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Posted 9/6/15

Weaslsmasher wrote:

Well right now with the music I am listening to I think a story about a person who steals memories from people would be a pretty cool idea though I know it has been done before you could make a pretty original story anyhow using the premise.

Go for it.
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Posted 9/6/15
First crunchyroll post letttzz gooo

The story will be a Simple slice of life/Drama and Romance where are MC is not a MC
confused Perfect

Are not so Mc Mc named x (LAZY ) is in a love triangle where he's in love with Girl Y but losing to Boy Z it's have been like this ever since childhood for the best friend group but there was a day in which marked there lives forever Where Y Loss her toy and while X found her toy Z has won her a new one thus X learned of his fate of been a background character and chained down by the bitter beauty fate.

Determined to fight this he spended most of this time working out and studying to win Y's love but sadly it was all to no avail they drifted away in there early teens but a glimmer of hope pouted as Y and X where assigned to work in a project but soon learned of Y and Z's Rocky relationship seeing his chance he comforted Y and growing closer and closer he soon learned something that would rock the very foundation of X's life.

After the revival of there friendship Y finally tells the reason to the fight which was X himself stunned and perplexed soon turn in to joy as she tells the tale of her first love X.
Z who knew this figured out that X and Y relationship rekindled in a jealous fury he damaged the love between himself and Y as he believed that Y just and their friendship rekindled so will their love and soon Y after of few weeks talking with X she believed it too.

After hearing the words " I always loved you " from the girl he admired from afar from the girl he believed that destiny itself torn them apart he looked back to see the chains holding himself back for years did not dissipate did not break not even a crack but vanished as if it was never there in the first place he then looks forward with a mindset that he will never look back as he says "I always loved you too"a scene so beautiful it looked etherial

I decided to end it here in this cute happy end although while writing the last paragraph i have though of the aftermath but warning it isn't as purely sweet and cushiony as this part so if your satisfied then i suggested you stop which is probably a good idea but if you want more and having it a bit harder just ask but if you got this far thank you for being apart of my first post thank you #CHEESY
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Posted 9/7/15
I been writing my Moe Wars story. I only got the character development episodes done. My script for the main conflict is over 55,000 words. I'm hoping to make a story so epic everyone will know about Moe Wars.
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F / Vancouver, BC
Posted 9/7/15
Wow, lots of people creating their own stuff. That's awesome =D.

I've created an IP called Shadow Magic. My student animated short was shown on multiple networks and appeared in international film festivals. A couple of years later, I produced an audio drama based on Shadow Magic. In 2006, Shadow Magic was published as a 200-page graphic novel in the US & Canada.

Now I'm on the path to making the anime pilot episode. You can check it out, if you like =).

Thanks for looking!
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Posted 9/13/15 , edited 9/14/15
This is one of my old posts from One manga's Forum a few years back. I've completed most of these stories and I'm just polishing the last three now before I start writing the complete novels before I start drawing the manga.

This is one of the manga I’ve nearly completed, Knights of the Castle, and I’ve been creating its concept and storylines for nearly four years. Its inspiration came from M.A.R., Marchen Awakens Romance, when it was still airing on Cartoon Networks' Toonami and Tite Kudo's Bleach which is still airing on Adultswim. I've done most of the character sketches and timelines of each individual storyline to make sure every time each one intersects with one another they still have different paths after they move on. I can draw well but not well enough to actually draw an entire manga. I've decided to wait to take drawing classes until I leave my hometown and have enough time draw everything out.

Title: K.O.C. (Knights of the Castle)
Completed Storylines: K.O.C. The Beginning. (# of Chapters: 700)
Ongoing Storylines: K.O.C. Origin of Kings, K.O.C. The Climax, & K.O.C. Final Work: Avenger, Lost Worlds: Witch, Dragon, and Banes.

It’s a Shounen manga with intense action, romance, fantasy, mystery, and a feel of adventure to make sure every story is different. Its' standpoint of the characters revolve around Knighthood as to Tite Kudo's Bleach characters being shinigami.

Summary of “The Beginning” is that after the prologue the main protagonist is waking from one of his bad dreams in his bedroom on Earth and is troubled by the disappearance of his father. He is witness to a strange phenomenon at school and later that day is taken from his home with the secondary protagonist to their home world, Erath. After being informed of his heritage, Sarah and Jack are being escorted to a Frontier, The Castle of Light to find his Father (if he still alive). Erath is home to both humans and monsters but both are heavily in battle with demons that rise from underground. As Jack and Sarah progress through this new world they will become entwined with a dangerous prophecy and Jack will be said to be holding the terror that created the demons called “Corruption”.

The first setting and main setting is in a world called Erath, the world of abandoned memories of one's own imagination and mana because of the banishment of the foremother and father of man from Heaven as read in "the Bible". This world also holds all of the Gods of Man and previous societies, including their formal cultures, and the Forefather' being the Watcher & Creator of This World. The two protagonists are of our modern society on Earth, which was left with our Foremother' being our Mother & Caretaker (reference to Adam and Eve)

The first plot of "K.O.C.'s The Beginning" storyline is in a dream from the main protagonist, Jacob "Galion" Ryōkai, who is half-Japanese and half-Galion of his native home world.

These are the opening events before the main character is revealed:

"1st Lieutenant Heran Daleo is awakening while one of his 'chieftain' officers is yelling for him to wake from his being previous knocked unconscious. During his waking, Heran is slowly watching a black scaled dragon force its head through an opening of the castle's ceiling and sprays its flame down upon them. Before the flame reaches them, Heran grabs Damien and evades incineration by moving out way and shielding them both w/ his snake-sliver silk cloak. As the flame recedes, the dragon forces its way to the castle climbing upside down toward Heran and Damien as they move around a fallen pillar for cover. Damien informs Heran that Victor Arthrocolus and his men were lost within the mist surrounding new Haven's Forests. Hearn damns the gods while taking one of Damien's healing vials and tells Damien to find Mistress Evra to see if the portal is ready. As Damien flees into a collapsed corridor, a scene shows of the scale fighting between The Knights of Castle 'de Lux' (of Light) and The Army of Malfurious stretching as far The Mighty Rocks. Heran collects his strength and yells for anyone still standing to hold their grounds until the civilians within these walls are safe. Lin & Thadeus are the only two of Heran's fourteen knight militia left along with three battered swordsmiths, and over two dozen war-polished soldiers surrounding Heran back-to-back as the black dragon stalks toward them."

"Damien makes his way through the cornered walls and lifeless bodies under boulders and fears the worst for the people in case of their failure. Monsters are breaking its way through the children’s chambers and Damien intervene them with both swords in hand. Damien defeats minor monsters that made its way through openings made from explosions of the enemy’s cannons and escorts the children from their fortified rooms to white chambers housing Mistress Evra and her white mages. Mistress Evra thanks Damien for saving the children but tells him of the malfunction due to their location and that she needs Heran himself to open the portal with his amulet. Damien gives his word to bring Heran and gave the children a wave of good-bye as he sprints back to Sir Heran and the dragon. Sir Heran and his men are evading most of the black dragon’s attack but re-engages to cover the moment its flames sprays the field. Heran, along with Lin & Thadeus, move in coordination to keep the dragon from isolating its targets by attacking from multiple areas around the dragon. The three sword-smiths are sharpening their own blades to be able slash the dragon’s thick hide while the two dozen soldiers are taking care of any enforcement from the sidelines. Damien reaches Heran with his information from Mistress Evra as Lin and Thadeus both hack the tip of the dragon’s tail off. The black dragon roars and jumps from them to re-align its attack with it spewing minimal blood from its tail. Heran agrees with Mistress Evra's situation and the new location for the portal to be able draw in enough mana to reach Earth's portal but cannot go until they get rid of the dragon."

This is the first chapter of the prologue but continues as the opening chapter.

Characters of the Prologue:

Heran Daleo:

Damien Cross:

Mistress Evra:

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Posted 5/18/16
can I be in your story
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Posted 5/24/16
Slice of life where the main character is born destined to be an anime hero, complete with the anime-colored hair, maybe tragic backstory, but she rejects it, instead wanting to live a normal life.
The majority of the show would be people trying to pull her into grand quests and such, and her trying her best to get out of them.
Idunno I've heard the concept being discussed elsewhere before, so idk how original it is.
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Posted 3/3/17
a story ehh ok

Long ago in a time before time in a world before the universes birth,A family with god like powers had rested peacefully.But one day was a tragic day,The birthday of a 16 yr old Ryin. Celebration after celebration the oldest of 3 was given powers from his father,the powers of Light & Darkness,along from his mother,the powers of Music.Other gifts received were a sleeveless hood along with a weapon of great flow,"Grims Scythe"A blade on each post,this weapon was able to be enhanced with any power.After the celebrations the gifts recieved from his father had turned greatly foul,The power of darkness had taken control. Unconscious and woozy Ryin rose up to his feet only to find blood on the floor in front of him.Unsure what happened he turned and looked behind him only to find his family murdered by the weapon he had attained.Unsure on what to believe he dropped to his knees and screamed the universe into existence.....

To be continued
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Posted 5/25/17
this is really creative awesome plot
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Posted 3 days ago , edited 2 days ago
I got an idea for a manga series I like to call Hikaru.

It's a shonen manga I would like published in Weekly Shonen Jump.
I got many inspirations from many manga published there. (Kind of)
I already have Character Voices in mind

In an alternative timeline where the world is entering an age of stability after adapting to huge changes over the last century with the exposure of supernatural forces as well as the immigration of aliens from outer space.

The story follows Hikaru Minamoto (Kou) as he deal with everyday life from his apprenticeship to the eccentric Hikaru Yamato (Kira), his romantic high school comedy life with his closest female friends, and the problems he and his friends face in this ever changing world.

Genre: Shonen, Action, Comedy, Romance, Harem, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Super Power, Parody


Odd Jobs Kira

Hikaru Minamoto

Hikaru Yamato

Koichiro Akechi

Sengoku Academy

Ichihime Oda

Asuka Nanayuki

Sakura Nanayuki

Haruka Nanayuki

Aoi Shirayuki

Shion Yoshida

Taisuke Sarutobi

Gekkou Hattori


Kirin Kondo

Masamune Hijikata

Sora Okita

Genpachi Nagakura

Kazutora Saito

Azai Clan

Masako Azai

Nagako Azai


Shintaku Takasugi

Mitsugoro Akechi
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