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23 / F / live in fantasy
Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
hihi)^___^: anyone who wanted a job plz come here.
just type in:
type of job:

Here a list of job:
Restaurant owner,Cafe owner,game owner,magic school owner,mall owner(each open for 9)
Waitresses,bartenders,waiters,butlers,body guard,(each open for 9)
principal,magic teacher,any teacher,superintendent,asistant,nurse( each open for 9)
just wanted to have power,rare pets and stuff. well
u do have to do a certain tasks like add 10 member for the group and help out.
any power u can think of.
your choice
just merely type in,

type power or pet
if pet,pet name:
if power,what power:
and why:

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23 / F / *England*
Posted 3/19/08
Can I be the Mall owner please!

Name: Christy
Bday: 17th August
Power: when people are sad make them happy again
Why?: Im not sure lol but i feel sad when other people are sad so its gr8 to see everyine happy

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27 / F / my computer. :P
Posted 3/20/08
may I own the magic school? and maybe be the principle if I wouldnt be one already. lol. XD XD XD

name: bestest
b-day: sep. 28
power: all the elements and to hypmitize
pet: a sprite that follows me around

why: I like to teach people about magic. lol. XD XD XD XD and I also want to help this group in anyway I can.
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