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26 / M / Labs, towns, citi...
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SecretShadow wrote:

How about 5 mins?

How about you can do it for 30 minutes, but after a single attack, it unfreezes? You could do some cool stuff with that.
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your right,so i can do it for 30 min?
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26 / M / Labs, towns, citi...
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SecretShadow wrote:

your right,so i can do it for 30 min?

Done and done. Welcome to the army.
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Hahahaha.Thank you >=)
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27 / M / writing my storie...
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Sorry if it's a little too long. I took it directly from my Bio from my original group. but without the pics i had for it.

NameSirberius Reono (Dominant Personality), Zane Hediyoshi (Inner Personality), Sparda Horaku (Inner Personality)

each personality can use a body of it's own, but only Sirberius's is the real one.

RaceVampire/Dragon/Demon Hybrid

DEMI (Dragon/Vampire),
REAPER (A form that allows me to use my Scythe (Shadowy Death). While in it I can control the darkness and shadows themself and also utilize and use the souls of those I have reaped)
TRUE HYBRID (a form made to use the powers of the souls of his captured enemies. While in it I weild two demonic dual guns known as Heine's Shadow. I am able to use a number of forbidden skill and attacks to demolish my foe.),
VAMPIRE, (While in this form I can travel at the speed of light and unleash devastating fire attacks. I can also use my vampiric Darks Gifts to read minds, use telekinesis, and control the minds of others, but not my enemy's)
DEMON, (While I weild a two spikes that are on my elbows, but can retract and come out of my wrists. They are sharp enough to cut through almost anything. In this form, I am a very dark person and I will stop at nothing to kill my opponent.)
COMPLETE HYBRID (can only be used if all personalities are combined together. My first Ultimate form. This is a form that no one else has beside me. It is the form of a legendary and acient race known as the Kim-un-Kur. It takes all of the abilities of my True hybrid form and doubles its power. I wield an ultimate demon weapon known as Heine's Obliteration (Twin bladed gun-blade that can seperate and become two single bladed gun-blades). I have a weapon set known as Death Penalty (Guantlets) and Death Sentence (Dagger-tail chain whip). my personality becomes more serious in this stage and my power is rationize and is increase in segments. No one has ever seen this form in a fight and survived it.)
COMPLETE DEMON (My second Ultimate form. It's the product of combining my True Hybrid form and my Demon Form. I wield a vast amount of energy that i use to form weapons made of pure energy. There are also eight energy swords that float behind me. i can use them without touching them and they can fire rapid bursts of energy beams.)
PURE HYBRID FORM (My final and far most powerful yet dangerous form........ I don't know much about it, but I acquire it during my second period of time in the Death Dimension. It takes every form that I have and melds it into one ultimate form of destruction. Can only be used once Kim-Un-Kur Prodigy is activated and Sapphire Lodis and Ruby Lodis are combined.)

Weapons - SHADOWY DEATH (Scythe),
HEINE’S SHADOW(Demonic Dual Guns),
HEINE'S INVASION (triple blade demonic dual swords),
HEINE'S ZERO (Demonic Bastard Sword)
HEINE’S OBLITERATION (Combination of Rengito, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Invasion. A bastard sword with a rifle in the middle that separates the blade. The sword has the power to embed the blade the elements. The sword can also be split in two and be used as dual swords, both with rifles on top of the blade.
DEATH PENALTY (Sirberius’s main choice in weapons. Gauntlets made of an unbreakable metal alloy that can harvest the power of the elements)
DEATH SENTENCE (An addition to the Death Penalty. It's formed out of the chain. It's a long dagger-tail chain whip. By using Death Penalty with it, the user can channel power through both and double the force and power behind each attack.)

Elemental Manipulation

Great Aether
Dragon Fire
Final Burst
Spinning Inferno
Consuming Inferno

Water Prison
Frozen Miasma

Dragon Twister
Swath of Destruction

Gaia's Vengence

Demon Lord's Edict
Demon Lord's Carrier
Demon Lord's Verdict
Dance of Death

Healing Moonlight
Lux Ultima

Lightning Wave
Lightning Strike
Dragon Strike
Shattered Sky
Thunder Pierce

Divine Blast
Divine Dragon Cannon
Divine Strike

Reaper's Hold (Summons a pair of giant demon claw so grab hold of enemy. can either keep them in place, or squeeze there body)
Reaper’s Dance (Creates up to five clones of Sirberius to do combination spells or attacks with him),
Reaper’s Edge (flings targets into the air and creates a razor sharp circle that is emitted by circular swings of Sirberius’s scythe),
Reaper’s Wrath (Allows Sirberius to create a sword of pure fire that can be used to destroy almost anything),
Reaper’s Vengeance (Creates a destructive energy wave with the swing of Sirberius’s scythe),
Hellfire Quake (Creates a lava pit by destroying the earth’s crust with an earthquake. Work’s best after Reaper’s Edge, Reaper’s Dance, and Reaper’s Wrath),
Infinity Bullet
(creates a large bullet blast of destructive energy)
Infinity Cannon (creates a beam of destructive energy)
Death Dimension (creates a spell circle that sends everyone in it to the Sin Realm were the user will have their strength increased by ten-fold, but drains your energy in return. Lasts as long as the user has power or cancels it out.)

Chaotic Strike (Creates two clones of Zane and executes a combination attack with him ending with an attack that binds the target to the ground where they are)
Drain Cannon (Drains the life force and energy of its target and transfers it to Zane)
Trinity Barrage (Allows Zane to fire off hundreds of fireballs at multiple (or one) targets)

Sword Dance (creates two clones of Sparda and executes a combination attack with him)
Chaos Blast (covers Sparda in dark energy and expands outward up to twenty feet while destroying anything in its path)
Demonic Ray (Shoots a ray of dark energy that follows its target where ever they may go)

Complete Hybrid Sirberius and up
All the skills of his personalities
Demonic Draining Infinity Cannon (Sirberius shoots a ball of energy that follows its target. Once it hits, it traps them inside and drains them of life force and energy)
Dragon’s Strike (Combines punches and kicks embedded with an element to damage its target)
Dragon’s Fury (An attack of 30-50 punches that are embedded with elemental power)
Dragon’s Rage (Combines punches and kicks embedded with an element. Ranging from 50-80 blows. Then finishes off with a blast of energy with the used element
Heavenly Blow (An attack of 20 punches embedded with light energy and finishes with a light energy blast)
Hell’s Vengeance (An attack of 20 kicks embedded with fire energy and finishes with a devastating kick)
Time spell (each one lasts for 5 minute) – Replay, Time Lapse, Haste, Standstill
Soul Ripper - (Needs Death Sentence to work. Allows the user to open a vortex into the Death Dimension. Then lets the user reach inside of their target and grab the very essence of their spirit. The user can either rip their soul from their body or fling the target into the vortex. Uses almost all of the user's Ka'dai(light energy) and De'Kaju(dark energy).)
Dragon's Assault - (Still unkown)
Kim-un-Kur Prodigy - allows me to instantly transform into my Complete Demon form and use a Time Spell and a Technique attack.
Sapphire Lodis - Heals my whole body and increases the power of my Complete Hybrid form, allowing me to use my Dragon's Assault and kim-un-Kur Prodigy technique.
Ruby Lodis - Heals my whole body and increases the power of my Complete Demon Form, allowing me to activate

Aura Defenses

Black Aura - (Complete Hybrid Form): The black aura on my body stops any attack that get's near it and breaks down the molecular structure of it, but this only happens if the weapon is not either made of Demonic or Angelic energy

Red Aura - (Pure Hybrid Form): Red Aura can be used as a weapon or a shield, it seriously burns the target and drains them of some of their power and weakens thems. The energy that is drained is used to heal some of my wounds)

White Aura - (Complete Demon Form): White Aura can absorb all none physical attacks. It can also form any weapon that I wish and any number of weapons that I wish. They can be used at the same time. The draw back is that i can only use the abilities of my True Hybrid form, my Demon form, and my Complete Hybrid form.)

Divine Aura (Pure Hybrid Form only) allows the usage of all three Auras in order to defeat my enemy, but its drawback is heavy.

Ultimate Attacks

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Name – Jave Serva

Race – geno Hybrid

Chi Fox:alloows me to become pure energy and focus it into shapeshifting allows me to use(plasma blade) a sword made from elemental compounds it touches.

Shadow Cross:this allows my dark neo energy to be realeased forming a kind of skin over me.utilizes in shadow moves and usin creatures known a des calveras.(really large paranormal insects) diente sword:a chain sword wit rows of teeth lining it's edges

Shadow hunter:after shadow cross this upgrades all abilities and turns my body into a more ninja appearance.morphs calveras into biolanines(shadow canines) also allows Ts Eh Go :giant scorpion of the negtive dimension to be used.sword neo esda:a sword capible of slicing air and openning rifts

Slash Realease :unleashes one of my deadly swords the rusted blade.which is accutually rusted but has an unknown origin.the sword appears to have an eye in its centre.capible of whitstanding any attack.rusted blade:a sword that has a high doubt rate and a laughted at by many but those who laught.never survive a fight against it.

Demon :boody becomes a skeleton and flesh grows back forming a white blank like skin ,eyes become a pale yellow and a jacket covering my mouth appears.utilizes in elemental,beserker and bone lust calveras(bone collectors).most serious form and most determined to kill opponents who are a in it's way.scythe E-blade: an odd scythe wit a normal blade covered in holes and at it's base a long broken sword blade.uses elemental and living energy to attack

Ultimate GHAF:this form allows me to morph into my previous froms or fuse them into one entity allow my body to be used as a puppet and making my froms into diffrent bodys so 6 beings appear instead of 1.this allows me to mainipulate time 4 short periods and turn elements into sub elements (water-ice-snow-frost) to full elements and back.sword the levitrahydra blade:the sword of life and death: this sword is capible of forming living creatures from elements and use their abilities on myself.

Physicaly moves:
Double whip typhoon :my arms become limp as my bones soften and become liquid like appendages .rotates in counter/clock wise motion lashing everthing in a 380 dree by 20 metre span.

Gato :allows rapid motion for 20 mins and makes my body more aggresive and feline attributes set in like claws,teeth ,speed,flexbility and camouflague ability.

Panter assultthis exicutes beserk and vicious melee atttacks such as uppercuts,slams and kicks:special:AUP:attack and unleashes a barrage of kicks and puncehs all over the foes body and finished with a spinal rotation kick to the back.

Rift burst:a rift pulls the foe into a dark void where he/she is assulted by shadow fist for 15 mins.punches are throw at speed of light .

genetic reconfiguration.rebuilds body in less than a second to any shape or size
cellular regeneration:body grows back tissue after a while or if sword is used on my self
bone disfiguration:allows bones to be remove,duplicate and liquify

Necro metro :
Fog :unkown
plants:uses vicious flesh feasting plants to bond or dispose of unwanted guest

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26 / M / Labs, towns, citi...
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jeveon wrote:

You've been approved! Go for it!
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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
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(NOTE: may add more, with notification to mods)
Name: Carmack Sardeus


Shatter Shiver- Sheathed machina-blade that can emit vibrations at different frequencies, shattering or shredding different types of material. The machine is made with an array of amplifiers, and speciallized gears and sockets arranged on a katana-shaped skeleton. It is powered by magical energy, but has no power without the vibrations. Unsheathed, it simply creates a field in which the flow and flux is controlled by varying amounts of vibration. I have the tools necessary to fix it if it breaks.

Crown Slayer- What appears to be a bastard sword made into the size of a toy, this blade is borrowed from Patsu (another character). It reacts to my emotions and changes shape accordingly, unless sealed, in which case it acts as a short sword. The core is crystal essence, so I can constantly renew the blade with carbon, tungsten, drawing them to the core.

Odachi- Simply a super-sharp long sword approximately 70 inches in length.


My body is resonant due to certain influences, and that is how I can use the Shatter Shiver sword. Also, I have drastically enhanced speed, simply due to the Crystal in the Crown Slayer. My power is boosted only a little above human ability, but speed makes up for that. Lastly, I have an affinity toward ice and water magicks.


Extension: Crown Slayer extends as my emotions become stronger or I focus more on a certain emotion

Lucifer's Debt: Crown Slayer shreds into invisible feathers that I can move around on, as a response to focus on the emotion "hope." These feathers can gather back into sword form at any time, anywhere. The re-forming steel can harm enemies severely.

Weather Lock: The feathers of Lucifer's Debt are sent into the clouds and gathered or separated suddenly to change the wind pattern and weather patterns.

Shred Geyser: I gather ice on my legs. Due to my affinity and speed enhancement, I am not hindered, but the ice from this can be shot out by kicking strongly. The state of matter may change into vapor, water, or stay as sharp ice shards.

Frozen Rain: I freeze the rain....but the speed of the falling ice needles easily changes on a whim.

Bloodgulch's Technique: The water in my blood can be used as a weapon, shooting out as spears and cushioning the attacks of others. I constantly gather water from the air to water down my blood when doing this, so that dehydration isn't a problem. I can't use water as a replacement for very long, however.

Destruction Rain: The water in the air is compressed and then expands in an explosion of ice and air. Sometimes a few particles of water stored in my bags may contain up to a lake's worth of water. The weight is handled by magical ability.

Backwards Flow: The only technique that I can use on the opponent's bloodstream, I completely reverse blood flow, turning veins into arteries and arteries into veins. Due to the reversal, severe headache and temporary blindness may occur. This techinique can only be held for a few minutes before the bloodflow returns to normal. During that time, however, the person will feel extremely off-balance.

Late Punch: After attacking an area (with a fist or otherwise) I temporary slow the air in that area, causing a delayed attack with more strength (because releasing the air causes it to gush forward faster than before). Because the opponent is only getting hit with air though, even though it hurts more, it does less actual damage.

Hatred Annul: Crown Slayer absorbs my hatred and becomes a sickle-like blade that cannot cut the opponent, but instead gives them a pure feeling of my rage. For instance, if I am feeling a "cold hatred" their body will feel frozen. If I am feeling "heated hatred" their body will feel as if it is burning.

Weave Edge: Crown Slayer weaves into my opponent's blade along the edge, creating a slick, uncutting surface. This is if I focus on the emotion "Sincerity" or am simply thinking deeply about peace. By suddenly changing to a negative, hateful emotion, the edge may become sharper and energized with the Crystal.

Endscape: Cemetary of the Mind- All possible forms of Crown Slayer appear in a circular graveyard as "gravestones." If my opponent touches them, the "gravestones" attack to him and don't let go. If I touch the "gravestones" they become versions of Crown Slayer. In this graveyard, all laws can be distorted by my will, though only one rule may change at a time, so my opponent may adjust.

A Splattering: By vibrating my body I can touch someone else and shatter their bone or rupture their skin (or other organs).

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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
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Oh...and to not create confusion, by "affinity for ice" i mean i can control the cold and all forms of ice or things frozen deeply in ice. I, however, cannot become ice (like Aokiji), I am just immune to it.
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31 / M / from the midnight...
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Character's name: L'rac Aledan (Larac)

Race: Shapeshifter, Prophet

Clan/affiliations: Last Prophets, Mystic Council

Profession: Knight, Council, Prophet, Magus

Position/Ranks: 8th council, Wanted Hellrunner, Leader of Last Prophets


Quicksilver Blades(2) - Hard blades that can change shape at the will of the beholder
Bone - Turns own Bone to either, form of a sword, spear, shield(structure elements may either be crystal)

Shapeshifting - Can change into any shape of any being. can lengthen bone and skin from any part of the body. possible to grow feathers, bone, flesh, blood and etc from unknown source of energy. it is also possible to change any part of the body to be as hard as any known metal/rock/crystal element. shifting to water/air/fire is not possible. Any non gigantic enormous size is possible
(a) Dragon
(b) Angel
(c) Demon (demon hard skin applied when shapeshifting)
(d) Mammal
(e) Can grow extra arms, legs, eyes, ears, gills - can also copy great attributes (Bat's hearing, Hawk's sight)

Shapeshift to stone/metal - can transform to metal/rock(rarely uses it)

Seals and Sigils mastery - master of the art of binding seals and sigils
(a) Electric hell - Seal that causes the ones inside to lose strength and paralyzes the ones inside, causing them to kneel or fall down. Anyone who enters cannot avoid being affected by the seals ability
(b) Geomancer Seal - changes natural surface(ground) into swamp, quicksand, desert, mud
(c) Protective Seal - Creates a seal to protect self from attacks either physical or magical
(d) Heaven Seal - Causes being inside to heal regenerate faster than normal
(e) The pudding God seal - a seal that will give 4 puddings to caster

Summoning - Golems and Demons
(a) Ice Golem - Golem made of Ice(can be summoned anytime, unaffected by climate)
(b) Fire Golem - Golem made from fire(can only be summoned if there is fire or magma present)
(c) Metal Golem - Golem made from metal (Gives energy to a piece or pile of metal to grow into a golem)
(d) Soul Golem - Golem created only by binded ghost into one (can only be created when right amount of spirits are present. Cannot be affected by physical attacks)

Blinding Light - Use tattoos on skin to emit a very bright light causing temporary blindness.

Binding Infestation - Binds self to opponent(body and soul), causing mental and physical harm. acts as a leech feeding on the host. Also devours targeted being, either just by hand touch or touch of the skin

Immunity - Immune from curses, Energy Draining, Insanity.

Partial Immortality - Can live long until killed

Shapeshift to crystal - Shapeshifts self to crystal (he is aware of this this skill but never plan to use it, because it'll take him bout 4 to 10 years to return to normal)

Blood Pollution - Turns blood into poisonous/deadly/virus/disease. (effective only to beings not undead)

Clone - Makes a perfect(100%) clone of self.(A move he fears because the clone is a perfect copy of himself)

Mimic - When L'rac touches the being he can copy the beings full DNA structure thus copying speed and strength(Cannot copy energy, powers, elemental Attributes)

Legion - Splits into a million different bugs or small creature either to enter a small entrance or to avoid an attack. Body parts that are cut from him has its own life(It will either reattach to L'rac or find host, depending on his wishes)

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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
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Additions to Carmack Sardeus:

Sleep Plug: Crown Slay becomes a dustlike substance that prevents regeneration from being possible. This is only triggered by sleepy, confused emotions (meaning I am quite vulnerable).

Lattice Entice: Creates a web of blades from Crown Slayer that is highly polar: it can attract whatever materials I like to it or reject said materials. This effect depends on Loneliness (attract) or Claustrophobia (lolz, reject)

Pure Cold: Temperature starts dropping drastically from frozen air particles and frozen water, eventually unpredictable effects based on environment can happen.

Fluid Body: My blood erupts from my body and all manipulable fluids also gather to form a shell of changeable liquid around me. My bloodstream freakishly spiderwebs out to absorb air from the outside. This technique is the ultimate protection, as these liquids are perfectly under my control. During this, I also Edge Weave the sword Crown Slayer into the liquid, so it can randomly cut through things.

Blood Incest: My marrow stops recognizing limits to growth, causing extreme bone growth and blood growth that is transmitted to the rest of the body. This drains nutrients, but allows me to make weapons and blood quickly.

Parasitic World: The earth wraps around me, absorbing my entire body to give the earth life. Also provides me with a hiding spot and rejuvanation.

Parasite of the Parasitic: Allows me to burst out of anything that absorbs any part of my being, while also sometimes taking some qualities from that parasite.

Shot Steel: By completely filling a normal sword with my magic, I can burst it into constantly re-aiming shards of steel. The trick of this is to slice my opponent until the blade is broken, and in that instant to use this to injure them.

Mental Break: When any "condition" is set by the opponent, this technique may automatically set in to remove me from that "condition." A condition is any altering of my accepted state of reality, including illusions and dimensions. However, as time is something I've accepted in reality, I can't break out of time locks. This technique also drags the non-living matter in that condition outwards, just not toward me.

Ice Clone: A image of myself that feels real because it is made of thin membranes of ice combined with water. The ice clone can freeze and then explode, though.

Cross Cleave: A technique of powerful cutting done with any sword, it creates up to ten cross-shaped cuts. These only cut through selected material, and unselected material is treated as if it is not there.

Cross Cage: Surrounding either myself or an opponent with a myriad of crosses that can be used as a trap or a defense.

~World Techs~
Also called Endscapes, I can gain an Endscape whenever I kill someone with a sealing technique. It can alter the battlefield completely. The Cemetary of the Mind skill is one such Endscape. They are really new dimensions that can only be opened temporarily during death, but can be "saved" in Crown Slayer as a technique. However, Cemetary is the only one I can use actively. The rest are powerful, but can only be used as support, as I do not fully exist in these realities.

Also, THESE World Techs can't be used in a mix or combo, though Cemetary can.

Sharpened Reality- Everything in this world that is not part of you cuts you as long as it is solid. All foreign liquids, meanwhile, heal you, regardless of if they are poisonous or not. Gases act normally. In this world my form is a brimming cup. That doesn't mean if you smash the cup I die. It's just how my imagination manifests myself in this world.

Orb of Sucks- In this orb, all players cannot attack unless they spell everything wrong (but still recognizable!). That is, everything in a certain area is wrong, and directly trying to do something or focusing too hard results in failure. Instead, you have to give a sucky attempt at something for the best result. The orb operates on a warp-sided basis. You reach one edge, you start at another. It has finite area but is hard to get out of. I can't exist in this realm, I just conjure it around my opponent for fun.

So...for gimicky battles, I use World Techs. Unfortunately, only when more than two people are fighting.

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Well here goes my turn.

Appearence - I have a pair of Black wings, long black hair, crimson eyes, black coat and crimson vest underneath and black pants with chains on them.

Scythe (Deaths Touch)
- this scythe is able to cut into the dimensions of Hell and bring forth demons to aid me in battle. Its ability doesnt only ley in bringing forth demons but also is a way to teleport using the rifts as portals.

Duel Katanas (Heaven and Hell) - these Katanas are extremely fast and cut into a persons inner bodies. Meanind these swords do not cut your exterior or armor but instead they cut directly into your body and your insides.

Broadsword (Eternal Damnation) - this is my main weapon, it is extremely powerfull and able to over power its opponents easily. It is able to send shock waves of energy from slashing it.

Dictionare Infernal - this is a book of encantations that ihas the power to summon great forces (demons) ... the demons used in the demonic summoning are listed in this book as well.

Vampire(blood lust)
- this is my basic form, it is extremely agile and powerful at the same time. My skin in this form is as hard as diamonds and heat resistant. In this form i use Heaven and Hell.

Death God(Oversoul) - This is the form i use to capture souls of my enemies. I use what is called "darkness flames" which are black fire able to drain one of their vary life force. These arent instant kills but they do significant damage. Also i use Death's Touch in this form thus making me able to port from place to place easily and summon demons at my will.

Hybrid(Oversoul Blood Lust)
This is my combination form, i am extremely agile and powerful at the same time, i can use the Darkness Flames in this form as well as the Crimson Flame. Which is a red flame that does extremely significant damage but does not affect the soul.

Demonic Infusion - this form is when Dante sacrafices his demonic horde and gains their strength, this isnt truly a form but i thought it deserved to be added. once done it destroys all the demons.

Darkness Flame - A fire based attack that is black in apperance. This attack is able to drain one of their life force, amount drained is dependant on the amount and intensity of the attack. This is Dante's basic attack and is commonly used. This attack is able to fuse with my weapons as well.

Crimson Flame - This attack, like the Darkness Flame, is fire based, but is alot stronger and does alot more damage with less energy spent. This flame is also combineable with my weapons.

Shadow Shift - This is the technique used when I port between rifts. can be used in any form.

Demonic Horde - This is my necromantic ablility to summon demons to fight along side me, they are not to powerful but they do range in ability and strength, however i can only summon a limited amount depending on how powerful they are (more powerful they are less i can summon).

Dimensional Slash - This is used with Heaven and Hell and is the ability to cut pass armor and skin into ones bodily organs. This does alot of damage and when infused with Darkness Flame heals Dante, while with Crimson Flame does even more damage.

Demonic Flame Techniques (offensive and defensive)


Darkness Flame - A fire based attack that is black in apperance. This attack is able to drain one of their life force, amount drained is dependant on the amount and intensity of the attack. This is Dante's basic attack and is commonly used. This attack is able to fuse with my weapons as well.

Crimson Flame - This attack, like the Darkness Flame, is fire based, but is alot stronger and does alot more damage with less energy spent. This flame is also combineable with my weapons.

Emerald Flame - This green Flame is able to instill diseases and and other status ailments upon the victim, these can range from a damage over time effecrt to paralysis. As all flames can be combined with weapons.

Saphire Flame - This Blue Flame is able to temporarily cause the opponent to freeze and unable to move until attacked. The main ability of this Flame is its defensive abilities.

Violet Flame - This Violet Flame is able to copy an opponents skill and give me the temporary use of the technique.

Infinate Flame - This White Flame is able to cause the person it is used against to be complerely immune from all harm. Also in the process is healed a slight bit in the process, it doesnt last long and the person it is used on is unable to move or attack. It is able to be used on others, placing them out of battle for a short duration but slightly healing them also.

Abyssal Flame - This is the Ultimate Flame and is only usable if Dante is about to die or in dire situations, this Flame will drain all of Dante's energy to use. This is the collabiration of all the other Flames causing all their abilities to be used at once. This attack usually kills the opponent but is not unbeatable, i will not however reveal how to beat it.


Darkness Flame - This Flame will envelop the user and prevent all physical harm absorbing the impact and draining its substance.

Crimson Flame - This Flame envelops the user causing immense damage to anyone who comes into close range pushing them back.

Emerald Flame - This Flame envelpos the user preventing or curing any ailment either physical or mental even emotional ailments.

Saphire Flame - This Flame envelops the user making him immune to any rooting effect be it time or other ways.

Violet Flame - This Flame allows the user to split into multiple copies of himself to dodge attacks, they can also attack but power is divided by how many copies there are (yes i gave you a flaw ... happy)

Infinate Flame - This is the same as offensive but on ones self, can only be used once every half hour due to the amount of energy used to create.

Abyssal Flame - This Flame uses all defenses of the other flames to make one immune to attacks and any effects. However this does not last long and will fade fairly quickly (once the attack is completed)

I will PM the specials to Wolf66613

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I am 3 different people Yako, X, and Neuro

Yako has living hair that movies independently if her will

X has a perfect shape changing power

and Neuro has supper strength and near impenetrable skin can control the movements of others to an extent and can use the 777 tools of the demon world witch are

Evil Friday Neuro spits out a large sphere made of eyeballs. The eyeballs detach and become sentient lifeforms. The eyes function like cameras and serve as extra eyes for Neuro.

Evil Script Neuro removes his glove and his hand becomes cybernetic. He can use this cybernetic hand to reach into objects like computers and retrieve information physically by grasping it.

Evil Javelin Neuro turns his arm into a weapon-like object, and uses it to cut through objects. Nothing is actually being done, but the impact of the slice gives a read out on all the material in whatever was cut.

Evil Blind Neuro engulfs himself and anyone else of his choice in an aura. This allows Neuro and Co. within a 10 meter radius to shift into a "lower resolution" of existence.

Evil Stalker An insect that Neuro uses to keep track of people. Functions as a tracking device.

Evil Stringer A figure with a drill on the bottom that punches a hole into the head of a victim. It is then transformed into a "Bat" with a thin bass without strings, so instead it uses the nerves that drilled out from the victims head to play. Once tightly stung, with its wings the bat then plays screechy music directly into the victims head.

Evil Canceller Neuro regurgitates a liquid (similar to vomit). Anyone it gets on becomes invisible. Though the wearer cannot be seen they may still be heard.

Evil Illusion Neuro seems to seal himself and his victim off from the rest of the world in another space so he can change and eat their "mystery" while projecting the illusion to anyone watching that nothing strange is happening between.

Evil Comedy Neuro sends a makai bug to land on a person's face where it becomes a pair of demonic glasses that drill into the person's head making them think they are trapped on a giant spider web covered with bugs. While this is happening the glasses are invisible to everyone except Neuro and the victim who while in the illusion laughs uncontrollably.

Evil Cocoon A tool Neuro uses on Yako to give her a "different aura" around people. What Neuro tells Yako is a lie. It's actually an illusion tool to make it appear as though the user is a grotesque monster-like figure.

Evil Drop An eye drop that allows the user to shoot "Makai Beams" from their eyes at can even destroy a building.

Evil Insole A creature like a shoe's insole that climbs into the interior bottom of a person's shoe and analyzes all the substance that is present in the shoe, right down to the DNA.

Evil Fiction A insectoid accessory which is attached to the ear like an earring to portray someone as a character. However this only works for thirty minutes before the tool itself starts gnawing on the ear making itself into the host to feast on their organs.

Evil Butterfly A strange little butterfly with human ears for wings which functions as a hidden mic. This is paired with a set of earphones shaped like a human face where the speakers are on the mouth. While this tool seems normal at first, the user actually risks having their head pierced though by the speaker which extends out like a drill when the face sneezes.

Evil Chainsaw Neuro's hand metamorphosizes into a miniature chainsaw to cut things, strange enough the tool is actually powered by a small creature running on a hamster wheel on the tip of the blade.

Evil Ampule A needle full of potion that Neuro claims doubles the revolution speed of the neural transmitters in the user's brain.

Evil Fumble A bottle of potion witch is an even stronger version of Evil Ampule.

Evil Badger An insect with an unbalanced diet, it replaces the target's tongue and feeds on the victim's most disliked foods. The victim's breathing will stop if the insect ceases eating before it's done.

Evil Window Neuro summons a demonic window in the sky that when opened will release a beast from hell.

Evil Reflector A microphone-like device when activated opens a women's head within a mirror shell, then hexagonal mirror discs begin floating all around Neuro. Anything that flies towards the discs will be reflected back in the opposite direction with same force and same speed.

Evil Surrounder A capsule like ball which breaks into little seeds. When attached to a surface, a plant from hell that feeds on metal will grow instantly to protect its territory.

Evil Low Beam Neuro creates small lens on his fingertips which when looked into will burn an image into the victims retinas so when ever they open their eyes they will see the image.

Evil Sticker A small sticker that is placed on a fingertip, the closer the user is to their objective the stronger the finger will stick up.

Evil Full Face Neuro sends out a demon head from his hair that acts as a smoke screen bomb to allow for quick escapes.

Evil Station Not really a tool but more a game system that projects "solid images" (you can feel them but they are really not there) making the game 3D for the player. If turned off too quickly, some residual images may remain.

Evil Rapid A tool that is a demonic conceptualisation of a steam train, it can reach mach speed in one second, with the G-forces tearing up a human body in the process.

Evil Centipede A tool that looks like a gigantic centipede made out of shoes. It is used to show how many times a person has stepped in a certain area by replacing their footsteps. The more they have stepped in the area, the darker the footsteps become.

Evil Tree One of the 7 weapons of the demon emperor. This weapon travels underground to a specified target where it will emerge. It destroys whatever its in its "growing" area. It is seen with a large green bud in the center with about 12-13 long monstrous heads emerging from the base of the plant.

Evil Aqua One of the 7 weapons of the demon emperor. Neuro summons a giant laser cannon with six smaller support cannons (three on each side) and fires them at his enemies. The formation of these cannons gives the weapon a serpentine appearance. This cannon can also swallow up Neuro and a select number of passengers to safely carry out of dangerous locations.

Evil Lavender Neuro's hand becomes something that resembles a purple drill, and is used to stab through objects. Once it has punctured the target, it will bloom into lavender flowers. It's unknown what other abilities this may have

there are more but I wont tell you about them yet

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my power is be a shadow and to steal ur shadows to make an exact copy of urself and copy ur abilities also wat happens to them happens to u ur shadows will come to protect me in a blink in a eye

(Sorry the pic won't upload. some one upload it for me)\

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wolf66613 wrote:

i'm wondering if u can approve of urself i mean can he do that?
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