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18 / F / Everywhere in Dar...
Posted 12/25/14
It was cold blazing night. The snow-covered ground was melting under the heat of my barely covered feet. My breath started to turn into short pants as I continue my journey forward unknown where I'm actually heading to. My heartbeat rates increases as the cold seeping into my body.

''S-shit... Why does this happen to me?" I questioned myself as black spots started to appear on my vision. Oh god.

"H...help," I manage to speak out before fallen to the snowy ground and fainted.

I opened my eyes to see me staring at myself. I was standing at the corner of the room as I tried to take in what I was seeing. My replica was lying motionless on the hospital bed, attached to a beeping machine and oxygen masks tied on my face.

"Am... I... Dead?" I asked no one in particular.

"You are," A deep, mean voice answered from beside me. I looked to the source of the voice and widened in surprise to see who it was. Shinigami. God of Death. Angel of Death. The Reaper. Whatever you call it. His scythe sparkled as sunlight shone upon it. I was speechless that I just stare at the creature stood before me. "But sadly, this is permanent,"

"W-what do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"You were chosen to be one of us. A shinigami." He answered looking at my dead corpse.

~To be continued~

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17 / chicago
Posted 1/7/15
This story is about the main character ericko who is the son of a beast king,the beast kings are legendary warriors that have the abilities of mythical beasts in japanese mythology and folklore.the children of the beast kings are very distant from them because they live with their normal parents,every 40 years,the children of the current beast kings compete in challenges that if accomplished will qualify them to become apprentices of the current beast kings which allows them to fight monsters ,save villages this prepares them to become the next beast lords,then once the training is done they go through one last challenge which determines whether they become a minor beast lord.the main character ericko is the son of the tanuki beast lord and in turn has his powers,along his journey he also makes friends along the way
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16 / M / Clackmannan, Clac...
Posted 1/7/15

In the land of Merra, their use to be a Civilization called the Mystics who kept the peace between the 4 Races, The Telsari, The Eldarians, The Orcranians and The Jelarks, These four races use to be able to live in peace but that was until the Reign of The Orcrainian King 'Kaviach', Started to want power and control over the land so after a fight with the Mystics in his land The mystics left taking all sources of Mysterian Stones with them this drove the Orcrainian King into madness so he sent out a Raiding party to destroy the main source of the Mystics power which was also keeping the peace, So they were successful in their mission, and soon after the other races began to fight causing havoc upon the land.

After the king had Achieved a war he sought out to destroy the Mystics so that the peace could not be restored- he wasn't 100% successful in this goal but he did almost destroy an entire civilation, whoever was left migrated into the other races to try and teach the ancient art of Mysterian Majik,

The real story begins with a Telsari scout group on their way to a settlement but when they stop to make camp in a abandoned Mystic prison they come across a Orcrainian raiding party which are in possession of a ancient Mystic artifact which could help restore the peace among races...
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24 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 4/22/15
What happens after Cinderella and Prince Charming get married and have children?

Find out when you watch my anime.
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