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F / In front of a com...
Posted 10/7/11
^^ wow. ^^

so i have a story in 'progress' (aka i only just finished the prologue and kinda stopped..) but im planning it out and grr its darn hard to write a good mystery. here's the basic idea for my story though. it's called Terry Robum, P.I.

Terry Robum is a private eye from the outskirts of Sloan City who constantly dodges potheads, loan sharks, and his ex-wife. At first look he may seem like an intimidating deadbeat, but if you dig deeper you'll find an even more intimidating and cunning detective. He goes through life solving meaningless cases, making new acquaintances along the way, like young heiress Olivia McNeal and star rookie officer Duke Danes, and facing old memories, like ex "Pineapple" Penelope Jones and old buddy Charles Icadee. After some months of successful business and growing fame, Terry suddenly gets arrested for a crime he didn't commit. His pal Charles, who is also the chief of police, allows him 2 days to find the true culprit, also going by the name "Terry Robum". With the help of his acquaintances (Terry doesn't really have 'friends'.), Terry walks the path to solving this mystery, discovering some surprising things along the way.

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23 / F / With Niel :3
Posted 10/16/11
The name of my anime-Hideri-tō
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24 / F
Posted 10/17/11
If I were to write a Story, it would be about Action and romance, and tragedy of course. I cannot live without Tragedy and especially Real Action. But I also want to add a little comedy and romance too. So basically, my story will take up a ton of space because I'm a deep thinker and also a deep writer. To be continue...
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24 / M / Cornland
Posted 10/30/11
For everyone posting here come visit my site, you can post your ideas, and have people see them, and you can read chapters of the anime im posting weekly! thanks a lot we also give out prizes monthly!
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31 / M
Posted 11/6/11
Well I've been writing this manga for a while now and I never knew how difficult it would be till actually started writing it. Anyways I was thinking like what do you guys think is cool about the anime that you watch and how would change the story line? These are a couple of the questions that I ask myself when writing. What do you guys think?

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24 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 11/8/11

3DIZZLE8 wrote:

Well I've been writing this manga for a while now and I never knew how difficult it would be till actually started writing it. Anyways I was thinking like what do you guys think is cool about the anime that you watch and how would change the story line? These are a couple of the questions that I ask myself when writing. What do you guys think?


Well depends on the storyline.. I like to watch slice of life anime. And the thing I like about that is that I can recognise myself in the main character. But when I watch an action anime I like it when there is this cool conversation before a fight that makes the main character even more angry.

I think the clue to a good storyline is that you keep surprising the reader. When he/she thinks a problem is solved, that a new problem formes... something like that ^^

I hope I was of any help to you *blush* I am not so good at giving advice

Posted 11/10/11
Once upon a fake time when fairies couldn't fly, pigs could fly. Now, in fairytales, pigs are never mentioned. It was only a blatant confession that the fairies stole the pigs' wings and made it their's. The End.

So, moral of this is do not steal or else you will become fake to everyone.
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27 / M / Planet Earth.......
Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/10/11
Title: レディ ネス! - Readiness!


There was a new student in town.
* No he did not transfer from studying abroad.
* No he did not do well with basketball, or soccer.
* No he did not have childhood friends
* No he was not from another planet.
* No he was not a p****

Now that all that is cleared up, lets get on with the story.

There was a new guy in town: Satoshi Kuraki was his name. He was cool-headed, cool-tempered...and looked like this:

All the girls loved him and ogled him to death. All the guys....plotted for his demise.

Throughout his first-year in high school, he was asked out by 86 different girls in the school. He turned them all down. He cared not for girlfriends, or friends for that matter. He only wanted to get through school and get out. But when the second-year began, he encountered a new girl.

* No she did not transfer from studying abroad.
* No she did not do well with basketball, or soccer.
* No she did not have childhood friends
* No she was not from another planet.
* Figuratively, no she was not a p****

Her name was Mikori, and she was the talk of the school. She had many friends and was on top of her studies. Her goal in life was to become a doctor so she hung out with the school nurse alot.

Oh btw she looked like this:

One day, on his way to school, Satoshi was cornered by third-year males from a rival school. A hectic brawl broke out between him and the third-years. He utilized the martial arts he had learned from watching Bruce Lee movies........ and got pounded on by the third years. [No that wasn't written incorrectly]
Though managing to get some hits in, the third-years still defeated him and walked away. Satoshi, not feeling anything from the beating he took, decided to head to the school nurse; incredibly late for his first period class. That is where he encountered Mikori.

He had never been attracted to a girl before, but something about her kept his heart pounding like a hard drum from a Steve Jablonsky film score. The two spoke for the first time and began getting better acquainted. Weeks passed and the school began buzzing over a possible relationship between the two. Satoshi mainly walked alone in the hallways, but he eventually found himself walking together with Mikori.

One fateful evening, Satoshi found Mikori on the rooftop and began chatting with her. Though his heart pounded hard, he kept his cool and summoned the courage to asking those daring 6 words, "Will you go out with me?" [That was six right?]

After a long silence....Mikori declined. HAA HAA

Unlike most who would crumble under the strong sting of rejection, Satoshi remained calm and actually sighed in relief. Mikori was a bit surprised at his reaction as well. He turned to leave but Mikori grabbed his hand as if to stop him.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not ready for that type of relationship." She responded not looking him in the eye.
Satoshi pulled his hand away and proceeded towards the exit, but before he opened the rooftop door to leave, he stopped.
"Whenever you are ready, I'll be waiting. Just don't keep me waiting for too long. Otherwise, I might find someone else prettier than you."

Mikori smiled at his remark and Satoshi left her alone on the rooftop.

As the wind passed through her hair, she thought to herself. "Will I ever be ready?"

End of episode 1:
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23 / F / Weeaboo Hell
Posted 11/27/11

Once upon a time, there was this little blonde girl with blue eyes. She used to be so innocent and sweet. She also adored her older brother, Walter, too. However, they didn't look alike. Walter had black feathery hair with red glowing eyes. One day, Walter said that he needed to go away and that no one would probably see him again. This news made Kylie (the blonde haired girl) really sad. When, Walter finally left, she became depressed. She couldn't live without her brother. Then, a month later, Kylie came home from school today to find her parents dead. Blood was everywhere. That was when men in black cloaks kidnapped her and did a special ritual on her. They cast the power of the shadows on her and shadows from every corner came to engulf Kylie with it. However, the men in black didn't know what they had done. With the help of the shadows, Kylie was able to break out of the ritual and kill everyone! From that point onward, she was known as the Shadow Reaper -- a creature that has similar powers to Grim Reaper but with every soul she devours, she gets stronger.

Well, I'm currently writing a story on the Shadow Reaper. What do you think of it?
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22 / M
Posted 12/6/11
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21 / F
Posted 12/29/11
NynjGirl: 8. I do think its been made up already but it sounds adorable!

My Story: Urban Ninjas (アーバン忍者)

3 young triplets- 15 years old, to be exact- live independently in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. When they were very young, their parents were murdered. Each of these three girls have a coin. These coins supply them with a power, one power each. Now, these coins are very valuable. Many people want them. But those who will kill for them, well, we call them the W.A.R. agents. There are several coins in the world- no one knows exactly how many- but those who do have them have created a clan of ninjas. They are called the Urban Ninjas. The leader of this group- Metz- recruits these triplets- Kora, Naru, and Shen- as not only are they in just as much danger as him, but because they are also very skilled fighters. They meet many other ninjas and recruit many other teens- including Kikira, a nine-year-old former test subject- and beand together to defeat the W.A.R. agents and their "Warlord." But, along the way, they have a lot of fun, including Hanami Parties, amusement park trips, and, of course, romantic dates.

This, by the way, is from an RPG I'm in. So it's kind of a Collab. Link for cred: Website for RPG: Enjoyz!!
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19 / F
Posted 12/29/11

the storie of hikari

once there was a girl if you could call her that for she wasnt even human. she was made in a lab as some would call her an artificail lifeform. she stayed in that lab and had terrible exsperiments preformed on her and when the workers just got bored they would beat her watch her cry for there entertainment or some would even rape her she cried alone evry night when one day the lab supervisors created another human being just like her only male after the first couple exspearimaents they were put in the same tank i guess the lab people treated the male better than her for they thought she was a mistake her exsisanst shouldnt exsist. he went over to hikari who was sleepin on the cold floor she was shivering he was givin blankets and just about every thing to make the tank into a home so he picke dher up and put her in the little bed that was suppost to be his "so your the other person like me huh " he wispeared under his breath she stured in her sleep. he took the time to look at her hikari was pale ,she had the greenist eyes a person could have she also had pure white hair since she was artifical they could only add color to her eyes the same as him. she woke up the girl startled she fell off his bed with a thump. "oh sorry areyou hurt he asked she quickly stood and ran to the other side of the room."dont hit me please leave me alone" she screamed . he was shocked " why would i hit you" her eyes got big "please dont do that either ive had enough please dont just kill me right here right now" she said. he was still shocked ." um what im her to live with you see im just like you he pulled down his shirt so she could see his shoulder wher he was branded just like her. " your like me why havnt they beatin you or done the crul exspeariments" she asked. he shook his head " why would they do that i was told to live here with you so they could see if you get along with others what have they donne to you eveyones been kind to me" she suddenly got enraged" they think that the could do all that to me and then just make another just like that then treat him so nicly no not happenin im not gonna stand for this" he just stared at her as she kept talking to her self he flet the need to comfort her so while she was bablein he stood came over and hugged her she atomatically flinched . "what are you doing are you gonna strangle me" she tenesed up. he had been put in to a house before and lived with kind people for a year he learn what it felt like to be loved to love others to learn even the simple things. " its called a hug " she looked up at him "are you tellin the truth she asked. he simply nodded. over the next few days they got to now each other hikari finally trusted some one he of c orse fell in lovve with her then she was taken away. when she came back she was ill it was the plann to make her sick so she could die to bring her back to life she died in his arms she said to him." you told me such kind things you where nice to me and and you were the first person that i loved the person to make sure i wasnt alone i love y-" she didnt get the time to say those last words he then cried after the years they spent together and realized he didnt want to be alone in that small tank he then hung himself his last words where" after this time i was the only one you loved and its sad to say that you never new my name i love you my hikari "then he hung him self THE END
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19 / M
Posted 1/11/12
Shou opens to door to go to work when he sees a small girl that seems to be around 8 years old in a school uniform at his front door. He notices right away that her face is pale and looks frightened. She has a backpack and is holding a box of cookies. She holds the box up with and with a trembling voice, says "w-would y-y-you like to b-buy some c-c-cookies?" He spots a black car on the street in front of his house with a window rolled down exposing a women ridiculously trying to hide herself while pointing a gun at the girl. She thinks that he doesn't see her, but couldn't be any more wrong. Shou sighs and returns his attention back to the girl. "sure, how much is a box?" The girls face softens with relief and she spouts "20 dollars sir!." From the outrageous price, Shou assumes that the woman threatened the girl to sell a cheap box of cookies so she can get some cash. Shou reaches into his pocket and touches that something that feels like money and pulls it out. He pulls it out in front of him for the girl to see before he even checks it himself. The girl's face instantly shows a bright shade of red and is utterly shocked. He looks at what he pulls out, and his face turns into an even brighter shade of red and he realizes that what in his hand was not money but a perverted picture of a naked 2D girl. "Sorry!" he shouts as he shoves it back in his pocket, regretting that he put it in there in the first place. He touches something else and pulls out his only bill. 100 dollars. He hands it in front of her and flinches at the sight at the woman in the car watching with her mouth wide open, dripping saliva as she spots the big bill. He trembles as he asks the little girl "Do you have any change for this?" The girls eyes shoot down at the bill and she replies instantly with "No. But you cant buy five boxes with it." He now regrets ever opening the door. He rolls his eyes and he answered "Okay then ill take 5 five boxes please." in the most polite way he could, but still sounded a bit annoyed. The girl snatches the bill and shoves it in her pocket while she dug four boxes out of her bag, picked up the other box from earlier and places them on the ground in front of him. She then turns around and walks away slowly, cautious of the woman in the car. As she walks up to the vehicle, the door swings open and the women, with her crazed expression grabs her and throws her in. The car door slams shut and as the car speeds away. Shou stands there speechless. He opens one of the boxes to find no cookies, but a note that states "Thank you for your generous payment." He finds another note with a picture attached to it. "Your payment will gladly be used to buy food and shelter to the homeless children in this city. The picture shows the girl he just met tied up to a chair with a gun pointed to her head. He drops everything and decides not to go to work today. Shou walks into his house, takes off his shoes, and flops onto his bed. The End
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21 / F
Posted 1/20/12
NYNJGIRL:i like this story.
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36 / M
Posted 1/24/12
NCIS: Los Angeles. This' my take on one of the stories. It may or may not be a part of the series on CBS.

Episode is;

Rumble in Comic-Con

It was the release of the biggest Square Enix game. Final Fantasy Versus XIII. People gathered early in the convention to attend the party. Actors, Voice Actors (from the defunct Bandai Entertainment and from FUNimation etc...) and the staff that worked on the game; composer - Yoko Shimomura, designer; Tetsuya Nomura.

The convention clocked in 500k attendees. There were screens everywhere showing the trailer of the game. This made one person go berserk. Which they tore through the convention.

This was a job for Jordan, Marty Deeks, Kensi and Callen. At first, Marty had some doubts about cosplaying. But seeing as Nell and Eric did it, he thought he'd give it a try. The fight broke out right after the opening ceremony of the convention.

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