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Posted 3/17/08
NEWS FROM TVXQ (got it from IMEEM)

From country to country, TVXQ not only conquered music charts but is beginning to (somewhat) climb the political one as well. (Remember when they were chosen as the President of the Republic of Korean Music?)

TVXQ, who debuted in Korea in 2004, Japan in 2005 and went on to debut in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, has been named Goodwill Ambassador for Asia by Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

The appointment ceremony will take place on March 28 at the Universal Studios Japan located near Osaka. Once appointed, TVXQ will travel around Asia for a year to promote the attractions of USJ.

USJ representatives said “We would like to provide for English-speaking Japanese and give international attention to the ambassadors. 70% of the visitors to the theme park are women and they are expected to attract even more attention from all over Asia”

Next thing you know, they’ll be nominated for President! But hey…who’s complaining? Definitely not me!
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Source: USJ + [email protected] + KBS Global
Credit for Ochibi
No Additional Credit Should Be Added
Posted 3/17/08

A JUNG YOON HO FACT (the different faces of U-KNOW YUNHO)

***This is a piece of writing about Yunho that was done by oai_huong_tim from yeuamnhac. She's an excellent writer and translator (who I have endless respect for.) This piece is more like a combination of facts she gathered and her own opinion.

Family and Childhood
Jung Yoonho was born in a very well off family in Gwangju. His grandpa, his dad and his uncle were all inspectors/prosecutors(??)

Even when he was in 1st grade, Yunho repeatedly was placed as head of class and this was heavily influenced by the way his dad taught him. Yunho said "because I'm a male my dad is extremely strict toward me. When I was young he taught me how a male should behave. If I show weakness or cry, I'll be punished. Because my dad and my uncle all graduated from law, my childhood dream was to become a inspector/prosecutor(??)."

Yunho's parents were classmates since elementary and their relationship was very good. (I read about Yunho's parents competing against each other until college when they finally realized their feelings for each other.) Yunho really respects his father. In Yunho's eyes, he is a man of all man, a man who deserves utmost respect. And that is exactly why his biggest dream is to make DBSK a very successful band and also be a man of all man like his dad. Studying Aikido was also one way to follow his dad's footstep. Mr. Jung was an expert in Aikido. Yunho himself also won 3rd prize for an International competition proving his competence in Aikido.

Yunho had a fairly carefee childhood. That was until his family financial status was heavily affected by the major economical break down all over Asia when he was around 14-15. Around the time when he was in middle school, Yunho started to work various jobs to help family out with his earnings.

And also during this time he was attracted by the art of dancing which became his forever passion. During the screening of SM, Yunho's friend secretly signed up for him. The result was that Yunho participated and won 1st place in the competition. This was his first step into SM.

Self and Talent/Ability: Jung Yunho - Loving individual or Fearful person?

Fearful person
Many people came to the conclusion that Yunho is a very opportunistic person. In other words, he has a good head on his shoulder, very intelligent.

It is only natural. Being a person working in Showbiz if one is not crafty/cunning and smart it's very hard to survive in the industry for a long time. Furthermore, Yunho himself is a leader so he has quite a bit of responsibilities to carry on his shoulder. And maybe that's why though he's still young, he's very mature.

This is what others said about Yunho: "Yunho is an individual with a depth and he's very hard to grasp. This person is amazingly capable. Be it in work or public speaking, he's extremely well verse and never seemed to make mistakes. You can say he's a opportunist but not to the extreme. He's one who knows himself and knows others. If others don't provoke him, he won't provoke others. However when his face turns moody/dark he looks very scary and no one ever wants to bother him. The rare thing is eventhough he's being loved, he never shows arrogance nor step on others to go beyond. He treats everyone very well and in all fairness. In SM, his relationship with higher ups, staff or interns are all very good that no one could have done better. Other than big brother/sister like Kangta and Boa, you can say that Yunho is the next one that is very much loved by SM. He's an important individual with potential to be trained and developed by the company. Loved by higher-ups, respected by others, needless to say he's a formidable foe for many.

Born to be a leader.
In Korean showbiz, there's an underground rule. In a band, the oldest would automatically be the leader regardless whether or not that person is capable of being one. This certainly is one thing that affects the growth of the group as a whole. DBSK is an exception. Many said if Yunho is not the leader of DBSK, it would be hard for the group to be as successful as they are now. As a member, Junsu once said "If there's no Yunho hyung, DBSK now doesn't exist."

He always knows how to catch a good opportunity. When on stage, he's able to grasp and control the atmosphere, know the right time to act in a right manner, is talented in public speaking and possesses an ability to pacify surrounding relationships extremely well. Indeed Yunho especially was born to lead, to be a leader.

Someone did ask the question why the leader is not JaeJoong, who is the oldest of the group? The answer from an intern was: "If you ever witness Yunho getting mad and you would understand why he's the leader." The word to describe him is: "ultimately badass." (Ok I took the liberty to use this term.) Yunho when angry and when whining like a baby are two totally different people.
JaeJoong himself when was asked about this also said "Yunho is more suitable to be the leader than me."

A genius at public relations
His ability in public speaking and the talent to respond in certain situation have impressed quite a few. In every circumstances he could always be able to respond very calmly and creatively. When answers in an interview even with very difficult questions, he always manages to answer it in an articulate manner and would never offend others while not revealing unnecessary details.

One of the examples is when he was asked "In DBSK, is there any real couple?" This is a very senstive question. Yunho calmly answered the question by going on and going for almost 2 minutes, and after he was done everyone clapped in unison. His whole answer did not directly say yes or no so obviously he completely didn't answer the question. Even so the audience didn't have the feeling that he purposely steered the topic toward another direction.

That is because Yunho has a very serious attitude and always respects others when answers questions. This gives others the feeling that they're being respected: "So you're very serious and you do pay attention to my question."

Dancing ability
This is a comment about Yunho's dancing from a reporter after watching DBSK performed 3 songs in Jung ban Hap:
"When directly watched the performance, DBSK's ability to express on stage totally surpassed their performance 2 years ago. It was very exciting. Honestly, I've never been a DBSK fan however after watching them perform those 3 songs, I was really moved. Yunho's ability to dance really almost raised to a perfect level. Every little details and coordinating movements between members worked out perfectly on stage. It made me realize why they're so popular as they are now. Many artists performed but couldn't attract the audience. DBSK on the other when on stage they have a very overwhelming aura about them so even if you don't know them, you would still be completely attracted by them. I myself experienced it."

This is a comment from an audience who came to see DBSK in a concert/award show (somehwere I'm not sure)
"I like their ability to control their facial emotions and that is a special talent that Yunho possesses. There are many artists who dance very well but can't really attract viewers. That's because they don't care much about their facial emotions. So from the beginning to the end, there were no emotions expressed. Yunho on the other hand, when he danced his facial expressions totally flow together with his dance as one. He never looks forceful, always shows a very natural and can easily harmonize with the dance movements. Others don't have to understand the dance but if there's the additional emotional expressions, it's easier to connect the dance or song to the audience. And this is why Yunho as a dancer has a very overwhelming aura."

An experienced artist
You can say that Yunho was very popular from the beginning. His case is a rare one as even when he didn't even graduate, he already had his own site from fans (in Korea and China). Yunho himself is a artist with great professionalism.

He said: "Being an artist yourself means you have to bring the audience entertainment and laughter. For that reason whether being tired, whether being in pain I must show my audience a very happy face." That is why you would never see a sad Yunho on stage. Yunho will always be a happy in front of the audience.

Yunho is also very responsible, very hard on himself, and at the same time expecting others to give their all. A member of SM commented, "Yunho really is a very strict leader." He once witnessed Yunho "lectured" the member in the group. Besides one person the other 3 really respected and feared him, sat quietly listening to him. (I really want to know who that one person who didn't fear him as well. Jae umma perhaps?) Yunho himself admits that when the group was formed, he often lectured the members but now it's getting better.

A leader that wholeheartedly cares for his members
Yunho is a person who loves and treasures his own group. He said besides his family/loved ones, his four members are ones he wants to protect the most. When DBSK was rumored to change a member (Jae), Yunho declared "I will not allow any member to leave."

Yunho mentioned he likes number 5 because DBSK has 5 members. Being a person who's very easy going with fans but if fans behave rudely and affects the members in the group, Yunho would be very angry. He wouldn't mind turning against others to protect his members. Yunho said: "Being a leader, I love my members. I hope we DBSK will always be able to overcome any difficulty together. Only when all five of us are together, that is when we feel the happiest."

When a member is sick, Yunho knows how to care for them. When they participate in a program and his members are also on it, Yunho will always pay attention to them, always there to help, to defend them if need be.

Others said if there is only one bottle of water, Yunho would let the members drink first. Every time when the manager bought lunch he would always let others choose first and he would be the last to choose.

A man who loves his hometown
When he participated King's man he had to play the twisted tongue game and was being teased by the host for his hometown accent. However after he read his part the first thing he said was "There's nothing embarrassing about having an accent." With such pride and confident, his hometown seemed like the world to him.

When the group had to write out wish for the new year, everyone was being very realistic about their own wish. Yunho on the other hand wished that North and South Korean will unite. (No Yunho you don't want that.)

A diplomatic and polite person
A reporter has the following conclusion about Yunho: "Honestly, in all of the DBSK members I've met, Yunho is the most polite kid, sweetest, also a very hard working member, and always care for people around him. His great strength is that he always sees others before him. Even when seeing someone whom he met only once, he would come up and say hello. This is a simple thing but it is not something that everyone can do or want to do."

Fans have witnessed before when he brought his sick self to perform on stage, Yunho still bowed and greeted his "big brother/sisters" in the circle, one by one. In total he had to bow up and down 18 times. In July last year when his leg was injured and while at filming site, fans witnessed Yunho dragged his painful foot and bowed up and down to each of the staff, not missing a single one. This past November when he participated in the concert (somewhere) and about to leave, Yunho kept bowing to the staffing thanking them.

Korea is a country that emphasizes respect and manners and in particular for Yunho this is shown very clearly. Being polite to others is something that was imprinted into his very being. His manners and respect don't discriminate. It is for everyone. This is one thing that makes others respect him when they meet him.

A man with great endurance
Yunho said this about himself: "It's not that I'm strong but I have to be strong. When I was young, I was a kid with good patience."

Besides the fairly nice childhood, Yunho also experienced lots of hardship growing up. He himself had to leave home and came to Seoul to work and study at the same time. At times he had to sleep at/under the train station, picked aluminum cans, doing heavy manual labors for construction sites among other things. A young man at 20 calmly told others about his past of picking cans, sleepin on the street, and still smiling "as if he was advertising himself..." Who would ever know behind that calm smile what kind of hardship he had to face?

Even after becoming popular, Yunho still have to endure injuries, broken leg, stomachache, etc.. but in front others he would always looks strong and smile.

Even when he was happy he would still have to control himself. When received Best Artist in 2005, all members cried. Yunho being the leader had to remain calm and gave the speech. Not until he went behind stage that he hold onto JaeJoong and cried more than anyone. This year when he received the award he had to hold off his emotion, biting on his fingers.

A loving 20 years old lad
Most 20 years old are still immature. If someone already matured, they would loose the loving image. However Yunho though very mature, he still retains his loving and childish image. Behind the expected mature self, there's still the image of the young lad of 20.

Yunho can be very childish at times. When participating in certain programs and was complimented or defended by others he would smile like a little kid. He often whines like a baby as well.

Yunho sometimes blows up his cheeks which makes his face look like a chinese bun and that's where the nick name of chinese bun for him coming from. On occasions, he would space out, giving a really silly look.

Yunho is especially good at "borrowing" things from others. His piggy bank of coins is one good example of what he usually "borrows". And then there are the bday presents. Once the reporter wanted Yunho to tell the members in front of the camera what he wants for his bday. This is what he said "Junsu, remember last time I gave you an outfit? JaeJoong, remember last time I gave you socks and towel? Changmin, remember last time I treated you food? YooChun, remember last time I gave you a pair of shoes... I really don't want anyone to give me anything...really."

A reporter from COOL talked about Yunho when he was a rapper for Dana:

"My first impression of Yunho was that of a bright young male with a tender manliness. His eyes were very pure, honest and he possessed attributes that would attract females. After the interview, I realized that not only his appearance was attractive but his thought process was just as wonderful as those true mature males any Korean would talk about. His interest and passion, sometimes he could be a little embarrassed, a good attitude that respected fans, being responsible and confident in his own talent and ability, being polite and respected olders, together with determination to succeed and followed wonderful things... These were the things that attracted others to Yunho."

***Though this piece of writing is very inclined I have to admit Yunho is indeed a very talented and capable individual. When I watched Yunho on YSMM, I thought he was very good in the way he talked about himself. When talking about his man breasts he sounded serious, natural and comfortable and at the same time he also expressed the kind of shy and cuteness that others have to adore him. When he had to tell the story about his hard experience growing up he was talking calmly that it felt comfortable and natural as if he didn't really have a hard time. He tackled these two sensitive issues with ease and answered it in ways that left the audience and the host feeling very comfortable. This shows great consideration on his part.

Credit : "Sorry I Forgot....But 4- Sure it is from soompi"
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Posted 3/18/08

2008.3.19 Yokohama Arena 17:30~18.30
2008.3.20 Yokohama Arena 15:00~16:00
2008.3.26 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.3.27 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.4.01 Fukuoka Marine Messe 17:30~18:30
2008.4.12 Hiroshima Green Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.4.15 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.16 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.19 Sendai: Hot House Super Arena (Grandy 21) 17:00~18:00
2008.4.26 Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.5.03 Saitama Super Arena 17:00~18:00

cerdit: bestiz+soompiforum

Posted 3/18/08
=a thing that could not be forgiven anymore=

List of users that are active in their forums lately:
= LmaonadeLOL {MOD} (she changed her stupid pic)
= ZeroVampire (new user who recently joined in our group and was kicked out the 2nd day)

Wall Comment Posts by ANTI's

ailin350: Did you see the "Asia most handsome man-JaeJoong" thread? I am so wanted in there! My name is being mentioned every other post..

kimshadoway: The thread was unbelievable.Did all the asian girls lost all common senses?A guy that are prettier than girls is the most handsome men in Asian?

ailin350: yeah, all the Asian girls are losing their minds. That Hero guy looks exactly like a girl! Did you see that ClotKiller girl? She confessed to me



FORUM POST {What is good about TVXQ?}

by: ailin350

arano wrote:how do you like this one:
Message: Hi greetings!!
Sent 1 day ago
From: ur_gayNmiserable
To: arano

well hello..... im just gonna say..!!
im happy to say...that u have been reported to every DBSK fansites... ur a target now u aint gonna live...
be sure not to wander around public places esp...if u happen to stumble upon KOREA ur gonna die...!! yes be open about ur antiness in korea and u wont live and ur Korean right...Korea doesnt want u.... korea wants DBSk so just shut up FAGGOT!


ailin350 wrote:
omg! I was laughing while I was reading this. AHAHA!! Oh, beee careful arano, you'll seriously don't know what they can do even if you are in germany.
Now I think about it...I kinda wish I received one that is this extreme...

Posted 3/20/08

credits to [email protected] for the post

the translation:

Two years ago, I set up a anti-DBSK¡ fan club, now everyone know that I am the one who did the Cyanoacrylate drink event to yunho because I hate him.

Do you all remember in year 2000, the member of G.O.D Yoon Kye Sang's mother drank a drink that is mix with washing detergent from their fans and vomit, in the end she need to be hospitalised. That iwas also done by us. We all have a common name called, anti-fans. We are the people that will does something wickedly on stars.

I, have been wanting to punish yunho for a long time but there isn't any chance for me to do that. On 14 October, 10pm, I past by KBS branch in Seoul and saw a lot of fans, gathered around there. After entering from the main door, and found out that DBSK is filming . After watching for 20 mins, I am so angry that I went to a nearby convienient store and bought an orange juice and super glue, mix them all up and gave it to yunho with a note.

Haha, this guy thought that I am one of the cassiopeia (which is the fans of DBSK), drank it without thinking. I think everyone want to know what I have written in the note, now I will tell you.


to jung yunho:
you better be careful of what you are saying! You are always so pround since you debut, you song let people feel like vomiting, your dance also have so many mistakes, compare to other singer you are the worse of all, so what is so great about you? do yo uknow what is your limt? Let me tell you, only kids like DBSK, when you all are shown in a channel, you all know how many people want to change the channel? The viewing ratio is so low!, haha, what kind of popular singer you are? Always the stars for the kids. Really feeling like punishing you all. Hehe

I know that the police uncle will investigate that I am the one who did all this, on 15th 2.30pm, I surrendered. I could not believe that yunho still defending me, hope that I would not be charged.

I will not thank him. Because I dislike him.
Heard that there are also anti-fans in china now, recently they make a mourning hall for cyndi wang (a taiwanise singer) online, this was a good idea.
Anti-fans around the world unite and together harming the stars.
From a korean anti-fans

I am also an anti-fan. I will not say my name. We always do things secretly. Two days ago, there was a reporter from a newspaper want to interview me.Since the day that yunho was poisoned the entertainment reporters of the whole world was looking for us, cassiopeia around the world wanted to get after us even, hehe, and we even became the hottest topic of the entertainment.
I think everybody may know that, the next target that anti-fans will bother will be super junior, kim hee chul and the only chinese member Han kyung. It can also be other artist as well. Everyone also saw in anti-cafe that many people also dislike jay chou and lee jun ki.

credits: loNeLY:[email protected] + [email protected] + [email protected] + [email protected] + [email protected]


YC: We've heard something like this before. When you divide the public into percentage, our fans are about 30%, our antis are about 30%, and the rest are in-between. When anti-fans say bad things about us, and even if we listen to them, they still say those things about us.
JS: Whoever bashes us, will always bash us. Even if we do what they want, of course there may be people who might change, but the people who bash us will usually stay the same. So when we try to do things their way, like this and like that, I think it will become something that is neither things. If we like it, and the company likes it, and our feelings are the same- Of course, from time to time, we will do events that our fans want us to do. If we think of something, our feelings are the same, and our loving fans support us, I don't think it would be necessary to think about those things. (what antis say)
JJ: I think it will always be the same. When we sang 'O Jung.Ban.Hap', there were the goods and the bads...
JS: I think it will be the same even if we sing ballads.
PD: There was Uknow Yunho's beverage incident. I think it will be hard for him to talk about it. It was a twisted fandom. Can Junsu talk about it? What do you think about the fan culture? Do you think it's over-the-top?
JS: Of course, we know that there are many fans that love us, and we feel that a lot. But there's always those that take their roles as fans, using that as an excuse- Not only us, but to celebrities, they make their life sort of miserable should I say? I can't say that there aren't.. We are humans before we are celebrities, we're also students, university students. Honestly, we only live a different life, but we're the same when it comes to what we think, what we want, what we want to eat, or what we want to do at this age..such as going dates, we're all the same. They take the fact that we're celebrities and many troubles- Of course, I think that we should make the best of the things we get. But we want to have the things we get, and if the fans want to take away all the things we get, we are sometimes thankful but there are many times when we are sad. Sometimes we feel lonely. If there wasn't our members, there's nothing...those kind of thoughts.
YC: Honestly, when Yunho hyung's incident occured.. surely there has been other celebrities who experienced that. But we, not only us but the staffs, were really infuriated. It was something we could not understand. There has been many incidents like that when you look at celebrities, including actors, singers, comedians, mc's. But I think that singers are more so approachable and friendly to the public. That's why there's that much more opposition..
JS: It's that much more easier to attack.
YC: That's why I think something like that happened. But I guess there's nothing we can do about it.

excerpt from 21c Artist No Cut Story
translated: [email protected]

i took the liberty of moving this news here since the original poster didn't do what i said..
please look out to where you are posting next time and please keep updating us about news on DBSK..
we appreciate your hard work very much.. ^^

Posted 3/21/08

TVXQ! 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~.

TVXQ! to captivate Japan with its 17-show concert! [2008-03-17]

And BoA has passed the baton! TVXQ! will hold a massive concert for 180,000 Japanese fans. From the 19th of this month through May 6, the group will embark on an 8-city arena tour hitting Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The concert will be called "TVXQ! 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~." Their single "Purple Line" shot to number 1 on a weekly Oricon chart. Tickets to every show of their concert tour have sold out. It looks like TVXQ! is about to take over Japan.

news frm POP IN SEOUL

credits to my beloved unnie in imeem..
noriko nahiron
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23 / F / jaebum's bedroom...
Posted 3/21/08
The Poster of the whole Anti-Fan topic, I couldnt move it here because my computer didnt let me copy it. It wa too "big" and I had to do it a sentence at a time... which would've took forever. Sorry~ Oh heres some more news.

As you know, each year there is a Korean Music Festival in the Hollywood bowl. Fans in L.A are very lucky this year because each year the Korean Music Festival brings alot of famous artist to perform. DBSK came in 2004, and they may just come again. Tickets go from 15 dollars to 200 dollars. They Festival is in May and tickets went on sale in January but there still js may have tickets left if you get the tickets now. You just may be able to see DBSK, Super Junior, Rain, etc. For more information go to: .

~I think im going, not sure. I have no adult to go with >_<
Posted 3/22/08
THANKS TO MY FRIEND FOR SENDING THIS TO ME.. i was looking for this link cause i lost it in my bookmark list.. =_="

for the 2nd time...
aishh.!! IF I COULD JUST READ CHINESE, I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR THEM A LONG TIME AGO..!! but, wait.. i could vote even if i don't understand.. MEMBERS..!! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT..!!

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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 3/23/08

1. U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

2. EunHyuk (Super Junior)

3. ShinDong (Super Junior)

4. DongHae (Super Junior)

5. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ)

6. Stephanie (TSZX! The Grace)

7. HanKyung (Super Junior)

8. BoA

9. KimHyoJin (SoNyoSiDae)

10. KangTa (ex- H.O.T)

source: shayunk_max dbsk @ imeem suju and dbsk group
Posted 3/24/08

SenbonzakuraMaster: O_O...they are pretty fucking gay... mhmm.. bunnies...UBER GAY

Zeronite:They take gayness, stick a giant straw in it, and inflate it to an enormous new size.

Luciel : Oooo, I get a special welcome from Ailin. o_o ♥ Anywho, I think this is a funny group. >_> Posting on this wall is just asking to be flamed, but a small part of me am curious what any message could possibly say to me.

ailin350: They'll say you are jealous of JaeJoong's beauty and will hunt you down.

kimshadoway : Theres a lot a guys are tying to have sex with Hero.Look at the pictures.Hmmm...

ailin350: Do you doubt Hero's sex? maybe he is a female, you'll never know...

kimshadoway: Maybe I should strip him naked.Probaly he has vagina.Omg

Luciel : That's rather vulgar to read.

ZeroVampirE : hero is a guy... i saw a pic of him naked at the upper part of his body.. but still.. im doubting his gender...

kimshadoway: I want to see the pictures of Hero xYunho.Im sure they are real life couple.Theres high a posibility.Hmmm

ailin350: pg-13 please?

ailin350: Btw, do you guys know this: Yunho's chest is really fat and he thought he had breast cancer and went to check. But he didn't, it was just that his chest looks a bit like a woman's.

kimshadoway: Vampire Im so sorry.Watching their pictures really make my day.Ailin is it true.Omg lols.Maybe he should check his penis too.Maybe its missing.Lol


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31 / F / Konoha Gakure
Posted 3/24/08
OkIe, one day we'll do that, Wolfie!!!! but now let's hear a happy news from DBSK!! ^^

Members of TVXQ not only grace the pages of magazines or posters but also a credit card.

The said credit card, which has all of TVXQ members’ faces printed on it, is a commemorative item of the group’s Arena tour. Registration for the credit card started last March 19 at TVXQ’s Yokohama Arena concert, which marks the beginning of the group’s 3rd Live tour.

YAHH! I'm happy for them!! i can't wait to see them in concert. (i mean if the DVD comes out) wow. their on everything these days,pretty soon their gonna be president (but who's complaining?) anyways im so glad for them! can't wait till their comeback in KOrea. i wonder how hott their gonna be this time.

CREDIT: ASIANFANATICS NEWS & Hankooki & pangstar_lOVEs_herojaejoong @ soompi

( i think their only available in Japan..i dunno about korea though)

Here's the pic...

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27 / F / Yunnie's luggage^^
Posted 3/24/08
Watch Arirang on thursday at 8:00-8:30 p.m. Philippine time

You may check the time at ur country in this website

The MV of Hug will be played at Pops in Seoul hosted by VJ Isak^^

Just wanna share it with you guys
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24 / F / California
Posted 3/25/08

DBSK is EVERYWHERE! almost all the country! check it out!
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24 / F / California
Posted 3/25/08
well, this post is all about the DBSK members and their girl friends.. TVXQ ex's girlfriend...

-Jaejoong had a girlfriend before(I think he only had ONE VERY SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP which is see below)
-the girl's picture can be found somewhere in the internet(there IS a picture of her posted somewhere but I forgot where)
'-before debut Jaejoong wrote a diary and asked the bakery to put the diary into a cake.And he gav the cake to his girlfreind.
-Jaejoong LOVED his girlfriend alot
-His girlfriend is an ullzhang
-His girlfriend dumped Jaejoong because Jaejoong was not popular and was not an ullzhang like her.
-His girlfriend only saw Jaejoong secretly because she did not want anyone to know that she is dating someone that is not popular and younger than her.(yes Jaejoong was younger then her I think,If i remebered correctly,he was younger than her by 2 years)
-After his debut and he gain popularity,his girlfriend wanted him back.He wanted to accept her BUT everyone adviced him NOT TO!
-His girlfriend got pissed and got a JJ lookalike to be her boyfriend.She posted pictures of him and her on her cyworld.People asked whether it is Jaejoong and she said yes.But when someone said it was another guy she replied saying,she never said it was Jaejoong.
-JJ and his girlfriends close friends said that he was TOO GOOD for her.
-Im sorry but I forgot her name but she sounds like a bimbo.

-Yunho ...Im not really sure how many girlfriends he had .
-he was about to break up with the girl because the girl thought their relationship was not working out.So Yunho quickly grabbed her and he wanted to hug her but he accidentilly KISSED her(his first kiss btw).After that both of them were TO SHY to talk to each other.
-he liked this girl alot.But the girl did not like him.He eventually set her free.(set her free??I dont know how to say it )
-Yunho still keeps in contact with his (I think first)girlfriend.But he said that they were clearly JUST FRIENDS NOW.
-Yunho is SINGLE.(I think girls did not like Yunho last time because he was a Gangster but no doubt he WAS a gangster last time and he was very simple and rugged type of person.So when he liked a girl he will go ALL OUT to get the girl)

-Junsu had a girlfriend(I think two)
-This girl was his best friend.Then they eventually became girlfriend and boyfriend.But this made them awkward to talk to each other SO they continued just BEING FRIENDS.
-He and this girl were boyfriend and girlfriend.Junsu was too shy to ask her out so they just send text messages.Eventually the girl taught it was not working out so they BROKE UP.
-Junsu is SINGLE

-Yoochun has the most x's among all of them.According to the dong bang boys
-I don't really know much about Yoochun's girlfriend.But all I know is girls think he is cute ....
-Micky is NOT a player but it's because he is TO KIND to say NO to his admirer's(according to his brother Ricky.)
-Lastly,Yoochun IS SINGLE

-As for Changmin:
Once when they were on a show(forgot what show)the Dong Bang boys were talking about heart breaks and girlfriends and when the MC asked Changmin n his opinion Changmin answered with a sad face(SO KAWAII!!)
"I just wished I had one'..hahahahaha SO KAWAII.HIS face was PRICELESS!!!
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TVXQ speech character


____speech character

When jaejoong speaks, he never limits himself. In heroine6,he'd mentioned before that he isn't good in talking. This is the main reason why he didn't beocme the leader in tvxq despite being the oldest member. In private, he's a person who can stop non-stop once started and always use a lot of exaggerated descriptions, therefore, he is definitely a humourous person. However, in formal occasions, his sense of humour is not suitable, because as an artiste, every word is crucial. A word can make an artiste succesful and can also destroy an artiste. That is why we never see him speak a lot when they first debut. This is to maintain his mysterious image and also to secure constant schedules during their early days. It does spark a lot of questions from public as why jaejoong isn't the leader because of his age. Until their 3rd album, jaejoong only reveal his trueself. Then only people understand why he is unsuitable to be the leader of tvxq. He biggest attraction in speech is that he speaks straightforwardly, but it's not a relatively good character in the entertainment field.
____speech style

Jaejoong is from Kyungkido. The distinguish feature of Kyungkido ppl is they speak slowly. This doesn't mean that the speed of speech. It is when he speaks, he loves to use a lot of particles (grammar). Therefore, when he speaks finish, people wouldn't have understand what is the main point he wants to deliver. This may also be one of the reasons he didn't become tvxq leader.


____speech character

The way yunho speaks is distinctly different from jaejoong. When he speaks, he is well organized and clearly stated whatever msg tvxq wants to deliver to public. He speaks in short sentence and goes right to the point. Besides, ppl loves the way he talks. This can be proofed during formal occasions where he does the speaking. He is able to use official language style which is very different from speaking in private. His art of speaking is the best among 5 of them. Perhaps the reason is he is from a strict family background. Most of the ppl in his family are of lawyers, officers, and political ppl. This explains why he is able to handle speech in formal occasions.

____speech style

Yunho is from Jeonryeodo. People from this place speaks fast, but their pronounciation is not accurate. One distinct pronounciation is "¤©". When he speaks really fast, his Jeonryeodo accent will come out occasionally. This is his charisma.


____speech character

Yuchun also speaks really fast, but because he lives in Seoul, his pronounciation is accurate. He belongs to the humorous category and loves to pop out randomly. He also loves to have a dig at junsu. Because junsu has good temper, he'll bully junsu more!!~XD

____speech style

Due to his migration to US when he was 10, he uses a lot of loanwords from english when speaking in korean. He also has a habit of using the American style to express himself. In the Koreans view, when he uses a lot of english words in his speech, they find it ridiculous, however there's a lot of Koreans also admire him because he can pronounce english words accurately.


____speech character

Junsu's voice is the feature that gain ppl's attention. The Korean language originally doesn't have phonetics, but junsu speaks richly with tone=.=" When speaking, he loves to drag the words. Tvxq always make fun of him because of that. Because he always drags his words and also loves to add a lot of particles & attributives (grammar terms), we can only get his main point when the sun sets~.~He also loves sharing cold jokes with the members~XD His cold jokes are of professional level. Even tvxq members gave up on his joking ability.(omg.rofl!) He also has a platitude-'jin-jja'(means 'really' in korean). If you pay attention to his sentence, he can use jin-jja more than 3times in a sentence.

____speech style

He is from Kyung___do(can't rmbr), so pronounciation is quite accurate.


____speech character

Changmin is the youngest in tvxq, but he speaks maturely. He is considered as one of the members who can speak delicately along with yunho. He's the eldest son and also the eldest grandson in his family, as well as a father working as a teacher. Therefore, his parents are really strict with his education. He knows very well that he's the youngest member, therefore he doesn't speak a lot. However, this is different from the reason why jaejoong doesn't speak. He can speak orderly and with suitable manners. Therefore, since debut regardless of activities in japan or korea, every tvxq song is introduced by changmin. Besides, he knows how to add emphasis to certain words in a sentence appropriately, so it makes audiences able to know the important points of what tvxq wants to convey to public. The reason tvxq calls changmin "little adult" is also because of his speech and thoughts. He also loves to nag other members^^He also has a lot of platitudes-'sa-shil..'(means 'actually' in korean), etc. It is not really easy to notice his platitudes as he has a habit of emphasizing the main point of the sentences. However, if the platitude appears at the front of the sentence, it will be pretty obvious. (junsu's platitudes usually appear in the middle of the sentence)

____speech style

He's also from Seoul, so his pronounciation is perfect.
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