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Posted 11/3/12
This is my story so king

The story takes pleace in the futile time of japan. the world is on the verge of a war that will bring complete chaos to the land during this time the Sanada family (the strongest family in the country) began to prepare for the worst. recruiting all the best guards and solders available. little did they know the aftermath of the war and the love, hate, tragidies, and twists this dicisition would make. at the time the Sanada family only looked for safety, to protect all they can in there kingdom.

-early afternoon in the village of Sujuko where the Masamuna family ruled-

Chapter one. The Azura is a woman

"the early after noon of the village was another peaceful day for the villages of the outer slums of the village. unlike a completely disasterious slum the slums here were more thriving with activity and cooking and making strives to make there meals and not poverty and starvation. the villages were moving from place to place. helping one another as the children all played and enjoyed themselves. then from the northern main gates came a rushing silence from the welcoming of a small group of 20 samurais. all of the samurais wearing all black cloaks and black bamboo hats to shield there faces from the sun and from anyone else seeing there faces. the villagers through more quiet did not stop working and made room in the roads for the samurais to walk. the samurais in a organized patheren walked forward without disterbing a soul. the two samurais in front both completely size and body type both wore a black gloack that had a blue dragon going around the bottom showing there athority within the group. the group of samurais walking through the village soon arrived to the castle building and were greeted at the gates by 2 very tall men both covered from foot to head with thick armor that shows the Sanada family crest. one of the leader samurais walks up the the 2 guards and lowers his hat and smiles showing his face. his hair through gray was long and perfectly tamed and even his facial hair was perfectly in placed without one hair unsightly. the man gives the guards a single sheet of paper showing that they were summons by the king and queen and even the paper shined with the crest of the Sanada family"

I am Oda Nobunaga of the swords of the 6th heaven. "says the man smiling gently and wiping the sweat from his forehead before taking a deep breath" Me and my fellow samurais were summoned here by your king. may we please go in because the sun is not very friendly of our collors.

"the Guards after a few moments of deliberating hand the paper back to oda and move asside point to the huge door at the end of a long corridore were the royal announcement room was. the samurais all in one group still walk towards the doors the samurais not even looking from side to side to see the amazing art work and furniture inside of the castle. once the samurais entered the room they seen that the room was a huge room with a audience from all sides. one the opposite side of the room sat 4 throwns. the king and queen sitting in the middle two looking to the samurais. the king with delight in his eyes, but the queen looking with more distrust and worry then delight. to the left of the king sat the elder princess. her crown gold with a purple dimand as the other wore a silver crown also with a purple dimand. the samurais all walked toward the kind and queen's thrown and slowly bowed all pulling there swords and placing it infront of them. all of the blades had a black shieth with a blue dragon outside of Oda's and the other person with the cloak like odas. both of there blades were in blue sheathes and had gold dragons on them. the samurais all remained quiet as the king arrose"

It is very good to see you here old friend "said kind Sanada with a plesent and soothing attitude as he looks to oda giving him a nod to arise and Oda slowly stands up"

How i wish we could have meet again for saki instead of talk about possible war "Oda says with a small laugh that him and the king and a few people in the room stare" From what i heard you did not want to call upon us?

I did not to be honest, but it has gotten bad "sighs King Sanada as he sits back down in his thrown" with the fall of kyoto and lalo our country stands as the last super power of the golden dragon days.

I see. "says oda rubbing his cheek focusing on the situation" and so you need us to help support your army?

Mainly. "says the King slowly standing up" as you are aware i will be leaving to meet my solders on the battle field, and our queen will be going with me.

Then what is it we must do my lord? "Oda asks as he bows once again awaiting a awnser pacently"

I wanted your samurais to stay to protect my kingdom's homeland. and my princesses. "awnsers the king his voice turning more stern and serious" this land is the foundation of our kingdom, our world. and my princesses are my pride and joy. without them....

No need to continue my lord "Oda says quickly picking up his blade" as a man of my word, and my samurais all warriors of there word. we shall protect this land and the princesses. that i put on my title as a samurai of the 6th heaven.

"the king nodding his head as the men in attendence cheer" i see. i'm very glad to hear. let us hope your men are as good as rumor told us.

Way more to come later
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Posted 11/5/12
Ok heres mine.

Title: Angel Squadron

Type: military.

Genre: war, scifi

This tale revolves around a Marine AH-1z Super cobra pilot, Captain Mike "Joker" Ruflin, stationed with Echo Battalion's Bulldog Squadron in Afghanistan. He's married to his college sweetheart, Ali, and lives back in a small town called Black Springs, in Georgia.

While on mission, Mike's helicopter is shot down by an unknown weapon in a great blast of light, killing his gunner. Alone, unreachable by para-rescue, and 150 miles inside hostile territory, Mike starts an arduous trek across the landscape of Afghanistan, armed with only a 9-mm. Beretta. Coming across a mortally wounded soldier named Diggs, Mike learns that Al-Qaeda has acquired a state of the art defense system. Before Diggs dies, he warns Mike that the Russians are involved.

After burying the soldier and taking up his M4, Mike continues. Over time he meets up with other marines and soldiers.

-SSgt. Wesley "Fat Cat" Irons, a heavy set African American with a friendly disposition. He lost his entire platoon in the wake of mysterious attack, hallmarked by a blinding flash of light. He becomes Mike's closest friend and confidant. He specializes in heavy weapons and demolitions.

-Lt. Rodrick "Phantom" Xavier, a Marine sniper. Rodrick and Mike bash a lot because Mike is Catholic, while Rodrick is a fiery atheist. Over time, however, the two accept their differences, knowing they need each other to survive.

-Sgt. Nick "Toads" Harley, comms officer. His nickname is because of his pet desert toad, Pouches, that lives in his utility belt pocket.

-Cpl. Francis "Sunny" William, mechanic and driver. Francis is a tank driver and mechanic who lost his crew in the midst of a suicide bombing. He dual wields twin 9 mm. and is homosexual.

-Cpl. Chino "Checkers" Ramirez, support specialist. Chino is a Mexican immigrant who moved his family to escape the drug cartels. In the military, he fantasies that every enemy he brings down is a drug lord, as he lost his sister to cocaine.

The six form an inseparable team, code naming themselves Angel Squadron (Mike's AH-1 callsign was Angel-1) and embark on an epic trek back to friendly territory. Along the way, they assist locals in fighting off Al-Qaeda and gather intel on their mysterious weapon and its backer. He is revealed later on to be an ex-special forces named Packard McGrath, a Russian-American communist.

Packard wanted not only Russia to return to communism, but bring America into his beliefs as well. His weapon, a superconducting atomic laser, is the weapon that shot Mike out of the sky and destroyed Wesley's platoon. With his enormous wealth obtained through arms dealing, Packard means to coerce the American Government to step down in exchange for sparing billions of Americans from his weapons.

Knowing that moving the weapon could doom the American forces, Angel Squadron, against the demands of General Genning, deploys and successfully destroy the weapon. Packard, enraged that his plans have been stalled, ambushes and tries to kill Mike, but is foiled by Wesley, killing him instead. Packard escapes, but not before a furious fist fight with Mike. As Angel Squadron is airlifted out, Chino pulls the pins on Wesley's dropped grenade belt and throws it into Packard's Mi-24 Hind, presumably killing him.

Angel Squadron mourns Wesley's death and vow to never let each other down in their times of need. Mike returns home to Ali, on leave after his journey and meet in a tearful embrace. The manga/anime ends with Rodrick stating, "I've no belief in God, but after what we've been through, I do know there are angels. And there watching over us all..."

I've got a few pictures drawn, but I'm still working on the whole anime series thing. I'm trying to construct at least four seasons.
Posted 11/6/12 , edited 11/9/12
;-; The guy on the page before me (9.5). I'm just going to post a story I made for Halloween, but its cut in half, so if I get to it, I'll type up the rest. (The original story is on a piece of paper (-O-)


On a desolate world that has already ended, there is a beach. But the water doesn’t lap against the shore; it calmly sways to the right; and only the right. At the end of the beach stands a sheer cliff. At the top of the cliff there is a mansion. A girl lives alone in that mansion, with her only friend, her beloved teddy. And since the girl was the only living thing in that desolate world, she was a goddess.
At the crack of dawn of a new day, the girl ventured out the mansion to explore the world around her. She wanted to find new things because behind the beach is an endless sea of grass as far as the eye can see. Many times the girl tried to overcome the dreadful sea of grass, but each time she failed.

One day, the girl found a lone tree not far from the mansion. It was a massive tree with dreadlocks of tree branches flowing down. It seemed as if it flourished, but in reality it was as dead as the world. The girl knew this, but she went to the sea with a bucket and dumped water on the tree as if it were alive. At one point, the girl thought she saw the leaves sway, but she couldn’t be sure. One time, she set her dearest teddy on one of the tree’s branches and went to explore for a while. When she came back, the teddy wasn’t there. She screamed at the tree, “I HATE YOU! I WISH YOU DIDN’T EXIST!” and just like that, the tree disappeared.

Inside the mansion, the girl had everything from art to books. She even had a whole underground storage filled with food items that would last her a lifetime. But, the girl never grew. She took a measuring stick and measured her size against the wall every two months. And after a year of doing this, she didn’t grow an inch. She grew very frustrated and broke the measuring stick in half. Then she threw both halves at the wall, where it is still wedged in.

Eventually, the girl found herself drawn to the massive library within the mansion. It seemed like all the books were about life. She read about marriage, family life, cooking, and her favorite, school. Oh how she loved reading about school. She longed to go to one. She imagined herself walking toward school with friends. She imagined learning about people of the past, having lunch, and sometimes getting in trouble. She dreamed of confessing to an imaginary boy. But one day, she picked a mysterious book with no title. Inside, she read of horrible things such as demons, murderers, and bloodshed. She threw it into the fireplace, which gladly accepted the sacrifice. That night, she softly cried.

The girl soon felt the effects of loneliness. From reading the books, she learned how to paint. She found art supplies all together in one room. The girl chose a room overlooking the sea and set the empty canvas on the stand. Closing her eyes, she envisioned a medium-sized man about her age. He had a warm smile with dull grey eyes. His hair was wild and unkempt, which the girl found to fit her fancy. He wore a plain white t-shirt with his hands hanging out his jean pockets. His outfit was complete with polished black shoes. As she started to paint this man, tears streamed down her eyes. She wished that he were real, she wished she wasn't lonely anymore. After a few hours of painting, the girl glanced outside. The sky was a fiery-red color, signaling dawn.

That night, the girl dreamt of her and the man on a swing set. They were both laughing and enjoying themselves. Then the sweet dream turned into a nightmare. The man disappeared and the scene shifted. The girl was now standing on top of a hill. The brilliant blue sky turned red. She heard a deep rumbly voice, "Stop dreaming... You are not meant to love. Your life as a human is over. You must pay for your sins."
The girl woke with sweat pouring down her face. She refused to believe that what she heard wasn't real. But as the days passed by, she grew more and more insane when the voice visited her in her blissful dreams. 
The girl continued to paint the man, and more often, she painted both of them together.

Finally, one day the girl declared that they would have a wedding. She spent the next three days making her dress and setting out the food. By the fourth day, she had a small stage just outside the mansion with seats in front of it. She climbed upon the stage and set the painting of the man opposite of her. She held a bible from the library in front of her and recited her lines. In her head, the man said "I do", but in reality, his face smiled artificially through the girl. That night, she feasted with the painting. She spoke to him with plans of the future. But she became angry because he wouldn't answer back. She got so frustrated that she picked up her knife and stabbed the painting as much as she could. And surprisingly blood spurted mysteriously all around the girl. 
Horror stricken, the bloodstained girl huddled in a corner and cried. The voice laughed at her "foolish girl, you will never find peace within yourself, you will always be alone."

And one hour later, she hung from a taut rope wrapped around her neck.

Edit: finally finished typing it. Well, that's the full story! Feedback is welcome.
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Posted 11/15/12
i know it's a late to write this but i just found out about this site.
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Posted 11/15/12
there was a girl name Rima she's a fifteen year old high school student. she's a very silent person that no one knows about. she refuses to communicate with others because she is scared that what happen before would happen again. she spent most of her time at home she wouldn't talk much even at home. her mother May would always try to get her to speak or at lest laugh, her mother thought that she would never see her lovely child smile again.

Rima was always ignored and talked bad about but she didn't care she would just pass by them thinking the same things she always does "what a wast to be with people this is the reason why i don't hang out with them it'll be just like the last time went i had friends and i'll make sure never to go down that road again." Rima is a very thoughtful girl but she just has trouble to show how she really feels. it's only because what happened in the past she don't smile and doesn't think of others as friends it's been like that for eight years. once you've gotten into the habit of doing something it's very hard to get out of it.

In forth period of classes, (the teacher's name is Mr. Ceathing's and he teaches English)"Rima can you please read pages 14-16." whispers went throughout the class "did he just call on Rima?"
"no way this will be the first time i'v heard her speak."
"that's right is she really going to read, how do you think her voice sounds like?"
"pretty bad if she has been hiding it from us." and the girls that said this laugh
Rima simply got up and gave a paper to the teacher, no one knew what it said but the expression on the teacher's face change in to what seemed to be fear. Rima walked back to her sit and sat down quietly, then the teacher called on some on else to read.

at the end of the school day she went to get her second pair of shoes, when she opened the locker were here shoes were a letter and some strange liquid came out of it. her shoes were all messed up with the sticky green liquid she read the letter and it said "what did you do to sense he's all terrified cuz of you, you better be careful know your place or we'll put you in your place got it!" she throws the paper away and takes her shoes then walks home.

people have been sending Rima letters for the past week now telling her to know were she should be and how she should act etc. she did the same things over and over again she just throws the paper away and go home. Next day at school lunch brake "hey, Justin wait up man don't just leave me behind like that bro." Rima was walking by two guys in the hall (Justin a womanizer and his best friend sam)
as she walked by sam was trying to make a jk he whispered to justin "watch this." sam ran backwards and hit himself into Rima making her fall on her knees. "Oh sorry i didn't see you there I didn't mean to do that." sam had a little smile on his face and Rima shot him with a glare that said i'll kill you. "hey i said i was sorry"

i'm ganna stop sorry i wrote a little to much i just love to write books it's a hobby for me if u wanna know (Rima end up falling in love with justin but before that happens a love triangle will take place) sorry again
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Posted 11/15/12
please tell me what you think it's not really one of my best writings but i would like to hear what you think this is the first time i'v posted one of my stories before well part of one of my stories thank you
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Posted 11/15/12
faitalskai i like your story it's really good
Posted 11/20/12
Thank you! I enjoy making stories and I plan to become a novelist as my future occupation. Yours is pretty good too, I would love to hear the rest.
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Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12

FaitalSkai wrote:

vampire_sammy-Reyes wrote:

Hmmm.... well corresponding with the OP's original intentions I'll rate both of your stories. I give your both 8's :D

Here's an idea I have laid out, nothing special. Characters, basic plot, title, etc.


Emancipation Provenance [Roughly it means Freedom Beginning or The Beginning Origin of Freedom]

Basic Synopsis:

Resistance. Concepts of world domination, freedom fighters, destruction. This story is about two siblings thrust into a war between an organized resistance and a mysterious tyrannical power that aims to take over the Earth. It's set in a futuristic near apocalyptic world seventeen years after said tyrannical power had unleashed mass destructive weapons on the Earth's populace and announced it's ulterior motive of conquering all. The two siblings escaped from this tyrannical power's grip and were drafted into the organized resistance. The organized resistance is called the N.E.O.(stands for New Earth Odyssey) that aims to take down this tyrannical power called the Salvation Alliance and free conquered nations. The Salvation Alliance consists of world powers wanting to gain a share of controlling the Earth and have a mutual agreement with each other. Racial and political grudges hamper both sides to some extent and infighting is more common than it should be, though isolated. Both siblings have to deal with these issues as well as growing to survive in a war-torn environment. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends as each person is thrown into the conflict.

Prominent Characters:

Akihiko Shizuka - Main Character. Japanese. 15 yrs old. The younger brother of Eriko Shizuka who is the more naive of the two. He is outspoken and brash in his behavior around others, especially the ones who he dislikes, mistrusts, and that betray their friends. The only one he fully trusts is his older sister who always tries to look after him. Although, unlike his sister he doesn't try to help other people.

Eriko Shizuka - Main Character. Japanese. 19 yrs old. The oldest of the two siblings who is always thinking. She developed a strong bond with her brother and because of this always tries to look out for him. Her personality is fun-loving and caring with much darker more serious undertones that surface.

Yuliana Zolnerowich - Major Character. Russian. 28 yrs old. A member of a strict military family from Russia who sided with the Salvation Alliance. Originally a quiet shy girl she became a very stern and unforgiving individual during later years in the Salvation Alliance. Hailed as one of the smartest but ruthless soldiers in the Alliance she eventually became the leader of Atlantean Company. She commands with an iron fist and punishes anyone who disobeys or questions her orders except for her assistant Syuzanna Belyaev. To her allies and enemies alike she is known as the "Shimmering Fiend" because of her brutal, truculent nature in combat, and the skill with her weapon called a Gunblade.

Anneliese Eberstark - Major Character. German. 28 yrs old. A German with an insightful and caring demeanor. She's quick to act in dangerous situations and is a calm fighter. A former solder in the Salvation Alliance she defected to the NEO after a costly battle that seemly took the life of her two best friends. Was known as the "Flickering Banshee" while a part of Salvation Alliance and is still revered by that name. Always willing to forgive others and help her friends in times of need she also became leader of the Rapid Deployment Division in the NEO.

Svein Landvik - Major Character. Norwegian. 22 yrs old. The second oldest of the Landvik siblings who joined the NEO. He wants to find his younger sister and save his older brother from the Salvation Alliance before it's too late. This determination has shaped him into being open-minded, idealistic, and dedicated to nearly everything he does or says. Like his older brother is also part of a mobile assualt unit - the NEO's Mecha Division.

Syuzanna Belyaev - Major Character. Russian. 19 yrs old. She was put into Atlantean Company per suggestion by her drill instructor because of her phenomenal scores. Developed a positive relationship and trusting relationship with Yuliana over the short time they've been together and is always inspired by her. Usually taciturn and reserved unless she feels the need to speak her mind or offer suggestions, is worrisome about the health of her comrades.

Yakumo Goodman - Major Character. Japanese/American. 19 yrs old. Joined the NEO of her own free will and because her family was taken away by the Salvation Alliance. She doesn't like seeing people fighting each other and is very caring, compassionate, and concerned of others' well-being, even enemies. Becomes Eriko's best friend in the NEO and together they form a friendship with Annelise Eberstark. In the same unit and training group as Eriko they are often seen together even in combat.

Aurelio Gallo - Minor Character. Italian. 26 yrs old. Member of the NEO's Covert Special Operations Division and is second in command of Talon Squad. He thinks very highly of himself and his abilities, but is often viewed as vexatious and obnoxious by his fellows. Nicknamed the "Golden Knight" by his allies in the NEO because of his attitude but also for his bravery and somewhat serious behavior during battle. Raised in Italy he also has a strong value on the meanings of family and what it is to share experiences with other people.

Dae Ryu - Minor Character. Korean. 33 yrs old. Leader of Talon Squad and is known as the "Yellow Dragon" throughout the NEO and to the Salvation Alliance. Despite only holding the rank of Sergeant he is highly looked up to for his experience, wisdom,and advice on and off the battlefield. Underneath his solemn demeanor there is a soft spot for children and small animals.

Oden Landvik - Minor Character. Norwegian. 25 yrs old. The oldest of the Landvik siblings and the most severe. He joined the Salvation Alliance because of unknown reasons. A skilled soldier he is idealistic, analytical, and quietly forceful to other people. Always wanted to write a book since he was little and keeps that dream alive even as a part of the Salvation Alliance's Mobile Assualt Company.

Ady Hall - Minor Character. Norwegian. 18 yrs old. The youngest of the Landvik siblings she was seperated from the rest of her family when she was barely a year old. Was rescued by an American businessman who adopted her into his family and brought her back to the United States. Born Catherine Landvik she was renamed Ady Hall and because of her upbringing has developed a strong aura of common sense and negotiation skills. She is kind, thoughtful, and caring but has a really difficult time expressing any of those traits. Because of this she is often blunt, sarcastic,and somewhat harsh towards others.


1. Last Attempt
2. Ode to the Dragon
3. The N.E.O
4. Split Apart
5. Test, Train, Execute
6. Past Unspoken
7. World Measures
8. Salvation
9. Ready Ordnance
10. Get Set
11. Go
12. Mecha Mayhem
13. Rest to Stand By
14. Beckon to the Banshee
15. Voiceless Future
16. Salvation Returned
17. Convoke the Fiend
18. Condition One
19. Before
20. Suit Up
21. Mass Altercation
22. White Haired Siblings
23. Pain
24. Lament and Recourse
25. After
26. First Surrender
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/8/12

Jordan -Kendall- Levin

An original fic. Project X Zero, brings a plethora of characters from various universes (anime, game or live action).

See, before Jordan became a part of the family. Half of his school friends, mocked him. Only ones that stood up for him were Marty Deeks, his brother; Kevin, Ben and Gwen. It wasn't something he'd done, but that his classmates would always find it "entertaining" to beat up on him.

Jordan couldn't take it. "K-Kev..." he said as he had a shiner on his right eye and barely getting up, if they continued what they were doing he'd be unconscious.

Just days later, Jordan found the same bullies picking on his friend. How did he become bitter? It's due to his harsh childhood. Now, Jordan -Kendall- Levin stands at 6'5" (197cm). Yes, he's the same person that has had a harsh childhood life.

1 - Enter! Jordan -Kendall- Levin
2 - First Taste of Middle School
3 - Enter! Kevin -Ethan- Levin
4 - High Noon at Gateway Middle (battle chapter)
5 - An LAPD Cop Makes his Mark in Washington, Enter; Marty Deeks!
6 - Training Day
7 - Kevin Expresses His Discontent
8 - Snap Out of It Dude!
9 - The deadly rose of LA makes her mark, enter; Kensi Blye
10 - The base of Project X Zero is complete
11 - Fighters from a different world
12 - Cheap shot! Jordan's classmates terrorize the city
13 - Warning
14 - Saved by Fourarms and Rath
15 - Jordan's friends and family are Shocked! Jordan's battle form is Gray Fullbuster?!
16 - Sad Reunion, Cascade High in Shambles
17 - Omen
18 - Homecoming, A Son and Brother Returns From Afghanistan
19 - Suit Up! The heroes appear! (referring to Ben, Gwen, Jordan, Kevin, Chris, Marty Deeks & Kensi Blye)
20 - Final Stretch
21 - Danger, Washington D.C Attacked by Former President and his Administration
22 - Blinding Light, Ben and gang Learn a Team ability!
23 - Visitors from Another World Pt. II
24 - Night Before the Final Battle
25 - America Under Attack
26 - This is It! Save America & Israel
27 - Love's Pure Light (epilogue)
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Posted 12/8/12 , edited 12/21/12

Title: Wingless

The concept of a higher power. Angels. God. Whatever you want to call it. This story idea is based on a few things I gathered from educational and entertainment material. The story is basically about people, primarily focusing on children, who have died before experiencing all they need to in life. They are sent to somewhere with no initial memory of their past life except perhaps overtime through headaches and flashes, bits of memory, from encounters with other people or they could have possibly figured it out all on their own without outside influence. It varies between each character who is designated a 'Wingless', so to speak an Angel who has yet to earn their wings. The plot really focuses on one of these 'Wingless' children and her determination to earn her wings. To earn their wings the Wingless have to descend back down to Earth and help a designated child with their problems, to put it simply. But there is a catch because while they are all trying to earn their wings they are also given a second chance at life, to experience it. Another twist is once they have finished their assignment they are given an option to become a true 'Wingless', as in an Angel without wings who is forced to remain on Earth forever or become a 'Winged' which is an Angel with wings who can only remain on Earth for tasks given to them by their superiors. This means that that Wingless can live a second life on Earth permanently if they choose to remain Wingless but they would be mortal with extended lifespans unlike the Winged who are ageless and also wouldn't gain any powers. The Wingless and Winged don't bleed instead when injured they emit a blinding light from their wound and anyone who touches it without their permission would get searing burns on that part of their body. The Wingless as with the Winged can change forms (as in their age and only the Wingless who as trying to earn their wings can do this) at will to accomplish their tasks and are also allowed to help each other but can't decide how another should handle their task, it's up to that Wingless or Winged alone. They each also have individual artificial helpers (think small flying AI that can fit in the palm of your hand) that they can consult and inquire certain things with.

Prominent Characters:

Avariella Poretti - Main character. Narrator. Italian. Poretti is a new Wingless who has yet to earn her wings. She is brash and likes to speak her mind but is also insightful and caring when she chooses to be. Her memory is locked and therefore she doesn't know about her past early on in the story. When she does gain bits of it back she gets a migraine, collapses, and then blacks out. Has two alternate identities she goes by which are Aurelia Piccoli and Ali Piccoli. Her designated child is Amarante Mikomi and her AI helper is named Paolino.

Aimee Belrose - Major character. French. Belrose is a Wingless with a bossy and somewhat self-centered attitude. Aimee developed a bubble around her mind to keep herself from others and to hide her true self, which is hidden for most of the story. Sometimes her true self does slip up and comes to the surface before it is fully revealed later in the story. She has yet to earn her wings and her memory from the beginning of the story is fully unlocked but she doesn't tell anyone or show significant signs of it. Her designated child is Margot Morel and her AI helper is named Adeline.

Cindy Estrada - Major character. American. Estrada is a six year old human who Aurelia lives with. She ran away from home because of the harsh and abusive nature of her parents. Always quick to like others and is very energetic. Has trouble pronouncing certain words, a fascination with shiny things (in particular quarters), and the Tooth Fairy. Thinks of Aurelia as an older sister and wants to meet Aurelia's younger sister Ali. She doesn't know that Aurelia and Ali are actually the same person (Avariella) just different ages.

Amarante Mikomi - Major character. Japanese. Fifteeen year old human of Japanese descent with glasses who is also Avariella's designated child. She is very shy and reserved but is outgoing and forceful when she needs to be. Very knowledgeable but doesn't show it or boast about it. Becomes friends with Ali really quickly and has met her older sister Aurelia a few times. Knows that Avariella and Ali are the same person but acts like they just look very similar. Wants to be friends with Aimee really badly as well, always dragging her to hang out together.

Sophia Soto - Major character. Japanese/Spanish. A teacher at Auckland International with a very laid-back and joking personality though she is very intelligent about most things in life and can figure things out quickly. She is actually a true Wingless that decided to stay on Earth and acts as a friend and mentor to everyone in the story. Grows fond of Cindy and gets together very well with her. Knows what Avariella, Flora, and Aimee really are and quickly deduces each of their characters. She still has her AI helper which is named Damita who she calls Dami for short.

Flora Shelsher - Major character. British. Yet to earn her wings she is a Wingless with a bubbly and excitable personality. Underneath her personality is a darker and more solmen one. Her memory like Avariella's is locked but she knows more about her past than Avariella does at the beginning but she never talks about it but instead gives hints and implications on what it is. Doesn't do well with stuck-up or rich people but does her best to tolerate them. Her designated child is Lenin Hughes and her AI helper is named Lovette.

Mr. Hideyoshi - Minor character. Japanese. Aged Sushi shop owner and Avariella's boss. He watches Cindy from time to time and gives advice to anyone who needs it.

Margot Morel - Minor character. French. Aimee's designated child. Very proper and kind, somewhat outlying.

Lenin Hughes - Minor character. New Zealander European/Australian. Flora's designated child. Outgoing and annoying to most people.

Tayten Poretti - Minor character. Italian. Avariella's human older brother. A very caring and fragile person, blames himself for his sister's death and subsequently his family's breaking apart.

Prudence Wright - Minor character. British. Waitress at Mr. Hideyoshi's shop who Cindy and Avariella live with. Shy and not forceful.


1. Assignment
2. Picture Perfect
3. The Runaway
4. Truth Unfolding
5. Princess
6. Inquisitiveness
7. Acquaintances
8. Knocking on the Shell
9. Hey, What's the Tooth Fairy?
10. Menagerie Memories
11. Awake Yet?
12. Proposal
13. The Free Spirit and Jaunty Tune!
14. Abundance
15. Second Waterloo
16. Quaint
17. The Boy Under the Stairs
18. Peeling the Shell
19. Meddling Melody
20. Paper Imperfect
21. Confrontations!?
22. Unlatched Memories
23. Designed Purpose
24. Valediction
25. This isn't Adieu!
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Posted 12/18/12
Haha, I've Done something like this, But i wonder if its any good, Anyway. Ill post it give me some feedback -If you see and refrences from anime in here your mistaking it i made it up on the spot- If there is any anime like this I WANNA WATCH THEM! >:D

~Grim Reaper

~Chapter 1. -The Afterlife.

~Yuukio Nakajomi, Main character.
~[Yuno Harika] -Childhood friend-. -She only ever talks to Yuukio a few times-
~[Boss] Someone who lives in The border dimension, and explains things to reapers.
~MPH = Miles per hour. for every Mile per hour, There is 1.61 Kilometers per hour.
~Names are First then last, So. Yuno is the first name, With Harika the family name.
~[#] This symbol helps when someone other then Yuukio, Or Boss is talking.

[Name] Yuukio Nakajomi.
[Age] 16 Years -1996/08/02- YYYY/MM/DD
[Gender] Male
[Hight] 6 foot. (182 CM)
[Bio] Yuukio is a 16 year old boy, Yuukio has black hair and light grey eyes, Yuukio about 6 foot and gets average grades.

[Name] Yuno Harika
[Age] 17 years -1995/04/20- YYYY/MM/DD
[Gender] Female
[Hight] 5 foot 6 (167 CM)
[Bio] Yuno is a 17 year old girl, Yuno had straight brown hair and blue eyes, Yuno is about 5 foot 6, and gets great grades, But was kept down because she was sick for a large period of time.

[Name] Unknown (Boss)
[Age] Unknown. (Looks Mid 20's, No idea on actual age... I mean... He is a Grim Reaper after all)
[Gender] Male
[Hight] 6 foot 6 (198cm)
[Bio] Boss is a man who looks like he is in his 20's, He has black hair and red eyes, Boss is about 6 foot six, and is the boss of all Grim Reapers.

[Description]Yuukio was once an ordinary boy, then one day his life flipped upside down when he was caught up in an accident, and somehow ended up becoming a grim reaper.

[Intro Start]

~11/08/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY) 6:30AM~

It all started just a bit after my 16'th, I was doing the usual, Pretty much nothing.
It was a normal morning. I woke up, Had a shower, Got dressed, and brushed my teeth and then left for school.
On my way to school I noticed a presence, It was watching me, Staring me down even, I didn't think much for it and continued walking.
About half way to school I joined up with my friend Yuno Harika we had been childhood friends since I was 5, It was rare to meet her in the morning.
I started talking to her about the presence I could feel, She had a good laugh at me while I was explaining.

I turned around and faced Yuno to talk to her, While walking backwards, {"It was something I always did because I didn't like people standing behind me."}...
All of a sudden Yuno Yelled out Yuukio!
I quickly turned around to see a car coming towards me, But it was too late. The car had hit me.
It was obvious I was dead, The car was going at least 65 MPH(104 KPM), the driver was drunk, and attempting to outrun two police cars.
While I was lying on the floor dead, My soul came out of my body, Slowly ascending up-wards. I could see Yuno Crying shaking my body really rough like. For what ever reason I could feel my soul attempting to go back, But it couldn't. I was being pulled to the sky.
After I finally reached the clouds I could see everything around me, It was an amazing view. everyone looked so small, I could even see the ambulance putting my corpse into the back of it, But for some reason I felt great.
I felt a sharp cut through me, everything went dark, When I came to I was in a bed with white sheets. It was almost like someone had drawn a map in my head, Because for whatever reason I knew where I was and where to go.
I slowly walked towards my destination while admiring the view of heaven, when all of a sudden I heard a voice. it exclaimed "I DEEM YOU UNWORTHY TO BE IN HEAVEN NARIKO" It was like the sound was pounding itself into my head, It was so intense I fell to my knees. The voice continued to exclaim "YOU WHO HAS KILLED YOUTH SHALL NOT ASCEND INTO HEAVEN", This time I blacked out, But just before I did I felt like I was falling... Then I started thinking to myself, "Who is Nariko?"
[Intro End]

After I woke up from blacking out, There was a person standing over me. He started talking to me.
"Hello Nariko, Are you feeling okay?"

I quickly replied, "Who are you, And who is Nariko?!"

This man had black hair, red eyes, and was something like 6 foot 6, he was huge, there where also 2 blue flaming balls following him.

The man said, "Don't worry about that, Answer the question."
"If you don't, something might happen to you"

I just laid there, Ignoring him, After a while he sighed and snapped his fingers, Almost instantly I felt an intense amount of pain run throughout my body.

He snapped his fingers again, And just as quickly it stopped. I quickly sat up and moved away from him.

He asked again "Are you feeling okay?"

I sharply replied, "I'm feeling great, Nothing like an good old fashioned pain to get you started"

He replied, "Good, Next question. Do you know where you are".

I sighed, then replied "If that last place was heaven... Then this is hell?"

He replied, "Close, But not quite. This is called The Border. It is just in between Heaven, Hell And Earth. Its rare I get visitors."

I got mad stood up and walked towards him, then said, "And the first thing you do is cause me pain?!"

He snickered a little.

I went to punch him in the face, But he dodged it stunningly then he snapped his fingers again, Expecting the worst I prepared my self for some more pain.

But this time nothing happened, So I just stood there all tensed up looking like a fool.

He laughed some more, then he said "Why are you just standing there, lets go Nariko"

I was reluctant to follow him since he kept calling me Nariko, But with no-one else to follow, I just ended up going.

I questioned the man while we where walking. My first question was why I was sent to hell. The man quickly replied, All will be explained.

Then he went silent and any further question I directed towards him was ignored.

After what seemed like hours of walking we finally ran into a door, Inside the door I could hear loads of noises. It was like rush hour on a highway.

The man finally said something. "Okay Nariko, You have become a grim reaper. I'm going to explain everything you need to know" ... "But first, Lets get you a scythe"

Looking puzzled, I sighed, Then replied "Okay... So.. Scythe?"

The man replied, "Yes A Scythe." ... "To summon your Scythe make a mental image of what you want it to look like, Then concentrate really hard, but once you do it for the first time you CANNOT change its looks. so choose wisely, also after your first summon, you can summon it by snapping your fingers while thinking about it. Scythes are not visible to ANYONE other then Myself, and other grim reapers. On that note. You are also not visible to humans while the scythe is out. Souls can see you though."

I did just as he said... When he said scythe I thought of a video game I was playing the other day and tried to mimic the scythe from that. When I did sure enough a scythe appeared in my hands and the blade was shrouded by a black smoke. the scythe overall was about 30-45 CM taller then me, and was really light.

"Nice job!" Said the man. (The man thought to himself, "He got it on his first try?! Just what is this kid?")
"Now to use it, all you have to do is think about the scythe and snap your fingers, Cutting through a soul will send it to heaven or hell depending on its natural balance.

"What is Natural Balance" I asked

The man replied "Think of it as good deeds, And bad deeds. For example, Your here because you killed a high schooler while drunk in a car. and the high schooler is in heaven because he has lived a pretty straight forward life." "This can never be altered under any circumstances."

I quickly replied "Wait, Wait, Wait..."

"What?" Said the man.

"I never killed anyone" I questioned "I'm only a high schooler myself, I don't even own a car!" I exclaimed.

The man replied, "Nariko, You cant fool me, You killed that boy, Otherwise you wouldn't have been sent here!"


The man looked puzzled. "Do you have any proof you're not Nariko?"

I quickly searched my pockets, Thank god I was carrying my student ID at the time, I normally forget it. It had a picture of me along with my name. Grade, And age.

The man was Dumbfound, He quickly pulled a strange device from his pocket and placed it on me. It kind of looked like a button. Some writing came up in front of me that read "Yuukio Nakajomi, Age 16, Boy" Along with a very recent picture.
The man quickly pulled out a key that had a small halo hovering in it and pushed it into the door.
All of a sudden all the rush hour noises stopped. and it was silent. when he opened the door we where back in heaven.

The man called out to someone off in the distance, saying it was important. about 30 seconds later the man started glowing, then the man vanished.
I decided now would be a good time to run, so I started running in this white area. looking for a way out. then all of a sudden it went dark and in an instant light again. I was in another room with the man again. there where two seats and a desk. there was also a someone standing at the other end of the desk.

I heard a voice in my head "Come, Sit." "Tell me what your problem is"

The man I came in with started talking, "You have made a mistake, You sent the wrong person to me, This boy is the one who died. He was the student!"
"Give me the other guy at once!"

[#] The other man looked angry "WE NEVER MAKE MISTAKES, You are no longer welcome here! Go back now!"

The man I came in with said "We cannot have an Innocent person reap souls!"
"That is not something I want to happen!"


I just looked back and forth as the argument enraged, It went on for a while then everything went black and we where sent back to The Border.

The man sighed, "Looks like theres nothing we can do, I understand that you are innocent, But if you think about it this is better then heaven, When you are not reaping souls you are human, so you can go back to your friends and family. Only instead of you taking over Nariko's life, Ill send you into Yuukio's."
"As for the accident, I'll rewind time to back when you woke up in the morning, all you have to do is avoid being hit by the car. The only difference this time is you'll be able to see spirits, Spirits naturally seek out reapers, so don't look too hard.

"I'll give you a rundown on the rules"
The man Inhaled.
"Breaking these rules will result in a fate worse then death."

"ONE, The reaper can NEVER interfere with humans, in an attempt to make them live longer."

"Two, Never use the scythe on another grim reaper, Unless he has been deemed unworthy of his cause."

"Three, The Scythe cannot be modified to do anything other then to reap souls, With the exception that it can, and will grant the ability to fly and to pass through walls."

"Four, While not reaping souls your body is visible to humans, Do not forget that if you call your scythe in the middle of a bunch of people the WILL and CAN see you vanish and that will cause a panic, So don't do it."

"Five, Never tell anyone that you are a reaper, Not that anyone would believe you anyway."

"I will now explain how to use the scythe."

"You know how to call out your scythe" "But to reap a soul you have to maintain your scythe and swipe through a soul. the scythe will do the rest. You Cannot throw your scythe... it will just vanish. and you will become visible again."

"If you concentrate your willpower into the scythe and then swing it, you can attack at a range with the black cloud that is coming from the scythe."

"If you need any more help summon your scythe close your eyes and think of this place, Slam the bottom of the scythe on the floor and you will open portal to here. You can also use this to teleport to other locations around earth."

"You are not immortal, So do be careful, You can still die again. And this time it is permanent." "Your soul will be consumed by hell and there will be no saving you then.

"Be careful there are exiled reapers out there, and they do not play nice. If you see one, Try not to die."

"Exiled reapers?" I asked.

The man replied "Reapers that have broken the rules and are rebelling against me."

"One more thing" I asked "Who are you?"

"Call me Boss" Said the man.

"Now then, Normally the prize for being a grim reaper is that you remove some of your negatives, and after a long service you finally can go-to heaven, Rule breakers go to hell, But in your case, You get to see your friends again. so I think it balances out. You get to live a normal life, When you should have died. only difference is this time you have to reap souls."

Boss walked towards me and placed his hand on my head, and chanted something inaudible to himself, All of my memories played back in my head, and I blacked out.

~11/08/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY) 6:30AM~ (Again)

I opened my eyes and sat up with sweat running down my face. At first I wondered if it was all a dream, So I decided to believe it if the car accident happened. I didn't have the time to care about it now. I needed to rush or I was going to be late.
So. I woke up, Had a shower, Got dressed and brushed my teeth and then left for school. About half way to school sure enough Yuno was there. after I met up with Yuno I started to take precautions to avoid being hit by the car.
I told her about this weird dream I had that I was a grim reaper, I forgot to tell her about the car crash though.

Getting close to the part where I really did die in my dream.
So I said to Yuno "Hey Yuno can we stop here for a second I want to buy something"
Yuno replied "Sure we have time"

I walked inside the shop, all of a sudden I heard a loud crash I quickly ran outside to see what it was, Sure enough it was the car. this time no one other then the driver died.

And thus my days as a Grim Reaper began!

I'm writing chapter 2 now.
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Posted 12/21/12

Title: Idol Discovery

Deduction stories and murder mysteries, detectives and serial killers. Stories of grandeur, of glamor, and of living your dreams. That's what this story is about. A team of detectives is investigating into the gruesome deaths of local artists that all have some sort of connection. Some factor that draws them all together and points to one ending dot; their killer. He has racked up a multitude of newspaper articles and television broadcasts in his name; which nobody knows. That's because nobody can catch him, but two detectives on the team are determined to stop his killings once and for all. These two detectives draw others to their cause outside of their team and pair up to gather evidence and clues on this artistic killer. Can they stop his rampage before it becomes too big?

Prominent Characters:

Leo Ansell - Main Character. Greek-American. Ansell is one of the two detectives determined to undermine the unknown killer's efforts at thinning the number of artists in the world. He lets his emotions affect him more than his partner and he's not afraid to hunt down any potential suspects no matter how much evidence is weighed against them. Prone to fits of anger and passion, he often does things without thinking of the consequences.

Naomi Hamada - Major Character. Secondary Narrator. Japanese-American. Detective Naomi is the other of the two detectives set on catching the unknown murderer. Of the two of them she is better at controlling her emotions and staying calm in most stressful situations. She keeps her partner in check as well as gathering clues and evidence on the killer more-so than her partner before engaging in anything. Determined to not let her emotions get to her on jobs, she suppresses most of her feelings and tries to comfort those affected around her.

Kat St. Carney - Major Character. French-American. Kat is a civilian interested in the case that the two detectives are pursuing about the artist killer. She butts her way into the investigation and gathers information about the killer from her sources and observations. It helps that she is an upstart idol singer because her contacts are more than most, but that also generates a lot of problems.

Cal Barret. Minor Character. German-American. A young girl who idolizes Kat and isn't afraid to show it. She gets involved in the case as well after following Kat around.

Janet de Moraal - Minor Character. French-American. Kat's doctor who also offers insight into the case and gives hints and advice on the killer's motives. She also helps care for members working on the case and charges them a discount for her services on Kat's request.

Apo Castellanos - Minor Character. Spanish-American. Another member of the team of detectives working on the case of the artist killer. He gathers info along with Naomi but isn't as invested in the case as her or her partner.

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The ASTIG Sisig Shop [Working Title]

A young man (we'll call him Philo) in the Philippines inherited a small time sisig shop, yet the flavor of what he cooks is on a level worthy of 3 Michelin stars. Too bad he does care enough to get exposure for his shop and his only means of survival are local clientele who aren't anything near to being called connoisseurs. Then one day, he gets stuck with an apprentice. A young man whose parents were quick to get rid of. After trying Philo's sisig for the first time, he was hooked, begging to be his apprentice and learning how to cook like Philo. Ever since he (we'll call him Theo) was young he had dreams of becoming a famous chef of his own restaurant and he believes that will come true with Philo's guidance.

The two are an odd pair, Philo being a recluse, one who doesn't venture out of his shop too often, and has about as many friends as fingers on his right hand. He is also a heavy smoker. Theo is quite outgoing, but shy around ladies, but he can really open up. He is friendlier and much cooler headed than Philo but his cooking skills are nowhere near Philo's. But Theo's potential can turn him into legend, he just doesn't know it can yet. One of the things that puts Philo off about Theo is how Theo is a natural at cooking. The life of a cook was never what Philo wanted and he was forced into taking over the shop when his father grew ill. Because of that he could never truly achieve what he wanted to do or live how he wanted to. All his cooking skills have come over hard work and practice because he had no natural talent to begin with. But Theo, on the other hand, has enough natural talent for 5 Michelin Stars. he just has to unlock it.

The main driving force behind the story is Philo's desire to retire. He seeks so much to leave the shop and find his own way in the world and Theo can be his replacement, since he promised his father that he will never let the shop be closed. Though he first has to do what his ancestors could not. Back in the Spanish Colonial times there were 5 chefs regarded as the best that had ever touched a stove. They all happened to be in the Philippines. The Mythical Big Five they called them. Though the members of the Mythical Big Five have been constantly changing, one of the original members happened to be Philo's ancestor. Except when he died, his son could not earn Mythical Big Five status, and from then on Philo's lineage has never been able to return to their once great position being reduced to a small time sisig shop. He takes Theo along with him as his assistant hoping that he could learn to become better than him in the process.

Though along the ride, we learn about life in the Philippines its various customs and traditions and the difference between country and city life. Theo learns the art of Harana, and the importance of family and all that stuff. Though of course it all happens in the weirdest ways possible, for Philo's family is something of a clustrf***. They all mean well though, they just, they just are not normal. Also for Theo, one of the members of the Mythical Big Five is a young Mestiza his age, that of course, he falls in love with, but before he realizes he has to battle her in a cook off. This girl later on helps Theo and Philo along their journey. She is a work in progress, essential to the plot but not important enough to be analyzed and detailed to such a degree as the main characters. I'll go ahead and mention that Philo has a wife, fiancee actually, though she shows up much later in the story and it would spoil too much if I threw here in now.

The story as a whole can be described as a slice of life, lighthearted but has its moments. Can't say there's much action, but if you like Iron Chef, I'm sure this has plenty of action. It ain't lovey dovey either, just nice, kind, innovent romance. Nothing heavy or on the level of the Key light novels. I can tell you this though, 100% FIGHTING SPIRIT will always win, even in cooking and in life.
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
little people

little people is an idea I had for a video game, in which it takes place in a parallel Earth, in which there live regular humans, the titular little people ( think regular people, only the size of a queue tip. ), and other human sub-races; one of which being Stinkers, people born with the ability to produce more natural gas than the average human. Some at will. The other sub-race is Bigguts, those born with impossibly large stomachs, hence the name. ( Big. Gut. ha ha. ) The main character, a twelve-year-old boy named Sam Rosio, is a little person on a quest, after seeing various visions and hearing many sounds, to find his calling. Along the way, he meets Stinky, an eleven-year-old girl who happens to be a Stinker......and she's proud of it! They travel together only to find an adventure bigger than anything they've seen before.....

Waddaya think? Not too shabby for a quirky little tale, huh?

Just thought I'd add the fact that yes, my imagination is very odd, what with the Stinkers and Bigguts, but I am only so young, so PLEASE cut me some slack.
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