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if you were in naruto what would be your story
put where you came from if you were from a differnt village, how you got to where you are, discribe your village, what is your specilty and do you have a bloodline, and whose your sensai
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i was born in a minor ninja village i was the next head of the Akuma clan the strongest in the village all of them trained with a certain weapon since they were old enough lift it mine was the katana and also after a certain age all members of the head of the clan recieve a bijuu usually passed down from mother or father exept for every five generations where new has to be made i was the fifth generation so they performed the ritual and i wound up with a 4 tailed water dragon until orochimaru burned my village down to make a base i ran a way and ended up in konoha and became a genin and trained to take down orochimaru.
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I was born in the Village of Hidden Shadows, and I am the only survivor of an attack that left all the people of my Village dead. I was 12 years old when this attack happened and I watched all that I love fall and burn. The blood of my loved ones stained the floor and the enemy bathed in the pools of blood. They held me prisoner for 3 months before I was traded to I mercinary. The man who bought me was wanted by the minor ninja village for theft, and they captured him three days after buying me and granted me freedom. Once they learned of what happened to my village they accepted me, and I joined there clan. Before the attack on my village I went blind due to a rare illness caused by a special jutsu that I was learning. The jutsu damages the body if not used properly and I tried to show off and the result was the loss of my sight. However, my special technique is called Kurayami and it removes all light so I had an advantage because I could see like a hawk in the darkness. My vision became known as yamibijon. There is no one who can teach me how to use my jutsu so I must do it on my own. It is not a bloodline, but I am the only one who can use it. As a new member of the Kurama clan I was givin a home and my skills were tested. My power was great so I was made a shinobi, and sent out on missions. However, the scars of my past left me a mute and I did not want to be close to anyone. So my missions were all solo and I never failed one. Then one day I returned from a mission to find that my new home had been destroyed by Orochimaru. I then vowed to avenge my my savors. Alone again I travled to Konoha and carrying the marks of both the Yami clan and the Akuma clan I asked in a note for permission to leave in the village for my home was gone. The Yami clan was dead but the Kurama clan still remained and I was a loyal member, but I became a Jounin for the leaf village.
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