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Gundam Wing vs. Gundam 00
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Posted 10/18/09
Okay people, here we go. I will first admit that i am a die hard Wing fan. But the gundams (including the thrones) in 00 are, in my opinion more agile (if that's the wrong word i apologize). The Wing gundams are powerful, but if they were to go into battle against the 00 gundams, they'd be at a disadvatage. The 00 gundams emit GN Particles that screw with your communication system, so coordination would be out of the question. Also, most of the Wing gundams (Dragon, Deathscythe, Wing Zero, and Sandrock) are CQB fighters and would be at a disadvantage against Dynames/Cherudim and Virtue/Seravee. And if that wasn't bad enough for the Wing gundams, there's the TRANS-AM System that increases the battle statistics (speed, damage resistance, damage, and accuaracy) 3x. In my opinion, the only one of the wing gundams that would be able to stand up to any of them would be a full powered Wing Zero. But even still, it would eventually be over powered. So I'm sorry Wing Gundams, but you would, in the end, get your asses kicked.
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Posted 4/30/10
I'm going with Wing since its classic to me, and it was my first real anime(Pokemon somehow came after Gundam for me)

Plus I just love the mechs in Wing, especially the Custom redesigns from Endless Waltz.

00 is pretty awesome so far though, so I would say 00 is my second favorite.
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