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Which Futakoi Twins are better??? 2
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Is it Ichijo Kaoruko and Sumireiko
Sumireko is voiced by Ami Koshimizu and Kaoruko is voiced by Yui Horie.
Twin girls who are Nozomu's childhood friends. They also attend the same school as Nozomu throughout the anime. They both harbor secret feelings for Nozomu. In kindergarten, they said they would both marry him. Although they are close, they keep their feelings secret from each other and everyone else.

Or Sakurazuki Kira and Yura
Yura is voiced by Hiromi Tsunakake and Kira is voiced by Yui Itsuki
It is explained during the story that these twin girls lived a luxury life together in their mansion. Their father travels often and employs their butler to take care of them. They undergo many tests written out by their father so they are able to fit into society and live as normal high school girls. In the first episode, they are fifteen years old, but have never been in a convenience store. Unlike Sumireko and Kaoruko, Kira and Yura work together to win Nozomu's favour.

Or Hinagiku Rara and Ruru
Rara is voiced by Yurika Ochiai and Ruru is voiced by Shizuka Hasegawa
The youngest twins in the series who live with Nozomu, their mother Miyabi, and pet goat Billy. They are affectionate towards Nozomu and claim him as their future husband which makes Billy jealous.

Or Chigusa Ui and Koi
Ui is voiced by Kozue Yoshizumi) and Koi is voiced by Natsuko Kuwatani
Twins daughters of a veterinary doctor and in the story they help their father in the clinic. Nozomu meets them when he takes Billy to the vet clinic after he ate a fax addressed to Nozomu which got it stuck in his throat.

Or Momoi Ai and Mai
Ai is voiced by Chiaki Takahashi and Mai is voiced by Minako Sango
The oldest of the twins appearing in the series. Ai is the teacher responsible for Nozomu's, Kira's, Yura's and Keisuke's class, while Mai is the school nurse.

Or Shirogane Sara and Sojyu
Sara is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi and Sojyu is voiced by Mai Kadowaki
Twin girls who are the same in all but personality: Sōjyu is mild-mannered and ill-bodied, whereas Sara is rougher in her speech and more energetic. Nozomu meets Sōjyu while she was painting at the shrine, and Sara wanted him to be loyal to her. Sara herself has a love-hate relationship with Nozomu. They leave the city before the end of the series.

Choose the best!
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Sakurazuki Twins
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You forgot to include Hitachin brothers
Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/26/09
ichijo >.< but i was following the order the pics were in! so i clicked saukurazuki.. something like that lol iFail
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