How does Skype work?
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Posted 3/16/08
Hi guys,

Does any one here use Skype?
I just recently started using it , making PC calls to phone n stuff like that. But I was wondering if any one knew if I could use Skype on a Wifi Cell Phone? If even you could point me to a web-site that has good information on it, that would be helpful. Ive heard of people using Skype on these forums before, so I thought I might as well ask here, because I cant find any info any where else.

I DO know you can use Skype on 2 Nokia cell phones that are listed on the Skype web-site but they are way expensive. Can I use Skype on ANY cell phone with Wifi? My town is all Wireless internet enabled, so it seems a good choice if I can use it.

Posted 3/21/08
Well looks like no one knows the answer.
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Posted 3/21/08
By: Jorlwind.
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