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32 / M / Estonia
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08
This one took me some time
Dear friend,does this seem an uncomfortable time?
Maybe,would you like to hear a little rhyme?
It's something I've come up with of the days we've spent together
Come on,sit down,and try to remember...

Do you remember,when we were just little kids?
We used to play around on the helicopter's skids
By the pad in front of Enrique's house
Where he also taught us how to joust

Do you remember,when we both got our first schoolyard crush?
Every time we saw them,oh,how easy it was for us to blush !
We try to get as many glances as possible...
...but everytime we do,it always ends in some kind of trouble.

Do you remember,when we first got our blades?
We were so happy we named them,mine Harbinger,yours Slade.
We practiced every day and night,
so,we thought,in the thick of battle,we would not take flight.

Do you remember,when we were promoted to our current ranks?
Our minds seemed like empty blanks.
And even though I was a bit higher than you...
You praised me with all your heart,not once did you show signs of being blue.

Do you remember,when we were sent out?
Oh,such glee,such excitement,didn't you feel proud?
When we first drew our swords you said,
"Do not be frightened,do not be afraid.I will be with you,so do not be scared."

And now,as I sit here,reading this to your corpse...
With my heart,bursting with remorse...
I hope that my message has reached your soul,
my love for you shining brightly and whole.

May you always remember,the time we've spent together,
so when I come to meet you,many years from now...
We will once again greet each other with a bow,
and with a smile say,"Hey friend,can we take a breather?"
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25 / F / Singapore
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08
I led a happy and comfortable life
One day..
My life suddenly ended..

My grave..
Was filled with despair and grief..
My loved one, Sachiko..
Was there beside me..
Earl came to her
And help her...
After calling my soul back...
He ordered me to kill my loved one..
And wear her skin..

After killing her..
I took her skin..
And went to kill everyone in my home town..
I felt tortured..
Finally there is an exorcist..
Came to help me..
I felt relived and went to the place where I suppose to..
And found my Sachiko..
And said sorry to her..

er.. hehe.. i don think this is a poet.. is more like a story of chomesuke? -.-... haha : ))
sachiko sounds like a drink lolx.. x.X..
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Baba Yaga's Castle. 
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/22/08
the start of the end
the saint-girl that fell into darkness
red resolve
to the god that i hate so much.

(sry if i hurt any christians)
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27 / F / konoha
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
It not very good but it a try so here it is my frist DGM pome
As exorcists we fight,
To find the light.
The people we've saved,
The dangers we've braved.
A clown, a hammer some boots and a sword,
The peace of the world will be restored.
It seems so strightforward
That we must keep walking forward
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24 / F / (wish) Seoul, Sou...
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
heh. i wrote this in school, so it's not very good.

The wintry snow flakes
Fluttering their way down
Landing upon the equally snow-white hair.

Scarfs entwining
Mitten grip tightening
Boots crunching the cotton ball fluff.

Tiny creaks sound in the
nose-reddening air
as the two sat there swinging

Snuggling under
the exorcist jacket the
warmth continuing to rise...

Their exorcists crests
shining, reflecting the sun's rays,
basking themselves in angelic light.

The magical white snow dust
swirling around,
drawing them closer as the wind nipped at their faces.

Head against head.
Ear against ear.
Heart against heart.

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24 / F / (wish) Seoul, Sou...
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
and one more. i originally had this poem in one of my fan fics.

Putting his hand on his chest
As if saying good-bye,
He saluted the coffin farewell

She clutched his crest
Drawing out blood
As the watery stars in her eyes swelled

The usual happy, go-lucky red-head
Had his head bent down low
A glint in his eye reflected sorrow and annoyance
As he muttered,
"You ___, why'd you have to ____ go?"

i had some curses in there, so i took them out.
and. this was meant to go with my fic where Kanda died.
heh. ^-^
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25 / F / Kyoto, Japan
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
a world without my love ones
and the ones i care about
means nothing to me
i maybe a butterfly that can fly hight
above the skies
but there are chains that binds me
i must break these chains and protect my love ones
i must defeat the Noah family and Earl
i must hurry before its too late...
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M / In the dark, In t...
Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/7/08
I intentionaly made this only to rhyme in the beginning & end. You may or may not like this, but you have your opinion and I have mine. The pictures aren't DGM, but I couldn't find any others.


On the battlefield,
A person arrives
Waiting for his victim,
Or even his demise

She waits and waits,
But still no being
She just sits there,
As the wind blows by

Her opponent appears,
They draw their swords
They both saw an opening,
So the onslaught begins

They fought with no mercy,
Slashing each other here and there
They glared at each other
While their swords ran red

They both charged forward
They were at crossed swords,
The late comer was in the lead
As the other's heart beated rapidly

The late comer smiled,
As she pulled out another sword
She slashed his opponent
With much of great force

She never stopped slashing,
She wanted more bloodshed
She cut the arms,legs, and body
As blood sprayed out

She was the victor of the battle,
But she hadn't enough combat,
So she went to her village
To kill her people as the blood would splat

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M / In the dark, In t...
Posted 4/25/08 , edited 4/26/08
i finally made a new poem

i hope u like it

"The Love of an Exorcist and Akuma"

He held her body
As she began to die,
They said nothing
They just began to cry

She knew someday,
That the one she held dear
Would be her destruction,
That brought many a tear

The man asked her to stay,
He no longer wanted more to miss
She had to go,
But she gave him a kiss

As the tears come out,
The blood runs down
But on her face,
Was no sign of a frown

They said their goodbyes
As dawn came close,
Her spirit left,
Leaving a rose

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M / In the dark, In t...
Posted 5/17/08 , edited 5/18/08
New poem! New poem! New poem! New poem! New poem!

Hope you lilke it

Rage of the Noah

He who has been through much pain
He who despises exorcists
He who does not forgive them
He who hates innocence

He travels here and there
Searching for his next prey
As he prepares to strike
The sky shall turn grey

With muscles so large
With lightning so fierce
No use in running
For you may,
No, you will be pierced

He waits for the momment
He stares at you with white eyes
At that momment
You know it's your demise

He must teach you a lesson
For he does not forgive your sin
He gives you your Punishment
His name is Skinn

He is the Noah of Rage

Ou thanks i loved it very much
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25 / F / malaysia
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
i am an exorcist

as i was an exorcist
come to save human
from the darkness
i was a bit afraid
but for the sake of human
this is ajob for an exorcist
to save human untill their lats breath,,,,

( i have no idea!!!! )
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