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Ok! so some people are really happy and excited about Kamen Riders coming to reality.

Well, although i thought that this is kinda cool, there are consequences that goes along with it! First off, IF the world does have Kamen Riders, think about how many mass conflicts might occur! check out the marvel movies for example, spiderman caused a ruckus; may be famous to children, but a masked freak to the adults. The military fought the X-Men b/c they're a "threat"...stuff like that!

If people wanted to be Riders then it's fine!i'm not saying it's a bad thing. people should know the big responsibility about being one, help people whenever there's trouble, don't show off, and the one of the biggest rules of being a hero...NEVER EVER reveal your identity!! And always remember that someone will always be there trying to find out who you are and people stopping at nothing to get you and learn the secrets of your powers

Wars, some said that a Rider war is! is it great that one another's killing each other? is it great that people watch Riders kill themselves for pure entertainment?! these are some of the questions that i ask myself...

alright, i don't have much time so i'm gonna leave a few things out...feel free to talk about this topic, and please, no PROFANITY or any kind of fould language! Taken from a quote of one of my favorite movies: "With great power, comes..." you guys finish it! This forum might sound like a "hero" kind of thing, but hey, Kamen Riders ARE heroes too!!
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Just imagine every soldier that goes to war wearing a rider system. So in order kill the other faction's soldier we need a weapon that can penetrate a rider armor. This weapon might can destroy the earth itself. And imagine a rider system that falls to the wrong hand. That person might can destroy a country all by himself. I don't think normal ammunition can hurt a rider armor ...

Being a kamen rider is great, well as long as you ARE ok if you might die with it. You might earn jealousy since you are special. Jealousy leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred in the end, might lead to death. Even if our reason is to protect those we cared most, there will still be consequences. There will be death. People might avoid you since you are special, and also, "trouble magnet". You hold the power, thus, you are the target of those who also want to gain the power for their own agenda. The power that you swear to use to protect your loved one or to maintain peace, might also the very power that could destroy yourself and the whole universe.

Continuing from ts:

"With great power, comes great sacrifices"

Kamen rider forever ~ ~ !! !!
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