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Post Reply if you had a guardian chara,what will its appearance and its attitude will be?
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21 / F / kawaii ilsand
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/27/08
this is my regular form
she is very shy,smart and atheletic.
very cute
this is my chara change

It's so cute to me
she is good at fighting and her ability is like a cat but she also can turn people good
even though she is like a shinigami:D
Posted 7/12/08
Mine would be this:

Charater Transformation:Musical Melody!
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21 / F / o-o places =3
Posted 7/12/08
hm...mine would be:

Yuriko, Yuri-chan for short (:
Attitude:Happy go lucky (: always love to have fun (Which is soo not me when im around ppl idk or family @.@)
chara change: Brown parts are black (:

Chiko, Chi-chan for short (:
Attitude:Cute doesnt care about anything self (: (LOLOL xD I always care about stuff o_O so its like the opposite and and im nawt cute in real life o_o)
chara change: kind of liek that o_O
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23 / F / In the imaginatio...
Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
Charater Transformation Neko Heart : <-- Pretend she is wearing a little black skirt (not to small !!) and she has neko ears and tail that are the same coloure as her hair.

The neko chara's name would be Mitsuki -->(Full Moon) Mi-chan for short, I really love the full moon so thats why her name would be Mitsuki nya! She would be self confident and be really creative, she would be able to talk to people without blushing too much, and be just like a neko --> (cat) sneaky, playfull in the prank'full way-nya xD Thats what my shugo chara and chara transformation would be like with Mitsuki.

Charater Transformation Bunny Heart :

The bunny chara's name would be Nalami, Nala-chan for short. She would be hyper and noisy, she would be more of a sweet chara, more like the opposit of Mitsuki, but she would also be playfull but not in the "prank playfull" way and she would help someone in truble, and she would love to sing and dance ^___^
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F / San Francisco
Posted 7/29/08
so here's mine. sorry if its too detailed/descriptive.

regular self:

so if i were a guardian i would be the spades chair. and i would always have this bored expression.

so here's my chara(s):

meet aya:

she's lively, cheerful, and active! but she can be a total drama queen! she helps me better express myself.

chara transform:

~Center Star-Light~
Special Attack: Sparkling Ribbon!

and if i wanted another one......

meet miyuki:

she's more stubborn and quiet. she can be hard-headed.

chara transform:

~Quiet Angel~
Special Attack: Star Cross!

Posted 7/30/08
regular self :

Gardian Charas:


Has a great sense of fashion,loves to wear dresses,and loves to sing

chara transformation: Rising Black

Power: Style Song


shy, tough,draws,cheerleading, stylish emo girl

Chara Transformation: Lovely Dust

power: maximum Brush,and cheer dive

Alexandria , Alex( for short)

Dances hip hop,tomboy ,hangs around guys,popular

Chara transformation:Tomboy jewel

Power:Girl Cross,Dance Love
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Posted 7/30/08
1st chara
she helps me with my drawing.

2nd chara
she helps when im shy

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22 / F / Belgium, Europe.
Posted 8/26/08
hmm I think mine would be a positive thinker and she would do whatever she'd feel like and maybe she could draw really well or something like that..
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22 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 8/31/08
no idea
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★ Sky, Stars, Hea...
Posted 9/10/08
idk really still thinking!!!!!
Posted 9/30/08 , edited 9/30/08
my regular self:

a quiet girl love the color black. never want to talk
my chara:

name: Iru
specailty: scary and helpful when some one mess with me or my friends and family
chara change:

my character transform:

special power: nightmare swirl(black aura that make you to the never stopping nightmare until its done), black hell aura(when the aura is out it makes you discover what is the word hell), and nightmare check(its cleansed x-egg)
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22 / F / International Tra...
Posted 10/31/08
me... my shugo chara<may i have three???>
-lively artist<orange>
-"Draw, sketch, ink!"

-shy scholar<purple>
-"Read, review,scan!"

-silent writer<black>
-"illusion, nightmare, darkness"
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