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25 / F / why must i tell chu?
Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/22/08
These info were taken from other ppls comments
so ii didnt find them
but b/c no one has offically named them fake
ii need your help

taking pix off of CR girls account and putting it on hers

is a fake cuz i asked her to prove that she was real but all she did was say that she didnt know how to put pics on. so when i told her how to do it she said she had to leave.

she's a fake.. i mean her avi isn't maybe a fake but look at her photos, there are three pics of song hye kyo and claimed that that pic is her.. i asked her before if all of her pics are her and she said yes.. so i replied back and said that she looks like song hye kyo then and she never replied back... PLUS i commented two of her pics that is song hye kyo's like an hour ago saying that that looks like song hye kyo and saw it in the internet and she deleted my photo comment after that.. LOTS OF GUYS had been thinking that that's her cuz in the photo comments, all of the guys had been believing that the three pics of song hye kyo is her.. and that's not fair, i mean deceiving others is not ok.. sooo i think she's a fake.. hope i'm early to report this before she deletes the three pictures of song hye kyo in her profile
hey yo! I would just like to report Kath1e because I found the REAL girl who owns her pictures and this is her myspace account http://www.myspace.com/b10310166
i saw this girl's fan sign too. and I asked her if she had a CR account and she said that she hasn't even heard of this site before. but..
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
miss_kristel deleted her photos o.o tho.
and..somthin is weird theres another girl that has those pix too but i cant seem to kno who >_<
helen...shes fucked up -.- plus her friends are mostly boys. and why cant pplz tell that all the pix r diffy?
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