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25 / M / North Carolina
Posted 2/14/13
Just wanted to share my story ideas. Note that none are 100% thought out yet. And yes, before you say anything; my grammer, spelling, and punctuation are atrocious. These are just simple facts

Story: Yankee Throne
Genre: Action(some), Comedy, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life
Bio: A young girl named Akane Sato wishes to become a delinquent and to make this come true she begins following around Daisuke Ikeda, much to his annoyance. The story follows the many mis-adventures they get caught up in as Daiskuke tries to evade Akane, and Akane tries to get Daisuke to teach her how to be delinquent.

Story: Mokuteki
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts
Plot: The story follows the life of a boy named Tatsuya Kurosawa. Tatsuya has been trained in Martial Arts by his grand-father since he was little, all to prepre him to become the next head of their clan. Though he himself wants nothing to do with the martial arts world or the clans. But he won't have much choice when all the clans begin to prepare for all out war against each other. Caught in a war he wants not part of, will Tatsuya find his Mokuteki or "purpose"? Something to actually fight for?

Story: D-Edge
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Fantasy
Bascially the story revolves around a young boy named Hisao Nakamura who lives in a town called Kikkaitoshi. This being a town many refer to as "Dimension's Edge" or "D-Edge", as it is the one place where all existing dimensions converge, making it home to many "strange occurrences". Anyway he encounters a young woman who appears before him named Seraphim, a Dimensional Witch wanted for casuing havoc and destruction across many dimensions and worlds. He is then quickly caught up in a battle between her and her pursuers. Seraphim preapes to use an attack that would destroy the entire town(maybe even every connected dimension). Hisao wishing to stop her, uknowningly uses a latent power he has and absorbs Seraphim's powers. Leaving a small fraction of her strength and reverting her body to a slightly younger age and build. Seraphim wants to kill kill Hisao, but isstopped by a mysterious man named Kaname Ryusaki. He warns her that killing Hisao may give her powers back, or it may make them disappears forever. So unwilling to to take chances she let's Hisao live, and she decides to stay close to him till she can find a way to get her powers back. Along with dealing with Seraphim, he soon has to start dealing with the multitude of supernatural events in town. Which soon include other "unique" female characters appearing in his life.

Note: Originallly i wrote this story called D-Edge last year. And i'm not afraid to admit It was crappy and very VERY poorly writen. So i had recently decided to re-write the story. Keeping some of the characters, just a different plot(what you read above). Link to the original story if you want to read it.

Story: Divine Wave(name pending)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Plot: A boy named Kiske dreams of finding freedom in the skies the linger above him. When he encounters a group of sky pirates. Kiske decides to leave this life he has known behind to find the freedom he seeks. But on his path Kiske will learn freedom can come at a price. In this world where nobility means everything. He will see what the difference between those of noble blood and those of common blood. Through his journey Kiske will meet friends and foes alike. But through all his trials. He will find what it means to have true freedom.

Note: I wrote this story years ago. I originally wrote 25 chapters for it, but because i was stupid and only saved chaps 1-13 online, i lost 14-25 FOREVER. So i got pissed and didn't write for awhile. Then i picked it up again, but re-started it from the beginning. After chapter 6 i sort of just gave up and forgot about it. That was like 2 years ago. I went back like last month, took those 6 chapters and corrected & changed somthings. I still haven't decided whether i'm going to start the project up again or not. Only time will tell i suppose.
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Posted 3/19/13 , edited 3/19/13
8. You'll get around to it, I'm sure. it sounds interesting!

Just an Evangelion fan-fic I'm attempting to write - my first time writing a fan-fiction story; good practice. Here are the first two chapters (which I title as "stages" after how the official manga is setup).

Stage One:

Bright Light, Shining Darkness

The night was calm, clouds slowly moving across the sky and obscuring the bright illumination of the moon. Light danced its way through the First Child's apartment window, casting a bluish white glow across her upright figure. She held onto her thin bed sheet as her crimson eyes stared into the bright round sphere in the sky.

Even on a black and empty street...

A cloud moved leisurely in front of the moon's position, causing the light to limit itself to singular beams that shone only on certain areas of her motionless figure, leaving other parts left wallowing in the half-light and the darkness.

If we go together...

Unblinking, she watched the cloud lazily move past from the moon, as the light once again fully illuminated her, streaming off the pale skin of her face and arms in patches as more clouds crept in front of the moon. She continued to watch the clouds move by, the moon's bright round shape reflected in her blank irises and dark pupils. The light gave them a strangely beautiful appearance, as her unfeeling gaze went from the clouds back to the moon itself.

We might one day find something...

She looked blankly at the moon, silently sitting on her cold bed mattress; speckles of dust floating in the light. Continuing to look at the moon, she slightly tightened the loose hold she had on her bed sheet, but only just a little. Her hands were as cold as her eyes despite being warm from the increased circulation of blood through her fingers to ward off the calm night's chilly atmosphere.

Like the moon that floats in the darkness.

Stage Two:

The Many Times I Held Your Hand

Rei walked in the direction of NERV Headquarters, not in any hurry, her expressionless face hiding the many floating thoughts swimming in her head. Her unnatural blue hair swayed lightly in the early morning hours' breeze, the partially cold air unimportant to her, as she stepped into the train she usually took in order to reach Headquarters, and sat down in one of the seats closest to the door, arms folded on her lap.

I am the third...

Looking around her, she tried to spot the Third Child; usually, they often took the same train, but today there was no sight of him. The genuine feelings she had for him weren't her own, she summarized, they were the second's. Yet, why did she feel the need to see him? Did this have to do with the second's feelings as well?

Someone who is not me....

She looked out the train window, at the mountains outside. They were so far away, yet so close at the same time. Their white peaks reached into the blue sky, the gentle clouds above, the invisible moon, and the burning sun high. The scenery moved by fast as the train moved quickly to its appointed destination.

Mountains. They are heavy. Sky. Blue sky. The moon, only one. The sun. One, only one. The things my eyes can see. Myself. This form that is, fading from my view. My feelings. They are not my own, melting away, revealing the vessel underneath. A strange feeling, who is here, who is there? Beyond me, my life, my heart? Things my eyes can't see. The soul that makes me.

Getting off the train, it having reached its destination, Rei continued her walk towards Headquarters, falling in line with other morning commuters, but at the same time apart from them. She glanced down at one of her arms, hanging freely at her side. Her skirt, like her hair, swayed in the morning breeze. It brushed against her hand, as she noticed the feeling of contact for the first time. Holding her hand up in front of her, she stared blankly at it. A familiar feeling inside her surfaced, yet it was unfamiliar at the same time. It wasn't her own feelings, but the second's like before. Even so, she couldn't help but feel that these feelings which weren't her own were, in fact, her own. She remembered the feeling of the first time he had held her hand.

The first time I touched them...

Still looking at her hand, she very slightly moved her fingers. Very subtly.

I felt nothing.

She started bending her fingers individually, slowly, starting with her index finger.

The second time...

She moved on to her middle finger, curling it ever so delicately, watching the motion with a faint hint of confusion plastered across her expressionless features.

Was slightly unpleasant.

Keeping her walking pace steady, she went on to her third finger.

The third time...

Next, she bent her little finger, touching it against the inside of her palm. The palm of her hand was warm to the touch.

They were warm.

Lastly, she moved her thumb, her face began to express another emotion, one she didn't know she had. Yet...

The fourth time...

A short lived upturn forming at the corners of her mouth, as she gently clenched and unclenched her hand into a small fist; loosely formed. A geniune smile.

I was happy.

She held out her hand flat, staring at it, more feelings welling up inside her body, spilling out from her heart. Feelings that she knew weren't her own, yet they were.

May I...

She thought of Ikari, moving past the figure of the Commander in her mind to focus on the angst boy behind his imposing shadow.

... touch them again?

The boy was crying, begging his father not to leave him. To abandon him. Rei stopped in front of him, this crying and lonely soul, and held out her hand. Offering it to the boy.


Noticing the pale hand in front of his watery eyes, the boy grasped tightly. He weakly smiled at the kind girl, wondering who she was, yet somehow knowing who she was at the same time. His saviour.

... hands?

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Posted 3/21/13 , edited 3/21/13
and so it starts a kingdom was under attack by monsters and the royal family had to flee the castle but the king and queen sent their
daughter to leave while the king and queen fought for their kingdom the princess made it to the front but she saw her parent's get
killed then her other self awoken the hidden demon within her as soon she realize that what she is the girl fought and killed every monster.
with the magic of healing she healed her parent's and they told her everything about what powers and strength she has she is now a demon more then 500 years pasted by as she tried to be normal she started high school trying so hard to act normal till it happened that night the moon turned blood red her demon form awoken once again for the hunger for blood and slaughter a massive massacre then a war broke
out between demons and humans then this demon form the princess has she was given the name blood princess the city was not
aware of the battle or the war but the race vampires and werewolf's were fighting as while the massive battle between the races made the world
shattered into a giant battle ground how long will this battle last?

ok that's all i got i don't think its good though
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20 / F / canada
Posted 4/11/13
sry it's just a plot summary
ps. dont be too hard on me this is the 1st time I have ever writien an anime story

Penelope is a demon princess living in the human world. From the day she was born she was sent to the human world, so that she would be protected from an evil man named Lorenzo. Although, she has been unaware of this from the day she was born. But, that all changed on the day of her 15th birthday. When she is suddenly ambushed by a demon maid named Maria. Maria had come from the underworld to tell Penelope about her true origins and that she must return to the demon world on her 16th birthday for her coronation ceremony. Maria stays in the human world with Penelope in order to groom her for leadership. Penelope wasn’t must of people person. So, her maid Maria forced her to join her school’s student council. In hopes Penelope would become of a people person which would help Penelope when she would become the queen of the underworld. Upon her arrival Penelope meets Yuuichi matsushita a third year high school student at sakura academy. At first Penelope was very hostile towards Yuuichi and the other members of the student council, Due to lack of unfamiliarity. But, after a series of different events Penelope started to enjoy their company. Later on in the series Penelope develops feelings for Yuuichi and confesses. yuuichi avoids thinking about how he feels about Penelope and doesn’t give her a direct answer but, when Penelope moves back to the demon world. With the help of Maria Yuuichi relies he truly does love Penelope. Though his confession comes a little too late. Now he must become a demon in order for him to save the one he loves.
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 4/14/13
^ 7.7

Ok, here's one of my ideas:

Title: Greed No More

Black schemes and wavering hearts, that is the thing called greed. When monsters of shadow and disfigurement are spotted within the land, the Empress's guards are sent to deal with them. Dark secrets and past transgressions arise as the truths behind these monsters are revealed, the greed by which they move seeped in revenge. Can the future be guaranteed white when the present is enveloped in grey and the past dark as a demon's soul?

Prominent Characters:

Empress Meixiu - The land of Unieria's ruler, with almond-shaped green eyes that are like two chryoprase gemstones. Her thick, straight, obsidian hair reaches down to her lower back and is worn in a style that reminds one of the pedals on a flower, tried behind her head like a ponytail. She is taller than most young women her age, and holds a very sincere yet commanding presence within the kingdom despite being so young of age; the youngest Empress in the kingdom's history.

Lux - The newly appointed adviser to the Empress, still only a young girl. Her deep-set gray eyes, like two large pools of hematite, combined with her quiet somber demeanor make her seem wise beyond her years.

Nyx - Lux's older sister, also one of the youngest members of the Empress's guard. Her obsidian eyes are smaller and more slanted than her sister's. Paired with her nimble physique, she reminds one of a cat. Lacking in empathy, her cold personality is not unlike her sister's, and all of this turns her from a cat into a panther; ready to pounce.

Berugard Lebeunil - Member of the Empress's guard. Muscular and a hardy warrior, he had been training to be a member of the Empress's guard since he was a boy. He prefers to use a longsword and a shield instead of the standard issue bastard swords of the guard. His loyalty is unquestionable and his weapon is never far from his reach.

Serane Mctague - Another member of the Empress's guard, she was childhood friends with the Empress, and is very loyal and familiar to her as a result. In combat, she utilizes the standard issue bastard sword of the guard as well as a straight bow, and has a tenancy to chant hymns.

Posted 6/8/13 , edited 6/8/13
Once upon time there was a girl named Mika Asuku She was
The new student In her Class One day she met another new student
her name was mia ASUKU she found out she had a twin .....
balh blah blah, Its called Twin Trixters
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25 / M / A town called "Ci...
Posted 6/19/13 , edited 6/19/13
Magical Dream Warrior Megumi - A magical girl YURI that focuses heavily on the love story/relationship between the 2 girls, rather than the magical girl theme. Course the magical girl part will play a role in the plot.
A rich 9 year old named Megumi Hana has had nightmares about her closest friend, who died being run over by a truck when they were little. It was a traumatic experience, for a girl who did not have a really good childhood, and she had a loving mother but a rather neglectful father. It has strained the family marriage. Meanwhile, a shy younger girl named Kaori who is from a poor family and is raised by her grandparents is transferring to the same school as Megumi, and is hoping to make some new friends, and the only friend she has is her toy rabbit named "Oboko-kun". Then there are 2 crash landings, that reveal a scary monster and a mysterious heart pendent, which Megumi later finds. They meet during the first hour of school, and Megumi falls instantly in love. Kaori looks almost like her childhood friend whom she shared a very close friendship with, only she has longer hair, and to Megumi, she looks more beautiful and cuter. Megumi falls deeply in love and starts to think about her a lot. She cares intensely for her and has to make sure she is safe from strange creatures later on. Kaori doesn't know that Megumi harbors passionate romantic feelings for her, so she only sees her as her closest friend, but later she starts to realize if she is also in love with the older, taller girl. As they get to know about each other more, the creepy monster takes Kaori, and Megumi then meets a girl her age named Reinette, who came to her world to search for the creature and destroy it. Reinette shows her how the pendent she found is no ordinary pendant and it turns her into a 'Dream Warrior". Megumi quickly learns her new magical abilities, such as being able to throw her wand into the monster and the wand explodes which will revert back into normal. Unlike other magical girls, Megumi doesn't need to call out a phrase in order to turn into a magical girl as she simply puts the pendant into her heart. After saving Kaori, she thanks her and Megumi would write all the events in her diary. Megumi chooses to be magical girl for the purpose of one thing. To protect the girl of her dreams. Reinette realizes that she may be the one who will also save her home world from a terrible threat of an evil sorcerer.
There's a love confession which doesn't end well for Megumi and is very worried that she may have lost a close friend. Kaori, does realize later that she really does love Megumi, too...
Still trying to figure what to do more with the magical girl part.

Animation Production, would be a 3 way collaboration between J.C. Staff, Xebec, and Tatsunoko(Hey, a guy can dream right?).
Would be 13 episodes long, which is typical for shows like these, but the sequels would be much longer. Would be directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. There would be light novels that would be published by Dengeki Bunko, including a Drama CD. The other show would called Schoolgirl Gash Megumi. AU version of the other, except it would be more a schoolgirl series, much like Lucky Star, Yuru Yuri, K-On, etc. but it is more of a serious martial arts/mostly yuri/crime drama series than a comedy.

- - - -

and that's it!!!
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26 / M
Posted 6/24/13
Hey, new here but I want to share my ideas. I'm a big fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction and thus my stories tend to involve these genres. Hope to see some feedback.

Story 1: Simulated Dreams

In the year 2090, the societal progression of humanity has come to the halt since the introduction of virtual reality systems. Humankind now spends most of their time in virtual worlds of their own creations resulting in the decline for real human contact, economics, politics and social stability.

These turn of events motivates a dying Luddite who intends to prevent this stagnation from occurring even if it means destroying his reputation and relationships around him one by one. His method is requesting to visit a person’s virtual world for documentary purposes or hacking into their virtual systems by force.

He begins to understand that people who create their own virtual worlds are not as selfish as they seem. Meeting an orphan who creates a world where she is loved by her parents she does not know in real life, a widower who lives a simulated life with an idealistic perception of his wife and a crippled teenager who dreams of being an Olympic world athlete.

The Luddite comes to grips with his own fate and admits he has no easy solution to these peoples’ problems but truly desires a world where people must face reality instead of clinging to their past and hopeless dreams. He posts his results online through video in hopes of resonating people with the desire to let go, move on and live in a world just waiting to be explored - full of real people eager to be cherished and remembered.

Story 2: Divine Purpose

The year is 2XXX and Mankind has discovered an astonishing reality – the existence and confirmation of the afterlife - the events leading to this conclusion are called The Confession of The Conscious. Faced with such a revelation, human society struggles to understand the dreadful reality with many who once believed in a secular materialist interpretation of their existence. This leads to a spiritual rise of faith among the people attempting to seek salvation in the afterlife.

Wars are conducted, faiths are renewed and lives are ruined as the quest to find meaning and information for the conscious life outside of death engulfs humanity’s priorities. The true test of humanity is about to begin and knowing their actions will result in judgement in the next life escalates their desire to be among the Divine.
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21 / F / Everywhere in Dar...
Posted 7/3/13
I was alone that night in the villa. BOOM! Thunder and lightning splash together sending a shiver ran down my spine. Suddenly, I remembered a story told by my nanny since, Kara, about a ghostly incident the previous owner of the villa experienced. I all of a sudden felt a slight cold touch touched my bare arm. My heart started thumping against my chest and I swear anyone within 10 miles radius would heard my fast heartbeat. I glance through my peripheral view and instantly my heart dropped along with my stomach. A boy - pale skin, long, black hair, his eyes were cold, dead and piercing - looked at me with its face a few centimeter away from mine. I slowly gulped my anxiety and nervously closed my eyes. A laugh immediately erupted from beside me. Not a normal guy's high-pitch laugh, more of an inhuman kind of high-pitch laugh with a bit of an echo. I felt hot breath brushed against my face. Cold caress touching my face, leaving tingles behind. I opened my eyes slowly and the next thing I knew, I slipped into darkness.

Rate puh-leashhh... Arigatou!
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19 / M / MA
Posted 7/16/13

First I have to get a couple things out of the way. I am not a bad person, but sometimes things just happen for no reason, disregarding all past lessons that everything has a purpose. I never asked to be granted this power, who would? It has made me a target for the people who envy me and now I can barely trust anyone. Well, it’s not like a trusted anyone anyway. Before all this happened I was a recluse, I stayed inside, used the computer, typical teenager things, but it went to the point where I no longer needed to go to school or even see the outside world because I was content with spending my days rummaging through the endless database that is the internet, but that all changed that fated day.....
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25 / M / Chicago IL
Posted 7/18/13 , edited 7/18/13
Hi people

Since i is bored and New i will make a short simple story to.

Once upon a time in a far off city Called Toxic Lived Creatures of legend in harmony , The city was in a far off hidden island near the Netherlands the island held a large a city which was protected by a barrier which kept the sun out and held them in darkness.
that looked as if it was normal but it was not. Monsters of all kinds joined together as one united nation.. even thought they was one there was still problems that occurred some monsters did not like others.

In a short time the peace between the monsters was soon broken, the city was now in chaos and was split by the strongest monsters living. which were Vampires, werewolf, Orcs, Jorōgumo,Dragon riders, Snow People and numerous fish creatures. with this going on It soon Drove Toxic city to Ruins Half Of the city was under water.

A piece of it was a volcano that Dragon riders were. anther piece In a cave/ near a forest Filled with Jorogumos. with orcs. A Snow Cold Hill controlled by the snow people lived there and lastly the Down town Area Shared By the strongest ones Vampires and werewolf's. with this war going on it was a fight to see which monsters would come out on top. along with that a transport ship that bring people to new life filled with old members of a Secret Martial Arts human Dojo Club in japan. that knew about the city and was going for a visit since they thought it was peaceful.
had just hit the border and was able to go in thinking it was peaceful.

The monsters are blood thirsty cause of this war, Human blood would be a perfect meal for them a young Boy named Caodin Best fighter of the Club Looks Around to Realized something was wrong, when they got there the docks were dead and Half broken Deck with a bunch Crashed ship. he thinks to him self "somethings is not right" he tells them to leave but the ship engine some how loses power and they are force to walk the islands What shall happen next?

here a simple short story i made in 5mins was bored
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36 / F / Chicago, IL
Posted 7/22/13
I have a few ideas. Mind you, I'm at work right now and i'm trying to type this as fast as I can. so please excuse the typos.

First Idea: I call it Yuri, Zombie. Basically its a zombie survivalist theme but the main charachter is a lesbian and she and a group (made up of family, and friends- most of whom are women) try to survive a zombie take over. I hope to have chapter 1 completed and posted by next week.
Second Idea: I call it Yuri, Job (as you can see, I'm not good with titles) This ones a little bit ranchy. Its about a woman who is tired of her boring mondane life in the states. Her friend decides to envite her to visite him in Japan. When she visits him, he tells her his profession is adult pornography and that she should consider doing the same b/c she has a great body and would be considered exotic in Japanesse culture (the main charater is black). Since she's into woman, and it's been a while since she's had any, she decides to give it a try and does a girl on girl scene. And she finds out she's found her calling. In a nutshell, she quits her job in the states and begins a new career as a Yuri porn star.

Third Idea: I call it Before Heaven and Earth (this isn't a yuri theme ) It's about a human race who dweled on his planet before humans. They were far superior, and were able to create technologies that far supass that of humans. They were able to develope a strong alliances with beings from neighboring planets. And they developed reliable trasportation system between the planets. But one day, 10 beings from a distant galaxy appeared on their planet. They looked similar to the native beings but just taller. Later you learn these beings were humans. Since the native race was curious of these new beings they welcomed them into their planet. But as time went on, these beings distroyed the native's population and drove them out of the planet. As a result, the nateive beings had to seek refuge with neighboring planets. And were forced to live seperated from one another. Stuck on revenge, the beings decide they want to get rid of the human race and to reclaim their planet. Throughout human history, these beings appear in the form of diseases, religion, natural desasters, plagues, ignorance, and hatred. But time and time again, the humans would always spring back up and continue living. I plan to begin writting this one in the fall.

Fourth idea: I call it Obstackle. It has a gamer/ battle royal theme to it. It takes place in the distant future, where reality shows are real and at most times dangerous. But if one survives or sacrifices enough, they will be destined for fame and forutune. One such show is called Obstackle. It takes people who accumulated a large debt to get it paid off and then some. Participants of this game are supposed to endure and live through the Obstackle, which used to be North America. This formerly productive continent is infested with zombies, crazy survivalists and anarcists. The objective is simple. Start from Alaska and make it safely to Mexico by any means of transportation you can find. Win, and your debt will be erased. Lose, well you just loss your life. Of course to make things more interesting, this competition is broadcasted live thoroughout the world. Including the grusome deaths. I plan to work on this in the late fall.

I have some other themes like one about a woman who took the pimping game by storm. And some historical fiction too. Tell me what you think.
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24 / M
Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/10/13
First of all it would be an anime that succeds one of the big 3. I did this as it goes/ in the moment so don't go too hard on me.





Anime starts with a boy (MC) his sister and his best friend. They are RPing ninjas and after a while they got tired and go chill on a bench in the garden of their house (boys and sisters). They start a conversation about how it would be cool if they were real ninjuhz. After a while MC calls his sister to go check out some kind of carnival that was in their town for a while. Third kid decides to stay. Carnival was about ninjas, japanese culture, history which our MC wasn't a fond of so he sneaked his way out of there. On his way home he felt something was wrong, he ran towards his house where he witnessed the murder of his parents and his friend. Ofc it would be the main villian of the series duuh. MC was in a state of shock he couldn't move a muscle. One of the murderers saw him, and thus wanted to exterminate any witness not knowing he is the son of *InsertEpicNameForHumansWithEpicPowers*. Just when he was about to kill him a ninja for carnival saved him and carried to a hill nearby so he could explain him the situation.


After 3/4 he is recruted by the secrad ninja order (actual epic ninja group that doesn't seem stupid and for 9 yr olds) to fight movement called "Blood" that killed MCs parents. Badass in MC wakes up, followed by some most epic arcs in anime EVAR~!. He does some mission to find out the secret behind everything, he doesn't have companions untill when in a mission he discoveres that there is someone like him, they send'em to rescue that individual. He rescues her, they go on a journey togheter. Character development, blah, blah. MC founds out that his companion is actually his sister but she had amnesia and looks much different. She couln't remember a thing. Only thing she remembered is that she was rescued by someone (guess who ) and she has to avenge someone. MC is sad, doesn't want to say a thing, she is depressive-type character. Cliché episodes incoming...

SEASON 2,3,4

They start a new life, meet new people. Basicly most of the 2nd season is somewhat comedy and slice of life. Yep, big arc with a main story tucked in between. Missions, celebrations, sad moments, comedy. Emotional fuckload of first half in the season 3, second part is when MC finds out who killed his parents and who made the orders *khm* main villain shite *khm*. After some while he fights the main villian, he is embarrassed (animation are done by the guys who did Fate/Zero, so yeah) even tho he is one of the best of SNO. Villian tells him that he needs to become his real self. Which is setup for the first half of season 4. He finds that he possesses a power he got from his parents MGK magical spells who he mixes/masters with his sword ninja skills (in secret ofc) making him very OP. Again, epic arcs. Epic 2nd fight with "main villian" where this time they do it for real. Just as our main guy is about to get killed (ye, he lost) his sister runs in and sacrifies herself and her final words were something like "i remember it all *insertMCname* ".


Boring. Short. Boring. New companion of 5. Blah, blah. He mourns and gives some cool speeches every now and then (to the kids of the local village). Tells them that they should never even think of becoming a "soldier" in this secret war. Years go by, he trains and go all out mad and kills the leader of SNO because he didn't want to follow the order of killing civilians because of this "master plan". Says goodbye to his friends and goes berserk to find TehVillian. Makes a decidion to go into one way into a specific group of spells. Fire (stereo-type ftw). Fights the villian for the third time, several episodes going. He looses and this time he dies. Every viewer cries like a bitch while he gives his last words.


He gets most epic funeral ever. Flashback episode incoming

SEASON 7,8,9

MC2 is introduced, shown as a troublesome guy wanting attention. He attends SNO school named after MC1. Blood is stronger than ever btw. Rest of season 7 is build up to next one. In season 8 SNO the wars reaches it heights, number of dead ninjas and bloods is huge (almost none left). The capital of SNO is destroyed, MC2 escaped to safe zone with civilians. He feels extremly bad because he wanted to be like MC1. Finds alive companions, except for 1 who died. Again, epic rest of s7 and s8 arcs. They find out that bloods aren't actually humans and their soul purpose is kill2live. Yeah, i forgot to mention that they wear masks, whatever. One day our beloved group finds out MC1 sister alive in woods. She tells them about everything, how she is blood and that they were the ones that took her that they and not SNO. That she was forced into a mindfuck with MC1 during the 2nd battle just to give the bad guy mental advantage. She told them that she broke the pact and she has 300 day to live. One day all of sudden she feels that her MGK must be transfered to MC2. He is down with it, so is she (when you transfer your power your life span is cut to half). Season 9 is about this mysterious blood who contacted her, "temporary villian". She kept it to herself, and never told what he said to her. One day she leaves the group and goes back to Blood HQ for no reason. Explanation eps incoming (and a shocker :| ). Same blood that she spoke to tells her that he is her next target and she must be terminated. End of season leaving fans in despair.


The blood turns out to be MC1 !!!!!!!!!! WTF right. He kills his own sister after which his memories come back and he realises what he has become after his death. How he made a pact with the "devil" (bloods -.-) after his death. He contronts main villian telling how his plan worked. MV goes dafuq. Final battle starts... they both die (for good this time) because only with sacrifise could he beat the bad boy. They speak in after life and all answers get explained (death of MC1s family and such). MC2 hears MC1s voice in his head telling him how he picked wrong person as a role-model and that he has to use MGK his sister gave him wisely because he is the choosen one. He and his group become the leaders of the ninjas and kill the remaining bloods, war ends. Epic MC2 stance on a cliff with a sword and a fire ball spell-like shit.

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Posted 8/25/13
Currently have an idea for a new project.

Calling it Re-Gen for now.

The premise, there are 2 types of people the ordinary day to day humans and those with regeneration special capabilities. Thus conflict rises between the factions, people live in fear of Re-Gens. They believe they are immortal and thus unstable for society while most Re-Gens wish to live peacefully, most are unaware or wishing to get rid of their abilities.

Enter Hiro, a young highschooler who wishes for nothing but to live in his favourite manga. Yet after a serious accident that should have cut him in half, he walks away with no marks. He gets headaches shortly afterwards, thus a medical examination reveals he is a new type of Re-Gen, one that regenerates constantly. His body is actually dying, except the regenerations prevents it. A haemorrhage to Hiro is but a headache, a stiff leg is actually a broken bone or a stomach ache is actually his organs failing. Yet it's revealed that his regeneration is actually re-writing his dna, creating and perfecting a triple helix.

Hiro learns that all Re-Gens are not natural evolutions, but are all experimentations during their development stages before their birth. Hiro's quest is to find the infamous Doctor Ohba, creator of the Re-Gen Chromosome aka Chromosome 27. But before Hiro can find out what Ohba is planning or why he created the Re-Gens, he must master his regenerations.

Enter Bones, a feared Re-Gen capable of instantaneous skeleton regeneration. He uses his bones as various weapons but his regeneration is flawed in repairing skin layers. Thus his armour is in the shape of various bones.

Sakura. Her blood is like a spider's web, used to trap and then ensnare her opponents. She thus can instantly regenerate her blood levels, but can only control so much before causing her body to be paralysed much like her victims.

Fiend, (working name also Despair) works for Ohba, believes there will always be a division in nature, that Re-Gens are not just the next step but the apex predator of humans. Tearing away limbs, organs are replaced with desired limbs i.e. slim for instant speed, hardened skin for defence etc.

Aberrant, a slave, pet project in that his regeneration causes defects. i.e. experimentations have left him with ribcages growing on his back, extra arms and eyes on the back of his head and one of each arm. He chooses to help Hiro after being freed.
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Posted 10/6/13
I was looking for this.
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