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Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/16/08
- Meistel/Maistel/Meister (the blue-haired guy goes by many similar names) and Princea/Prinsea (that blonde girl who appeared at the start of the story) gets married and gets a son, who appears to be Hyaweh/Hyawei/Hayaweh (;-;).

Why...? Because Duke-sama said something like, 'Saying you would kill your own family.'
And there was random person (I think it was Duke-sama or Judas-sama) they said something like, 'Hyaweh is the key to the throne). And what is Prinsea? The Princess right?

- I think that Maistel and Prinsea are legendary knights in history. It's just the way they are shown in the first episode 8:22. The narrator said something with the picture stating that they fought for the sake of Wind Land and the almost the whole world.

-I think there is a chronological order to this series. Episode 2 -12 and then Episode 1. It's because towards the end of episode 12, Fillia was holding the watch and staring at it. At episode 1, Fillia closed the watch, in the same place and saying, Onii-chan. Plus, why would Priecia and Hyaweh feel more confident to kiss in the first episode? They felt more confident towards Episode 12.


If you have any theories to this seires... Please add them too!
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
i think prinsea is not the princess . . . i think the true heir to the throne is hayaweh's sister! the short one dont know what her name is. since the sword is given to hayaweh to protect his sister, that means his sister is someone important.

i think prinsea is just some dummy used so the real heir wouldnt be assassinated i mean it make sense if you look at it my way

oh and i think they back tracked . . . episode one have scenes that is suppose 2 happen in the far future .. . when they all are knights and strong and stuff you know
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