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M / In You're Closet
Posted 6/10/14
Well, if I ever made an anime it would be yuri based.
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F / Asia
Posted 6/13/14

WOW Never know such forums existed O.O

Anyhow, my soul mate and I had been working on a story since February. It all started from roleplay forum and we edited them into a novel version!

It would be much appreciated if you guys could read and comment on us ^^


Also our current story:

which is written originally from roleplay version here: CROSSING PAST ORI

And if you're into RP or a place to flow your imagination, feel free to join us in RP : AKUTOHIME

Thank you, xoxo -Yuki-
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39 / M
Posted 6/27/14 , edited 6/27/14
There's a girl named Anna who wants to be the greatest chef in the world, but the only nearby culinary school is an all boys international high school for aspiring cooks.

Her best friend is an aspiring mystery story novelist who is secretly in love with her who has no interest in cooking, but he pretends to be obsessed with pasta in order to attend the same school, and conspires with her to keep her disguised as a boy. She also opts to join the student council because members are exempted from taking part in physical education classes.

The school has dark secrets- one of which is that the entire student council are robotic humanoid weapons from a future timeline where humanity has been enslaved by parasitic slug like creatures that enter a person's head, consume the brain, and take control over the host. Unfortunately, even though the robots are fighting on behalf of human beings, they are based on slug physiology and also have to take over a human host by consuming the host brain. In the case of these robots, a mind transfer takes place and allows the subject to live on in an enhanced state.

Because these robots have only been calibrated for teenage male brains, wacky high jinks take place when Anna joins the ranks of the student council.
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15 / M / Kemonomimi Land
Posted 6/28/14
Sounds pretty good.
Sort of like a Gaworare kind of twist.
Just don't lose sight of the plot!
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23 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 7/7/14
The story follows into the life of a young woman who learns that she is adopted. Her mother was a teenage parent who is no longer alive while her father is still alive. The young woman wants to learn more about herself by confront her father. It won't be easy when world enters into a third war. To meet her father she must survive through the war and along the way she meets five people with common goals like her. The young woman also learned that her father is the emperor causing the war. He does not know his daughter is alive and refuse to let his new family know. Even the young woman's grandfather from her mother side refuse to let her father know.

I'm done explaining it.
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24 / F
Posted 7/8/14
So a former soldier is coming home from an overseas trip with some old pals. He's tired from the long flight and he goes into an airport restroom without noticing the out of order sign. Inside is a famous politician changing his clothes, and while Mark doesn't mean to look, he can't help noticing that this politician has three buttocks. The politician, his aide, and Mark are all a bit surprised, and Mark gets the hell out of there. He takes off through the airport, but just as he is catching his breath, he notices that security personnel are beginning to gather. A message comes over the PA system with his description. He knows trouble when he sees it, so he makes a break for the exit and manages to catch a taxi.

The police are already at his house when the taxi pulls up, so he sets off through the city on foot. Clearly something crazy and unbelievable is going on. Who has a third buttock? Was the senator an alien? He wishes he understood what was going on, and he really wants his normal life back. Then a shabbily dressed man steps in front of him. "You Mark Richards?" the man asks. Mark is stunned, but he's feeling pretty alone. "Come with me. You look like a man who needs some answers."

Anyway, it goes on. Aliens have taken over, global conspiracy, yada yada. Mostly it's just Mark heroically shooting three buttock aliens in the ass (because that's where the hindbrain is). It's all pretty terrible and hilarious.
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19 / F / Tiphares
Posted 7/8/14 , edited 7/8/14
Guy meets a girl and stuff happens.
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