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Posted 2/1/12
once upon a time there was a dog named kaycee she loved to play.. then she ran in front of a car and got ran over the end.
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Posted 2/8/12
MARVEL's Avengers

Jake is a mechanic at his dad's shop. Which a youth avenger; Wally West works alongside him. One day they got the call, that U.S would be under attacked with the current admin. How did this happen? Storm exposed the admin, via an encrypted email that the admin didn't want the citizens to know about. Lance, a former brotherhood member. Now works as a hacker and has Gambit's powers of charging cards. Is now an Avenger.

Age: 27
Ht: 5'11 (184cm)

- Black tanktop
- black bandana (headwear)
- army camoflauge pants

- black boots (footwear)

- Kawasaki japanese motorcycle (model: X3)

Jake leads the team against the terrorist attacks that have taken over the U.S, which's lead by the president and his admin.
His girlfriend; Kat is a part of the Avenger next generation team. It has 26 episodes

- Yoko Shimomura

Posted 2/9/12
I died and went to heaven. It was weird because I saw Lucifer there.
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Posted 2/26/12
Ben 10: New Generations

Animated by: Production - I.G

Ben - 17
Gwen - 17
Kevin 18

It's been years after their first victory in Ultimate Alien. Now year's later. Ben, Gwen and Kevin are in college. And with the cartoon's theme they fight otherworldly enemes.

- same get up as in Ultimate Alien

- same get up in Ultimate Alien

Kevin's new outfit
- black bandana
- black tanktop
- blue jeans
- black boots

Posted 3/2/12
Me. Jimmy. Brock. Castle.

We all wanted to fly into this wonderland and meet the castle in the sky.
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Posted 3/4/12 , edited 3/4/12
I get lots of ideas from watching or reading and then I think them out and expand upon them just in my head, the ones i really like stays in my head for a while, sadly I almost never put them on paper (or computer).

Years ago, I did write one story down on a notebook, it started out strong and my enthusiasm for it increased as time went on. My brother was the sole reader and audience it had but it was enough to keep me writing, he was really enthusiastic as well and often joined in and gave lots of input. After months and months (I think almost 2 years) I just suddenly stopped (forgot exactly why but I think the story went downhill after a big climax). I had about 2 full notebooks (around 400 pages) at the time, the story was pretty developed.

Now that I look back the story was really exciting at times and was pretty much a naruto-esque shounen but the storytelling was really lacking (I was around 12 or 11 at the time, all I focused on was putting myself in the shoes of the hero and making him look cool). The other characters and stuff like setting, conflict, build-up etc were there just for better ways of making the hero shine and making the story seem less lifeless. I'm more mature now and learned a lot more about storytelling since then but sadly my motivation and enthusiasm has drastically decreased.

This is actually the first time since then that I've shared any ideas of mine outside my head. I've thought about posting some fan fiction for a while now but I never executed because I felt that I needed viewers and other people constructively inputting to give me some enthusiasm much like how my brother did years ago (unfortunately we grew apart since then both physically and mentally, we live in different cities now and we're nowhere near as close as before).
This is it. I'm gonna start writing again, whether or not viewers/my brother looks at my work doesn't concern me anymore.

Current idea in my head:
Keep in mind that this story obviously works better with visual aspects as its inspired from anime. Also keep in mind that I intentionally tried to keep in some aspects of anime stereotypes and conventions to keep an anime feel but I do try to avoid making this follow the usual anime template.

Thats all I care to write down for now. I know its in point form and it would have been much better to just have these written in paragraph form (ruines the story kind of). But you probably noticed by now that I'm mainly posting this for myself as a reference and as a way to get back into writing. I don't expect much people to be interested in my work but I'm letting this out in the hopes of finding someone to bounce ideas off of and talk about this to. I'm writing this story for myself as a way to finally let out ideas in my head but if you find this story somewhat interesting you have my deepest gratitude.

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30 / M / R'lyeh
Posted 3/13/12
Hi guys this is my first story ever...hope you like it :).................
_Last Rites_

They are going to expel me today for sure, because there is no excuse for what I’ve done.

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being an explorer or a scientist. Of course over the time I found out that all of that requires certain amount of IQ that I don’t posses. Plus there is nothing left on earth unexplored anyway. Now I spend my days in this god forsaken commerce studies business management classes sitting in front of professors I don’t even know by name. And I am sure they don’t know my name either. i told my father I can’t do commerce but my father insisted that it’s absolutely necessary if I want to be a part of his company one day. It’s his decision; my whole life is his decision.
Old professor is looking my way now. Has he grown suspicious that I’ve not listened to a world he has ever spoken. No way, why would he be suspicious, why now, after all those years. I can see his lips moving but I can’t hear what he is saying. Maybe because I have my I -pod on.
Over the time my taste in music has gone from pop to anything that is slow and depressing.
His lips keep moving and all I hear is where is my mind by Pixies.

They going to expel me today for sure so it’s no use of taking notes. I am just sitting here waiting to be discovered. I wonder if principal going to call security on me and they have to drag me out of my chair and out of the class through the corridor and push me out of the front gates on the street. Everyone will be watching. What will the girls think! Oh like they ever cared about me. Right now I am below garbage. It’s not like I’ve never been humiliated publically before. Last Monday our economy professor read my test paper aloud just for the laughs. Just to prove I am a total retard. Everyone was having a good laugh. Even Ana was laughing. She was always so kind but that test paper just cracked her up. I desperately need a change of scenery even if they put me in jail.

But what world my father think. I had to lie to him every time he calls that everything was fine and now he has to find out like this. I don’t want to think about all that now cause now it’s too late.
I am sure they are coming for me, I can even hear their footsteps. Footsteps of our principal and heavy thumps of huge guys in black suits following him.
If I am going to be thrown out,i should go out in blaze of glory. An extravagant display of courage. Yeah, that will show them all who thought I was only a low life wimp.
I must quickly think of things I want to do before they expel my butt out of here. I should make a bucket list or something. Ok think now brain, I know you are not used to work in class hours but this stuff is important, c’mon work damn it!

Ah I got it,i always wanted to punch that old professor on the face and oh yeah kiss Ana on the lips. Ana was always so nice to me. She once lend me her pen during our final exam when I forgot to bring one myself. I can’t believe I lost it. Damn it why am I so irresponsible.
I didn’t even have courage to sit next to her. She always sit next to that creep Edward Hornics. That guy is smart. I mean creepy smart. He always passes with flying colors.
Look at him, sitting next to Ana with his curly brown hairs and blue blazer. He thinks he is so stylish. Writing in his notebook furiously god knows what.
Oh great, people are getting up. Did the bell just ringed don’t know, I had my I-pod on all through the class. It’s time for lunch. I need to get out for a quick smoke or I just go crazy.
I need get to my spot behind the big old oak tree I always liked the college park. I like green open places where there are no walls to hang black boards, giant diagrams, mark sheets and no projections to display..
Oh no! Is that Chester. Quick, I have to change directions. Look down, yes that always works. Keep walking that way like you didn’t saw him.

" Hi max"
God Hell, he saw me..Better put a smile on
"hi chess, sup dog"
"I got hot news for you asked Vanessa out this morning and she said yes. I can’t believe it max! This morning is so unreal"
Unreal is not the world I want to use.
I hate people when they don’t mind their own business.
Waves, our annual college dept what I waste of time and resources. I rather pit in my dorm room become really drunk and through up my intestines out on stinking toilet.
"No, not yet but I am thinking about asking someone out very soon"
"really..Who?.C’mon man you can tell me"
"I think" what the heck " I am going to ask Ana out"
The son of a mother broke into a hysterical laughter.
"Are you freaking serious, best of luck my bro. You going to need truck load of it"
And then he walked away. All that laughter still stinging up on my face.
I wanted to walk up to his face and punch him exactly 75 times on the nose. Instead I went over to my spot on the corner of the park behind the tree. This place really is perfect for a quick smoke."
Many times on lunch breaks I walk over to my spot only to find it pre occupied by love birds making out, kissing and all that stuff. Disgusting as it is. I mean we are not animals, I mean get a room. Last week it presented a very disturbing site. That p**** Edward and Ana, together. Ah I don’t wanna think about it but can’t get that thought out of my head.

"Get lost you pervert" he shouted.

I swear to god I could have punched his freaking face off if Ana wouldn't be there. Her face was a white mask of fear. So I quietly walked away. I walked away to canteen toilets and smoked whole packed of Marlboro.
So guess today is my lucky day because my special spot is open.
If I want to complete all that on my bucket list I will need every drop of liquid courage.
I put my hand inside the hollow trunk of the old oak tree and pulled out two quarts of vodka. It’s my secret stash.
I opened up first bottle and start taking shots. One at a time, slowly and steadily. I can feel my head becoming lighter. My brain was starving of alcohol for nearly 2 days so now it’s soaking it up like a dry sponge. My vision start to blur.
Good now, I am finished with first one. Time for my quick smoke! Ha this world is so funny. Why people worry so much. It’s all going to work out in the end. This world needs some chilling. Oh that reminds me that I’ve got another quart to finish and I got to finish it fast if I wanna get to class on time’s opened up the bottled strength and engulfed it whole. Ok now, time for some action.

I don’t even remember how I got to class and into my seat. My head is a twisting dynamo powered by his crazy furnace inside my heart. And it’s pure hate that empowers it. My professor has now entered the class. Time to put my I pod on. Hallowed be thy name by iron maiden. I want to go heavy metal on his butt. I have spend my whole my like a sheep and where I ended up. In this cooked up slaughter house of dreams. I was such a bright child before I got here and now I spend my days as a dumb looser but it’s time to break free.
Wait a second, why people are staring outside. It must be something they noticed. A sound that I’ve missed. The sound of police sirens closing in! I think the principal has called the cops for real. I must act quickly.
First things first, punch professor on the face then I’ll kiss Ana on her pretty lips.
I got up and started walking towards the front desk. Everyone is staring at me now. Wow I already got all the attention.
I turned up the volume on my I pod.

"When the priest came to read me the last rites...I take a look through the bars to my last site... Of a world that has gone very wrong for me"

I started walking down the steps slowly facing the hollow stare of my professor.

"Can it be some sort of error...hard to stop surmounting terror..Is it really the end not some crazy dream"

Slowly and steadily. And then suddenly I tripped..Rolling down the stairs I fell down to the podium. That when I realized everyone including professor is laughing at me. Perfect, this is the best time to punch him in the face.
I stood up, my back is killing me and I am sure I hit my head somewhere between my falls.
A minor setback.
I grabbed his collar.
"All these years" words began to materialize out of my stinking mouth "you have mentally abused me in front of all these mindless zombies and now"
I stopped to take a breath for a second. There is a familiar feeling like a snake recoiling inside me.
"Are you drunk" he asked
"yeah, so what was I saying...yeah mindless zombies and now..."
projectile vomiting right on his freaking face. I threw up all my instant noodles smearing his face and his monotonous brown coat and red tie. Not so monotonous now is it.
Now the whole class except the professor was laughing hysterically. Perfect, it’s time to shut them up. I have vomit smeared up and down my face and I am walking like a guy high on raw ether, my legs are rubber and my mind a tornado. This is the last time I am drinking that cheap stuff. It’s time to show what kind of a man I am, time to kiss Ana on her freaking face!
So I start to climb the stairs towards her. That creepy pale Edward is still sitting besides her laughing, showing his yellow mocking teeth.
"Ana all these years I’ve hated every single one of my classmates except you’d really dig you girl"
she stood up. I think she want to go, run away from this madness. Everyone was around us listening to stuff what this kid who never spoke was speaking. There was fear in her eyes. Fear of a lunatic.
I closed my eyes, I stretch my hands and grabbed her head. Then firmly and forcefully I kissed her kiss. She try to push me away but I didn’t let go. I keep on kissing her hoping that this moment can last little longer.
Suddenly a blinding pain cracked my skull. I opened up my eyes. All I was able to see was red and blue spots and then my vision blurred away.
Things as clearing up now. I see a ceiling. It’s white, so are the walls and the curtains and the bed sheet. I think I am in a hospital.
Hey who is the baldy sitting beside my bed.
"Hey max, how is your head"
"Chester, it’s you man. It still hurts but I think I am going to be fine."
"Man, Professor Anderson can sure hit when he is angry. You know he hit you on head with a god damn duster!"
"Really. That son of a mother"
"yeah but who can blame him. You vomit on him remember? Man you were so drunk"
"oh yeah, I guess you're right"
"too bad principal Deerfield had to expel him..For hitting you"
"he what! Really ha that son of mother expelled him. Hey Chester ,by any chance did principal mentioned anything else... related to me?"
"No, well rumor has it that he got a package of some porn magazines from someone He is suspects that its work of a student I guess."
Oh yeah that package. 2 days ago I got really drunk. And I took some naked girl photographs, photoshoped principal's daughter face on them. Then on my drunken frenzy I printed them on different posses. With some objectionable position with her pet dog. Then I mailed them all to his god damn home. Next morning when I woke up with a mighty hangover I remembered that I wrote my return address on the package. I was so sure he's going to find out real soon and get me thrown in jail. I guess I was wrong or maybe my hand writing was all screwed up. Or maybe I wrote some joke address "666 devil street. In depths of Hell"
or something similar. Anyways I got lucky.

"So Chester, I came clean out of this mess eh"
" oh no man, you've gotten into serious trouble after you force fully kissed Edward. You remember that? Man everyone was laughing."
"What!. I think I am going to puke..Again"

At least they are giving me a week off. They think I need a break. They think I am sick. Then again I needed a change of scenery anyways.
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22 / F / Anywhere You Are
Posted 3/14/12

Here's the link to my story guys!!! Hope you like it
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24 / On the corner sel...
Posted 3/15/12
Oh yeah I definitely ended up in the right part of the forum

I've for sure have to post a part of my story up here one of these days.
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24 / On the corner sel...
Posted 3/15/12
Sounds like you really have something and something interesting at that.
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21 / F / Phoenix Arizona
Posted 3/15/12 , edited 3/15/12
Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.

Posted 3/17/12
Walking by, I see it. It's yellow and puking. I stepped on it and it died.
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25 / M / Shinagawa
Posted 3/17/12
I would love to, but someone might steal my brilliant ideas
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F / ♤♧♡♢Anime Land♤♧♡♢
Posted 3/24/12
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that so sad!!!!
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Posted 4/3/12
As soon as she walked through the door, she couldn't keep her eyes off the person she saw in there. He had the cutest dimples ever, and his hair was as gold as gold. She drowned herself into his system as he picked up a water bottle and starting drinking desperately. "Wow", she thought, "he even looks so good just drinking water." She then died instantly.
That guy was Park Jongsu (Leeteuk)
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