What characters might you insist on seeing in the nex Smash BROS. series(if there is any)
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
I was thinking along the lines of the following characters to star in the nex Super Smash Bros. series.

Most of these characters i can't find images of them on the internet:

Lily and Dancin'

Sasuke,Goemon,Ebisumaru and Yae


Celebi(Teleport high in the air or in any directions to dodge moves)
Raikou(Put a shock to the battle he's in)
Arceus(With FLY)

Princess Daisy herself(not peach dressed as her like in Melee)

Roy and Pichu

name your choice of characters that shall be in the upcomin' SSB series
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