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Posted 10/7/13

One day in class, Amami got dared by her friends to go on a date with someone in the classroom for a day. IF she doesn't do the dare then, she'll have to take everyone out to eat after school for a week. Amami didn't want to do the dare because she never dated before and didn't want to waste her first time dating on someone that she didn't like but, she knew she had to do it because, she didn't have enough money to take everyone out to eat after school for a week. And she didn't want to hurt her friends by telling them she didn't want to do it. So...she accepted the dare. After accepting to do the dare,...she was worried because, she didn't have any guy in mind. And it had to be someone nice. One of her friends suggested that she should go out with Kaoru, the guy who sat behind her in class. Amami knew him but, never talked to him. Kaoru was a guy who seemed cold and never talked much, but Amami said that she'll do it anyways. After school, Amami waited for him outside (getting ready to ask him out) the school gate and her friends were hiding behind bushes/trees. LOL.
Finally Kaoru came out and Amami walked towards him. He looked up and thought that he was probably blocking her path. So, he walked the other way. Amami thought he was ignoring her or something because, she was standing right in front of him and looking at him but, he just walked the other way. She ran after him and called out his name. Kaoru stopped and looked back, noticing Amami standing there.
Amami: you please go out with me? *blush*
Kaoru: Huh??....*blush*
Amami: Just for today! Please!
--(rustling in the bushes) - Friends: NOOO!!! Why did she say that?!?! Is she stupid?! Hope he doesn't figure it out.
Kaoru:.....*sigh*...Sure. [cracks a smile]
Amami: *blush*...Thanks.
~[Kaoru takes out his hand]~
Amami: ?!?! *blush* [takes his hand] *doki*doki* >_<
Friends: KYAAAA!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!! It's just like a scene in a manga!! <3
Kaoru: So, where do you want to go on our first date?
Amami:....[looks away]...Uh-uhm...this is my first time dating so...
Kaoru: Really? What a coincidence. It's also my first.
Amami: What!? That can't be! You got the looks...*blush*[covers mouth] (..uh-oh..did I just say that..??) <----[Just noticed]
Kaoru:...*blush*...[puts a hand behind neck] ...
Amami:.....-.-''''...Hey! Why don't we go to the movies. :D
Kaoru: Okay then.
~[Inside the theatre]~
Amami: (I wonder what kind of movie he picked. Is it Comedy/Romance/Horror??? He seems like the type that would pick....)
[10 minutes later]
Amami: (HORROR?!?!?!? WHY!?!? I don't like scary movies!) >.<
Kaoru: Are you scared?
Amami: Huh? Oh, no no no. I'm not scared.
Amami: AHH!!
--[Kaoru puts Amami's head to his shoulder] O.O
Kaoru: It's okay. I'm here.
Amami: *doki/blush* O.O
[Movie ended/now dark and both are walking home]
Amami: Uhm..[points] that's my house. I'll be going now.
Friends: [whisper voice] Is this it?! They're just going to leave and break up!! Hey! Stop pushing, I cant see!!
Amami: Thank you for today. It was fun, but now we have to break..
--[Kaoru takes Amami's hand, pulls her and they both hide in between 2 walls.]
Friends: Hey!! Where did they go?!?!
Amami: *BLUSH* eh?!?! (I can feel him breathing on my face!!) >_< (What's going to happen now!? Don't tell me...a kiss?!) O.O
[Kaoru looks at Amami's eyes]
Kaoru: Amami...
Kaoru: ...*sigh* I know that this is a fake date.
Amami: Eh?! You...knew?! O.O
Koaru: So, it was true. I didn't know, I just guessed. Even if this wasn't a wouldn't have dated me anyways. I'm not even your type.
Amami:...I'm sorry Kaoru. was a dare. did you know that I have a...type??
Kaoru: I also guessed.
Amami: (This dude sure is smart.)
Kaoru: Amami..even though this was a dare..
--[takes Amami's hand and puts it over his heart]
Amami: ?! W-What is this.....?
Kaoru:...even though today was also a fake date...[stares at Amami's eyes] I want you to know that I saw you as my girlfriend today. From when you asked me out until now. And....I hope that you will always stay my girlfriend from now on.
Amami: Kaoru......why is your heart beating so fast...? [hand is still on Kaoru's heart]
Kaoru:...*BLUSH* [looks away]
Kaoru:..Amami....will you stay as my girlfriend?
Amami: ...[takes Kaoru's hand and puts it over her heart]......*b-bmp*b-bmp*b-bmp*b-bmp*
Kaoru: [looks into Amami's eyes]....Amami.
Amami:...I can't control it either. [smiles]
Kaoru: [Smiles. Hugs Amami.]
Amami: My boyfriend. :))

Sorry. I know it's long. -.-''
I'm new here. Hope you guys enjoyed it though. Just a random story I made up.

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Posted 10/8/13
This is actually a prologue to the book I'm writing.

The Last Tale

This is the last image I can even vaguely remember is a golden beach, with an azure sky, white clouds dotting the distance. I see the gentle swells, smell the crisp salty air, and hear the subtle roar of the ocean. As I look to my left I see a tall woman, she is holding my hand, and her face escapes me. I know this woman is my mother. She died when I was rather young. This is one of my last memories of earth. I am very fond of this memory even though it brings me great sadness. I can so vividly remember every detail about my surroundings, but the fact that I can’t even remember me own mother’s face, sickens me. I use my memories to hide myself from the stresses of this place. Some call me a daydreamer or lazy, but is it wrong if these memories are all I have left. How much can a person handle if everything is being taken away? I am so close to breaking these memories are my only grip on sanity. These cramped quarters don’t help either, with their dull metallic gray walls, ceiling, and floor. Even the halls are the same except for a long white strip of paint along the wall. I remember the first time I saw these ships. I was amazed by the sheer size. Now that I think about it this is the third time being on one of these ships. The first time was when…


That voice it sounds familiar…


I slowly open my eyes. My vision begins to come into focus on a woman’s face.

“Simon! You’re late again! Wake up!”

I can see her clearly now. The face it has been with me for as long as I can remember. This face is soft and youthful, with fair skin, deep blue eyes, long black hair tied up in a ponytail. Beautiful. But beyond that beauty lays a personality I adore. Compassionate and gentle. While being strong and tenacious. All these combined compromise the woman that I love. Anya.

“I said get up”, she exclaimed as she takes my pillow and throws it at my head. “Why do you always sleep in? It makes you look bad!”

“I wasn’t sleeping.” I mumbled as I leaned up from the bed. “I was thinking.”
I watch as Anya looks to the floor sadly. “Were you thinking about your mother again?”
“Yes, I was.” After I say this I notice Anya wince upon hearing it.

I can see it clearly on her face as she looks at me, that sadness again. “You always act this way whenever you think about her! Why? Simon, when… when will you let them go?”

“Anya, I can’t… I can’t go on without them they are the only things I have. Those memories are the only reason I want to live… I just can’t. ”
Smack, that’s what it sounded like I felt a sharp pain across my left cheek. I can see tears falling from Anya’s face.

“What about me?” she yells fighting through the tears that have started to stream down both sides of her face. “You’re all I have! Simon, you are all I’ve ever had… I fight for you every day. I defend you when people say horrible things about you!” She runs for the door leaving tears glistening in the air. She stops at the entry way and yells, “I hate you!” With that Anya disappears into the hallway.

A few moments pass and a faint smile comes to my lips. I whisper to myself, “Anya you’re wrong. I do care. I care for you so much, because I love you, Anya. I have always and will always love you. Anya the truth is the reason I act the way I do when I'm like this is because I'm thinking of you. I want to tell you the truth… But would it be right.”

In this world humanity is no longer on top. No one has been spared from the bloodshed. In this world there is no hero, there will be no happy ending. Humanity has been on the run from a force of destruction, who’s only apparent goal is end of the human race. It has been 25 years since they were discovered. This is what I believe and what I know, so I write. This is the last tale about the end of humanity. Written for those who come after us, this is how we live and how we will die.
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Posted 10/8/13 , edited 10/18/13
The Bus:
The story of Kogo-chan and kuruna-kun, an otaku and a normal girl chat about kuru-chan's current home.

Kogo-chan: Hey.
kuru-kun: Ah. Ko-chan? (He shoots a blank stare in ko-chan's direction)
kogo: your up early today? guess we were due for the end of the world.
kuru: ouch, gg though.
kogo: do you ever talk to people? besides online and your lunch crew, that is
kuru: (in a relatively tough position, he decides its finally time to tell kogo about his living arrangements,
so with the straightest face he turn's to her and says)
well... my roomate.
kuru: well, he is a she.
kogo: (in shock, she tries to keep her composure and asks)
who is she?
kuru: well, you know that girl who was at the school festival who visited the cross dress cafe i worked at?
thats rin-chan.
kogo: ... you lolicon!
kuru: i am not, calm down. okay maybe, but its her room.
kogo: so let me get this straight, you're an otaku,
kuru: yes, go on.
kogo: and she's okay with the ero-games and your *cough* loli *cough* doujin?
kuru: first of all, its not loli, well, not most of it, second, she's got more of it than i do...
kuru: mostly yuri
kogo: wait, yuri is lesbians right? ... !!! ...
kogo: NO WAY!
kuru: right.
kogo: what's with the face? don't you get those dirty thoughts of what she does when you're not around? "3
kuru: no, she tells me
kogo: say wha?
kuru: what? it's not like she's a little kid or any thing, she just looks like one.
kogo: i want to call the cops so bad, but i want to meet her first. "]
kuru: IMPOSSIBLE, for now.
kogo: then tell me what she's like at least?
kuru: fine, you see me? no imagine me as a short girl.
kogo: ... wow ... no real words for that.
kuru: she's real different though, especially when we get new doujinshi.
kogo: how?
kuru: well, would horn dog be it, no maybe a dirty old man... yeah, dirty old man.
kogo: how can you say all this with a straight face?
kuru: magic :|
kogo: damn, oh! here's the bus!
kuru: yay! ...
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23 / M / NJ, USA
Posted 10/12/13

Not bad haha

Any way here is a sample of the script of a manga in its works that I have been thinking about. Everyone else please read the character descriptions here for character and background information:

As Masako stumbled the slums of New Japan, injured from a brawl she had intentionally provoked, under a stair way behind a garbage can, she had saw movement that was too irregular to be from an animal. It probably was another thug getting ready to jump her, even though everyone here should know by now not to F-with her.

"Why not get the jump on 'em," she though to herself.

Masako angrily kicked the garbage can away to her shock, reveal a young girl. She was maybe a few years younger than Masako, but something about her other than her injuries screamed something not human. The young girl was badly scuffed up, had dents, was dirty, and was not bleeding. She was visibly terrified and retreated further back into the staircase she was hiding under.

"Help me," she wimpered.
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Posted 10/12/13 , edited 10/12/13
one the bus, a continuation of kogo-chan and kurura-kun's conversation.

kuru: oh, ko-chan?
kogo: hmm?
kuru: ... rin is actually starting at our high school this coming year.
kogo: ... *shock* ...
kogo: YES YES YES!
kuru: calm down.
kogo: so, what does she call you? "3
kuru: what do you mean?
kogo: i hear that most otaku like being called "onii chan", what does she call you?
kuru: kuru-kun, kurura-kun, kurura-neko, kururugi-kun. but at the festival i was onee-chan and kuruko.
kogo: *pfft* you can't be serious!
kuru: look at my face... look at it.
kogo: okay and?
kuru: how serious can this face possibly get, with out facial reconstruction?
kogo: damn, okay, okay but *pfft* one more thing...
kuru: what?
kogo: do you sleep together!?
kuru: sometimes, shes afraid of storms so, yeah.
kogo: oh god that's so cute!
kuru: calm down *sekaaai de BEEP* hey, rin-chan.
kuru: hey rin, is there any thing wrong?my friend kogo-chan wants to talk to you.
rin: yeah, i want to get to *****-chan's date scene, what do i do, im already behind the gym, did i miss something?
kuru: is it winter?
rin: yeah.
kuru: oh, that scene is seasonal for each girl, so *****_chan's scene is on Christmas, i think.
you can usually tell buy how they dress on weekends during that season.
rin: TY you can put kogo-chan on now.
kuru: got it.
(hands ko-chan the phone)
kogo: HI RIN-CHAN!
rin: hi.
kogo: i heard you and kuru-kun lived together? is he doing "anything"
rin: anything? ... !!! no! why would he!?
kogo: well i figured that because you to lived together, you know...
rin: no, we don't.
kogo: oh, well, i also heard you were into... yuri? is that what it's called?
rin: !!! y-y-yeah...
kogo: "3 are you a lolicon like kururugi-kun here?
rin: NO... i... i ... i like sister yuri ok! *gasp* (hangs up)
kuru: hmm? she hung up? figured, she's easily pressured and can't handle questions like that from people she's not fond of.
kogo: can i visit to apologize?
"3 ...
kuru: {as expected} fine, i text her if you can come over but don't get your hopes up.
(phone beeps)
kuru: wow, looks like tomorrow is fine
kogo: HURRAY!!!
Posted 10/14/13

We were camping and I got insect bites on my arms and my older cousin told me to drop my pants so he could suck the poison out, I believed him.
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Posted 10/18/13 , edited 10/18/13
lol, you never know, maybe he wanted the D.
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Posted 10/27/13
Nyanalee felt the pressure from her captor's hand against her throat and she couldn't stop the tears from dripping down her face as she feared for her life.

"What doll? Afraid?" The man whispered to her gently.

She stared at him and felt more fear fill her as she looked into his evil eyes. They were dead and full of evil and amplified by the two scars forming an x across his face. He loosened his grip and slid his fingers down her cheek before she shrieked and slapped at his hand.

He laughed and pulled her close and giggled as she struggled. "Aren't you just so cute." He leaned down to kiss her but grunted in pain and let her go. She jumped away from him as he reached back and ripped out a metal card sticking out from his shoulder. His grin widened. "Spades." He yelled into the night air. "Can't come out and face me like a man?"

There was sudden whistling and he jerked his head to the side and felt the card nick his cheek and embed itself into car parked outside the grocery store. A figure moved among the shadows

"Striker." Spades said loud enough for them to hear. "Still into this type of stuff I see." There was a hint of disgust in his tone.

"And you're still into playing 'hero'." Striker said maliciously. "And that's why things like this happen." He said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small chain that he wrapped around his fist.

"Mmmhhhmm" Spades said stepping out of the shadows and into the slight light the flickering street light gave off. His jet black hair hid his eyes from view but you could tell that he was taking a moment to size up his opponent.

"Well, I'm sick of waiting." Striker said and launched himself forward and started throwing heavy blows that could, possibly, kill if they connected. They didn't see to affect Spades as he weaved in and out of the blows before twisting to the side and grabbing strikers face and slamming his foot against the back of his leg while pushing the huge man forward and slamming him into the hard rocks that filled the parking lot.

Spades took a step back before he felt Striker's iron grip take a hold of his leg. He felt his heartrate spike as his body was slung through the air and he smashed into the buildings side.

He hit the gravel and came up and blocked a deflected another deadly blow. For such a big guy he was really fast at returning to the fight. Spades hands moved in a blur as he defended and attacked in unison. Blood was dripping from his nose but he could see the red dripping down strikers neck so he felt they were even.

"Gonna get serious?" Striker said as something in the air changed and it suddenly felt dangerous.

Spades stared at the man and noticed the dark red glow along the mans hands. He stared for a moment before a light blue coated and he launched himself forward. Both their fists connected and there was a explosion that sent them both sliding backwards but it didn't stop them as Striker ripped out a pistol and explosions of red light shot from it and Spades was forced to dodge without stopping. His eyes glinted dangerously and a card flashed through the night air with a faint blue glow and burried itself into Strikers arm.

He screamed and fired without aiming. He felt the hand envelope his face and his eyes widened in fear and the blue light exploded around his head.

Nyanalee stared at Spades as he stood there for a second before stepping away from the headless body. She started to shake as he glanced at her.

"You killed him." She said her voice quivering.

Spades looked at the body and nodded. "For now. He'll be back later."

She looked at him and he could tell she wanted to ask why but couldn't get it past the lump in her voice.

"That's just what happens when you aren't human." He said staring at the body that suddenly turned into dust and vanished.

He looked at her one more time and said, "You should probably go home." before he walked into the shadows and vanished into the night.
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Posted 11/3/13
10 - I didn't read but I'm 100% sure it's perfect anyway.

At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold. That's it, just a pot but no gold.
Rainbow Villager: Oh no! Someone has stolen all the gold.
Adventurer: The gold is gone, but the thief...just sent himself to jail.
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Posted 11/5/13

well, there's this one...
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20 / M / Like-hell-I'm-dea...
Posted 11/7/13 , edited 11/8/13
9.5/10 for that ;D

A small fantasy story I made up as I was bored. I did not really pay attention to the grammar so don't blame me.*sweat on cheek*

Play this song while you're at it! (lol) (no baka, open it in a new tab!)

Try to read at a fast speed to keep up with the music :D

A story of never ending courage and friendship

--Zero holding his tears in as he is using the last teleporting gem. Jsynchro turned his back on him. Swung his fist into the air. It looked strong yet so sad. "Goodbye, my friend. It's been a fun time." Jsynchro said as the moaning infected break in the doors and windows from all sides. Glasses were spattering on the ground, doors broke down like it was a mere wooden plank.

Hell is breaking in, The world turned inside down. Clouds were going dark and Thunders were clapping outside. "Please.. Survive." Zer0 said with a soft voice and a kind face with begging eyes as he flashed away in the light. Jsynchro closed his eyes and slowly bowed his head down. "Gomen, Yurushte. I'm afraid I cannot fulfill that request..." He lifted his head up and faced forward the massive army group of zombies.

He was calm, laughed a bit slightly and breathed deeply. "SAA, KOI! I'LL TAKE DOWN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! YOU GUYS, BETTER MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!! YOU ARE HUNDERD YEARS TOO LATE!" He shouted out loud with an unbelievably pleasing face like he is enjoying this horrible nightmare. But in truth he is scared from the bottom. The hungry zombies moaned out loud and were getting closer, the air around him was getting thicker.

He pulled out his phone. Relieved when he saw there was still some battery left in his phone. "I have always wanted to try this, This battle song will do for my last stand."
*Music started playing*

"Dun, dun, dun, dun...durururudundundundun ALRIGHT!" As he is going with the flow of the beats nodding his head. "THIS IS THE GOOD SHIT!"
He battle cried and ran up close to the zombies, the zombies tries to grab him and at the split second he ducked and stood up close up to one of the zombies and quickly after he whispered in one of the zombie's ears. "One. Down." *POW!* He pulled the trigger of the .50 Caliber hand cannon he had ready put in the zombie's mouth. Blood flew spattering in the air and some on Jsynchro's face. Time was slowing down as it was in slow-motion. The blood in the air looked like small red little butterflies flying away to peace. Quickly after, one arm pointed at his left and one at right. Blood were spattering up and down. One after another, heads exploding everywhere. Without all this scenery, its like looking at fireworks flyinginto the sky and exploding. But in this case, heads. He threw 2 magazines high into the air, quickly unloaded the clip. Cracked the sides of a zombie's head with both of the guns. He stood still having his arms stretched out with the Hand cannons upside down. Both clips that were falling from the air slipped perfectly right in through it. Suddenly a zombie just swung his arm at him. He noticed it, saw it and barely dodged it. Leaving a bleeding scratch at his cheek. The tension kept getting faster. He continued to shoot and close quarters combat for 2 more long minutes. At a certain moment... *ktt.. ktt..* The bullets of the magnums are empty. Before he knew, He was already surrounded by insane amount of zombies.

He tried to laugh.. but end up laughing with a depressing voice while looking at the endless zombies in black shadow with red glowing eyes. Some were laughing like fury hyenas, some had spit continuously dropping on to the ground dying for hunger. He seem both frightened and exhausted. He looked down. His hands were shaking and could no longer hold on the pistols.
"This is the end huh... Heh, I'm proud of the life I've lived so far, and though I've made my share of mistakes, I have no regrets." He said in a soft voice when he's about to meet his end when suddenly he remembered something.

He doesn't give up. He thought about all about the anime's he has watched. And said with full of pride:

"Ano ne? Zombie-tachi? Do you guys watch anime? I've watched anime a lot. One of my favorite anime is Naruto. Do you know what Naruto does when hes all beat up? Soh. He will never give in on the enemy, he will always stand up and fight for his nakama's. And now so will I. For Zer0's sake! ORE WA, ZETTAI AKIRAMENAI!" He shouted out hard with a happy face!

"It's time to use that.. The technique which one's body and mind corrupts after using." *zombies screaming and moaning everywhere.* Jsynchro bit his thumb and put the blood on his face. "KAI!!" He suddenly felt insane amount of pain going through his body and fell on the ground. He is screaming from the pain but trying to resist it. Trying very hard pushing up from the ground with both of his shaking arms. The infected are now feeling even more aggressive, all sped up their speed in on him. The wooden benches are being pushed. "ONE LAST PUSH!!!!!" He stood up like a high tower as he yelled. he closed his eyes slowly and opened his mouth enchanting his final spell.

"Black magic. Vo.4 Xerath."

"Spirits of the abyss, here my call
all most powerful one and all
"Lucifer my thoughts do sing
through the universe they now ring"

*Ground began to tremble*
*A form of star appeared underneath him*

"Take thine enemy, take them smite
Break them, scorn them in the night
From the mighty depths of hell
cast your darkness on their shell"

*Wind began to gathering around him and thunder began to being absorbed by him*
*The 5 angles of the star lightened up*

"Oh Lucifer, oh shinning star
Contract me, I'll sell my soul
Revenge now will have its day
for thine enemy starts to fray"


A powerful big lighting beam flew up from and around him purifying the zombies that were about to pile upon him and left the roof open a big hole. The nearby ones got blasted away by the force of the wind. He has awoken.

Jsynchro stood up, he doesn't have complete control over his body. His eyes are yellow, his face changed a bit mature and looks concentrated. his clothes were turned all black and his hair grew longer. His hair and the black coat flew by the wind still bursting out around him.

He slowly lifted his arms up.
"AETHER BURSTO!" He shouted. His voice sounded like combined with the voice of Zer0. A big energy beam came out of his hand and destroyed insane amount of zombies in a path.
"ARCANITAL'S HAMMER!" 8 massive golden hammers dropped from the sky above him mashing all the zombies around him like mush.
And at last.
"Darku Saber."A large katana burning in purple flames appeared in front of him floating in the air. Known as the Legendary Katana which only the blood of the first carries can wield. He grabbed the sword and said "Accelerato." The purple flames began to burn even more furrier.

He stood in a weird position. Charging his Katana heavily. And then leashed out massive amount power purple flame in a 360 degree angle. The zombies all around him were cut clean in half. Soon after, he charged off at the speed of light slashing through the endless army of zombies. Zombies were flying with tons of blood splattering around everywhere he charged at. walls were collapsing, explosions were heard. Then he jumped high into the sky through the hole that earlier his awakening made. The tip of the Katana was gathering all his energy. "hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, EXXXXCAAALIBURRRRRRRR!!!!!!" A extreme large massive superb light shining beam was fired right down towards to the largest church in the world with the endless zombies. A enormous explosion. Jsynchro no longer feels having any power, falling down from the sky and landed on the dusty ground with a hard clap on his chest.

His awakening appearance seem to be disappearing, returning to his normal self with torn clothes. He was real exhausted. There was still alot of zombies left.. They walked towards him. Jsynchro took the pipe that he long had attached on his back, slowly standing up and bearing the pain in his entire body. "I still... Can.. do.. it..." He said, with a fainting voice. He tries and tries and finally stood up. A few hype zombies ran towards him. Jsynchro closed his right eye and opened with a green eye. "Analysis, begin. Type, Clawer. Speed, 73. One fatal attack and I am dead..." He closed and made his eye to its normal color. He used his analysis skill even though he already know he is gone for good. Because since using the Black magic Vol 4 Xerath. A spirit will soon come and collect his soul.

The first claw zombie ran up straight on him. Jsynchro blocked its claws with the pipe, gave it a leg kick and smacked the head open with the pipe again. Right after came the second from his side running like a crazy monkey. Jsynchro wasn't scared anymore, knowing hes doing it for Zer0's sake. Without looking he slammed right to its side of the head, falling dead.

Now all the slow zombies all surrounded him. Jsynchro dropped the pipe and just stood there. The music was ending too.."I wonder is he's safe.. Zero, I will never forget the days we've spent together." He smiled. The soul collector came too. His body is slowly turning to ashes piece by piece and he his head feels light. Few more clawers came running at him. "Farewell, see you in the afterlife." He said as he slowly turning his above. To see the sky once more again. Suddenly, something caught his eye. He saw something above him. Something human size. Stood there in shock. His eyes opened up. "Z..--Zero? What are y--" "I WILL NEVER FORGET THE FUN DAYS WE'VE SPENT TOO! THAT'S WHY, WE WILL HAVE MORE FUN TOGETHER! I WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU! To My dear friend." The music he had playing on his phone did not end. No, it did not. The good part refrain of the song came up. The fog cleared up, the sun shone through the pieces of broken mirrors of the church. The effect of the mirrors shined up the whole church with it's rainbow colors. The whole building was simply shining beautifully. The soul collector vanished and the ashes slowly returned back to flesh into the body. Jsynchro's heart bloomed like of a flowers for the first time, his eyes was filled with light. He found true happiness in this corrupt world.

Zero landed slowly near him like an angel. "ZANKIRI!" Zero his dual swords slashing in a X move, The force was so great enough to create a sonic wind shockwave and it torn up the crawlers into tiny pieces that were speeding in for them.

"You've really done it now Zero.." Jsynchro said as he was crying and smiling at the both time.
"Of course.. We will always, and always.. Be friends. I will never abandon you and neither will you. Promise?" Zero said with tears in his eyes and a smirk on his face while pulling him up. "Promise." Jsynchro said and wiped his tears off as Zer0 handed a sword to him. Back to back. To each other. "I will have to spank your ass later." "Do that after we've done this business." "Don't you regret it later!"

"Let's do this!"


End -


The massive large church door slowly opened to the sunset......
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26 / M
Posted 11/17/13
I've written mine, and I'll really appreciate if you guys spend some time to read about it and give me some feedback...
thank you,,,
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 11/30/13
Hmm..... Hrm... This is tough. I want to give you an 8, but then- it's not like you're a pro at it, so maybe I'm being a bit harsh...? Ahaha, please, don't take that the wrong way...

"Ai Shi Teru"
Professional(lol) assassin Kiryuu Ai's next target is an ordinary(lol) high school girl: Mii Teru, who proves to be more difficult to kill than she originally thought, due to her rampant delusions as a chuunibyou. Frustrated, Ai decides to directly confront Teru. Unfortunately for Ai, it was her time of the month, rendering her incapable of defeating her target- or dodge the boy hurrying towards her on his bicycle.
When she comes to, Ai finds herself lying in someone else's bed. The boy who had crashed into her enters and apologizes, introducing himself as Kurei Yon. Ai, being of American descent, finds his name punny (Kurei[Gray]+Yon=Crayon), and nicknames him Shi-chan (Yon=4=Shi=Death... or something). To make up for running Ai over with his bike, "Shi-chan" decides to hear her out- and help with her troubles. He comes up with several plans, all of which Ai refuses for being 'too underhanded'. "Shi-chan" asks her why she cares so much about her target if she's just going to kill them in the end. Not sure how to answer, Ai remains silent.
The next day, Ai drags "Shi-chan" with her to kill Teru, but once again, they fail- this time because Teru doesn't show up at her school. Now with some free time on their hands, "Shi-chan" and Ai head to a cafe for lunch. Seeing how she devoured her meal like an animal, "Shi-chan" asks Ai jokingly about her living conditions- to which she replies that she has no place to stay due to her assumption that her assignment wouldn't take too much time. After some thought, "Shi-chan" offers to let Ai stay with him- after which Ai reveals that she planned to threaten him to allow her to stay.
...And then the first episode will end with "Shi-chan" telling Ai that he loves Teru. ("Well, I guess that's settled then. Really, with the way you carry yourself around you'll never find a boyfriend. Ah, I guess I'm not one to talk. After all, my relationship with Teru-Teru isn't going that well..." "Hmm? Oh, you know my target?" "Of course- I'm in love with her."

Just some random roma-com idea that popped into my head.
"Shi-chan" isn't just another anime protagonist. Since the story is told from Ai's perspective more or less, his motives and thoughts aren't all revealed. But he is definitely not a high school student anymore- or the kind of person to succumb to fanservice misfortune. And Ai isn't going to fall in love with him- I'm fairly sure about that.

...Yeah, thinking about it now, I don't think it'll do.
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 11/30/13

"I am a potato, the potato is me." Said Sasha Blouse, the Potato Girl. She was bowing before the mound of potatoes she "requisitioned" from the mess-hall kitchen, drool pouring from her mouth as she did so. Next to her, Gollum scratched his head...
" 'Tato'? What's tatos, preciousssss...."
"Po-ta-toes!" Samwise Gamgee barked at him. "You know: boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew?!"
"Eat raw..." Sasha added.

And thus, so the Potato Convenient was formed.

The end. Precioussssss......
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23 / F / Outer space.
Posted 12/11/13
Lol ^^ 8

A Yandere girl who is insanely obsessed to the boy she is fond of licked the knife slowly.
The cut on her tongue began to dripped. Her mouth tasted odd but she ignored it and she grabbed his hair.
She pulled him harder and he weep in pain. She smiled wickedly, than shoveled her mouth to his and he tried to fight back.
But he couldn't due to the injuries he received from his stalker. She forced her tongue in and he tasted the metallic.
She pulled back thick blood saliva were wiped away as she enjoy moisten her mouth.
"You're mine...." she cooed close to his ear.
He shook in fear and he plead for her to let him go."Please! Please! Let me go!!"
She looked at him 'Pathetic' she thought to herself. She pulled out the knife and he stared at her wide eye.
The Yandere girl slash him in the the throat and he choked as blood gushed out.
Pool of blood began to spread and she chuckle to herself as lay next to the corpse.
"You're mine, FOREVER!!"
-Fucking insane! Wut?!?

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