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27 / M / tx
Posted 8/1/12
hi i'm thomas
nice to meet you.
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Posted 8/2/12 , edited 8/2/12
On a Gazing bright lights big city night, with traffic moving up wards and down wards to the tune of D-train the scene slowly gravitates to the port sector of the city where it looks like an illegal deal is about to be made between business elite and organized criminals. Moving in closer to a giant warehouse with tons of people working on cars,military vehicles and weapons., Six men in suites start talking to the four owners of the warehouse/front. Little do these individuals know they were being monitored without even any a young hero would emerge who didn't believe he was one at all.

Sitting here and waiting for something to happen is very trivial....nothing but waiting around and smoking cigarettes & waiting for this drop to happen...the worst thing you can do at a time like this is have your focus drop ( reaches in pocket, takes out an energy boosting aliment) The young detective was sitting silently thinking to himself awaiting for whatever was going to take place commence.

(Lights another smoke)

" I had an erie feeling that this wasn't your typical drop of shitty merchandise or slaves, something was telling me to get the hell out of there...but then again who listens to that voice in their head telling them to was go dog go in my book " O Cyrus sat there behind some pallet thinking to himself..(O Cyrus looks back) Fuck they are arguing I knew someone was jerking these guys around...this place is way to financed to need elite shit in this seedy part of town.

The ten men started arguing about having different intel on each other & how they could not trust each other, O Cyrus Watched and recorded the whole conversation until he heard something behind his back " CLICK " O Cyrus Silently said " Knew that was gonna happen"

" Hey Boss look what I found a Fox in the hen house " Said the Armed Thug, O Cyrus started to assess the situation before he ended up at the bottom of the dock. " Ok he is packing a Ump hopefully his shoulder will snap if I try this" O Cyrus reached in his pocket and grabbed a pencil and shoved it into the thugs shoulder blade" The thug scream and popped off a round then screamed in pain again as the pencil was digging into his torn flesh, " Shoot that fucking snitch " Screamed another thug, O Cyrus was being shot at all sides and running and grabbing cover in hopes to get to the end of the dock.

( To be Continued)

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Posted 8/8/12 , edited 8/8/12
Story above: 9

My story:
Rie was a wealthy, fortunate, lucky girl. A girl who plays around in the frivolties of life.
She always loved this playground. It consisted of two yellow, rusty swings, a sandbox, and a short silver slide. She didn't love it because she had childhood memories there, as she didn't go there when she was a child. She likes it because it's a peaceful place to sit in a busling city. She came there every night, 9:00 PM sharp.
On one perfectly normal day, Rie is just sitting there when all the bombs come in. She watches as every thing explodes around her, the bombs barely missing her. A war starts and the city is panicking. Rie, however, keeps somewhat cool and returns to the playground the next day, which is not yet demolished. The bombs have stopped for now. However, there is a boy sitting on the swing. He looks around 13, one year younger than Rie. Rie introduces herself. The boy says his name is Katashi Takanashi. Rie and Katashi talk for about two hours before Rie tells him she has to get home. Katashi remembers what he should tell Rie right when she's walking away. She's too far and can barely hear him when he tells her something about... time loops?
It really sounds stupid because it's not something I can really summarize. Anyways, it doesn't really rely on the plot as much as you think, it's more based on sadness, more sadness, interesting, intricate stuff and the characters/relationships and stuff. More characters come later. Haven't written any of it yet, though. Just a summary, heh.
And a lot of people die including pretty much all of the main characters. Plus, here is a really quick bio for Rie:
Age: 14
Gender: F
Appearance: medium height, pale, long black hair tied in two braids, green eyes.
Personality: indulging, independent, somewhat negative, likes to relax, likes music, loves the world and likes just sitting out and watching the clouds, friendly, lazy, naive.
Anyways, the story's not as bad as you might think from that. Again, it's not something you can really summarize.
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22 / M
Posted 8/16/12
I'd rate that a 6.5 (do decimals count?)


The war between Altacia, land of magic, and Mensch, land of technology. To Lasca, a Wir (the native people of Altacia), it was always an open and shut case of "Bad guys are there, we must destroy them".

We've always been at war with Mensch. Even if no reason is given for the seemingly incongruous hatred between the two worlds, Mensch and the Menschen who populate it were Evil People, and must be eradicated.

So when she sees a Mensch boy trespassing on Altacian ground, she takes the initiative to turn him in to the authorities. But, as she walks home feeling patriotic about her loyal duty to the Wir cause, she comes across a scene that will shake her to the core, and make her realize; this is no accidental war. There's political machinations behind this endless conflict, and those who set it in motion are beginning to enact their plans for this world.

Afterwards, Lasca finds herself in a grassy field, with no rememberance of anything for the pat few days. Next to her is the boy. Confused at first, they take on the temporary nicknames of "Sano" (Latin for "I heal") and "Recuro" (Latin for "I restore") and begin to unravel the truth of what has happened, and the full truth behind this conflict, one that goes back far further than they thought.

Back at Altacia, Lasca's even more patriotic friend Mirai comes home to find a shocking situation: She has been explicitly requested to assassinate Lasca whatever the cost. Mirai is horribly confused, but devotion to your country comes before friendship. But Mirai is beginning to doubt the patriotic songs, the propaganda, the government's attempt to choke out dissent among its nationals...and in Altacia, those who doubt are "dealt with" appropriately. Upon begrudgingly taking the mission, she takes on the codename "Occido" (Latin for "I kill")

And while all of this is happening, in Mensch, one boy, known only by Destruo (Latin for "I ruin/demolish/destroy), is among those who wish to tear down society and rebuild it in their twisted image, but his superiors require that he retrieve one Wir girl by the name of Lasca to do such.

Sano. Recuro. Occido. Destruo.

I heal. I restore. I kill. I ruin.

These four are just the beginning.


This story was REALLY heavily inspired by Horizon in The Middle of Nowhere.
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24 / M / New Mexico
Posted 8/22/12
After Kiyo Nakamoto's parents were killed in front of him as a child, a woman agrees to take Kiyo in and raise him. She trains him and prepares him for the day he meets the man who killed his family. After 10 years of being distant from society, he goes on his epic journey to find this man. Kiyo later discovers that the parents who raised him and were murdered in front of him were not really his parents; but replacement parents. Kiyo embarks on an epic journey to find a new meaning of life and to find a magical Gem which he wishes to keep out of the hands of evil. Kiyo and his friends face many trials in their journey: Action, Adventure, Love, Romance, Acceptance, Friendship, Teamwork, Struggle, Victory, and more.

Kiyo Nakamoto is a group that I have made. To read the first chapter go to my pages on my profile. If you like it, go to my groups and ask to join Kiyo Nakamoto.
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36 / M / London
Posted 8/24/12
Okay, since I can't make my own little post for this story, I've placed it here for all to read. A proper Manga will be made based on my text story using Comipo!, so stay tuned and enjoy. If you like the story, please spread the word so there is a bigger fan-base. I'm doing my best with what I can.

The project I have written is a new Manga called "Chosha no Koutougakkou" and it's a mix of love, perverseness, excitement and revenge. I have tired to catch the entire atmosphere an anime provides and more. The story is completely free to view and everybody is welcome to leave comments. (Its also beta read for common mistakes; unlike this post.)

The story is posted online at ‘fiction press’ and also available on my website as PDF download by chapters when they are available.

Hope you enjoy my work and more details of my manga are below.

Name: - Chosha no Koutougakkou
Author: - Shane Ward
Genre: - Anime - (Drama/Ecchi/Romance/School Life)
Word Count: - Still Counting!
Online Link: -
Website PDF Link: - (Click on the PDF Icon or menu link for story)
Price: - Free
Format: Webpage & PDF

Royce Hampton left his hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota to move to Japan in order to escape his enraged family to start a new life. But this was not the only reason he embarked on this great adventure. It was not the only reason at all...
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27 / M / tx
Posted 8/30/12
hey i loved it can be in it?
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Posted 9/1/12
Once upon a time there was a demon lord that killed evryone!!! THE END!
Posted 9/9/12

MatsuoYuki wrote:

Hi Everyone! This is my first time making a new topic so please push it to the top! Well the point of this topic is you rate the story of the person above you (1-10). Then you write your own story and so on and so on. I'll go first! Since no one is above me i'll go on first and write my story.

In a land of magic and wonder named Crenta, there is a legend of a magical necklace that holds the power of the psychic element. Every magician knows this power is impossible to obtain without the necklace, and it is said that the mysterious psychic element could make you invincible. To use magic, magicians have to summon fairies of different elements so they can control the element. To summon the fairies, they must attach them to our world through the means of what is called a 'medium' which could be any object: a sword, ruler, jewel, even a book. there is no way to make yourself a medium, or you could possibly get sucked into infinite space between the fairy's world(which is impossible for humans to get into) and the world of Crenta. But one girl, a senior in the Magician's Academy in the city of Burzu, for some reason is able to make herself a medium without getting sucked in. This girl is Asakura Yuki, heiress of the Asakura family, a famous magician family which is rumored to have made the legendary psychic necklace long, long ago. It is also rumored that only one person in the family knows the whereabouts of the necklace. Everyone in the family claims they don't know where it is. Yuki sincerely doesn't know. Her grandfather knows, though, and guards the secret in hopes that the power hungry will never get their hands on such a powerful and reckless necklace.

I'll stop here i let myself get carried away hehe.... if i write anymore my computer will blow up.(but i do got chapters worth of this story x])

This is a good story. I hope to read more of it.
Posted 9/9/12
Here's mine...:

In the present day, vampires lurk the city streets disguising as ordinary people. Everyday, they feed themselves with human blood with no control. They are the worst enemies of mankind.
Roshi, son of the famous vampire hunter "Blood Stopper", fights these creatures to save mankind from extinction.
Meanwhile, a scientist named "Akemi" (one of the original vampires) comes into picture formulating a "cure" to stop the madness. It is a so called "medicine" to prevent vampires from sensitive reaction to human blood. It stops the vampire from craving for human blood.
Together, they join forces to prevent man extinction and maintain peace throughout the city of Laven.

Hope all of you like it. t's not detailed and it all came into my day dreams.
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Posted 9/9/12 , edited 9/9/12
Pitching around a concept in my head right now. Might use it for one, might not.

A little synopsis for those interested. Comments please.
*Subject to change.

The year is 1256 of the New Universal Calendar. Crime, Cybernetics and gangs rule the streets of New Irene with an iron fist. A private task force has been established by three separate wealthy corporations to bring the law back to New Irene. Using the latest technological advancements, gigantic sentient machines known as FRAMEs (Fabricated Robotic Armored Module Entities) may hold the key to saving the city.

When fresh graduate Adrian Solis is drafted into this elite squad, his entire world is turned upside down. When Adrian encounters a broken down FRAME on a routine patrol, everything changes. Known as Durandal, the old clunker is quickly brought to working order as Adrian and his new found partner bond. United against a common threat, the elite team known as ACTVAH will risk everything they know to protect what they don't yet understand. The secret behind the FRAMEs and the secret of Adrian's mysterious companion, Lore, may shock the battle hardened warriors to their very core.

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Posted 9/9/12
Project X Zero: America's Battle for Freedom.

What if you can't write fics, draw manga or watch anime. Muchless, for Christians, you'd be mocked heavily for ministering to people.
People get attacked for exposing the corrupt left and the liberals. Thus, you get Ben and gang, heroes that would go against such threat.

Ben works with the Levin family in the Stryker Base, which doubles as a home for battered soldiers, OCs and the like. Owned by Capt Joshua Levin & family. The base holds 10k+ characters of varying series' to aid Ben and gang.
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29 / M
Posted 9/25/12
things you have to know ..there is a real world of elves govlen ..fairy or angles and satan or devel
all you have to do is belliving
any way i watch amovie named sosseries with the same story...
so you can let your imagination beyond the magic world begans
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29 / M
Posted 9/25/12
here is my story
once upon a time there was a girl her name is sandy a friend of girl live in sufi world
all the time talking and think bad about that world
till some day she found her self inside the sufi world " that world is the place when Adam were in heaven every thing is exist
every thing is a spirit and no one go there ..only good
she start to speak with dust water and air some how she learned how to understand the power of these Elements
but she did n`t see what`s watching her "it was very Evil" and only words never known to the humans.will keep that evil away
the girl knows the fact of the words came from the creator ...
but sandy doesnot know
she start to hear every thing every thought and every element

i made some details up while typing it! but the real is it will be a movie very soon with more details.i didn`t type..
i made the end is open"when she die will say the secret to hand it to a little childe
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21 / M / Cananananada
Posted 9/29/12

XxSorraxX wrote:
Katashi remembers what he should tell Rie right when she's walking away. She's too far and can barely hear him when he tells her something about... time loops?

Sounded great until I read "time loops". I'm gunna be honest and say time loops are done often, so I find it cliche and boring. Then again if you're creative enough you could make anything entertaining.

And don't hate me for not posting my own story idea. :P

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