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That's really good. do realize though, that the contest is closed?

Edit to below: Ur right it is. I was just making sure b/c some ppl still occasionally post entries.
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Oh ok. Cool.
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Awesome poem~
The only criticism i have on it is to put a bit more history into it. I can feel the narrator's present feelings, but i don't know why she/he's feeling that way. What event caused it? That's the only insight i have.
The poem overall? Wonderful~
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Thank you, I am thrilled that you liked it. As to a history, thats a good idea. Usually when I write I am writing from my own perspective. The emotion is the History (if that makes any sense) and when I reread it I remember, or identify with the emotion. But it is really cool to have another perspective, that someone reading it would be interested in a back story.
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