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M / In You're Closet
Posted 6/10/14
Well, if I ever made an anime it would be yuri based.
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Posted 6/13/14

WOW Never know such forums existed O.O

Anyhow, my soul mate and I had been working on a story since February. It all started from roleplay forum and we edited them into a novel version!

It would be much appreciated if you guys could read and comment on us ^^


Also our current story:

which is written originally from roleplay version here: CROSSING PAST ORI

And if you're into RP or a place to flow your imagination, feel free to join us in RP : AKUTOHIME

Thank you, xoxo -Yuki-
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42 / M
Posted 6/27/14 , edited 6/27/14
There's a girl named Anna who wants to be the greatest chef in the world, but the only nearby culinary school is an all boys international high school for aspiring cooks.

Her best friend is an aspiring mystery story novelist who is secretly in love with her who has no interest in cooking, but he pretends to be obsessed with pasta in order to attend the same school, and conspires with her to keep her disguised as a boy. She also opts to join the student council because members are exempted from taking part in physical education classes.

The school has dark secrets- one of which is that the entire student council are robotic humanoid weapons from a future timeline where humanity has been enslaved by parasitic slug like creatures that enter a person's head, consume the brain, and take control over the host. Unfortunately, even though the robots are fighting on behalf of human beings, they are based on slug physiology and also have to take over a human host by consuming the host brain. In the case of these robots, a mind transfer takes place and allows the subject to live on in an enhanced state.

Because these robots have only been calibrated for teenage male brains, wacky high jinks take place when Anna joins the ranks of the student council.
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 6/28/14
Sounds pretty good.
Sort of like a Gaworare kind of twist.
Just don't lose sight of the plot!
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 7/7/14
The story follows into the life of a young woman who learns that she is adopted. Her mother was a teenage parent who is no longer alive while her father is still alive. The young woman wants to learn more about herself by confront her father. It won't be easy when world enters into a third war. To meet her father she must survive through the war and along the way she meets five people with common goals like her. The young woman also learned that her father is the emperor causing the war. He does not know his daughter is alive and refuse to let his new family know. Even the young woman's grandfather from her mother side refuse to let her father know.

I'm done explaining it.
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28 / F
Posted 7/8/14
So a former soldier is coming home from an overseas trip with some old pals. He's tired from the long flight and he goes into an airport restroom without noticing the out of order sign. Inside is a famous politician changing his clothes, and while Mark doesn't mean to look, he can't help noticing that this politician has three buttocks. The politician, his aide, and Mark are all a bit surprised, and Mark gets the hell out of there. He takes off through the airport, but just as he is catching his breath, he notices that security personnel are beginning to gather. A message comes over the PA system with his description. He knows trouble when he sees it, so he makes a break for the exit and manages to catch a taxi.

The police are already at his house when the taxi pulls up, so he sets off through the city on foot. Clearly something crazy and unbelievable is going on. Who has a third buttock? Was the senator an alien? He wishes he understood what was going on, and he really wants his normal life back. Then a shabbily dressed man steps in front of him. "You Mark Richards?" the man asks. Mark is stunned, but he's feeling pretty alone. "Come with me. You look like a man who needs some answers."

Anyway, it goes on. Aliens have taken over, global conspiracy, yada yada. Mostly it's just Mark heroically shooting three buttock aliens in the ass (because that's where the hindbrain is). It's all pretty terrible and hilarious.
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 7/8/14 , edited 7/8/14
Guy meets a girl and stuff happens.
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19 / M
Posted 11/9/14
well isnt that a show to read
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20 / M
Posted 11/10/14
World - a massive planet with 6 moons the size of mars. Technology is middle ages except for a few differences. Magic exists and they have giant robots.
People live on the planet's moons and each have their own brand of magic and mech designs. The main planet is hostile to life and because of the high crushing gravity, only the hardest of the hard can venture there. Also everything tries to kill you in there.

Story - Three jerks from completely different moons go on adventures on the main planet. Hilarity ensues.

This thing writes itself.
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22 / M / Canada
Posted 11/26/14
8.5 - because I would be greatly amused by something that over the top!

This is going to be a longer post guys. I apologize in advance for this. Mind you this is also a story I have had in my head since grade 9, so bear with me here.

World : The world is on the brink of a magical industrial revolution. With the Empire of Maodae finally putting its war machine to rest after the conquest for Linova, the remaining nations on the planet can now begin working towards new technology to benefit all. Great industrial machines are fabricated, powered by the Adepts who make up 40% of the population, creating a new upper middle class of bourgeoisie.

Magic System : I want you to think of something a long the lines of long range alchemy. Depending on the person, Adepts (people capable of manipulating Elemental Essence Strands) have a certain range of influence based upon the strength of their mind. As this practice of magic is very draining on the mind, most are limited to their immediate surroundings within a one meter radius.

It is essentially the disassembling and reforming of elements in one's immediate area. Of course this is limited in some ways, but for fear of going on to long about the magic system, I must cut that short for now.

The Story : We follow a young man named Alex Novao who was orphaned as a child and adopted by the Commandant of the Linovain Detachment force. He is raised in an orphanage with other children despite being adopted due to his new father's line of work. As the years go on, he joins the military and becomes a recruit.

Now this is going to sound pretty typical (because to be quite honest, it really is). He and his friends end up going on a mission together, only to be ambushed by someone close to Alex's father, calling them traitors. Running away, one of Alex's friends is brutally cut down right in front of him and they end up meeting up with the old monarchy and nationalist supporters to make the country of Linova a sovereign nation once more. Alex and remaining company join up with this little revolutionary group, and their efforts to win over a war of independence begins once more.

I would basically want to take this tried and done concept... and make a deconstruction of the shounen genre with it. A darker shounen that touches on more mature topics such as mortality, the meaning behind existence, loss, betrayal, grief, and most importantly: learning how to deal with it amid crisis. A shounen thrown into a more realistic light perhaps is what I want.

It would need to be a longer show, but probably no longer than about 150 episodes. Still pretty long though compared to most. It honestly feels weird to be taking about the idea I have had for a dark shounen when I hardly even watch shounen anymore.

Alright! Not as long as I was expecting!
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21 / M / USA
Posted 12/1/14
NYNJGIRL 3/10 it felt a bit too much like a usual fairytale

Chapter 1 Peaceful days
“I’m not a psychopath!” This phrase is how most mornings started out in the scarlet household. Luna currently the only male living there with his two sisters Which was about as much fun as searching for a needle in a razor blade stack. In other words a hellish estrogen Molotov cocktail as Yuza and Vema were at that pinnacle of teenage hood at 15 and 14. Luna the accused on a regular basis of being a psychopath, pervert, lecher and any other combination horrible names was a normal boy legally anyway. He was 5’7 with yellow wolf like eyes due to a birth defect it didn’t cause any apparent issues. His hair was long and black with his bangs covering one eye. Nothing about his physical stature was excellent nor were they sub par. He was an average American boy living in Washington D.C. with his sisters living off his father over seas. Vema was a normal 15 year old girl with ghost white hair.
Due to another birth defect that was unrelated to Luna who was born a month after her to his fathers wife. While the two girls were to his “mistresses” Luna ran down the choppy wooden stairs past some hanging family photos running past Yuza who was watching television something about an embroidered handbag. Vema followed close behind in a T-Shirt and boxers with her hair reaching every which way. She ran into the average kitchen white cabinets white tile floor a window above the sink the cookie cutter kitchen as Luna would say. She ran past Luna hiding behind the door but came to a stop when his arm locked around her neck putting her in a choke hold.
“Ahh…let me go you Lecher!”
“That isn’t my name now say uncle.”
“Uncle!” He said as he squeezed harder unknown to him was yuza hearing him messing with his sister. She got up from the brown dusty couch with had more holes than a sponge she had already done her hair. She was 5’6 with slightly below shoulder length hair with bangs.
Her hair was black as the night combed neatly adding nice contrast to her pale skin. She was in all sense of the word Beautiful her deep blue eyes pulled in numerous boys at her school. She was already in her school uniform which consisted of a white skirt a white dress shirt and a dark blue over shirt and a choice of shoes she opted for black high heels. Which made her absolutely stunning the same of which could not be said for Vema who despite her best attempts looked like a beast after she woke up once she dressed up and got ready she too was stunning just not the same extent as Yuza.
Vema had extremely deep green eyes almost looking black she wore the same uniform as Yuza her hair went to her shoulders at its longest. Luna wore a more suit like uniform for school, which was identical to Yuza aside from long dark blue pants, and a blue tie he wore muddy sneakers from as he called it “playing tag with the cops”. They all helped prepare breakfast once Vema was done preparing and Luna wasn’t holding her in a chokehold, Yuza made most of breakfast as she was the best cook and a very mature woman for her young age of 14. She was smarter than both of them causing her to skip to a grade above them. She was perfect on the outside at least
When it came to her mother’s disappearance she grew cold and silent she held nothing but sadness and despair at the mention of her name. The morning lasted a great deal longer than anticipated they ran to school Yuza outrunning them both and Luna running ahead of Vema who around midway just gave up completely and walked both Luna and Yuza made it, Yuza in the student counsel was on the first floor so she made it with time to spare where Luna was on the second floor across the school making him nearly late. He made it in with 1 minute to spare. He walked in and looked around at all the faces looking at him. He stared and they stared back then he walked over to his wooden cracked up desk.
The day started slow but the rest of the day went by quickly Vema however had less luck. Science class they were making distilled water, which was a simple process except for Vema who had no luck with science. She poured tap water into the muggy fog like flask and put it over the Bunsen burner and it boiled. Vema stared at it “ooohh” She said, as it seemed to change color despite no chemicals. Soon smoke and flames erupted from it causing Vema to fall back into the hardwood desks tipping more and more water onto the floor. Yuza’s class was math in which she excelled in that and every other subject.
The teacher stood up and wrote on the board which looked more like a dimension of smoke due to the chalk being caught in it, He asked for the answer to the question and Yuza was already standing up to answer “the answer is 47 divided by the rudiment dividend to 36.7 to 8th power, The answer can also be found using the conversion method.” The teacher stood there motionless unable to comprehend this young genius. He stood there staring and so did the students and the chalk fell from his hand shattering on the black and blue glossy tiled floor. The chalk dust coated his black dress shoe in a snow like hue. Once the Scarlet family was back at home the usual occurrences took place yet again.
Luna sat on the couch and watched a soap opera about some blonde who fell in love with a married man something unoriginal like that. He looked at Yuza who wore a more casual jacket this time “hey do you think Vema will ever be a scientist?” This question startled Yuza who spat her soda from her nose “wait….Vema…..oh god if she were a scientist…we’d be doomed.”. Luna turned to the news, which was talking about some great discovery of a new parasite that was far larger than any other before. The only thing they’ve found before was fossils but this was a frozen corpse the scientist wore an over enthusiastic face.
He switched the TV off and watched as the TV drew it final breath before fading out. Vema sat next to Luna She had finally dried herself out after the whole science incident before she had she looked like a rat who took a rinse cycle. Vema Sat on the couch throwing about a pound of dust in the air, She leaned her head on his shoulder “Brother why did father leave?” Luna hadn’t a clue how to answer his sister he just sighed and rubbed her brilliantly white hair. Yuza walked over to the door and opened it “Well I’ll be heading out for business.” She quickly left without giving any chance for Luna or Vema to say anything. “Where do you suppose she goes?”
Luna shrugged and just relished in his alone time with his sister he was always attached to her they were inseparable. The night crouched on like a silent assassin in the night and Yuza hadn’t returned so Luna and Vema Went to bed alone, Vema’s room was a white room with 2 windows and it seemed to turn black under the moonlight while Luna was slightly different. Luna closed his eyes and let himself to the keeper of the night. The morning came as silently as the night had and Luna woke up abruptly in the night to a nightmare.
The nightmare consisted of his death which Luna didn’t know the meaning of so he ignored it and try to drift back asleep. After around an hour and a half of struggling to fall asleep he realized it was 2:40am. He decided to get up and go for a walk in the dark world he once knew was alive. “This place becomes desolate in the night.” He walked out the door and down the cookie cutter sidewalk nothing really stood out to him. He walked for a while until he reached the urban area of town still there was some people whom Luna didn’t dare talk to. Eventually he stopped seeing people so he stopped despite it being night that was highly illogical. He looked around at tall building like manmade trees looming over him as if they were hooded men.
He heard well nothing at all so he continued down the road but something stopped him he hadn’t a clue why he stopped he just did. He didn’t know why he turned his head either but he did and what he saw made his blood freeze in their tracks. Luna stumbled back almost tripping back “That’s…but ahh….” Luna tried to run but his legs wouldn’t let him the scene in front of him was even worse than his nightmare. The ally was empty aside from a scene straight out of hell on the ground was a sheet of crimson and it looked horrifying the thing draining it’s crimson water on the ground was a human a man. Luna wanted to run but he was incapable of it he just stood there in fear.
The man had a hole in his chest and there was blood against the wall and the man was pale real pale almost inhumanly pale. Luna finally brought his legs to movement and as soon as he started he didn’t stop running until he was already home completely
oblivious to what had happened on his way home he just stood there in his room replaying the scene in his head. He didn’t realize when he fell asleep but when he did he didn’t dream he just slept until morning. When he woke up Yuza and Vema were on an outing and he was alone to replay the scene in his head endlessly like a looping song stuck on repeat. Luna decided that it would be best if he drowned his confusion in the news maybe they found it and it was some sick joke. He sat down and started to brush the dust of an accumulated century of storage of his shoulder and flip on the giant tube television. Luna flipped slowly through the channel until channel 7 came on with an obviously under paid news reporter who looked about as ragged as he was on the fuzzy screen. She was tall with bleach blonde hair and very tan skin she wore a suit with a small plaid tie the scene behind her was oddly familiar to Luna. He watched as she droned on about some new event that had the science committee shaking in it’s boots.
The news reporter turned to a girl who looked nearly inhuman with all the electronic gear on her. The reason Luna paid attention was her rather skimpy outfit. She wore a strange head piece with a glowing blue translucent ribbon of squares connecting at the corner. The headband that held the ribbons of sapphire like ribbons was dark blue and right behind her ears jetted out toward the back of her head.
Above that were small spikes made of what looked like the same material as the ribbons, her eyes were beautiful they were a brilliant teal and her short hair that stopped around her neck and covered her eye was a slightly darker shade of teal. She was in the right tastes a gorgeous woman. She wore a necklace/choker that had a thin blue line across it her top consisted of black leather with another blue like through it. It was only 3 or so inches tall so it covered her but not all that much for whatever reason she wore a black skirt with a blue line through it. Luna couldn’t see what she wore on her legs but he tuned in on her speech which was an almost cold military dialect, then it hit him the Large technological building behind her was Trident’s main base. Luna stared at the woman as he only knew the building nothing about it.
The woman spoke up “I am Acelia a Trident operative, Trident has issued an order pertaining to the Marianas Trench event.” Now Luna wished he would have listened to the news reporter, the girl continued on her dialogue “Trident operatives will patrol the streets in case of the creatures reaching the U.S. shore line. In the event they do we shall immediately place the U.S. under complete lockdown. Trident is a military branch of the C.D.C. designed to eradicate any bio-organic hazard to the general public. We take any willing participants to recruit, that is all we have been ordered to declassify.” She stomped off and Luna slunk back pulling a sliver of the couch covering off as well and just laid there with his head in his hands. He didn’t like the sound of “complete lockdown.”
He got up and walked up the hardwood scratched and scuffed stairs up to his room and lay on his puffy mattress and sank down as if it were quick sand. “I hope Yuza and Vema are alright.” He looked out the window at the cloudy sky filling the empty sky and sighed. The sun blinded him as he peered out the glass window with the rotting window frame. The city was more alive than Luna felt right now the people of the city either got over it quickly or hadn’t discovered it. Luna got off his bed and glanced at his wooden door and sighed as Yuza was looking at him. Yuza strutted over to Luna and sat next to him and patted his head with her delicate hand.
“What happened?”
“That isn’t an answer.”
“It is now.”
Luna sat up and looked at her she looked cold to the touch but when Luna hugged her she gave off a very pleasant warmth. Luna enjoy it and just basked in the warmth until he remembered he was hugging a living being and tore reluctantly away. Yuza loved her brother and was aware it wasn’t her place to force it out of him like toothpaste out of the tube. She silently got off and left him alone in his room that smelled of pizza and air freshener. Luna hadn’t the will nor the urge to do anything so he just set his alarm and went to bed, which was lumpy and uncomfortable.
Once he awoke he blinked and glanced around wondering what day it was. Luna dropped out of bed and fell to the floor and with a crash. Luna pulled himself up using his chair for a reason it wasn’t intended for. Luna waddled downstairs after slamming the alarm clock on the floor breaking it and sending it’s inner workings everywhere much like a fragmentation grenade, made his way downstairs where Vema was sleeping on the couch with the TV speaking to her. Luna thought it was but it truly wasn’t he looked at Vema sleeping peacefully, She was in the fetal position on her side in her pajamas but what was on the news is what startled Luna.
The news was on and the blonde was there looking at Trident girl and the girl looked at the screen and continued. “Due to recent events involving the Kregon Trident has been stationed around the Marianas trench. We assure you all that we have the situation under control so please remain calm as it is far from U.S. shores. Luna wasn’t all that sure what a Kregon was but it didn’t sound pleasant. It sounded like a serial killer from a independent film. Vema was sleeping peacefully despite Luna nearly screaming but he didn’t wish to wake his dear sister so he quietly left. He entered to kitchen that had nearly no untarnished tile. Yes he lived off his father but their house was an absolute wreck. Yuza was making some food Luna hadn’t much need for food at the moment as he wasn’t hungry. Yuza nodded to Luna acknowledging his presence and Luna did as well but even then Yuza appeared more dignified despite no obvious difference. Yuza made her food and left and Luna just pondered what could have the government so cautious about.
At the Trident military base Acelia was racing through the halls toward a door marked as “President’s office”. She burst through the door to face a women with large mechanical wings with black skull carving on them. The women stood up and in a skull decorated small top and practically skin tight panties with numbering on it. She looked at Acelia with her gold eyes through her chin length black hair at Acelia and muttered. “Acelia how many times do i need to tell you that you need to act dignified and to make a meeting with me...Now what is the issue?”. Acelia stood up straight and in an official tone replied. “Mrs.Geminia as of 5:00 am last night the kregon have spread 3 square miles and are still moving. Our troops stationed out there have held them back but it will not last for all that long.”.
Geminia’s wings made a whirring sound and she let her hand reach for a phone. She pulled it up, pressed some buttons and spoke into it. “Pixia how is the rail cannon coming along?”. She placed the phone down and Acelia looked at her and asked. “Well is it ready?” Geminia sighed and spoke. “As of now it has two weeks before they can even test the prototype let alone the hand held cannon.” Geminia sighed and laid her head down on her dusty desk. Acelia excused herself and left Geminia to her own devices.
Luna laid his bed and looked at the ceiling and pondered what the news has been saying as of late. “Trident officers patrolling st night huh?” Luna got up and walked downstairs to Yuza who was eating lunch with Vema. They waved paying not much heed to him. He sat on the now even less of a couch than before and pressed the button that stuck in the remote since they had it and turned it on.
The news reporter looked on as men dressed in matching uniforms of white, gold and black marched down the street. “These Trident officers are top of the line military trained soldiers trained specifically for none human threats. We are unsure how involved with the city they will be but what we do know is they will be stationed around town.”. Luna frowned at this news “No more tag with the police now?....What fun is that going to be?” He hadn’t expected a reply but Vema chimed in “Maybe you can be a law abiding citizen now Luna?” Luna slumped down just thinking about that. Yuza finished her lunch “well I’ll be heading out.” Vema looked at her suspiciously. “Umm Yuza you always go out why not stay here with your family for once?”
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Posted 12/10/14 , edited 12/10/14
Too much writing so I rate it 8 xD
One day there was a guy.He died.The end.
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24 / M / Rossville, Georgia
Posted 12/12/14
Blunt and Straight to the Point: 10

(Based roughly in a world similar to Highschool DxD)

On the sixth month, June 6th in 1996, a little boy was born under a particular star, to be specific he was born under the accursed Morning Star, which was in reality the Prison of Lucifer, the King of Hell, The Ruler of Devils, the Devil among Devils. Due to this abnormality a curse was placed upon the boy, he would live a life of misfortune at every moment. His parents would die in an accident, his adopted parents would be brutally murdered and, anything he remotely cared for would die moments late by some unfortunate incident. But on his 16 birthday, the star he was born under, Lucifer's prison broke and the devils soul was reincarnated into the boy's own soul. A fusion would take place, ultimately transforming the boy into the Devil himself.

And he would have only, but one goal in mind. To restablish his domain in the underworld, and beat his children, the other lesser Devils back into shape. And into the force of Demonic Wrath they were so feared for. Along the way he would make friends, enemies, but along the way he would commit the ultimate taboo.

Falling in love with a Human girl with the soul of the Archangel Gabriella.

The Story goes that he regains domain over his Kingdom, and rips the Heaven's asunder, break's the Council of Gods in twine and plunges the earth and mankind into an eternal damnation.

That's all I got so far. :/
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21 / F / in own little world
Posted 12/12/14
Once yuki she meet boy zero vampire they island for.vampy
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18 / F / USA.
Posted 12/14/14
4 for effort. :p

The setting is in an MMO called BlueSky: Breathe for the sword. Kishiko is a level 54, narcissistic Elemental Showgirl, or at least she thought she was. After moving into a very expensive mansion off the coast of Atty beach, Kishiko is told that her finances cannot support the house for long. She's utterly confused, but her agent fatally tells her that she's level 1, not level 54. That means she has to start her life all over again. Will Kishiko succumb to the newbie life, or work hard to level back up?

That sounds really cheesy..
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