for her brother. She went back to the West and plotted things. Lee meets her and she meets him. The two of them speak to each other forgetting that they were in a battle before. She asks Lee if Lee had a place for her to stay and he brings her to his house.
On the way there, they meet Naomi and Naomi smiles at them. Lee says that she is a Southern girl who was abandoned by her South tribe. They greet each other. Then, Yuen comes out of the house with the sorcerer and sees Sephira. He and her were shocked. "Why are you in the West plains? Your folks retreated!" Sephira claims that she couldn't find her way back to the North so she was stuck in the forest and saw Lee. Lee tells Yuen that she is a sweet Northern person. Yuen accepted her under one condition, she can never go near the sorcerer. The sorcerer disagrees and says that he will go to anyone at anytime if they are the right person; Sephira laughs epically at the sorcerer and Yuen. Yuen was embarrassed and the others laughed at him.
Yuen begins a relationship with Naomi while Sephira tries to kill all of them, except for Naomi. Little did she know, she began to fall for Yuen. So she stopped her plans. One day, the sorcerer took Sephira to the pond to go fishing and he falls into the water. He didn't know how to swim, so she jumped in and helped him. She grabs his arm and his shirt slides showing the same imprinting that Sephira has. Sephira sees it and starts asking him questions. He tells her that his father was a Northern man and was a sorcerer. His mother was a Western princess. She asks him how his parents died, he tells her that he heard Yuen saying that his father claimed the West Emperor killed his mother after she gave birth and his father committed suicide. Sephira felt that they had so much in common, she finally asked for his name. He tells her his real name is 'Elloy'. She is speechless and she hugs him.
The war escalated and Sephira decides to leave. When she left, she heard Naomi speaking to a Southern person about taking over the West lands and steal the sorcerer while the other two regions are fighting. Sephira becomes disappointed and Naomi catches her. The two fight and Sephira kills the Southern man. Naomi injured, tells Sephira that Sephira was just another insecure person. Sephira realizes that Naomi knows something about the war. She threatens Naomi's life. Naomi being afraid of Sephira's power, she tells her. "The sorcerer is the only one who can stop the war. If the sorcerer dies, the other part can sacrifice its life for the sorcerer to come back. Long ago, your father and mother left a will saying that once the sorcerer is 14 and is still learning his powers, the Northern people can take him back. Sadly, the Westerns wanted his power, so they went against the will. That is why you are fighting the West, and your crush." Sephira couldn't believe her, and asks her how she knows. Naomi tells Sephira that she is actually an ancient person with a disguise. Sephira felt sick and left Naomi behind.
Sephira encounters the final battlefield and sees Elloy on the mountain top. While running to him, someone shoots an arrow at the sorcerer's heart from behind. The sorcerer dies. Sephira was so ticked off, she killed the person and saw that it wasn't just anyone, it was Naomi. Yuen sees Naomi get stabbed by Sephira and he attacks Sephira. Sephira begs him to kill her, she was always lonely anyway. Yuen yells at her tells her that she will suffer for making him lonely. So he chose not to kill her.
The sorcerer is dead and everyone fights each other for the sorcerer was dead; they became more angry. Sephira takes the sorcerer to a cave and cries. Her feelings of not being able to tell her little brother how much she had wanted to rock him as a baby. How she wanted to spend her time teaching him his powers. Most of all, she cried for not being able to tell him that he still had a family. Suddenly, she realizes that Naomi mentioned the other half of the sorcerer. Sephira knew that she had to be the other half of him because of their crescent moon sign. She cuts herself and applied her blood onto Elloy's crescent moon sign. She was prepared to leave everything behind just for Daphient's sake and her brother's chance of learning to live fully.
Elloy wakes up and sees Sephira laying next to him and he cries. He burries her under the cave with a printing of his hand. "To the one who loved me most, my sister Sephira". He already knew that they were siblings right when Sephira hugged him because he had a vision of her pass. He is also telepathic. He ends the war..I still need to come up with that.
Man, whatever I quit. I don't want to be a writer anymore. Thanks for trying to read my own fantasy!
Posted 2/6/11
ill trie my best.....
there was an angel that fell from the sky upon the human world and was scared . so he hide from the wolrd and died becauce he didnt even trie to be brave.
hope u like it hehe
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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 2/17/11
She believed she could trust him,
the boy with the cheerful smile,
the boy who wouldn't hurt a fly,
the boy she went to primary school with.
But ten years change a person...
has her first love actually become a killer,
or is there more sinister plans for the boy
underneath the surface...
What will she do when suddenly she's
the one targeted... will she seduce the killer,
or be turned into one herself?

A Vampire Fiction - Taunted Trust
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67 / F / sometimes on earth
Posted 2/27/11 , edited 2/27/11 do i start.okay,..... i'll try to make it short.....

Lira is a dangerous missing nin who, everyone thinks was a crazy lunatic. From the hidden village of Konoha, a village in the fire country, she grew up a murderess, killing lifes more than was needed to be, obtaining the title of.....(confidential)......Ever since her disappearance no one knows where she'd been or what she's up to.No ones aware of the fact that she may still be alive.....somewhere.......anywhere.....hidden........and waiting......
maybe for you.

how was that?
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20 / F / Looking up at the...
Posted 3/8/11
YOU ALL KNOW the story of fushigi yugi but guess what it not the true story in the ova the anime creaters left out one bloodthirstr sad loving story for the first time Nuriko get a lover and everyone meets Temoahki od sister and brother and their friends

mixture of my fantasy and fushigi yugi and a lil bit anime thing
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20 / F / Texas/vacation la...
Posted 3/8/11 , edited 3/8/11
This is my first story.

There once was a girl more beautiful than beauty itself her name was Kiran. People traveled far and wide just to get a glimpse at her. One day another women, a goddess grew jealous and wanted to punish Kiran for being prettier than the. She came to her one night as Kiran slept and cursed her. The next day as Kiran woke she looked at her reflection surprised in shock for she was a monster. The goddess laughed at Kiran's humiliation and torture. Kiran's family was dishonored by her, they knew she would never find a proper suitor now. Although.....the goddess's son Kyo saw Kiran and felt pity for her since only he and his mother knew the truth of what happened to her. Kiran wept day and night knowing she'd spend the rest of her life alone. She blamed herself for being pretty. However, Kyo saw under the ugliness her trueself. He came to Kiran each night in her dreams telling her that he admired her. One night he told her to meet him in the forest near her village . So she did as she was asked, knowing she didn't have a bunch of choices. Kyo came to her and told her in calm words that she is beautiful even though others did not believe it. After, she finally had the heart to believe his words the ugliness melted away. The goddess furious at her son and Kiran she tried to get her revenge on both. But Kyo carried Kiran to the main god and she was told to drink the wine and she became immortal herself. The two were married. The goddess could not harm them since they were both married both immortal. They had one child it was a girl named, Kiki . Her father the god of love and her mother the goddess of hope loved her endlessly. Even the goddess of love came to accept and love her grandaughter.

I hope you enjoyed it . ^_^
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22 / F / Why would I tell...
Posted 3/16/11
Wow, this looks fun!! I'mma try.

You know, it was never their idea to go to earth. No, they would have much rather stayed on their planet, popular, rich, and well…living the life most of us girls wished for…the lives of real princesses. But, the council wanted them to do it. Not only would they be important ambassadors, they would also be able to attack if one of them died. Of course…

Neko-The Heir to the Mu Throne (gonna rule a planet filled with cat-people) and the leader of the three sisters. With a type of personality that many would call 'laid-back, but snappish', she makes the perfect popular girl, Ice Neko. But when the new student teacher begins to take an interest in her and later, falls in love with her, can she manage to keep her true nature a secret from him or will he be forced to keep her secret for her?

Usagi-The adopted rabbit princess from a neighboring planet, whose mother was the ruler of THAT planet. Bossy, princessy, and not much for accepting the lower crust, she fits the nickname 'the Heartbreak Queen' for always refusing someone who asks her out. Until Kawasaki Akihiro, the new boy, looks at her for the first time. Now, she has a self-proclaimed boyfriend who has no clue how to satisfy her princessy personality. But, when Akihiro begins to seem like he might be what she needs, can Usagi let herself just be happy, even if the boy who makes her happy doesn't have a perfect pedigree.

Koneko-The peppy, go-lucky, innocent youngest princess who enters middleschool for the first time in her life. Making friends with the seemingly sweet Kekomashu Achaia, she suddenly finds herself sucked into the world of Popular Girls. Will Koneko be able to claw her way out when Achaia finds out that she's an alian ambassador?
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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
I definitely could get used to this ^^.

Twisted Nights

This is Kingdom Hearts in the modern world

Series merge
- Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
- Crow frm 5D's
- Kingdom Hearts...thus you get; Twisted Nights

Meet Johnathan Levin

Age: 17
Ht: 6'2"
weapon: fists

Build: He's buff, but at the same time he's not a fan of those "hardcore" heavy weightlifters you see in magazines

During his freetime, when he doesn't race. He helps around the house with his family. Which he also takes his younger; Devlin plus Jordan for a bike ride. Which they go to Six Flags Magic Mountain to chill out.

Prior to that, he was a bully. Which he didn't care for no one. Only himself. Fortunately, all of this changed when he met a friend at high school. This friend turned out to be his brother. Whom he tought he never had.

Flash forward to the present, his family got a call. Which Ansem the twisted had just attacked his loved ones. Only sparing his brother. He couldn't believe what he saw. it was heartless, after heartless attacking citizens in the streets of California. Fortunately, their other brother; Kevin Levin had was just in the area. Which he came to lend a hand.

This was an attack that was orchestrated by Ansem the Twisted.

"All shall bow to me, otherwise they shall perish"

Which Anseem stroke fear into the hearts of citizens. Which people where afraid to come out of their houses, for in fear of being attacked by heartless and Ansem's cronies.

So, instead Jordan, Johnathan and their brother; Kevin battled the heartless and Ansem. It was one tough battle. But the gang managed to survive. Which Kevin witnessed something he's never seen before. That is...Blast Caliber. Jordan and Johnathan were trained in Blast Caliber artes by their sensei Malik.

- Burning Fist

Johnathan (Crow)
- Ice Make: 7 Swords, Ice Arrow etc... Which he inhereited the attack from a friend at school. The friend in question? Gray Fullbuster

And thus the battle ended with Kevin landing the final attack.

"Heh, it wouldn't be cool if you dudes did all the work and I didn't do nothing" said Kevin.

Final stats

Age: 28
Ht: 6'3
weapon: fists

Age: 27
Ht: 6'1
weapon: fists

Devlin Levin
Age: 15
Ht: 5'10
weapon: light saber

transportation: Motorbike (like with his brother; Johnathan)

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26 / M
Posted 4/17/11
Plz Can you help support my new potential book series!
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52 / F
Posted 5/2/11

BasouKazuma wrote:

Before the Big Bang ... before there was a defined universe ..... there was, KAMI-SAMA SENKI!!!!!!!! The battle between gods was intense and the competition was fierce. Never the less, Buddha stepped up to the plate and lasted the longest in the hot dog eating contest. All the other Gods perished from over eating which left Buddha all alone and very gassy (from eating all those damned hot dogs). So, since no one else was around, he relieved himself of all this excess gas. It came out with such a force that it expanded the space around him exponentially. Not only that but ... let's just say that it was a "squirter" ... so massive objects were thrown into this newly created space. This event is what we have come to know as the Big Bang but the background static that we hear is not from cosmic radiation but from lingering echoes of the most massive fart in known history.

BasouKazuma [Premium Member] too too funny 10!
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Posted 5/2/11

sabbacc108 wrote:

This is actually the story behind an RPG i'm doing called Blood of the Innocents, but I suppose it would work well as an anime.
A middle-aged man works in a mine in the town where he has lived all his life. He has never married, has few aspirations in life, and has never experienced much outside of his home town, but is fairly content with his position in life, as he sees little else he could do. One day, he is the sole survivor of a terrible accident in the mine, and finds himself suddenly an outcast, shunned by the families of "more important" men who were not so lucky that day. Unsure, and unable to to make a living, he leaves his town, confused and alone. He soon meets and befriends a young man, who turns out to be the black-sheep youngest prince of a neighboring country, which is currently at war. The prince himself has been ostracized by his father and those he has grown up with after he survived a battle in which most of the men under his command were killed. He grew disillusioned with the war and his place in court, and took to wandering himself. After a time traveling together the companions find lodging with some of the survivors of a razed village. It is while they are there that a messenger from the prince's father finds him. The prince's older brother has been killed in battle, and his father gravely wounded. It now falls upon him to take control of his kingdom, whether he likes it or not. The prince and his companion travel to the capital city, where the prince takes the throne. The prince, wary of the people in court who turned on him before, appoints the man to be his adviser.
Much later, after many events I have yet to write, the war has ended. The Prince, now king, has lost all his hope under the horror of war and the burden of rule. He discharges the man from his post, not wishing for him to be trapped in life as he is. The man returns to his old home town, only to discover it has been destroyed.

Coding is a bitch.

sabbacc108 [Premium Member] =8!!
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23 / F
Posted 6/7/11
are we still rating everyone on there storys from 1-10???
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24 / M / Cleveland
Posted 6/13/11
Took me an hour but I finally found a forum that has people doing this stuff. This still ongoing or..?
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