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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
As a group listed as an organization I suggest we perform our actions carefully.
We should be gracious and professional. Fakers and posers are people too. Without proper guidelines this group will not perform efficiently. Here are a couple suggestions for us to consider.
1. Once a faker doesn't mean you're always a faker.
Once a person complies to remove the the pictures he/she is posing as or gives proper credit to owner, he or she should not remain on a fake list. Unless that person has made multiply accounts after be warned once.

2. Don't just yell FAKER~!
Send them a polite emailing them the cause and intentions of this group instead of direct harassment. A suggested format will be posted later.

3. Think before you act.
I think moderators should be the ones sending messages so everything is less chaotic and more organized.

4. Don't post false information and state only facts. If you are unsure then say so.
False evidence ruins your credit and makes you look really stupid.
Even if the majority don't notice there will always be one or two that will.

5. Moderators should have direct links to the source for certification of genuineness.

6. If a Moderator has already emailed a suspected faker/poser then he or she should say so. We don't not want to send several messages.

7. There should be a 7 day time period where we should allow a person to reply before sending anymore messages. The recipient may ask for more time if he or she fancies.

Any other suggests are welcome.
Here is my suggested format for moderator messages.


This is a moderator from the organizational group Faker Haters. We are dedicated to purge Crunchyroll of fakes and posers for various reasons including but not limited to friendship and other similar relationships. This is for the good of both the faker/posers and the people who have been mislead by them.
This is a warning for you to remove the pictures showing exact or very similar appearances to *insert name* of *insert location(optional)* whom you are suspected of posing as.
You will be listed as a faker/poser on our organization's forum unless you comply or provide evidence that you are indeed not a faker/poser.

If there is any questions or whatever proof that we have that suggests you are fake then feel free to email me or any other moderator of Faker Haters.

A suggested format for presentation of evidence should include but is not limited to:
1. Name
2. Weblink (
3. Date
4. Any other site you visit so we can notify you if there is someone posing as you.
Evidence should be written in handwriting and, if possible, a clear image without excessive noise and artifacts. Unclear images will be examined to ensure they are genuine.

If there is any questions or whatever proof that we have that suggests you are fake then feel free to email me or any other moderator of Faker Haters.

Thank your for your cooperation,

If everyone agrees with this format then moderators should just copy paste this.
It will ensure a more organized process since we do not know what each of us will write in our messages which may cause confusion. Any questions or objections are welcome.

Sorry for my horrible English. Tell me about my errors.
My newsletter editor doesn't use Crunchyroll ='(.

Thank You,

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