Smasher or Masher, Brawler or Bawler?
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
As I discovered many defects of the online play, I realized how people take advantage of how the game lags from time to time.. I also realize how people seem to choose the same characters repetitively even though all they're doing is spamming attacks..

So I made this subject in order for you to show the crappy players how not to defile your favorite characters..

Forward + B is a useful skill.. but it's not as useful in battle but rather recovering.. It's damage is low and it has delay if it fails.. don't use it unless you're recovering.. it's distance is greater than Up + B so feel free when you have the chance.. And don't use it during battle..
Pressing B in the air is more effective than on the ground, on melee, it's also the same, your shots are faster and because of this, they deal more damage..
Down + B, this skill is rather useful for Falco but only I seem to know why.. He kicks his shield forward and it comes back like a yo yo.. So how do I use this? I grab the enemy and throw him or her down, Down + B and that moves the enemy forward, I use Down + B as a short stun or to create distance from me and my enemy.. It also links rather well with the A + A + A + A combo.. After the 7th consecutive hit is a wise time to use the Down + B combo link.
Ariel attacks are pretty good for Falco but they're not as powerful as Smashes obviously.. Down + A still has it's super effect on one hit the enemy, but it's harder to do than in melee. Mixed with short jumps, this attack rocks, but ineffective with lag.
Forward + A and A in the air are combos, but Forward + A has a slightly longer distance
Back + A is one of the most effective sky attacks for Falco, serving as a weak midair Smash Attack
Up + A has an extremely low priority due to its range, but if it lands properly, it can send the enemy sky high..

Oh god Ike..
The overused smash guy..
Don't use his god damn Smash Attacks too likely!!
Ike's Smash Attacks are extremely slow and have extremely low priority.. They should only be used every so often..
Foreward + A (without smashing) is extremely effective, it has the power of a smash attack without the crazy delay..
Combo + A is also useful for Ike, when an enemy is dodging to the right or left, they may dodge into A combos, so this is extremely useful..
Up + B is useful, but don't use it as a direct attack.. or you're F**king screwed..
I haven't played on Ike much, but a large majority of his sky attacks are good..
(people who are good with Ike, feel free to add to this.. I don't play as Ike much)

God dammit.. I don't even play as Pikachu and I know.. His lightning attack from the sky has a large amount of delay, and not only that, it has low side range.. I've never seen anyone use his lightning as a defensive wall which I used to use Pikachu a lot for.. (as your jumping sideways, press Down + B) It doesn't have the direct effect but it's good for getting away from your opponent..

I haven't played as Sonic much because he's so cheap, his speed gives him priority. People tend to use his B attack a lot though, which has the most delay out of all his attacks..
Foreward + B is one of the attacks I found most useful for Sonic.. It's a weak initial attack but you can link it into a series of sky combos.

his combos have a better chance of launching the opponent than his Smash Attacks, and his Run + A also has the power of a Smash Attack.
His Smash Up + A seems to be useful but I haven't tried it (I suspect that you can mix this with a series of combos to give you an advantage but I don't use Snake)

Try it - with Snake, when an enemy is in the air use the Smash Up + A and follow the rocket you shot into the sky, if the enemy tries to dodge left or right to avoid the rocket, you could force the enemy out with Snake.

Unlimited jump - he doesn't need it but it's interesting to try out.. after his Up + B skill Down + B twice.

Missile drop combo
- Foreward + B and guide the missile upwards, and let it drop dead on the opponent, as it drops, charge at your opponent, and tackle him or her right after the missile explodes.

Short Jump kick combo - The short jump is much easier to do than in Melee, which could play as a trump card offline.. at the end of your Down + A sky attack, is a kick that rivals most of snakes melee attacks.. Mix this with his Short Jump and watch him Russian dance his way to victory..

Never used him, but I know there are people who are using him wrong..

Feel free to add to the criticism..
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