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24 / M / virginia
Posted 24 days ago
"pocket watch"

this is a story, not about anyone in particular, but is about a pocket watch and it's journey to find the meaning of why it was made. it has a way of getting lost, stolen and sold. the watch is ashamed of itself, it is incapable of doing what it was made to do. every time it reaches a certain time, it stops. but depending on the person carrying it, determines on the time when the watch stops. The watch is constantly searching for someone who will allow it to do what it was made to do, and together they will come to the conclusion that together, they will save everything.
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18 / F / Illinois
Posted 23 days ago

For my story that I put up on FictionPress

"Penalty All About"

The story begins with a king and queen named Odesion and Pantriece were kicked by their castle because Odesion uses his son, Samminar, money for not-so-good hair product. They will go back to their castle with the help of their daughter, Moxanne and other people. Odesion will give Samminar a piece of his mind. Bickering and Hilarity ensues
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Posted 22 days ago
[system logged in]
[desk ip-???-???-??-????]
{enter log: "Trash"}
[Log time 22:21:56]
{enter log: "HG-LC}
[Log time 22:22:35]
{enter log: "S.O.R.W.D."}
[Password required]
[Access denied]
[Access denied]
{Password: execute command "357-fd"}
[Executing command "357-fd"]
[Password counter reset]
[Entering Password: 65437-jklas-tr320]
[Password accepted]
[Log time 22:24:32]
{Display log text}
[Displaying text]
[Text Begin:
Saving Our Revulting World Daily (S.O.R.W.D.)
Founded by the combination of 5 separate groups on [redacted]. These groups are:
Order of Saint Gregory
Oredoes Heretic of the Inquisition
His Majesty's Royal Daemon Hunters
Witch Hunters Guild
Knights Daemons
Tasks and duties of S.O.R.W.D. are as follows:
1. Extermination of Daemons, Imps, Goblins, Rokashaw, etc. which crossover to the Human World.
Adendum 1.1 Controlling the flow of illegal goods between the Human World and the Daemon World.
Adendum 1.2 To Contact/coerce the Daemon Gods in any way necessary to accomplish these other goals
2. Capture and contain and humans of magical talents, to keep the public safe.
Adendum 2.1 Should a human with these powers prove stable/willing, to recruit them to accomplish all other goals.
3. Controlling/quelling any public knowledge of the existence of S.O.R.W.D., Daemons, Witches, etc.
Adendum 3.1 [redacted]
Members of S.O.R.W.D. are divided into several regional HQ's, which are further divided into 4 types of members:
0. Blanks
-A combination of all available military personnel, local law enforcement agents, spies, etc. These are never to be made privy to the existence of S.O.R.W.D.
1. Numbers
-Low level magic users and exceptional military personnel.
2. Letters
-medium level magic users and extraordinary military personnel.
The platypus, is right for gopher too, is not go?
joker king heating deck]
[Hello my good sir (or Madame, it never pays to be cautious). It has just occurred to me that you have just hacked into our computer systems from a remote location to access our information. Unfortunately for you, I invented the protocols that you are using to mask your location. You can try to run away, but our "friend" is already behind you.
Thank you, and have a nice day!]
[Log time 22:28:54]
[logged out due to inactivity at 22:43:55]
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34 / Va.
Posted 20 days ago

This is part of a story that I posted on FictionPress (warning there are a few foul words here and there other than that I tried to clean it up some)

"Signs of Destruction"

By Boona

Black dream

"There are no absolutes in this world. Even the karmic cycle of fate is fleeting, and ephemeral. So I wonder why…why is it that we found ourselves in this situation of endless hate, and violence?"

It was a dream that always began the same under beautiful cerulean skies dotted with the gentle wisps of cirrus clouds. Laying on a grassy hill beside a concrete staircase was a young couple. The two looked as if they could be models. An angelic looking girl, and a dark skin Adonis neither could be older than sixteen, or seventeen. Yet there was a fierceness about them that quickly shook that idea from passerby minds.

"Hey, Invincible, do you remember when the first time we met?" It was the teenage girl who spoke first as always with that forlorn question. Her voice was a regal honeyed soprano, childlike, but not annoying at all.

She was beautiful as a cherubim with deep emerald-green eyes, and golden Sun kissed blonde wavy shoulder length tresses. Her head resting against the diaphragm of the recipient to her question.

If she was an earthbound cherub then the teenage boy was surely an asura with his dark almost black flesh tone. His blood-red eyes stared at the bulge of her stomach as he answered her.

"Yeah, you asked was my name Invincible then we proceeded to pummel the living crap out each other." It was always the same answer, but he knew this wasn't the answer she was looking for.

Her hands played with some of his long black hair as he continued to speak with a deep bass voice. A regal wildness to it that made several female passerby blush.

"It's hard to believe that you made that declaration of sheer will come true." She always said how they knew each other from a past life he could never remember. And she was going to make him hers, even if she had to shove her fist right down his throat to do it.

She was burden by that fact that she always told him of their past lives. Memories had a way of being the cruelest chains always in this dream.

"It's not true yet, it's just a shame you don't remember all the lives we shared. The good, the bad…the ugly, all those memories." Her voice always trailing off before looking at the black Adonis cradling her stomach gently.

"But that's alright in a couple more months our little baby will be born, and I will have gotten out of my old life." As he rubbed the basketball size bulge that was her stomach he said these reassuring words to her.

"You know, I was thinking of cutting my hair_?"

"Like hell you will! If you even try I'll break your damn jaw with a frying pan!" A fierce expression on her face that said that was final, and he had no say about cutting his hair. She sounded like she was delivering an unbreakable edict to him.

The fierce expression quickly fading as he said. "That part of you I will always love the most of." Kissing her, a passionate short live embrace between them.

"It's alright if one of us descends from being a beast, but I won't allow you too. That's why I decided to cut my hair. That reminds me have you slept with Shiori since you're poking me in the back with that virgin buster of yours?" The conversation quickly changing gears to a more sexual one after her comment about her hair.

"Well eh heheha Delilah are you sure about this?" Nervous laughter aside he was unsure how to approach the subject.

"Ryu gave his permission, and I gave her my permission to be my sex surrogate as well. There is no way I want our girl to say, tap, tap, ta-tap how does that feel ya bastard?" She tapped his forehead with her right pointer finger making it clear he knew there was no hanky panky till she gave birth. Except with the girl who was named Shiori.

"It's kind of weird, she's still a virgin, and she is Ryu's sister after all."

"So~ you're saying you're holding out till I give birth?"

"There's always the backdoor." He was determined, no more like hell-bent on not sleeping with anyone else, but her.

"No way, and you better not be sleeping with that witch."

"No I stopped sleeping with her before the first trimester." He never lied about that part was something the dreamer was sure of.

"Good, cause I don't want you to knock up some little tagger on." She said with some hatred he could never understand.

"I would never do that, but I have to get to work soon. Want me to walk you home?" The dream began to change as it always did after those words were spoken.

It was a hospital yet the atmosphere was no longer bright or cheerful.

In one room a girl with short Sun kissed blonde hair laid in a bed. Deep bruises covered her once soft cream color flesh with blackish purple markings. Her left leg, and her arms splinted up, and wrap in gauze . An I.V. pumped her with enough painkillers too down an elephant still there was a pain that no amount of painkillers could get rid of.

Tears stained her gown as he listened to her broken raspy voice.

"F-forgive me, please forgive me wiuf I lost our child. wiuf I lost our child wiuf I'm sorry wiu~uf I lost our child wiun I lost our bond..." Broken, frantic crying words left her lips like a cruel dagger to the heart. Words no parent wanted to hear. Like a black curse these words were now leaving her lips from the hospital bed.

The cruel chant being cried by a broken girl who once glowed like a cherub.

It is said that no joy can equal that of a child's birth, nor deeper pain than the death of one's child. How about the pain of a girl who staked everything on a child she had always wanted? Of the pain of the binding chains we call memories? Memories of a past he would never know? Or that the cruelty of the dream was far from done?


Black shadows began to engulf them, tearing them apart before the scenery settled down.

If there ever was a scene that would remind one of hell, it would have been the one now. An abandoned warehouse that was the scene of an unholy massacre. A shallow lake of blood covered the floor littered with body parts. Corpses were torn apart as if a demon from hell had been unleashed in the hellish site. Blood, and black vile dripped from the ceiling. Nothing but death was present, the only thing alive was two people. How long that was going to stay true was evidently short.

As a boy with piercings, and tattoos all over was at the merciless death grip of the other teenager. His arms being held by the guy dyed a sickening shade of red, but when you go full-blown homicidal that tends to happen.

It was hard to believe this guy was Invincible. This man covered in bits of organ, scraps of flesh, and fragments of blood that clung to his body. A miasma rising from him that even God couldn't purify.

"Forgive me, please have mercy. Don't kill me!" The teenage boy had probably thought today was going to be a usual day of selling drugs, and shit. Did he know that he, and his fellow gang members were going to become wall paper he would've rather killed himself instead.

"Did she beg when you bastards raped her!?" Rage can make people do some things that make the devil pale in comparison. The boy dressed in white unbuttoned collared shirt, and baggy blue jeans had just saw a 107 armed people get ripped to shreds.

"Did she beg for our unborn child's life, and what did you pieces of garbage…?" Barehanded by one person, he tore them apart like a sociopath pulling the wings off a fly. Rage filling the air with its poisonous miasma.

"Noo garbage is too nice a word for your kind." A person they had unloaded enough lead into he should have been a statue. His voice was guttural, demonic as if he was a demon born of vengeance. This spiky chestnut-brown hair boy was going to end up as the sacrificial fool to the flames of hell.

"Piles of shit is too forgiving a word." The thing was beside his bullet riddled trench jacket, black shirt, and black jeans there was no holes in him. More rage filled miasma was choking the boy's lungs.

Crunkatsh if he wanted to beg the sound of arms dislocating as the tendons, and sinew tear tore that idea out of his mind.

"Shut up before I tear your manhood off!" The horrible edict was from the unofficial king of their city, the boy probably thinking of the less than flattering moniker he was known as.

"What your kind is, are the ones who will not even have an open casket." The Red Eyes Demon.

"Let them bury you all in shoeboxes as far as I care!" Rage bubbled like black poison over till the miasma devoured whatever logic was left.

Feces, and urine stained the boy pleaded to a demon of a Juggernaut. That was tearing his arms out of their sockets...

ARRRYAHHH The loud guttural roaring yell awoke the dreamer from the dark dream. The yell echoed through the one bedroom apartment for a few seconds.

He was sitting up straight gripping his bird chest so tight that the skin was white with his right hand. Cold sweat dripping off his near Caucasian complexion he chanted over to himself. "It's just a dream, just a dream dammit."

The rage in his dream hadn't dissipated. The feeling of lost filling his flat chest.

After a while he had managed to pry his hand from his chest. Getting up he had retrieved a beautiful ornate jewel dagger with a golden hilt he headed for the bathroom.

Soft brown eyes slightly bloodshot stared at the mess that was his hair. The nape length disheveled mess of raven black tresses look like someone had tried to electrocute him.

Then at the dagger he was still clenching, the black six-inch long blade looking more like an executioner.

"Go ahead and do it that will end your nightmares." Was what he thought the black blade was telling him.

"The only thing invincible about me is my hair." That's right this young-looking male was Invincible. Though different from the one in the dream. He was skinny and not even built like the toned and cut guy in his dream was.

For a child of two Juggernauts he was not living up to his namesake. The three-inch scar over his heart reminded him of that every day.

The black hellish dream that repeated itself like the ever renewing tail of the ouroboros. The dream that always happened when his hair grew a certain length, and he would miss school from his weak constitution. The start of a day like any other was about to begin in a world where juggernauts were real.

But was it really a dream?

It always felt like it was a twisted memory in his mind.

The chronicle of blood and guts continues with the next chapter..."Golden Eyes Beast"
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22 / M
Posted 6 days ago
two people blah blah like each other blah blah one died the other couldnt live on without the other but soon found another then that one dies now the other is and trys killing them self but is thrown in crazy home scrapped down and away from objects to hurt oneself ta da 11 right there ^
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15 / M / A Wall in the Heart
Posted 5 days ago
^^ 9. Very interesting, and I look forward to your next chapter!

Working out a plot...

A young man has lived in poverty his entire life, forced to fend for himself in order to survive. Not surprisingly, he grew to be thief, and a strong one at that, able to use both his cunning and strength to steal just about anything from anyone. One day, he comes a across a mansion, when a thought comes to him- if he could kidnap the heir to that family and hold him/her for ransom, he could live well for the rest of his life. And so the young thief infiltrates the mansion, quickly incapacitating any guard or worker he comes across. Eventually, he makes it up to the room of the heir. When he opens the door, he sees a beautiful girl sitting alone on her bed. The instant she sees the gun in his hands, the girl makes a run to the window, preparing to jump three floors down to the ground. The thief is alarmed, as he could not hold a dead captive for ransom, and holds the girl back, saving her from death. The girl apparently misunderstands the situation and begs him with tears in her eyes, "Please, if you are to kill me, do so outside, for I have not once even left this mansion and long for freedom!" At first the thief is confused, but decides to take her outside anyway. Seeing the girl's genuinely happy face for the first time, he decides he is unable to go through with his plan and feels the urge to protect her. He asks the girl if she would like to accompany him on his travels as a thief. She immediately accepts, eager to venture out of her sheltered life. The two then set out on their adventure, unaware of the girl's father, who angrily sends out his guards to take his daughter back. Thus, the (somewhat) unlikely story of a poor thief with a lack of morals and a sheltered girl with no common sense begins, off to explore the world.
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